Saturday, June 27, 2015

Be The Better Person

Friendship has always been a big deal to me. Because when it comes to friends, I invest all my trust which is also the reason why I only have a few. Just like any relationship, there's no perfect friendship. You will discover who they really are as time goes by. When it comes to my friends, I ignore their flaws and imperfections because for me friendship matters most. But what saddening is that the person you thought you knew has become a total stranger.

There were times that I just thought because I used to ignore all her flaws, I got affected big time. If only I was observant, I could have prepared myself and accepted it early on. Or maybe because, we are just casual friends, blinded by the idea that we are close because we talk a lot in the office, share a lot of stories and always together during team dinners and team buildings. But I forgot that outside work, we haven't gone out except for my house invitations.

I honestly admit that I have my own faults too. All of a sudden, I've become cold, not talking and treating her just a mere colleague. I cannot tolerate the attitude, I cannot pretend that everything is okay and I cannot even let her know because I realized we are just casual friends. 

But despite everything, I want us to be okay, to go back to normal and I will try (not promise) that from being casual friends, we will be more than that, close friends perhaps. The things is, for now, I want to calm myself, take away all the annoyance I have for her but I don't know where to start. I want to be the better person between the two of us, trying to understand where she's coming from and accepting  that what she is now is the real her.