Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CD burning

i've been very busy these past few days downloading songs 'coz JOSHUA and SERJ, two of my former classmates, asked a favor if i could burn them a cd. well, of course, they should pay for it. haha. =D it's very cheap lang naman eh. one burned cd just costs 40php. [plugging???] hehe. =D

SERJ's cd, of course, is more on WHITNEY HOUSTON and MARIAH CAREY. i almost finished it na nga eh, only one song is left. i haven't downloaded the song FINE by WHITNEY. actually, i found the song already on my downloader but the problem is, di xa ma-download. i don't know why. i think there's a problem with the song's provider.

on the other hand, JOSHUA's cds are more on JAPANESE SONGS and ANIME THEME SONGS. i find them really hard to download because i am not familiar on those kind of songs in the first place. actually, right now, i am busy downloading songs using LIMEWIRE.

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i hope to finish those cd's on or before friday because by saturday, i should relax myself already. our classes will start on JUNE 5 which i find very early compared to other schools. but knowing that i will be receiving ALLOWANCE again, makes me feel happy. haha. =D

so, gotta go. i still need to download songs pa eh.

Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm back!!!

it's been quite a while since i made my last post. maybe, i just became lazy for the last five days. hehe. =D i don't know what to do with my lame life. haha. =p

i was really disappointed with how the PHOENIX SUNS and the DETROIT PISTONS played for the first three games of the series. i was not happy 'coz their opponents had beaten them two times and the series was 1-2. i hope to see more actions and good performances from them in the games to come.

anywei, opening of classes is getting near [JUNE 5] and i can say that i'm not yet ready to face those professors again. haha. =D waaaah, VACATION IS OVER. here comes the LESSONS again.

actually, there's a feeling of nervousness on me. of course, it is really nerve-rocking knowing that the subjects you'll going to take will be harder than before and right now, i'm really clueless who my professors are. waaaah. i hate this feeling.

but then, there's also a feeling of excitement 'coz i'll be going to reunite with my friends and former blockmates. hehe. =D i missed them a lot especially those harutan and kulitan, the lokohan and the laughters. i can't wait to see them again.

yesterday was MAMAY'S 18th birthday. she was my former classmate and a friend of course. she hadn't have any celebration but i greeted her through text. and tomorrow will be my KUYA NIKO's birthday. hehe. =D

i'm planning to change my layout again and i'' be fixing it now. =D so, till here muna.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Its Suns vs. Mavs

well, i really felt glad when i saw the scores of PHOENIX SUNS and the LA CLIPPERS, 3 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. it was a GAME 7 victory as the SUNS won against the CLIPPERS.

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nice shot. really, really nice.

they had beaten the LA AGAIN. haha. =D let's go back to the first round, they had beaten the LA LAKERS with a big lead and now they had beaten the LA CLIPPERS with a big lead AGAIN. =D watta game, SUNS?! i so love it.

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go BORIS!!!

the SUNS finished off the CLIPPERS, 127-107 final score. i'm really happy with their victory because PHOENIX SUNS is one of my favorites eh. =D i so love BORIS DIAW. he played well though he only made 14 points, still, i do idolize him. hehe. =D he was a big help to the team talaga. still, STEVE NASH lead the team to the WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS, by having 29 points and 11 assists.

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well, they should ready themselves for the next round because they will be facing the DALLAS MAVERICKS, who kicked the SAN ANTONIO SPURS out of the series. it was a nice game also but knowing that the defending champs were defeated by the MAVS, just made me laugh. hehe. =D

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"texas here we come!"

anywei, i just wish the SUNS the best of luck as they face the terrible MAVS. i hope they will be the WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPS. =D

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i love BORIS!!!

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Go Pistons!!!

i think, the victory was meant for the DETROIT PISTONS as they kicked the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS out of the series. =D yes, they won the GAME 7 wherein the final score was 79-61 home victory.

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i'm so glad that after a terrible encounter with the CAVALIERS, they still managed to win and move to the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS as they face another tough team MIAMI HEAT.

