Tuesday, December 25, 2007

You can always trust a dishonest man than honest. It is the honest man you should not trust for you never know when he could be dishonest. ~Capt. Jack Sparrow

First of all, I want to greet everyone a very happy Christmas. I hope you have already felt the real essence of this special event. May God continue to bless you and your family with wonderful gifts. But don't forget to pray, thank God, ask for forgiveness and greet his one and only son, Jesus, a happy birthday.

Anyway, we, as well, celebrated Christmas just like how anyone else did. Last night, we had our Noche Buena. Foods ruled the dining table. I so love the hot chocolate of my grandma. Something that I'm really looking forward whenever Christmas and New Year arrive. This morning, we attended the mass and visited my other grandma. We had simple gathering here in the house because the real reunion will be on the 1st of January.

I have received so many greetings from my relatives and friends. From yesterday morning until now, I am still receiving bunch of text messages. I am just so touched. Since I'm already 18, I'm not expecting for gifts or presents though I received a number.

And also, I was able to chat with my dad in Saudi and cousins in Singapore. I miss my dad so much. I hope he was here as we celebrate the coming of Christ. As to my tito, tita and cousins in Singapore, they also prepared foods for their Noche Buena. But they'll be coming back here on the 31st minus Kuya Ryan and Ate Janis because they just had visited Pinas eh.

Only yesterday when I bought presents for my inaanaks. My gawd!!! I have 6 inaanaks, to think that I'm just 18 and I know that the number will continue to grow as I grow old. But I didn't use my money, I used my mom's. haha :D Of course, I have no money yet plus we will be having an exchange gift on the 1st and my mom told me that I should used my own money in buying that gift.

I just have to end this post. I can't think of something sensible now. haha :P
Again, Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 21, 2007

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than dreams. ~Dr. Seuss

The Letran community had our very own Christmas Party last night. But we don't call it as Christmas Party but we fondly called it as Arriba Fest. It is actually an annual event but that was my first time to attend because the band who performed were really great. Liquors and cigarettes were all over the campus but they were very strict when it comes to dress code.

I arrived there earlier than the others because I had to meet Kath at the Colegio. Since it was still early, Kath, Ian and I decided to drop by SM Manila and eat because we believe that we couldn't eat once the show starts. At around 6pm when we went back at the Colegio and waited for our friends to arrive.

We entered the Colegio at around 7pm and looked for a good place. Fortunately, we found seats in front so we could easily see the performers for the night. It was the best event I had ever attended in Letran. Well, guess who came there to perform. They were none other than Hilera, Sugarfree, Sandwich and of course, Parokya ni Edgar. They really rocked Letran as they had their own performances.

I so love the night. The fact that I have seen Raymund Marasigan makes me wanna scream out loud. I just love him. haha :P My friends made a way so we could stay in front to vividly see the bands. Luckily, we were always in front so I was able to see how good they were and how good looking Ivan, Chris, Raymund, Vinci and Buwi are. haha :D I've gotten the chance to take pictures and videos, as well.

Though we were tired, we didn't mind it. What matter is we've got the chance to see them closely. I love all of their performances. They really did great. I'm looking forward to another one. I enjoyed the night so much. It was a blast, superb indeed.

I didn't want to end the night but I know we have to. After the show, that was the time I felt tired, as in. I had some body aches because I was being bumped for so many times. We didn't mind the persons behind us because what matters to us were the bands who performed.

Before we went home, we took a rest for a little while and had some picture-taking. When we felt the urge of going home, we finally decided to go out of Letran. Yet, we stayed at the gate for a couple of minutes. When Daddy Carlo texted me that he was there already, they walked me to where the car was and I said goodbye to them. Well, they went to Ian's crib and had an overnight there. How I wish I was there as well.

Pictures and videos are now uploaded in my Multiply.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

To love somebody is so risky and indeed very tiring. Sometimes, it seems you've already done everything to the person but then, your existence remains unseen.

Last night, I had one of the best nights in my teenage life. We had an IT Knights Out held at Temple Bar in Greenbelt 2. Well, it was a requirement. I came there not because it is required to but because I really want to. That was my first time to enter a bar, actually.

I went to the place with my two handsome cousins using Kuya Wowie's car. We fetched his friends and then we went to Greenbelt. We walked for a little while until we reached Temple Bar. It was just a small bar but it looks nice. I went upstairs since my friends were already there at the VIP room. There was a program going on hosted by two of the LITS officers. Good thing, I came in late because during the first part, they got bored because of the weird and corny games.

We had two stubs for our drinks. They took one glass of Margarita for me. That was my first time again to drink that kind of liquor. I was advised to drink vodka but I opted for a Margarita. The rest of the girls took the same drink. They didn't like it but me, I liked it. haha :P When I finished drinking, I suddenly felt dizzy. haha :p Good thing, they were there to talk to me non-stop.

After a while, we all decided to go down and dance. I didn't get tipsy nor hyper. We danced until we dropped. It was so enjoying. I had lots of fun. My friends were there though we were not complete. It was such a nice experience. I'm looking forward to another one. Our batch was the naughtiest of all. haha :P We were so noisy and we just enjoyed every beat of the music being played. The boys were okay, as well. They also danced. They were not shy dancing in the dance floor.

It was one of the best experiences I had in my life. I'm loving my college life and I don't want to put an end to it. haha :p Oh, by the way, he was there and I was surprised to see him. He came late, as well. He was very vocal that he will not come yet he was there. Take note, his friends were absent, he was the only one in their group who was present. He enjoyed the night away as much as we enjoyed it. We really had a blast. My guy friends didn't get tipsy but girls did.

Here are some pics. Guess who among them is him. haha ;P More pics in my Multiply.

Greetings Galore!
Dec. 14 - Happy Birthday Serj
Dec. 14 - Happy 29th Monthsary Thine Iced
Dec. 16 - Happy Birthday Arjoe

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Love isn't a decision. It's a feeling. If we could decide who to love, it would be much simpler, but how much less magical. ~South Park

I'm just getting so emotional now. I have been hurt again but actually, everyday, I am in pain. You know how hard it is to pretend that you are really okay but you know deep inside, you aren't. You know how difficult it is to act like you are fine yet you know deep within you, you're far from being one.

In my case, I'm feeling it all. Yeah, I admit, I'm just pretending that I am so much fine but I know I am not. I'm acting like I moved on already though I know, I'm still into him. I keep on telling my friends that I'm over him but I know deep within me, I am still longing for him. Yes I know, I decided to give up because I know I don't have any chances at all but giving up doesn't necessarily means that I'm moving on.

I just can't move on. I tried really hard but I can't and I don't know why. When I decided to give up on whatever feelings I have for him, I thought I could move on as well. I succeeded on giving up because I'm not hoping nor expecting for anything now. Yet, the feeling is still on fire. I just can't help it. Because whenever he's around, my heart keeps on pounding really fast.

Whenever I pray before I sleep, I always ask God to help me get through him, to help me forget about him and to help me move on. But I guess, it is not the right time yet. Maybe, I have to live my college life with this. As he continues building friendship with my crew, it's getting harder and harder on my part. I don't know when can I say that I'm finally free from whatever feelings I have for this undeserving guy but I'm anxiously waiting for that time.

He is very different from his friend because his friend is very much friendly and approachable. He is so suplado as if he is the most good looking guy in the world as what my friend used to tell me. Yeah, he really is suplado. He never looks at me nor say hi. He is very close to my friends yet he never bothers doing the same thing to us who are not close to him yet.

Just this morning, I didn't expect that we will meet along the way because he is a sure late comer. So, I felt my heart beat faster than normal. I looked at him but he didn't bother looking at me too. How suplado, I told to myself. Then I continued walking and I felt that tears wanted to run down from my eyes. But I controlled it. Yeah, I almost cried. The pain it brought was really different. I was almost there in my room when I decided to enter the restroom. After a couple of minutes, I went out and decided to go to my room. To my surprised, he was there and we met again along our way. You know what I did? I continued walking without looking at him. I was hurt, I admit and the fact that it was still fresh, made me wanna hate him. I don't know if I did the right thing but you know, I freaking felt bad with what happened. How dare him? After all, we have seen each other in the mall one time and he even smiled at me. He was the one who smiled at me first and then I smiled back. Then now, we just walked and pretended that we don't know each other.

It was so goddamn painful. I have been liking him for a long time now and I haven't felt bad the way I felt today. I didn't dare to look at him the entire day because it made me hate him more. Why he is like that? He continues leaving marks of needles in my heart. He doesn't have any idea about my sufferings because of him. I hate him yet I couldn't stop this effin' feeling. I hate myself for being blinded until now.

I don't know the right solution to this. I want to get over him as soon as possible. I want this crazy feelings to end now. I want to erase him into my life. But how can I?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When you can't remember why you're hurt, that's the time you are already healed.

