Wednesday, January 31, 2007

since February is the Love Month, i decided to use a Princess Hours-inspired layout. :D i really love the series that even though it is aired late in the evening, i do watch it. the tandem of Gian and Janelle is great and brings kilig to me though Troy is cuter. haha :D

we have lots of school works to accomplish and so, i can't promise to post regularly. our Practical Exam in Networking was kinda okay. i just hope to pass it. i'm afraid to fail the Practical because it is 60% of the Midterm Exam. waaaaah. gudLuck. :D the defense in VB will be tomorrow and i'm so nervous. we'll be having a quiz on SAD and VB.

other school stuffs to finish:
Hum ~ movie reviews (2)
VB ~ machine problem (again!)
PE ~ cheerdance to be presented next Friday

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

just a short post for now.
just want to update my blog. hehe ;D
lots of things to do
just finished reviewing IRM for the quiz tomorrow.
Practical Exam on Networking tomorrow. wish us luck.
Defense on VB was moved to Thursday. good for us. but there will be a quiz.
we'll be watching the continuation of Dekada '70 tomorrow during Humanities.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

i'm done with the half part of our Chapter 2 which is about the Foreign Software. I'm just waiting for Eunice to send the other half which is about the Local Software. then, i'm finished with the individual assignment in IRM but still clueless about the group assignment. it's really hard to search for it. i already found the assignment in PE but it isn't printed for the fact that it is a 33-page assignment. just let it be printed on Monday. another expense on my part. i'm so nervous with the defense on VB this coming Tuesday and the Practical Exam in Networking this Wednesday. just need some support from you guys. hoping that i could do all of those successfully.

that's all for now. this day is not that productive for me.


Friday, January 26, 2007

i really love the latter part of Princess Hours last night. Prince Gian was so sweet. haha ;D i was really carried away by the scene that until now, i can't get over it. hehe :D i'm still in the kilig mode thinking that it was just one of the many romantic scenes in the series. how much more in the kissing scene?? haha :P everyday, the episodes gets more and more interesting.

since it was planned already, Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and i went to Rizal Memorial to get a copy of the Basketball Rules created by FIBA. Dyei picked me at my house at around 9.15am and i was still doing my beauty routines that time. haha :D so, she waited for a couple of minutes then we were off. sort of traffic at Tayuman but we still managed to get through it. we rode a LRT going to Vito Cruz. we went directly to 7/11 since Eunice was waiting for us there. we had some chatting while waiting for Joanne to arrive. when she arrived, we decided to go to Rizal Mem but the guard told us that the FIBA building was moved to City Land and thre we can get the rules. but since, three of us were wearing only slippers and we know the SOP, we decided not to since we can download it on the FIBA site.

and because, we couldn't think of where to go and there are no malls near the place except for the University Mall, they decided to go to a Computer shop and kill the time there. Eunice went online while Joanne and Dyei played RAN and me? i just watched Eunice. hehe :D i jut don't want to waste money for that since i can use the internet at home. after how many hours, we decided to go home.

Joanne, Dyei and i rode a LRT and to our surprised, we saw Mamay with her newly-found friends riding the same LRT as ours. Dyei called her and then we greeted each other. she's actually a friend of mine since 1st grade. its been quite a long time since we last saw each other and i really miss her. how i wish i could visit her some other time?! i'll try to find time.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

another PE class today. and as usual, we had some BASKETBALL. hehe :D we've already seen our Midterm Exam plus our Midterm Grade. Congrats to all of us!!! :P we had some Dribbling and Free Throw shooting. i only had 3 successful shots out of many attempts. haha :D it was so annoying. arrrghhh!!! by next meeting, we will be having our first Practical Test for the Final Term. and it will be about Free Throw shooting. GudLuck. haha :P i really find it hard to shoot the ball. shame on me.

we've also seen our Midterm Grade in Physics and i can say that i'm glad that i got a passing remark. Congrats to those people got the grades of 90 and above. my grade's not too high but not too low also. i just need to work harder for me to be able to get a grade higher than that. we had some discussion and an activity which was super difficult huh?!

when we were walking towards our SAD room, i really felt the nerves coz i wasn't ready to know the result of my exam and my Midterm Grade but fortunately, it will be shown next meeting. but sad to say, i'm still nervous about my Midterm grade in VB. i've talked to some students who had their VB class earlier than us and told us that most of them got a failing grade and only few passed. just wish us luck. :D