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as i watched the GAME 7, i saw in the eyes of each players of PISTONS the eagerness to win and also, with the help of their supporters, they grabbed the victory.

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PISTONS is such a great team and i think whatever team they face, will really take a hard time beating them. [that's just my opinion]

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i wish the BEST OF LUCK for them as they face MIAMI HEAT for the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINAL. i really hope that they win again, enter the CHAMPIONSHIP and of course, end up as the CHAMPS of this season. i'm really looking forward to that.

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anywei, i was browsing the site of NBA, i found the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS SCHEDULE.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006


there are so many people whom i want to congratulate. but because i can't congratulate them personally, i'll just use my blog anywei. =D

first and foremost, i want to give my warm congratulation to MR. LEO ORACION, the very first filipino to reach the peak of the highest mountain in the world, the MT. EVEREST. grabeee!!! i'm proud of him talaga. he's so galing. i thought it would be ROMY GARDUCE but i realized i was wrong when i heard on the news last night that LEO had reached the peak of the mountain at about 5:54 pm [ain't sure]. and also, i want to congratulate MR. ERWIN EMATA for being the second filipino to reach the MT. EVEREST. =D

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next, to BJ 'n TYLER for winning the AMAZING RACE 9. after nine countries, 59, 000 miles and two close calls to elimination, best friends BJ 'n TYLER won a seesaw battle against ERIC 'n JEREMY to claim the one million dollar prize. actually, it was a close fight between the two of them. but because, the HIPPIES were really lucky and SMART, they won. =D though from the very start, my bet was ERIC 'n JEREMY, still i'm happy to know that the HIPPIES won. =P

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bj 'n tyler

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the top 3 teams this season

and also, congratulations to TOYOTA OTIS SPARKS for entering the SEMI-FINALS. hehe. =D i'm just happy that at last, they got the chance to enter the semis. i hope that they would end up as CHAMPS but i know also that MONTANA is such a tough team to beat. i just wish the SPARKS the best of luck. =D

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


i just finished visiting bunch of sites on the web. =p nothing new as always.

happy for the victory of PHOENIX SUNS against LA CLIPPERS a while ago but quite lang because there are still games 6 'n 7.

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that's RAJA BELL making his shot

i'm just getting bored everyday. thanks for the book i'm reading right now entitled "PRIVATE AFFAIRS" by JUDITH MICHAEL. i got hooked with the story. =D

anywei, i'm more excited with the finale of THE AMAZING RACE 9 tomorrow. i should wake up early tomorrow bcoz it will be air via satellite by 8am. gosh!!! i'm getting excited to know who will end up as the first placers. i think whoever team will win tomorrow is really deserving. but i hope it will be a foot race to the finish to make it more exciting. hehe. =D


it will be the FRATS, HIPPIES or RAYO.

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eric 'n jeremy

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bj 'n tyler

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ray 'n yolanda

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Miss You!!!

andami ko talagang nami-miss sa panahon na toh. hehe. =D

first on my list, of course, is my DAD. u know naman that he went to SAUDI just yesterday so parang we are adjusting pa. xe nasanay na din kami na andito xa. 45 days din xa xe nag-stay here unlike before na 1 month lang.

of course, i really do miss my girl friends, THINE ICED. gosh!!! i can't wait to see them again. i really miss their company, our conversations, our laughters and our harutan. hehe. =D xe naman, last enrollment, di ko sila nakita lahat.

next, mga BLOCKMATES ko. =D hehe. i just miss them especially ung kulitan and harutan sa room pag alang prof. ung pag tambay sa catwalk. ung kopyahan. haha. =D just kidding. i'm looking forward to seeing them soon.

then, my HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS. its been a long while rin since we last saw each other and i'm excited to see them again. i know that all of us became busy last school year at mas lalo pang magiging busy but i like to see them talaga. hehe. =D i miss them a lot.

next is my SIS JENNY. antagal ko ng di nate-text toh. waaaa!!! =/ sori xe ala akong load right now. low budget. haha. =D "sis, enxa talaga. once na nagka-load ako, i'll text you right away."

my HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS. haha. =D kanina xe, i went to my former school to enroll my cousin. i saw some of my teachers and i can say i really miss them na rin. they were so nice xe eh. =P

anywei, i can say that i miss a lot of people. haha. =D i'm excited to see them again.