Sorry for not posting that much. I am very much busy with school. You know, our school works are all piled up now. Perhaps, I will be busy until next week. But I can't wait for the Christmas vacation which will start on the 21st of December.

We just had met our thesis adviser, no, my thesismate already met our adviser. I was not able to meet her because of my hectic schedule. But hopefully, I could meet her one of these days. Our supposed consultation today didn't push through because we were too busy.

I have so many assignments and projects to accomplish. Yet, I'm getting lazy again. My brain cells don't want to work right now and I don't know why. Maybe, because of the excitement for Saturday's event. We have to submit our project in Multimedia tomorrow but it is still unsure if there will be classes tomorrow because of the nationwide strike. But I'm hoping that we will have classes tomorrow because of the film showing.

On Friday, my mom will accompany me to buy Christmas gifts for my friends. I haven't bought gifts for them eh. And right now, I still don't have any idea of what I should give to them.

On Saturday morning, my thesismate and I will visit PLM to pass the letter of approval. We opted for their internet laboratory as our subject for study. We are hoping to talk to the president and the librarian, as well. And hopefully, they will approve it. We need it so badly.

And on the evening, I am so excited with the IT Knight Out. Oh yeah! It's party time for all Juniors and Seniors IT students. Saturday Night Out for us. The party will be held at Temple Bar in Greenbelt 2. I really can't wait. I won't be drinking too much. I have to know my limit. They are planning of an overnight yet I don't think if I will be allowed to go. But still, I'm so excited with that party. That would be my first time.

Rest Day on Sunday and preparation for the quiz on Monday. Next week is Letran's College Week. We will be celebrating Letran's 387th Foundation Day. Booths will rule the grounds again. There will be lots of exhibits and programs. Probably, we will not be doing anything by next week.

Friday, December 7, 2007

It's hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place. ~Henry Louis Mencken

I have spent the entire day facing my laptop because I have to accomplish my assignments due next week. I'm very busy. Early morning after taking my breakfast, I opened my laptop and tried to do my first assignment in IT Elective. Well, I know I've accomplished something but a little only. I was just too lazy. Because whenever I face my laptop, I have been always tempted to go online. So, that entire morning, I was just browsing the internet.

Later this afternoon, I have decided to go malling. I was bored. Camille, my oh so maldita cousin and I went to SM San Lazaro. Well, that mall is just one jeep away from us so I can get there whenever I want by spending only 15 pesos, take note, that's back and forth already. I went there with of course, money in my pocket because the day before, I was planning to buy new outfit for Christmas. I'm really excited about it as if I'm still a 5-year old kid waiting for the gift from Santa Claus.

Anyway, we strolled and went inside every stall we passed by trying to look for a nice, cute and simple outfit. I couldn't find a good one but I was eyeing for something already. And after an hour of walking and still couldn't find something to buy, I settled down with a cute jumper dress I saw at Plains and Prints. And since it is a jumper, I have to look for something that I could wear inside of it. We were walking for some minutes, looking for a white top since the color of the jumper dress is a combination of blue and white. It was really difficult huh?! But it was a cool thing. And finally, I have found the perfect partner for it at Folded and Hung and I didn't hesitate to buy it.

After grabbing all the things that I need, we decided to try designing a mini cake at Goldilocks as a gift for my brother because tomorrow is his birthday. We tried our best and exerted a lot of efforts for that mini cake to look good but I guess, it wasn't good enough. But hey, for first timers like us, it was good already. After finishing the cake designing, we went home.

Finally, I'm done with my assignment in IT Elective and with the researching for the project in our Comp108. I just need to practice Macromedia Flash MX Professional so that I could catch up with the next things that we will going to do.

Monday, December 3, 2007

It's funny when all those unforgettable moments you had together could be the reason why you find it hard to give up.

I wasn't feeling well when I left the house this morning. My colds is driving me crazy plus I felt so dizzy. This morning was one of the worse mornings of my life. Come to think of it, I left the house earlier but I was late on my first subject. Well, that effin' LRT was the reason why. I arrived at the Tayuman station around 10am and I saw an immense number of people waiting for the train to arrive. Well, to my surprise, the train was full of people inside so I let that train passed me by. The second train came and it was like the first train so I let it again passed by. And now, I waited for the third train and it was still full of people but I did my best to get in. I was being pushed and you know, our bodies were too close to each other. I hate it. When I arrived at the Central Station, I saw Niko and Ian who rode the same train and had the same reaction. Well, it was so damn crazy.

Anyway, we had our reporting in Theo6 yet I didn't feel that it was successful. I know all of us did our very best but I guess, those weren't enough. But I do appreciate my groupmates' efforts and that's okay with me. It wasn't graded, in the first place. Joanne got her PSP slim already and it was so cute. I so love the color, its Pink, of course. Almost all the Chillax members have their own PSP and it is so cool. I, too, have my own.

My brain and nose just bled. haha :p That was because of the ever difficult lessons that we had discussed in two consecutive math subjects. How good is that? I found myself nosebleeding because of the oh so hard and confusing topics. Just wish us luck about it.

Finally, our professor in NOS has been changed but I guess, my professor now is worse than the first one. Take note, he is not a certified System Engineer but a programmer. How can he teach us about Windows Server 2003 if he is a programmer? I don't know what's happening why our professors are not good enough. I don't think I can learn a lot now.

Anyhow, I have started keeping money now because I want to buy the jacket I saw at Nike. I'm really eyeing for it, plus the color, I so love it. Hopefully, I could buy it before this year ends.

Greetings Galore!
Dec. 2 - Happy Birthday Kuya Karl
Dec. 2 - Happy Birthday Kuya Kenneth
Dec. 2 - Happy Birthday Aleina
Dec. 3 - Happy Birthday Diana

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A broken heart doesn't need someone who is willing to make it whole again. Rather, it needs someone who can make it realize that it never really got broken at all.

I woke up early in the morning and received a message from Daddy Cesar that I need to go there already so we can stroll around Trinoma. I quite panicked because I haven't taken my breakfast and I haven't taken a bath. My brother as well was not yet ready. It was around 10.30am when we left the house and went to Caloocan.

Daddy Cesar, Mommy Jov, Camille and Cha were waiting for us. As soon as we arrived in their house, we sat for a little while and off we went. We rode a cab going to the place. Our first stop was Landmark. According to Daddy Cesar, it was newly-opened. Good thing, there were only few people shopping. We strolled around and had some picture taking. While we were looking for something to buy, we saw Ate Alex. I walked towards her and kissed her. Kuya Jen, Zachee and Yipee were there also.

After buying all the things we need, we went to Trinoma. We strolled around and had some picture taking again. We looked for somewhere to eat because our tummies were producing unwanted sounds already. At first, we were undecided but after a little walk, we settled down at Max's Restaurant. We had eaten yummy foods again. Of course, picture taking. After eating, we strolled around Trinoma again but we didn't buy anything.

Next, we went to SM North thru The Block. It was like any typical SM Malls. There were so many people shopping most especially, in the Department Store. I really can't help it. It was jampacked. Who would say that Filipinos don't have money? We went to Worlds of Fun to play. Yey! Then we exchanged all the tickets that we have collected to a car and a glow in the dark thingy. After that, we decided to go home.

But before we separated ways, we ate at KFC-Monumento. Then they walked us to the LRT Station. Then we finally reached home.

Here are some pics. But if you want to view all our pictures, just visit my Multiply.

December 1 - Happy Cakeday Anje!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

For most of the time, you won't remember the last time you kissed the person you love. That's because you never thought it would be the last time. ~Grey's Anatomy

I thought the classes will be cut because of the bad weather but I was wrong. But it is good also that we have classes today though I was not able to see the person I want to see. But nevertheless, I enjoyed this day.

I left the house 45 minutes before my first class because I was expecting that the rain will stop but it didn't. I rode an LRT going to school and good thing, it wasn't jam packed as I expected it would be. I thought I was late but I arrived 15 minutes before the time. And as I entered the room, there were just two students there. So meaning, most of my classmates were stuck because of traffic and perhaps because of the flood.

It was already time yet we were like ten students there. We just waited for our classmates to come. And by the way, today is also the submission of our thesis proposal. We had some problems with the approval sheet but we were able to pass it on time. But most of my friends were not yet done that's why they did it using Kath's new laptop. And they even cut the next class just to finish the proposal. Hey, that was just a proposal, what more if that would be the thesis itself, we might absent ourselves for the entire day. I'm expecting that I will learn to cut the class just to finish our thesis. haha :P

Anyway, until our last subject, only few attended the class. Oh my! It was freezing cold. I was wearing a jacket already yet I was feeling the coldness of the aircon, how much more my classmates who were not able to bring theirs. And as we went out of the Colegio, the coldness was still there and we really can't help it. So, Joanne and I hurriedly went to the LRT station because we really wanna go home that time.