Monday, January 22, 2007

today's the JUDGEMENT DAY but unfortunately, i haven't seen any of my test papers. hehe :D we had five subjects today but only one professor was present and the rest were absent. how good is that?! hehe :D i just woke up early coz my first class would be at 7.30am and we have waited there for one and a half hours just to see nothing. my prof was absent for the second time. on Humanities, we just had some brief introduction about the topic but he didn't let us see our scores in the midterms. actually, i'm expecting to get a low score there. :C next meeting, we will be able to know our exam score plus our Midterm Grade. waaaah :/ then, English. no professor again. we still don't know who will replace Sir Vista. haaaay. we had our break earlier than expected. special thanks to Dyei for the super yummy viand. hehe :D we had some kulitan and chikahan with Cent and Jhen. lots of bukingan and laglagan. haha :P no prof AGAIN in Networking but there was a substitute prof who was so clean and tidy. haha :P we just practiced as a preparation for the upcoming Practical/Lab Exam.

right now, i'm at Letran's Comp Lab with Dyei, Eunice and Joanne. we're just actually killing the time coz according to the news, our IRM prof is absent too. haha :p good for us. we can go home early.

anyway, that's all for now. :D

Friday, January 19, 2007

no classes today coz today's Friday. hehe ;D there's an inuman session at my former classmate's crib and though we're invited, i'm pertaining to Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and me, we didn't show up. why?? its not that we don't want to be with them, but we just don't feel like drinking and we all thought that it would be a reunion of our former block but just yesterday, we were informed that even some of our classmates that are not part of the block will come. but nevertheless, i really want to have a reunion with them, its just that this is not the right time knowing that most of them failed the VB exam and the results are not yet known. so i guess, there's still no reason to celebrate. maybe, next time. :D

i, together with my mom and cousin went to MCS, my former school where Camille is currently studying. it's their 57th Foundation Day and Camille is scheduled to present their Mass Demo today. we were there an hour before the program starts. well, because the performers are required to be there at 12.30 and the program started at 1.30pm. anyway, so many people out there but compare to our batch, the people today are nothing. the number of people who were watching before were way better than now. and today's Foundation Day is dry compared to our batch. how i miss my High School days. :C how i wish that we could have get-together. i saw some of my former classmates-slash-schoolmates but i didn't talk to them nor say 'hello' coz we are not close. haha ;D

before we went home, Camille, Jude, Cha and i rode the Caterpillar and the two kids rode the Carousel. whatta day?!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

yesssssssssss. :D finally, the deadly exams are over. i'm so glad that everything went fine and we're just waiting for the results next week. i just hope that everything will be okay, i mean, for me, you know, to have passing remarks. i'm really looking forward to that. the nerves are still here until the 30th. haha ;D anywei, i only had three sets of exams today namely Humanities, Theology and the bloody Visual Basic. with Humanities, it was kinda okay. i really hate the Matching Type there. with Theology, it wasn't good. hehe ;D well, most of the questions weren't discuss and i just guessed. but our prof told us after the exam that there will be a lot of Bonus points there. yes!!!

since we had a long break before VB exam, we decided to eat first. we went to the Library and lots of funny moments happened there. from the canteen, while we were walking towards the Library and on the elevator. haha :D Dyei, Eunice and Joanne knew these things. hehe :D at first, we thought of taking the VB exam at 3pm but since we were all tensed and nervous, we decided to take it at 4.30pm.

what can i say about the exams?? well, NOSEBLEED. haha :D it was so difficult. i really can't believe that the exam was that hard but fortunately, i passed it. :D coz as we pass the test paper to our prof, she would check it right away so before we went home, we already know our score. i'm very much contented with what i've got. actually, i'm really afraid to fail this subject coz this is one of the four majors i'm taking right now.

on the 22nd and the 24th, we will be having our Practical Exam in Networking and i'm pretty sure that it will be hard. hehe :D just wish us luck. then on the 30th, we will be having our Defense in VB. waaaaah. i'm so nervous. arrrrghhhhh!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the Midterm Week just started last Monday and that same day, i had two sets of exams namely PE and IRM. with PE, it was okay, really okay except for the last part which was about the Letran Hymn. i know Letran Hymn in Spanish coz before we were asked to memorize it but to our surprise, the English version of our Alma Mater was part of the exam and that really s*cks. arrrghhh. i hate my prof for not informing us about it. my friends who belong to other sections were informed about it but we, weren't and that wasn't good. i just guessed and how i wish, my guesses were all correct. we were expecting a very long and difficult exam in IRM but fortunately, it wasn't that hard. thanks to Sir Gee for giving us that kind of exam. it was just a 2-page exam knowing that it was a major subject. hehe ;D

today, we had three sets of exams which were English, Physics and SAD. i hate English so much. all the things written on the exam were not discussed and we were all clueless about it. we really didn't have an idea about those questions, so meaning, we just guessed and hopefully, those guesses were correct. Physics was kinda okay but quite hard for the fact that some of the questions weren't discussed and i guessed again. the exams today were full of guesses. haha :P but some were discussed and i'm hoping for a passing score. with SAD, it was good just like IRM since we have the same professor on those subjects.