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Monday, May 15, 2006

Super Lungkot Dito

grabe ang kalungkutan dito sa bahay. haaaay. i don't know what to do talaga.

xe nga, my dad left na a while ago. he will be going back to SAUDI na xe dun xa nagwo-work. =/

nung nagpaalam na si DADDY, i didn't cry not because ala lang sa akin ung pag-alis nya but para naman magkaroon xa ng strength. xe naman, my MOM 'n my BRO were crying that time so parang ako na lang ung magsisilbing strength nila. ayokong makita nila na weak din ako.

sad ako but i don't want them to see. basta, ayoko lang talaga.

ito muna post ko for now. bye!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!!!

today is obviously MOTHER'S DAY. this is the BEST day to greet your moms and thank her for everything and for being the BEST MOM in the world. =D

i have greeted my mom na after i woke up. =D mejo inis ako dahil ala akong load today. kaya i can't greet my friends' moms. ung iba kong friends, nag-text na to greet my mom for them.

actually, right now, i'm kinda sad talaga because my dad will be going back to SAUDI tomorrow. kaya i really felt the sadness sa part ng parents ko especially sa mom ko.

xe naman, parati kaming magkakasama. kahit isang simple thing lang ung gagawin, sama-sama pa kami. kaya i'm sure, i'm going to miss him talaga.

short post lang muna ako for now. just greet your mom a happy mother's day for me.

"THINE ICED will always be THINE ICED: no more, no less."

Saturday, May 13, 2006

We're Okay na [sana]

well, yesterday, i was really surprised when i received a private message from KAM, REX's girlfriend. =D i never expected that she would even approach me in a different way, but then, i'm glad. =p

its kinda weird lang xe na ang first non-personal meeting namin which was through text was a fight i might say. hindi naman talaga away, she just confronted me about something that she misunderstood between me and his bf.

and then, yesterday nga when i opened my friendster account, i was surprised to see her message for me. at first, i thought, it was not her but as i read the message, i told myself XA NGA. of course, i replied. then, when i opened my FS again a while ago, i saw her reply and read it.

and actually, to confirm that we're okay na, i add her up to FS. =D galing nga eh. it just started with a fight [??] but it ended up in friendship [sana!!!] i'm looking forward talaga na maging friends kami. =D

i can see that she's nice naman. though i admit, nainis talaga ako sa kanya sa inasal nya the last time we texted each other.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Detroit Pistons 2-0

well, no wonder talaga why one of my favorite teams DETROIT PISTONS won 2 straight games again CLEVELAND CAVALIERS. magaling naman xe talaga sila eh. dba???

galing nila. *clap*clap* when i first knew na they won, natuwa ako. hehe. =D feeling ko i'm part of them. haha. =D

i hope na they would be the CHAMPS this season sa NBA. they are simply the BEST. hehe =D

though, i have lots of favorite teams sa NBA, DETROIT PISTONS rank 2nd next to PHILADELPHIA 76ERS. =D

from NBA, lets go to PBL. haha. =D

i'm so glad with how the TOYOTA OTIS SPARKS play this season. they're so galing na talaga. they are playing really well and i hope they can enter the semis and will end as the CHAMPS. =D

un muna for now and post ko.

and by the way, i want to thank JULIUS for the tag and for the info you had given. it was much appreciated. =D

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Watta Tiring Day

all of us woke up early xe aalis na naman kami. haha. =D

we went to ANTIPOLO xe to visit the church there and attend mass. =p we rode LRT2 and a cab. =p fun experience i can say.

very beautiful church and their patron saint is very beautiful too. i love her long hair. haha. =D

anywei, after that, we went to GATEWAY at araneta center. =D supposedly, i would buy a HAVAIANAS slippers courtesy of my dad but then, ala kaming makitang maganda sa RUSTAN'S.