I was just so sad with what had happened this afternoon wherein Senator Trillanes just made a noise resulting to a worse scenario. What is happening now is just so saddening. And now, a curfew has been implemented and we all don't know up to when. We have to limit our night outs now. All of us should be on our respective houses once the clock strikes to 12. But I'm hoping that everything will be alright. I don't want to see this country under the Martial Law for the second time.

I was being played again. I don't know why it happened all of a sudden. I know I don't have to be affected but it is really hard to pretend that I am not affected. All the things that had happened really driving me insane until now. I'm still asking why. It is really annoying, you know. If you were just in my place, you will feel the same way also.

Well, tomorrow, we will have a family dinner at Bulacan. Tomorrow is the first year death anniversary of Kuya Ryan and Ate Janis' son. A mass will be celebrated on the cemetery, I guess followed by a dinner to the restobar owned by Ate Janis' parents in Bulacan.

Monday, November 26, 2007

It takes time to forget someone very special to you, but sometimes we really have to move on and face the fact that certain chapters in our lives should really be closed forever.

So many things had happened on me for these past few days. I have been absent in the blogging world for how many days. I missed blogging, posting my everyday routines and activities but I know I have to manage my time correctly. Thus, I was not able to post for quite a long time.

And again, our professors started to give us work loads and everyday, it continues to grow in numbers. Our thesis proposal is not yet done. Supposedly, the submission of it would be tomorrow but because some requested, it was moved to Thursday. It is such a good news to us. Because until now, we haven't have any topic in mind. We only have one and we still need two. Good thing, my thesismates are very cooperative except to one. Hopefully, everything will be alright.

Lots of assignments were also given plus sets of quizzes. Reporting was also assigned to us on our Theo. My groupmates are my co-IT students. The topic is kinda difficult but I know we can manage it. Our report is scheduled next week.

Ever since, I really don't like my professor in NOS and I want him to be replaced. Well, I am not the only one who feels this way but most of my classmates also and some of them even reported him to the head of the IIT. As a response, he told us that he will talk to the head of the IT so that they can make proper decision on it. I'm really hoping that he will be replaced because I really can't understand all the things he is saying. He is such an airhead, as if he knows everything. And he even make pahiya those students who can't answer his questions correctly.

As of the moment, I'm starting to love this semester because I am able to bond with my classmates whom I am not close with. I am able to talk to them and share stories with them. We even say hi whenever we see each other unlike before, we just treated each other as plain classmates but now, we're some sort of friends already. It is quite good that we are able to experience free sectioning because we got the chance to meet new people from different courses. I think that's good.

Hey, I want to share something. Presently, I love Tuesday and Thursday for one main reason. It is because I've got to see my new crush. haha :P He is a classmate of mine in one subject which is World Lit. He's a 3rd year, Management student and I guess, he is an athlete. Well, the first time I saw him during our first meeting, I was starstrucked already. I was attracted to him. Our eyes met and I felt kilig. haha :P Here I am again. He is so cute and this time, the guy has small eyes yet he is still have fair complexion. Just before I went home, I was able to see him and our eyes met again. I can't help but to smile.

I have a good news for you, guys. I passed the Microsoft Certified Professional Exams last Friday and I am super happy about it. I thought I'm going to fail but God didn't let that to happen. I want to thank all of you who prayed for me. It helped me a lot. The night before the exams, I was so nervous that I really can't sleep but I tried to cheer myself up. And while I was taking the exams, my hands were really cold until I clicked the mouse for the last time and saw my score. I was so happy and the smile on my face didn't fade away. As I went out of the room, I told to my friends the good news. We were so happy because all of us passed except for our five friends. With that, I want to thank all of you for giving the confidence, letting me know that I can do it and for the prayers. Thank you so much! I owe you a lot. I am just waiting for the real certificate and the ID.

Oh yeah! Today is Walking Doll's Second Anniversary. Oh my! I'm so happy because my blog is able to stand still after two years. It's Dyei who introduced this cyber stuff to me. Before, I didn't have any idea of what it is but because of Dyei, I became fond of it. I'm so grateful and thankful for having this blog. Why? It is because through this I can freely show my emotions and feelings. This help me a lot. Those things that I can't personally tell to anyone else, I can write it here. This blog is not just any ordinary blog, it is somehow a friend to me. I treat this blog as a treasure because for the past two years, it was able to see and monitor how I grow into a mature person as I am. Funny as it may seem but this blog is such a best friend to me. It knows most of the things about me. Walking Doll is always ready to listen, from my ever happy moments up to the sad ones. It may not give any advices but still, the willingness to listen is such a good thing. And I'm hoping that Walking Doll will last longer that I expected.

Christmas is just 29 days away and I'm really excited. I have received the best gift ever and that is to pass the MCP exams.

Greetings Galore!
Nov. 23 - Belated Happy Birthday Marco
Nov. 25 - Belated Happy Birthday Jam
Nov. 26 - Happy Anniversary Walking Doll

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The greatest revenge to a girl who steals your man is to let her have him because a truly good man can never be stolen.

Since I don't have anything to share right now about my everyday activities because I did nothing this weekend but to create layouts for my accounts in Multiply and Friendster, I'll just share something about myself. I don't know if my layouts are good enough because I don't want to judge my so-called artworks. But I want you to be my judge. So, just feel free to visit my pages and be the judge. Also, I spent my weekend trying to focus and concentrate on reviewing my lessons last week and the reviewer for my upcoming re-take of the MCP exams.

I'll stop blabbing about what I just did for the past two days but I want to share to you what are my feelings and emotions as of press time. You know, I couldn't have one feeling for a day, I mean, everyday of my life, I have mixed emotions and I do believe that everyone is experiencing that.

We all know that being a teenager is tough. During this time, you will be experiencing changes and actually, this stage is the most delicate yet the most fun stage of one's life. Being a teenager is fun, you are free to do what you want, go out with your friends, drink till you get tipsy, have fun, barhopping and such. And for me, it is good for us to do those things but with limitations, of course because once you get old, you will never experience that. Why? Because once you start a family, all of your concentrations and concerns will be on them only. You will barely go out because you have kids to take good care of.

Well, in my case, I admit, I rarely go out because I am not allowed to. Yeah, I'm of legal age since I turned 18 last September yet my mom is just so strict about me. She used to allow me at times but I have a curfew. I am not against it because I know she is just so concern about me but I do believe that I have the right to do those kind of things. I want to experience going home late at night, barhopping, drinking with my friends and the like. And I'm wishing that my mom will realize that I'm grown up already and I'm responsible enough for my actions and that she can give me her 100% trust.

Anyway, ever since the second semester started, I'm very much nervous with how the second shot of the MCP exam will turn out. I am very much afraid that I might not pass the exam for the second time. I don't want that to happen. I studied really hard for the re-take. I prepared a lot and I'm pretty much confident with the knowledge I have now. And hopefully, I could pass it now. How I wish that the entire Chillax Crew will pass the second shot. Guys, I'm really asking for your help. Please pray for all of us, especially me, that we will be able to pass the MCP exams. Advance thank you to all.

I'm also nervous because of the thesis that we will be working with. The proposal isn't approved yet and the fear that our professor might not be satisfied with our topic is driving me insane. Why do they need to experiment? I mean, before, the set-up of the thesis was not like this and we were all surprised that they suddenly changed it. This pain in the ass stuff is the scariest of all. Plus the defense, you know, it is really scary. Every college student is afraid of this what we call Final Defense because it holds our future. Just wish us luck that we could get through this one.

But there is still an excitement running through me since Christmas is just few weeks from now. Celebrating it with your family is one of the best things life can offer though I must admit that I'm quite sad because for the nth time, my dad will not be with us as we celebrate the coming of Christ. But I know I should be happy because this is a celebration that we shouldn't miss. This is the most important event of all, the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I feel so accomplished because I think I am succeeding with my mission of 'Giving Up'. Doing this thing is such a difficult job and I bet most of you will agree with me. Giving up someone is a hard decision because you know, it will change your life forever. And in my case, I'm so glad because I think I'm doing the right thing. The feeling that the sense of accomplishment brings is really different. Honestly, there is still a bit of feelings for him but I'm working it out. I'm so happy because I'm getting used to this set-up. The feeling of awkwardness is slowly fading away and I do believe that I'm now comfortable whenever he is around. I can now look at him straight to the eyes and even talk to him without any feeling of hesitation. Now, I'm just waiting for the time that I could finally say, "I'm over him."

I think I have to end this up. And again, I’m asking for your prayers. You know that we really need it so badly. Thank You!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A "goodbye" can hurt but not as much an "I love you" that can't be proven.

