Monday, November 14, 2016

New Home

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Now, a CA driver

Ever since high school, I really wanted to learn how to drive. I thought it was cool and easy, especially when I watch my dad, uncles, cousins and friends do it. But I never had the chance to just even try. My mom worries a lot, my uncle doesn't want to teach me (I think he is scared for me) and our car is a manual.

Few weeks before I left for California, I thought of enrolling myself to a driving school because a car is a must-have in San Diego. Yes, they have buses but they arrive and depart on a specific time. Also, the travel time from our apartment to our office, by car, is just 15-20 minutes compared to riding a bus which will take more than that because you need to ride 2 different buses. However, given the limited time, I wasn't able to enroll. 

Good thing, there's a friend of mine who doesn't mind picking me up from our apartment to office and vice versa. But when he left for a six-week vacation, I felt the urgency of learning how to drive. Though it was already a plan. 

Getting a license here is way harder than in the Philippines. Yes, there is a written exam and behind the wheel too. Before taking the exam, you need to prepare ahead of time. You need the California Driver's Handbook. You need to read and review because the questions that will appear are not simply the traffic signs. Some questions are situational. And believe me when I say that some really fail. It took me two tries to pass it. 

The behind the wheel test is something that should not be taken for granted because it is a legit one. An examiner will ride the car with you and he/she will evaluate your driving based on the scoresheet. And many Filipinos fail the test, especially those who come here and just take it, without reviewing the handbook or going to a driving school.

And now, I am so happy to share with you that I am now a ceritified California driver. I passed the test today, thank God. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Be The Better Person

Friendship has always been a big deal to me. Because when it comes to friends, I invest all my trust which is also the reason why I only have a few. Just like any relationship, there's no perfect friendship. You will discover who they really are as time goes by. When it comes to my friends, I ignore their flaws and imperfections because for me friendship matters most. But what saddening is that the person you thought you knew has become a total stranger.

There were times that I just thought because I used to ignore all her flaws, I got affected big time. If only I was observant, I could have prepared myself and accepted it early on. Or maybe because, we are just casual friends, blinded by the idea that we are close because we talk a lot in the office, share a lot of stories and always together during team dinners and team buildings. But I forgot that outside work, we haven't gone out except for my house invitations.

I honestly admit that I have my own faults too. All of a sudden, I've become cold, not talking and treating her just a mere colleague. I cannot tolerate the attitude, I cannot pretend that everything is okay and I cannot even let her know because I realized we are just casual friends. 

But despite everything, I want us to be okay, to go back to normal and I will try (not promise) that from being casual friends, we will be more than that, close friends perhaps. The things is, for now, I want to calm myself, take away all the annoyance I have for her but I don't know where to start. I want to be the better person between the two of us, trying to understand where she's coming from and accepting  that what she is now is the real her. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


In between work, here I am, writing something and updating my not so abandoned blog. Today is my first day of working from home and honestly, I really don't like this idea. I still prefer going to office, commuting and beating the rush hour. But for this week, I have to be here at home, working where Thursday and Friday should be on "as needed basis" only.

The reason for this work from setup is my deep wound on my right thigh. It started as a swollen insect bite. Well, we thought it was an insect bite but we didn't have an idea that it was worse than that. I have been experiencing pain since Wednesday but I just ignored it because it just looked like a mosquito bite gone worst. But last Friday was so different. It was so painful that I couldn't walk. And since I had to commute way back home, I decided to text my uncle and he just fetched me from the office.

I was crying because of pain last weekend. It wasn't tolerable anymore. It's getting worst. And as I was writing this, I was having goosebumps. Since I couldn't take it anymore, my mom decided to have it checked. I was really scared last Sunday night because my cousin, who is apparently a Med student, checked it and told me that the worst possible thing that could happen would be operation. And knowing me, I am really scared of injection.

Yesterday, we went to my favorite doctor. To give you a background, I have been visiting this doctor since February of this year and he is my favorite already. He is really nice to his patients and wears a smile all the time. And of all the doctors I have known, he is the only one who would actually utter sorry after hurting his patient because he has to. He removed the "should be removed" part of my wound and I was really scared to death. It was painful and I had no anesthesia. Though it was not super duper painful. Whenever I said "Ouch", he will say, "Sorry". See, he is really a nice doctor.

So after the "mini operation", he covered my wound and instructed my uncle and mom on what to do to clean my wound so it would heal easily. Afterwards, he said that I should be injected with anti-tetanus which made me scare more. But he has good hands and I didn't feel any pain when he did the thing. He also advised me to take 4-5 days of rest which resulted to this, me working from home.

That was the story of this set-up. I have a super long weekend. Well, I'm wondering if I could enter the premises on Wednesday next week. I hope they didn't block my badge or else I have to drop by the 7th floor first and fix everything.

I hope my wound would heal easily. And I thank God for giving me a wonder mom. I love you, Momsie! :)