we were stunned by the news that our SAD prof told us about our English prof. we all know that he is sick and we also know that he regularly visit the hospital for check-ups. all of us were shocked a while ago when Sir Gee told us that our English prof is now suffering a memory loss. how sad. :C

only one set of exam tomorrow which is OS and Client Essential. one of our major subjects. i just finished reading my very thick book and hopefully, i absorbed all that i read. hehe :D supposedly, our VB exam will be today but because the exam is not yet approved, it was tentatively scheduled on Thursday together with Humanities and Theology. good thing, the defense was also moved. :D

Sunday, January 14, 2007

these past three days, i was so busy reviewing my notes for the upcoming Midterm Exams. i'm really feeling the nerves and the pressure. coz i have this fear of failing eh. argggh. hate this feeling. amf!!! i have to review six subjects for three days. last Friday, i studied PE, English, Physics and SAD then yesterday, i studied Networking and VB and this afternoon, i'll be reviewing IRM. oh my!!! i need to review my four major subjects earlier than the exam day because on Monday and Tuesday, our dismissal will be at 6pm and the time will not be enough for me to review those majors. i just hope that i can remember all the things that i reviewed on the day of the exams. just wish us all GOODLUCK. we know we can do it.

GoodLuck on our Midterms.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

i finally submitted my project in Visual Basic and hopefully, i wish could do better on the Defense to be held on Thursday. right now, i'm really feeling the nerves here oh *pointing on my chest* tomorrow, Eunice and i will be going to MCS for some transactions. i just hope that it will become successful *fingers-crossed* and also, i'll start reviewing my notes starting tomorrow for the Midterm Exams next week. we have a very bloody schedule and that's not good. i have to review the exams for Monday to Wednesday tomorrow, on Saturday and on Sunday. i really have to prepare myself for the exams coz i'm afraid to fail expecially in VB coz i have very low quiz, class standing and my ony chance is the Midterm Exam. On Thursday will be our defense. my gosh!!! nerve-rocking. actually, i need to memorize all the codes. i just hope that i could do it successfully coz it is worth 80 points and the codes worth 120 points. so, all in all, it is 200 points.


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

its been a while since i last posted and i guess, i really miss my blog. as in super duper. i've been very busy with my Visual Basic project and until, it is not yet done. there are lots of errors and i hate it. i seek for help already and thanks so much for those people who offered their help. i really appreciate it. actually, most of us are not yet done and we're in the cramming mode right now because the said project will be passed on Thursday. i just hope to finish this before this day ends.

tomorrow, our classes will resume. i'm still not yet ready. next week will be our Midterm Examination. though i'm excited to see my friends but still, i'm nervous because of the project in VB. i'm afraid that i might not accomplish it. i wanna cry. on Friday, hopefully, there will be no exams so that Eunice and i can go to MCS for some transaction. i wish that it will be successful.

that's all for now. project-making resume. :P

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

time is really running so fast. a week to go and the classes will resume. i'm not yet ready, you know. why? because as of the moment, my VB project is not yet done. i don't know where the hell in this world could i find the codes for my project. this project is really pissing me off. i just finished the login form but still, there is a little problem about it. with the second form, it's clean, i mean, nothing's written on it. darn this project!!! i need some help!!! hehe :D a little relief coz i'm done with my Hum project. my only problem is that VB project.

Monday, January 1, 2007


last night, we didn't have any firecrackers but instead, we just watched our neighbors and their firecrackers. hehe. :D the fireworks also and the fountain. we stayed outside the house and had some picture taking while waiting for the clock to strike at 12am. when the countdown began, we hurriedly went inside the house.

this afternoon, we had a reunion on my dad's side. we are actually required to wear Green. we had some games and picture taking of course. we actually danced and sang. after the party, we had some inuman but i just drunk a bit. i really enjoyed my cousins' company. when they started to leave one by one, i also decided to go home too since my mom and my bro are already in the house that time.

pics are uploaded on my Multiply account. just check in there the pics during the New Year's Eve.