I can now feel that Christmas is just a month away from now because of the over cold wind. Throughout this day, we were able to experience a very cold and rainy atmosphere. Many schools have been suspended because of the flood. But we were just unfortunate because the classes on the Tertiary level were not cut.

All my professors for this day were present that's why we were not able to eat because I don't have any break during Tuesday and Thursday. First subject was okay though I was late because I waited for Niko. I and my thesis groupmates are kinda problematic because it is really hard to think of a good topic for our thesis. We find it really difficult but hopefully we could think of a good thesis proposal.

I enjoyed my Comp108 class because we just did a freehand drawing using MS Paint. hehe :P We were like elementary students drawing our favorite cartoon characters. I drew Spongebob and Hello Kitty. I know my drawing was not that good but I am satisfied with it. It was cute, though.

Our supposed quiz on IT Elect was moved to Tuesday and we just had some discussion. It was really cold in our laboratory a while ago and good thing, I brought my jacket. I pity those who were not able to bring theirs because they were like frozen delights there.

By the way, last night, we had a dinner at Kamayan because Kuya Karl will be flying back to New York today. I did enjoy the night. There were lots of yummy foods to choose from.


More pics in my Multiply.

Monday, November 12, 2007

While I always do pray for someone to be happy, I forgot that it's me who needs it badly.

This day is so good, not so tiring. Our professor in Theology is new again because of some changes. But I am happy with my professor now because he is way better than the first one. I so love his humor and his way of explaining things. Just now, I really have this interest about the subject.

I was over bored during our break time because we did nothing. We killed the time by staying at the canteen. But then, after some time, we decided to go to the catwalk to meet up with my friends. And there, I was able to bond with Dyei and shared my ever funny dream last night. When the bell rang, we all decided to go up and attend our next subject.

I am starting to love my Math subject. Oh yeah! The professor is just so great. He maybe fast in terms of teaching and explaining our lesson and yet, I could cope up with it and I can really understand it so much. I just don't know but I do love my Math120 now. I just realized that in loving a Math subject because everyone seems to hate it, a teacher or professor is one big factor. And in my case, my professor is just so amazing that's why I love Math now.

Our Discrete Math professor was absent and so, her time became a vacant for us. But before that, we waited for her until Dr. Hilario came. She asked for our attendance and then, she dismissed us. We stayed in the Internet Lab until 4.30pm. We did nothing during our NOS class because most of our time were eaten by installing the NetMeeting on each computer. But then, we were able to discuss some.

Last night, I had the funniest and the craziest dream I could ever have. I know I have to feel pissed about it but for me, it was so funny. I asked you now, what if you would hear someone telling this to another person and yet, is pertaining to you: "Di ba hindi ko naman talaga yan pinapansin. Kinakausap ko lang yan kasi matalino yan. Pero hindi naman talaga ako interesado dyan." How would you react? In my dream if I could still remember, I was super mad with the person who said that who is apparently the person I am giving up right now, my crush. When I woke up and I was trying to remember everything, I just said to myself: "Sh*t! Bad trip yung panaginip na yun ah." But you know, I find it so funny and I just laughed at it. But if ever it happens in real life, I would be really really mad on that person.

Nothing much happened today. We will have two sets of quizzes on Wednesday as announced by my professors in two different subjects. I'm just getting ready for tomorrow because I really wanna concentrate with the discussion proper.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I would rather be physically hurt than emotionally, because you can put a band aid on your finger but you can't put one on your heart.

The first two days of class were pretty much okay. I have already met all my professors except for World Literature. I have a different schedule as compared to my close friends yet we were able to see each other in a number of subjects.

And also, we already formed a group for our thesis this semester. My groupmates are Ian, Ryan and Jeff. It is very obvious that I am the muse of the group and the youngest, as well. We also formulated three possible topics and chose three possible advisers. We have no professor in World Lit yet I was able to bond with my ever loyal utol, Dyei. We just stayed in the canteen.

Anyway, last night, I had some bonding time with my oh so adorable cousin, Cha-cha. All pictures are already uploaded in my Multiply. Here are some pics:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The glass breaks because it fell and nobody caught it. Just like the heart, it breaks because it keeps on falling for someone wo doesn't catch it.

The second semester finally begins in Letran today. I went to the Colegio and was shocked with the huge number of students falling in line to the Cashier, ITC and the Dean's Office. Until now, they were not yet done with the adjustment thingy. Even my friends were not yet done but they were able to fix their schedules yesterday.

Anyway, I didn't enjoy this day as much as I enjoyed the first day of my first semester. But I know that as this semester goes along, I will learn to love it. I spent this day with some of my friends though I know I'm going to miss our bonding time during lunch break since we have different schedules now and probably, we will not be able to see each other that often.

All of my professors were present and some started the discussion already. I still have no problem regarding them since they seem so nice and approachable. But hopefully, we could learn a lot from them. By the way, I have two Math subjects now and I'm pretty much confident that our professors will be able to deliver the lessons well.

And because today is just our first day, we were dismissed early but went home late because of the traffic jam. Tomorrow will be another busy day.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I never regret the fact that I fell in love with you. But I do regret the fact that I never did anything to make you feel the same way.

This is my first ever post for the month of November. I have been out of the blogging world for one week, I guess. My DSL connection suddenly sucked that’s why I was not able to stay online for a long time. For that one week, I have been using Kuya Ojie’s computer and since, it wasn’t mine and I was not in my room then, I was not able to make any sensible posts plus the fact that I have some audiences on my back. I so missed blogging.

I am kinda pissed with PLDT because from the time that our internet connection got a problem, we immediately called them and told us that they are going to report it to the server and they will call us later. We were waiting for their call but they didn’t. The next morning, we called again and the same things happened. We have been calling them so many times but no responses at all.

Anyway, I really had a busy week. After failing the first take of the MCP Exams wherein I only need 49 points (equivalent to one question only) to pass, I started reviewing again. And by this time, I became so serious and eager because I really wanna pass. I don’t want to fail for the second time. I admit, I didn’t review that much that’s why I failed. I was so lazy to review and I didn’t allot much time in studying that’s why this time, I made it sure that I’m gonna learn. I studied really well and I am now pretty much confident with the knowledge I acquired.

We went to the cemetery to visit some of our relatives who are now in heaven. First, we went to Manila Memorial Park after staying at Ate Malou’s house in Laguna. My mom didn’t allow me to accompany her to the North cemetery because of the huge number of people there. And I saw it on TV also and good thing, I wasn’t there. We also went to Eternal Garden with the Medina clan and stayed there for a long time. In our house, we prayed, of course.

Yesterday, we went to Kuya Jett’s house at Las Pinas because it was his birthday and at the same time, a baby shower for his upcoming baby girl. There were lots of yummy and delicious foods. But I just ate a little because I am watching my diet. Haha ;D We stayed there for a little while, chit-chatting with my aunties and cousins. Then we went to Mama Lolly’s house located in Las Pinas also to visit Inang. I have some fun moments with Reina, Kuya Chet and Ate Chari. We didn’t stay that long and then we went back to Kuya Jett’s crib. After some time, we went home.

Two days from now and the Second Semester will officially begin at Letran. I’m quite nervous because I haven’t adjusted the subjects that I need to adjust. I’ll be doing it tomorrow with some of my friends. Plus this semester will be a lot difficult since we will be having our Thesis already. It is not just any other research works that we had before because by this time, it is a real Thesis and there will no postponing of defense (title defense and final defense). Hopefully, I could get through this semester and pass all my subjects.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's funny how you set qualifications for the right person to love while at the back of our minds, we know that the person we truly love will always be an exception.

For the past one and a half years, I have been crushing (liking) on one single guy only. This guy is a schoolmate and at some point in time, a classmate of mine. During our first year in Letran, we belong to different blocks that’s why I never knew that someone like him exists in this world. During those days, I’ve gotten a crush on one of his guy friends. His friend was supposed to be my partner on one of our presentations in school. I still never knew him by that time.

Halfway to the end of the second semester of my first year in Letran, an IT Sportsfest was held. My guy friends formed a basketball team and joined the sportsfest. When the day had come, Dyei and I watched the game to give support to our friends. Their first opponent was the team of this guy I am crushing on. At first, I didn’t notice him because I was looking for his friend. But unfortunately, his friend wasn’t there. I was able to notice him but I wasn’t still attracted. After that game, my friends’ team and his team will be playing again in the afternoon with different opponents. And during those times, I became aware of him.

After that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. And then, I realized that I like him already. He got the looks, the fair complexion, basketball skills though he is kinda short and got big eyes. But then, he caught my attention knowing that I am so picky and choosy when it comes to guys. He may not be every girl’s dream boy but for me, he can be.