pupunta sana kami ng GLORIETTA but bcoz, daming tao sa MRT, we chose not to go na lang.

we went back to RUSTAN'S but my dad didn't want that slippers so we went to NIKE WOMEN. actually, more expensive nga ung nabili na slipper sa akin eh. worth 1300php, while HAVAIANAS worth 800+php. =D

okei lang. mas favorable nga sa akin na NIKE ung nabili eh. haha. =D mas mahal yun noh at mas sosyal. haha. =D

till here muna. bye!!!

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Happy Fiesta!!!

fiesta sa amin ngaun. FEAST OF STA. MONICA actually. =D i can say that it was really dry. =/ onti nga lang ang mga visitors namin eh but still, i got tired din naman.

anywei, i won't detail out the things that had happened about the feast but instead, i want to say that i'm really glad that PHOENIX SUNS entered the 2nd round of the semifinals ng NBA. wooohoo. I LOVE BORIS DIAW. haha. =D

but i love DETROIT PISTONS more. hehe. =D i want them to be the CHAMPS again. i do idolize CHAUNCEY BILLUPS. gosh, he's so GALING talaga eh. =p

but of course, the BEST TEAM for me is the PHILADELPHIA 76ERS especially ALLEN IVERSON. =D he's the BEST for me. i really love the way he play. he's really GOOD. =D

i like the SAN ANTONIO SPURS too. i like MANU GINOBILI. =D

this sum up my favorite teams in the NBA. =D hehe.


Friday, May 5, 2006


this day was another boring day. =/ ala xe kami ginawa today and we didn't even go out.

i started my day by waking up at around 9:45am. hehe. =D then, naghilamos ako and wore my contact lenses. then, i took my breakfast with my bro. after that, i watched tv na.

then, we took our lunch and watched tv again. i got so tired of sitting and watching thats why i took a bath and after that, i watched again then sleep. hehe. =D

when i woke up, i took my merienda then went to my grandma's house. she went out of the hospital kanina lang. and i'm so glad na ala xa na kahit na anong sakit. =D

dba?? watta boring day. and by the way, on sunday pala, fiesta sa amin. haha. =D

Tuesday, May 2, 2006


enrollment namin today and i was so glad that i saw some of my friends and blockmates there. =D

actually, mejo late na nga kami eh tas nasira pa ung pesteng server na un. =/ kainis talaga kaya un, super tagal ng pinila ko. kasama ko sina DYEI at JL. buti pa sina KUYA NIKO at GIAN, tapos na at nakapagbayad na.

pero after ilang minutes, naayos na din xa at naging mabilis na din ung process of enrollment. =p

then, pinapila na din namin ung mommy's namin para makaabot sa cutoff na 12 noon. after that, kinuha na namin ung PE uniform namin then went home.

nauna sina DYEI sa amin. pag labas namin, i saw EUNICE with her mom and sis ata. then, i saw JL with KUYA NIKO ata riding a car. cguro kay JL un. =D nakita din namin si MS. BARRIO. =D

then, we went to SM MANILA to have our lunch then went directly to the UST HOSPITAL to visit INANG.

Monday, May 1, 2006

New Layout

so, new layout for my blog since another month has passed by. =D i so love my new layout especially the pic above, the girl. =p

may hang-over pa ako ng trip namin. hehe. =D sana maulit uli pero sa ibang place naman. =D

nywei, tomorrow will be our enrollment and of course, makikita ko na naman ung mga blockmates 'n friends ko. =D i can't wait to see them again. =p i really miss them na xe eh especially THINE ICED.= D

katext ko si DYEI tsaka si KUYA NIKO kanina. hehe. =D kita-kits na lang daw kami tomorrow. sana sabay kami mag-enroll ni DYEI xe sabi nya, antayin nya daw ako dun. sana din papasukin ako ni manong guard xe flat step in lang isusuot ko eh.

ito na lang muna for now. short post lang muna ko. =D