Everyday, I used to look for him. I’ve got the chance to see him everyday. I really love his smile, it is so attractive. Their group is an acquaintance of my guy friends which makes me feel fortunate because I’ve gotten to see him almost everyday of the week. His funny side or sense of humor makes me like him even more.

Summer break came and I never gotten the chance to see him. And I could even live a day without thinking about him. With that, my admiration towards him fizzled out. It just vanished right away.

My second year started. I was able to see him but you know there was no spark at all. My girl friends used to tease me to him but I wasn’t affected. I didn’t feel the kilig factor. I concluded that I have already forgotten about him that time.

But to my surprised, when my second semester began, we became classmates in one subject. I promised not to like him again but I couldn’t help myself whenever I see him. In short, all the feelings came back. And from there, I knew that it wasn’t just a simple crush, perhaps, like or infatuation or whatever you call it but I assure you it wasn’t love. The feelings started to bloom without me even knowing it.

When the summer vacation began, I thought I could forget about him just like what happened during the last summer break but I was totally wrong. Everyday, the thought of him just popped out of my mind which I couldn’t stop. Those times, I can say, I realized how I like him that much. I can’t help but think of him.

When my junior life started, it became the most unexpected chapter of my life because of the turn of events. We were classmates in four subjects straight during Monday and Wednesday. And since, my guy friends and his group just became closer than ever, I’ve gotten the chance to see him everyday, as in everyday. I felt kilig whenever he looks at me but still, at the end of the day, I felt so depressed because I know he can never be mine. I started losing hope after knowing that two of my girl friends have this crush on him too. It felt so different that it came to the point that I was telling them that I don’t like him anymore. But deep inside me, I know it wasn’t true. I’m still into him and it would take time before I could finally get over him.

We often looked at each other and yet we never talked. We had all the chances in the world but we didn’t use it. It was just so saddening that I never got the chance to be close to him.

I also tried to get over him by pretending that he doesn’t exist in my world but I just failed. Well, everytime I make a plan about moving on or giving up, it seems that fate doesn’t want me to pursue. Destiny just keeps playing games on me which you know, made it more difficult for me to move on. It was so hard especially when destiny tries to stop me from doing so. I came to the point that I just let that freaking feelings eat me whole though I used to end up getting hurt.

And now, I just decided to give up on whatever I have for him even if destiny and fate try to stop me. I don’t care. Because I know, whatever I do for him to like me, I will end up getting hurt and being left out. I do believe that there is one guy in this world waiting for me and whom I really deserve. And I’m just waiting for the time that I could finally say: “I’m over him.”

Friday, October 26, 2007

I sit here, listening to everyone else's love story, and thinking "where's mine?"

The review class is finally over and I am not satisfied with what I have learned during this week. Actually, I am so worried that I might not be able to pass it because of the limited knowledge that I have right now. Though I learned a lot, still those are not enough to guarantee that I will pass the exam.

For the last three days of review, we did nothing. I was expecting that I could acquire a lot of knowledge today, which is the last day, but I was totally wrong. We did nothing but to sit, relax, chit-chat, laugh trip and net surfing. That is why for the last three days of review, I am so lazy to attend the review session because I know we will not do anything and I am so correct.

And for the past three days, only few attended the review class. We were like around 20 students and most of them were not attending the afternoon session. After lunch break, they didn't bother going back and they just went home. And actually, most of my friends were included on those people who didn't come back because instead of coming back, they went on playing Counter Strike.

Like yesterday, we attended the morning session and took the practice exam wherein I failed. haha :D After I took two sets of exams, I felt bored, sleepy and so fed up. It was so tiring to read several lines of scenarios and then, you don't have any idea of what is the answer amongst the given choices. The practice exam was so difficult, how much more the real exam. Gosh!

Lunch Break came. We had our snacks (because we didn't eat heavy meal) at 7/11. We were laugh tripping then. After that, the boys and some girls went to a computer shop and played Counter Strike again. They really love playing that game. Joanne, Eunice, Carla and I stayed at the Catwalk instead of watching them play. It is very obvious that we don't know how to play that computer game and we don't even have the interest of watching them play.

After lunch, we (Joanne, Eunice, Carla and I) went back to our room and went online. By the way, we watched the video of my debut party there and we were really laughing very hard because of some funny moments. Those were like bloopers. Since Eunice's laugh was very contagious, I can't help but laugh also plus Joanne's comments were so funny.

After how many hours of staying, we decided to go home without even knowing that our friends were waiting for us outside. We walked all together and even joked on each other. While walking, we were laughing as if we owned the place.

Tomorrow will be the MCP exams of my friends, Dyei, Julius and Paul. I'm wishing them the best of luck. I will pray that they will be able to pass the exams. Good Luck Guys! I really know you can do it. With the great intelligence you have, I doubt that you'll fail.

As for me, I'm feeling the nerves. I will start reviewing by tomorrow and hopefully, I could acquire the knowledge I need. I really want to pass this exam. And I wish God will guide me all throughout. Pray for us, guys! I just wish that all MCP exam takers will be able to pass the exam so we could have our grand celebration after.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

If there is one mistake in my whole lifetime that I can tolerate, it is when I have loved, though I know it wouldn't be appreciated.

The first two days of my review session were fine. It started out good though last Monday, we were dismissed late, as in super late. I had so much fun though at times, I felt bored. We only occupied one room to think we are around 60+ students. There were times when I find myself thinking something not related to the topic because I couldn't concentrate. So funny.

We already discussed a lot of things last Monday. Well, we only had two breaks, one was a 15-minute and the other one was 45-minutes which was our Lunch. I learned a lot of things though at times, I couldn't stop myself from daydreaming. haha :P But then, it was not really that boring because our professor and some of my classmates used to throw jokes or even say punchlines that made us all laugh. My first day was so successful.

Today is a rainy day because from the time I went to school until I arrived home, the rain continues to pour and actually, until now. I bet we will have a cold evening. The discussion started although most of the students were not yet present. And it was because of the problems on the LRT. Many came late because they were stranded after the LRT encountered some technical problems. We had a fresh start and I learned a lot of things.

After that, we had our lunch break. After me and our chillax friends took our lunch, we decided to fall in line since today is the claiming of our Registration and Assessment Form (RAF). When we got there, we were a bit surprised with the long line. It was jam packed as if we were about to watch a blockbuster movie. We fell in line at the back but a classmate of ours called us and told us that we could fall in line there. At first, I was hesitant because there were a lot of students at the back and they have waited there for a long time. But we really had no choice but to cut the line. After an hour and a half, we finished the process. I haven't paid for the tuition fee because I have no money in my pocket so as to my friends.

Since the rest of the chillax crew didn't want to attend the afternoon session of the review, we left them. Eunice, Joanne and I attended the last session and we thought that it was a good idea because we learned a lot. And the good thing was we were dismissed early.

Our review session will end on Friday and so far, I'm enjoying it. And by the way, the schedule of MCP exams was moved on Tuesday (October 30, 2007).

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oftentimes, we ask for signs for us to know if he/she is the right one. What if there are no signs? Is the absence of signs a sign?

For the second time now, I participated in the campaign as a support for my uncle who is running for Kagawad in our barangay. The first time I involved myself to this kind of stuff happened several years ago for the same uncle of mine.

With me were my mom, daddy Cesar and tito Luis to give support for daddy Carlo. Several people were also present to give support to their respective family member and friends. It was actually a nice experience though the heat of the sun was so smarting. I really felt the pain as the sun touched my skin. But I know it was good for the body because it was the morning sun.

I didn’t do what they usually do like shaking hands with the people in our neighbor and ask them to vote for this someone. All I did was to walk and just follow them wherever they go. As for my mom, she just walked as well but whenever she sees someone she knows, she would do the talking.

Anyway, the campaign thingy just took only a couple of hours. It was fun experience. Actually, most of my uncle’s friends want me to run for SK Chairman but unfortunately, I just turned 18 and I am not allowed anymore.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. ~Dr. Seuss

I have already seen my grades and I'm pretty much satisfied with it. I passed all the subjects and it is the only thing that matters. I so love my professors. haha :D I have to ask for something in return. Joke! :D

Boring is the best word to describe this day and so as yesterday and the day before yesterday. I didn't do anything except for watching, net surfing, eating and sleeping. I just want to go out and unwind.

Anyways, next week, I will be returning back to school for one week review. Excitement and nervousness start to fill me. I am excited to take the exams because that would be my first time and it is a great opportunity to someone like me. I am nervous because I am so scared that I might not pass the exam, one thing that I don't want to happen. I wanna pass and it is my goal now. Wish me luck, guys!

Today is Eminem's 34th Birthday! He is getting older and older yet he still looks younger than his age. He maybe portraying a bad image but he is good inside and out, as well (as if we're close).

That's all for now. Boredom drives me crazy.

Monday, October 15, 2007

There's no such thing as not meant to be, for when two people fall in love, they are meant but sometimes, it's meant only for a moment.

Still, my entire body is in pain because of the procession yesterday. We really had a long walk plus my professor was such a VIP. It was so tiring but I was able to enjoy it because I was with my friends. Some sort of a reunion before the semestral break starts.

I read a tabloid this morning and found out that the NCAA defeated the UAAP on the Bantay Bata All-Star. I was not able to watch because I was not informed. Too bad. But after knowing that the NCAA squad won, I felt so glad. Though most of the players were from San Beda, still, the Letran Knights showed up most especially RJ Jazul. He was named the MVP after making 23 points. Plus Rey Guevarra was named the Slam Dunk King after receiving a perfect 50 from the judges.

Well, I don't have something sensible to share to you because this day is so boring. I just read a book and I am halfway to the end. Probably, I could finish it by tomorrow.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just when the mind found the answers,the heart changed the question.

The first semester has come to its end. How time flies. I still remember the worries and fears that I felt before this semester started because I know that this sem will be much harder than before. But look at now, we were able to get through a lot of pain in the ass school works and I am so happy with what I have accomplished so far.

I didn't expect that I will enjoy this semester but hey, I had a super fun first semester. Being with the Chillax Crew is always a wonderful moment to cherish. Meeting new friends is one of the things that I will never ever forget about this semester. I was able to meet and be friends with those people whom I thought I could never be in close with. My bad impression about them just vanished after talking to them and being close with them. They are so nice and fun to be with. I enjoyed all the moments with my classmates in this semester and hopefully, we could still see each other in one classroom next semester.

We only had one exam today which is Literature and it was nosebleed. Yeah, believe me. I didn't expect that the exam will be that difficult that it took us a long time before we finished answering the exams. After the exams, the Chillax boys together with some of our guy classmates played Basketball. We, the girls just watched them play and we even cheered for them.

I am hoping that I could pass all the subjects that I have taken this semester and I am really crossing my fingers that I will be able to pass the MCP Exams that we will be taking on the 27th of October which is apparently two weeks from now.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

When the heart is willing to love, it will find a thousand ways. But when a heart is unwilling, it will find a thousand excuses.

Click the link above.

One exam to go and it is over. The first semester is about to end once again and I can't wait. Three more semesters to go and I'll be graduating. I'm really looking forward to that because I'm so excited marching down the aisle, accepting my diploma and of course, applying for jobs and being hired. Oh yeah, it seems that the real world is fun.

On the 22nd will be the start of our review for the MCP Exams and I can now feel the nervousness. Well, knowing me, I am so unlucky when it comes to exams like that and I don't know why. As a matter of fact, I didn't pass on the entrance exams of some colleges and universities that I took three years ago. I only had recommendations but I didn't pass at all. That is why, I am so nervous now that I might not pass the exam that we will be taking on the 27th. Hopefully, the curse will stop on the day that I will be taking the exams. I really wanna pass because my parents are also looking forward to it. So guys, please pray for me. Yet I know that God will never leave me and He will guide me all throughout.

Good news, our group were exempted in the SQA Final Exams because we reached the necessary grade. Not only us but almost all the Chillax Crew were also exempted and I am so happy about it. We all did a good job! Congrats to all of us. With that, we only took two sets of freaking exams today. Nosebleed. As in. haha :D I was not sure with all of my answers. Everything was new to me, I mean, even though I studied a lot, still, most of the questions in the exams couldn't be seen in the book. I am really worried. But hopefully, I could pass all of the exams including the exam that we are about to take on Saturday.

Online Enrollment is fast approaching and I'm still confused on what schedules to take. I want to be with my friends and I have this plan of taking those sections where they belong. So probably, it will not be a MCSE all the way. Unfortunately, my dismissal will always be at 6pm however, I don't have any 6-7:30pm schedule.

And by the way, on Sunday, we will be going out. haha :D I will be with my friends then we will go directly to Sto. Domingo Church for the procession.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sometimes we can't let go of hurt because it is a constant reminder of one great love story we never expected to come to an end.

I am definitely in the mood for blogging now and I don't know why. I just want to post something, it may be sensible or not, still, I wanna post something now.

Yesterday morning, I was feeling that nerves were all over my body because I was thinking of that defense for my SQA Case Study. I went to school early so that I could discuss to my groupmates what is the system all about. It is very obvious that I was the one who did it but I have no complains at all. So what if I was the only one who did it? It doesn't matter as long as we gave our best shot on the defense.

Until the last minute, we were cramming because we were not informed that each group should have their own laptops. Thank God, JL was there and we borrowed his laptop. We were scheduled at 12nn yet our defense started at 2pm, I guess. Anyhow, it was a success. I thought, the panelist will be going to throw a lot of difficult questions but they didn't. They have been so considerate and I am so thankful. They gave us advices so that we will know what we should know when the real defense comes. We passed it yet we still don't know if we are exempted in the Final Exams and how I wish, we will be.

Final Examinations just started yesterday. I only had one set of exam which was not that difficult. Leakage was present again but knowing me, I don't usually involve myself to stuffs like that. Guilt takes me over whenever I listen to leakages. Anyway, just wish me and my batchmates the best of luck that we may all get passing remarks on the exams.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

If someone wants to be part of your life, they will make an effort to be in it. (natamaan ako sa quote. haha =])

They are now back on top, where they really belong. After a very bumpy elimination round and tough ladder semi-finals round, DLSU Green Archers finally grabbed the championship crown after beating the crowd favorite, UE Red Warriors in two games consecutively. It was really a good game, a classic series indeed.

After being suspended for one year, they are back with a vengeance. When the UAAP season started, everyone was expecting that the Warriors will win the crown because of their oh-so complete and tough roster, since no one graduated. The comeback of the Archers brought the loudest noise to the league because the rivalry between the Blue and Green will arise again. And they didn’t disappoint us.

They were beaten twice in the elimination by the Blue Eagles yet they showed the real heart of an archer by beating the Eagles in a must-win game of the season wherein they were able to get the twice-to-beat advantage and even beat the ADMU for the finals berth.

UE was the favorite team, the one being seen that will emerge as champs for this season. They had beaten the Archers twice in the eliminations and they were set to meet in the Finals. Game 1 was a must-see game. Green and Red dominated the Big Dome, as if it was Christmas already. No one expected the victory of the Archers yet they had shown what a champion team really means.

Congrats to the DLSU Green Archers for winning this season’s crown. They indeed deserved it. They had their sweetest comeback. This is their year and everyone should not be bitter about that.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sometimes, no matter how long or hard you love someone, they'll never love you back the way you do. And sometimes, you have to be ok with that.

This is my first post for the month of October. I've been hella out of the blogging world because of the school works that we need to accomplish plus the Final Exams will start on Monday. I have experienced the worst week in my life. All Junior IT students in Letran were able to experience a hell week. We were cramming because of our SQA Case Study, as if it is that important. We were informed last Friday that the submission of the case study and the defense will be on the 5th of October. We were expecting that it will push through but to our dismay, everything was postponed and moved together with our major exams.

Our group's defense will be on Monday at 12nn that's why all the exams scheduled for Monday and Tuesday were moved to Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. And I really don't like the idea. It is some sort of punishment to us, I guess. And from what I've heard, the defense for this sh*tty subject is so difficult. Yeah, I know, he (our prof) is trying to train us or practice us so we will know what to do when the real defense comes but the schedule doesn't fit. I mean, it is okay for me if there is a defense, it will always be a part of college life but hey, it's already final exams and of course, we also have things to do. And he even moved the exam just for this st*p*d defense.

Anyway, a week after final exams will be our review for the upcoming MCP Examinations and of course, I am nervous. This exam is far different from those major exams that we used to take in school. The exam will be on the 27th and everyone is preparing for it. Actually, we are more nervous about that exam more than our Finals that will start on Monday to some but for us Junior IT students, on Wednesday. This exam is equivalent to Board Exams but the difference is that we have to pass a number of MCP Exams before we could claim the title (MCSE, MCSD, MCDBA) but passing one exam would be an achievement for all of us. Once we pass one of the exams, we will be a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Just wish me and my groupmates luck for our defense on Monday. Our future lies there. haha =] And on our final exams as well. Hopefully, I could pass all the subjects and could make it to another level again.

And by the way, my dad went back to Saudi already and I am so sad about it. But I know I have to accept the fact that he needs to work there to give us everything we need and want. I have to wait for another year and a half just to be with him again.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Words don't have power over you unless the person who said them means a lot to you.

I really miss blogging. It has been how many days since I last posted. Well, I failed to share to all of you what happened on me these past few days because I am very busy dealing with my school works. Actually, until now, I’m still busy but I decided to have a post because I don’t want my blog to be obsolete.

This week, I can say, was one of the busiest weeks I have encountered as a college student. Last Monday was the deadline of our case study in VB and good thing; we were able to finish it the day before. We were actually cramming because the day before, the system was not yet done. Some codes were still missing plus I went out with my family that time that’s why I was not able to do it early in the morning. Niko tried his best but it didn’t work out. When I arrived home, I hurriedly did it and thank God, we accomplished it.

That same day, we were informed of another project to be submitted on the 3rd of October. See, we are now loaded with lots and lots of school works to think that the Final Examinations will be a week away. It is really difficult to do all of those school works all at the same time. It drives me crazy because I don’t know where and what to start, in the first place.

Right now, I’m working on with my SQA case study. The first two chapters will be submitted on Wednesday and the remaining chapters plus the working system will be submitted on Friday. The Defense will be on Friday, as well. I’m starting to feel the nerves because everything is a mess. The system is not yet done plus the first two chapters are not yet complete. I’m planning to pass it earlier than the deadline so that we could conduct the survey earlier too.

Add up to that are some things in minds that make me more confused. My mind is actually going crazy. Confusion takes me over. Can you just wish me luck about these things?


Monday, September 24, 2007

It's really hard to freeze in sweetness when someone has already melted you into something bitter.

That's the only thing I can say for now.
I'm just too tired already.
I'm so tired of waiting.
I'm tired of everything.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I don’t want the moon and the stars. I just want someone who will watch them with me.

I just got home from the much awaited match-up of the NCAA Season. Sadly, the San Beda Red Lions defeated the Letran Knights but I forgot the final score. Anyway, it was a great game, though. I enjoyed every minute of my stay there because of the thrill. Everyone was cheering for their respective school and that’s the spirit.

This morning, we were really undecided if we will be watching or not because of the rain. When I left the house, it was raining really hard that’s why I arrived at school dripping wet. We attended the first class and still, we were unsure though me, Joanne, Kath and Eunice were already sure. But then, we all decided to watch, of course, to give support to the Knights. Actually, before we left the school, we have this motto that whether we win or lose, it’s just okay. We just have to enjoy the game.

We accepted the defeat wholeheartedly knowing that our team is on their first year of re-empowerment because they lost all their key players. It is really a good game, no fights at all and that’s cool. Honestly, I was really afraid because before the game began, the two schools teased each other and so I was scared that the fight that had happened during their last encounter might happen again. But thank God, it didn’t. The game was smooth-sailing though we really can’t stop that most students would say something bad against the other. Well, it’s part of the game.

Some players were also there. To name some are Boyet Bautista, Mark Andaya, Kirby Raymundo, Alex Crisano and Kelvin dela Peña. Even though we lost, I still believe that a vengeance is yet to come. Haha :P Better watch out Lions for the revenge of the Knights.

Finally, I was able to meet Jam in person. She is a blogmate of mine and coincidentally, a schoolmate too. While I was waiting for my class, she and a friend of hers passed by and we smiled at each other. Actually, I’ve been seeing her for how many times but I was too shy to approach her because she is always with her group of friends. But then, it’s a good thing that we already met each other. Hope to see her more.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Find love when you have time and time when you already found love.

Finally, the Archers had beaten the Eagles for the first time this season. I failed to watch the game and my uncle just informed me about it. I am a fan of both teams that's why whenever there is a game between the two teams, I don't know what team to cheer. But congrats to the Archers for winning this time.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, will be the Game 1 of the Championship Game in NCAA. It will be between the Red Lions and the Knights. Just this morning, I was planning to watch the game between the two great teams in the NCAA but my mind suddenly changed because of the pending case studies that we need to work on. The classes will be cut on 12 tomorrow in preparation for the Game 1 and instead of watching, we will be doing the Case Study for VB. If there will be a game on Friday, I will watch and that's for sure.

Ever since this school year started, we were given pain in the ass school works and because of that, I'm getting used to this kind of life I am living now. Just now, we are informed with another case study that is due on or before the Final Exams. You know what, I really can't understand professors. They used to give us loads of works all at the same time as if we are as intelligent as Einstein who could accomplish those works in just a blink of an eye.

Being a college student is tough yet enjoying. You may encounter along the way a lot of projects, tasks, requirements, case studies and thesis but in one way or another, you will start loving it. This life is way different from High School. You can’t just sit back and relax and let your groupmates do the thing. You are required to cooperate. But then, after all has been passed and everything has been settled down, you will feel the fulfillment. That’s why I love my collegiate life.

Looking back, I have never been this busy. I was studying and yet I still find time watching television and of course, texting. But now, it is far different. I could not do some of the things that I used to do before. I couldn’t allot more time for TV unlike before, I was really a couched potato. All I am facing now is my laptop and doing all those research works, case studies, assignments, projects and the like. It is difficult and no doubt about it but living this different kind of life is somehow a memorable experience for someone like me.

Anyways, I’m still not through with the case study due on Monday. The code behind file is still left blank. We have no idea at all. But we will start working it tomorrow and hopefully, we could do something sensible. Knowing my blockmates, I don’t think we could finish it. Haha =]

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It hurts to see someone you love ignore you. It also hurts to see if he doesn't feel the same way, but would it hurt you more if he loves you and you never knew?

After attending the mass this morning, Dad, Mom, Ej and I went to Mall of Asia to unwind. Ever since my dad came, we haven't have any family date because most of the time, there were some extras and I'm talking about my uncle and some cousins.

We arrived there at around 11am and thus, we decided to stroll first before having our lunch. Actually, that was my dad's first time at MOA because when he had his last vacation here, the mall was still under construction.

We went inside every stall that we passed by because it was SALE. haha =] I was really confused with what to buy because there were so many things that I wanted to buy but of course, I have to choose one. Since, I was really undecided, we went first to Nike to look for a bag for my brother. He settled for a navy blue body bag. My dad asked me what I want and I told him that I have nothing to buy at Nike but all of a sudden, a khaki bermuda shorts caught my attention and it was really irresistible. So, I ended up buying that shorts. hehe =D

We had our lunch at Mandarin Wok. They've got yummy foods. It was our first time to eat there and we are satisfied with the foods but not in the slow service. Anyway, after that, we strolled again.

And when we felt that we were tired already, we decided to go home. Oh yeah! It is such a good feeling to unwind with your family and nothing beats that. We seldom do this kind of thing because my dad is working abroad and whenever we go out now, I appreciate it more.

I just really need to relax and have fun for a moment because I'm still busy and pressured with the two case studies that I'm working with right now.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Being hurt is something we can't stop from happening but being miserable is always our choice.

I am so busy accomplishing the two case studies in two different subjects. Those two are scheduled to be passed on the 24th and on the 1st week of October. So, expect me to be on my worst attitude because of the pressures that these case studies will give me.

I don't think its a good idea for giving us these kind of tasks knowing that the submission will be less than a month from now. What do you expect? Perhaps after this, we are all wearing our haggard and wasted faces. Please wish us luck. I don't know if I can do all of those but please do pray for us.

Anyway, the LITS General Assembly was a blast. We all had fun because of the games. All the third years were hyper and that made the event even more enjoying. I congratulate everyone for the success of it because I know we all contributed for it. Without us, IT and ACT students, no general assembly for LITS. haha :D

I am also busy uploading picture on my multiply. These pictures were taken from my debut party last Saturday. I just can't help but smile whenever I take a glimpse on each picture because of the fun it brought me.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

We at times sit at one corner alone, appreciating life as we see it through our eyes. Then suddenly, someone surprises us, shares that corner until it becomes the world.

After five long months of preparations, my 18th Birthday celebration is now over. It was so successful. It was indeed a blast. I really can’t believe that it will be like that. I am so happy with how everything went through though some of my guests were not able to come and there were some glitches, of course.

I was so touched with my college friends because they went to the venue earlier than the time, considering the fact that they are late comers in class. Haha =] And to my surprised, all my guy friends were wearing coat because as far as I know, they were kinda problematic because they don’t know where to borrow or buy a coat. But according to them, they will do everything just for me. How touching, ayt? My girlfriends were really beautiful in their respective dresses. They were astonishing and stunning.

I know everyone enjoyed the party as much as I enjoyed it. They made me happy with their presence. I am not after the gifts or the money but their presence means a lot to me. Seeing all my friends there made me smile and all my relatives as well.

My party was full of fun and enjoyment. And my favorite part was the party time because everyone’s been dancing and dancing unaware of the people around them. We were all hyper most especially my college friends. We were dancing all night enjoying every beat of the music being played.

Thanks to all people who came. It really means a lot to me. You just don’t know how much you made me happy. I am really fortunate for having loving family and friends. Not all girls are given a chance to celebrate their 18th Birthday but me; I was able to celebrate it. I am super thankful to God for all the blessings He continues to give. Special thanks to Ate Alexis for all the help she rendered during the planning and preparation course. I owe to her the success of my party.

Some of the pics are now uploaded on my Multiply.

Friday, September 7, 2007

The person who can make you the happiest person in the world has the best capacity to give you the worst heartache you can never imagine.

I wasn’t able to post these past few days because I am too busy with so many things. When I came back from our 2-day recollection, I faced my laptop and did the proposed case study for SQA. It was due the next day that’s why I really need to finish it. I’ve made a draft already but that time, my mind was blanked and I couldn’t think for something sensible. But good thing, I was able to finish it and I passed it the next day.

We were taught of Java by my professor in SQA and we all don’t know why there is a need for him to teach that I mean, it is not part of our curriculum. Yeah, it is already given that we need to learn some other things besides what Microsoft has to offer but Java is not our forte. We are all taking Systems Engineering and not Software Developing. I thought I am already done with Logic Formulation but I was totally wrong. Java is way difficult than Flowcharting and Pseudocoding.

I had a reporting last Thursday and the night before, I was really in a cramming mode because I was doing the powerpoint presentation and the hard copy of the report all at the same time. Plus, I haven’t mastered my report by that time. It was really hard for me to do all those things at the same time. And then, the next day, we had our reporting and good thing, it was successful. We asked our professor to guide us and she did.

Aside from the school works that I am so busy with, my birthday will be tomorrow and all of us here in the house are busy preparing for all the stuffs needed for my big night. I was preparing the programme, guest lists and souvenirs. And my mom and dad, as well, were so busy. Actually, until now, we are doing so many things for tomorrow’s event. I just wish that God will bless me a good weather tomorrow and make my event a successful one and a blast. Hopefully, all the people invited will come. I can sense now the excitement and my friends feel it too.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It is wiser to be alone and happy than with somebody who does nothing but to make you feel stupid.

I just came from an overnight Recollection which started yesterday afternoon until this morning. Yesterday, we left the school at around 12:30pm and arrived at St. Michael Retreat House which is located in Antipolo, Rizal at around 3:00pm. Our facilitators were Mr. Ensinas and Ms. Abardo. They first oriented us about the house rules and gave us the keys to our respective rooms. My roommates were Dyei, Joanne, Aleina, Diana and Cent and we occupied Room 10 of the St. Gabriel Building. Afterwards, our snacks were served.

Our speaker was Fr. Encarnacion and I do love his sense of humor. He is indeed witty and intelligent and can surely make everyone laugh with the way he delivers his speech. He knows how to keep us awake despite the tiring trip we had. Actually, my eyes were already closing because I was sleepy but then, because of his humor, I was able to keep myself calm and awake for about 3 hours.

Of all the batches of third years that Letran had in the past, we are the first ones who had an overnight recollection because normally, only Senior students are required to engage on Retreats wherein they have to stay in a retreat house for 3 days and 2 nights. We actually had recollections before but they were only held on the school and so, this is the first time in our college life to have a Recollection outside the school and far from the busy Manila.

I enjoyed the retreat that much and as a matter of fact, I wanted to extend my stay there but I really can’t. When we were there, we just relaxed and have fun and we set aside all the school works, problems and other things that we have in mind. But the sad part is that once we arrived in Manila, all those things that we had set aside just all came back and we couldn’t stop it from coming back.

Thanks to all the staffs of St. Michael retreat house for their warm welcome and for being so accommodating to everybody and most especially for all the yummy and delicious foods that they had served during our stay.

I’m looking forward to another memorable and unforgettable retreat and how I wish that by that time, the Thine Iced is complete. By the way, we were able to see Kath and Eunice there but we were not able to talk to them but instead, we just waved our hands with each other.

Tomorrow will be another busy day for us. I have so many things to accomplish and I really don’t know how to start. A quiz is waiting for us and I haven’t studied the lesson for that. Hopefully, she would allow us to take the quiz next meeting together with those students who have their recollection today and tomorrow.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

We don't choose the person we fall for or get attracted with. It just hits us like a speeding bullet and bang, we couldn't feel it at first unless we see ourselves bleeding.

Friday, August 31, 2007

As it goes on raining, you go on dreaming. What's worse, you are left stranded, not knowing how long you will stay there, waiting, just patiently waiting.

Yesterday, my mom, together with Daddy Carlo, Camille, Ej and Cha fetched my dad in the airport but before that, they first picked me up at Letran. We waited for about an hour in the airport because we arrived early. I was just sitting inside the car and had some sound tripping because of the beautiful songs played in the radio.

When I saw my dad, the smile on my face didn't seem to fade away and that's a proof how I miss my dad. I do miss my dad so much and after more than a year, we were able to see each other again and I am so happy. We had our dinner somewhere in Parañaque and the foods were yummy. Then, we headed home.

I received so many gifts from my dad's friends in Saudi and I am very touched with that. I really didn't expect anything from them but I was really surprised when I saw all the expensive gifts they gave. And even those friends of my dad that I don't know and I haven't met gave me gifts. Thank you so much!

This morning, I woke up early to accomplish the proposed case study in SQA and the powerpoint presentation for the report in SolArchi but sad to say, I haven't finished it. I have lots of things to do and I don't know how to balance my time with that. Tomorrow will be a busy day for all of us that I don't have time for anything related to school. Hopefully, I could do everything on Sunday but I guess, we will go to SM on that day.

I have my gown and dress already. We went to the dressmaker this afternoon and paid for the remaining amount. My mom's dress is really pretty. I haven't took pictures of it. I am so satisfied with how my gown and dress looks like. They are both beautiful and eye-catching.

Sadly, we were beaten by the Red Lions this afternoon. I wasn't able to watch the entire game because my mom and I went to the dressmaker and when we arrived, I switched the channel to HBO and watched Harry Potter 4. I almost forgot the game but my mom reminded me and I switched to Studio 23. That was a close game just like their first encounter this season wherein Letran prevailed. But this time, the luck was on the Lions as they had their sweet revenge against us. Not a big deal for me but for my friends, it was. Well, they watched the game at Araneta, though they were inviting me to join them, but still I can't because my dad is here. Good thing, I didn't watch because Letran lost. But still, I'm looking forward to a Final Showdown between the Lions and the Knights.

My friend, Kath, is celebrating her 19th Birthday today. We handed her the gift we bought last Wednesday. Actually, there is a celebration today at one of my friends' crib but since it will be an inuman session, I rejected the invitation.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you already have.

This is the second day of the moment of truth. haha =] This morning, I arrived at school earlier than usual and waited for Joanne for a couple of minutes in the library. Then, we passed the journal needed for our Lit and after that, we went directly to our room.

We already saw the results of our Midterm Exam in VB and I am very satisfied with the score I have got. I really can't believe that I could excel in that subject because I am not really good in Programming. Our professor let us see the midterm grade but I wasn't able to see mine because all my classmates went in front that I could stand in between them that's why, I left the room without knowing my grade.

We were not able to see our exam on SQA but he let us compute for our midterm grade wherein he called us one by one and dictated to us the scores in the quizzes, class standing and the midterm exam. I'm so much happy with my grade that's why I am too excited to tell it to my dad as he arrives. But he gave us another work to do. We need to do another case study and we will be having a defense before the Final exams. Oh yeah, we are loaded with so much school works to do. We haven't started the case study in Visual Basic plus the report in SolArchi will be on next week and this new case study that we need to accomplish. All of these are due before October.

We have a new professor on Client OS. I admit, I was super nervous when I knew that it was Sir Lazaga because the last time he played as a substitute professor to us, I find him very snobby, strict and terror. We already saw our grades and again, I am so satisfied. Thanks to him because he adjusted our grades. haha =] Anyway, he asked for some suggestions and discussed the house rules to us. I can now say that he isn't bad after all yet I am still feeling the nerves with the random recitation. And the bad thing is, he knows me already. waaaah!

We were all nervous before we stepped inside our room in DataComm because of the bloody and deadly exam that we had taken. But sad to know that the papers were not yet checked and thus, we were not able to see if we pass or not. He just discussed another chapter and promised to us that he will show our midterm grade next meeting. But too bad for me because my 2-day Recollection will be on Monday and Tuesday.

After class, Joanne, Eunice and I went to SM Manila to buy the gift that we saw for Kath. We only spent a little time and we decided to go home. I have the gift now and it will be given to Kath tomorrow because probably, we will not be able to see her on Friday.

I'm just too excited with my Dad's arrival tomorrow. Yeah, as I arrive from school tomorrow, I'm gonna be seeing my dad already and I just can't help myself from smiling. I am a Daddy's Girl and I miss him so much. Now that we are complete again, I will make sure that I spend most of my time with my family that is, if I don't have some school works to do.