Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A to Z Survey
A - Availableyeah, very much. haha =D
B - Best FriendDyei
C - CrushNico Nacino. haha =p
D - Dad's NameEd
E - Easiest Person To Talk ToMy mom
F - Favorite BandSpongeCola
G - Gummy Bears Or WormsGummy Bears
H - HometownManila
I - InstrumentGuitar?? hehe =D dunno how to play eh
J - Jobnone, so far
K - Kidsmy cousin, Cha. hehe =D
L - Longest Car Rideto Baguio. watta long drive?!
M - Milk FlavorChocolate. hehe =D
N - Number Of Siblingsonly one
O - One Wishto become successful someday
P - Phobiasinjections. hehe =D
Q - Favorite Quotei\'m a girl, standing in front of a boy asking him to love her
R - Reason To Smilemy family and friends
S - Song You Last HeardHear
T - Time You Woke Up9 in the morning
U - Unknown Fact About Mei\'m moody
V - Vegetablesayote
W - Worst Habitsi think, none
X - X-Rays You've Hadonly once, i guess
Y - Your Favorite Foodi have so many favorite foods eh. =D
Z - Zodiac SignVirgo
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Sunday, October 29, 2006

though, i already watched it, i still felt kilig when i watched ISWAK's episodes a while ago. hehe =D i really love that episode.

anywei, we attended a party at Congo Grille, SM San Lazaro branch. though the party was dry, i mean, i really didn't like the programme and everything except the food. haha =D the foods were really yummy. super duper delicious. =D i really love the Frozen Maki especially when i put Choco Fudge on it. waaaah = i'm getting hungry again. haha =D i had forgotten diet when i saw the foods being brought to our table. hehe =D

when i was there and since i was really bored, i was texting Dyei and Eunice using my brother's celfone. remember, i don't have a load. hehe =p i really miss them. they've been my companions.

by the way, i have my Multiply account already. i haven't link it to my blog coz it is still underconstruction.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

one week to go and it will be the opening of the Second Semester. i can't wait to see my friends and former blockmates again. anywei, i just played badminton with my brother. i thought, i wouldn't be able to play badminton that good again coz the last time i played it was last year ata. good thing, i still know the basics. haha =D

here are the pics taken when Milenyo was still here in the country. it was brownout then, that's why we decided to take pictures on my room.

Picture Perfect
Cha, Cez, Camille and Ej

"Peace!" ~Camille

nice one
Is he mad??

Friday, October 27, 2006

i've got a new layout guys. It Started With a Kiss is the theme. hehe =D i've been addicted to this series that first time i watched it. actually, i already finished the entire series in YouTube but i still watch for it during weekends which is dubbed in Filipino. by the way, i have a new navigation on the side and it is called Sound Trip. if you want to listen to the ISWAK OST, you can now play and listen for it. those are the songs used in the series. you may not understand the lyrics coz it's in Chinese, but you'll surely love the melody. i, too doesn't know what those words mean eh. haha =D just try to listen and i'm sure you'll love it. "Khitee, i saw this player on your site. btw, i love Tokyo Drift. i have to visit your blog always just to listen to it. LOL"

this layout is my very first layout that i made. it's kinda messy or let's say, totally messy. hehe =D i'm not genius in making layouts, i just tried if i can do and here it is. hope you'll like it. i'm very much open to your comments.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

all i can say is that I'M BORED!!! still don't know what to do with my lame life. hehe =D i miss shopping. i haven't been to the mall for about two weeks and it sucks. well, how could i go there if i don't have any money on my wallet nor in my pocket. no baon coz no classes. i couldn't text my friends coz i don't have load. waaaaah. =/ i've been doing the same stuffs everyday and i'm sicked. the classes will resume on the 6th and i can't wait. first of all, because, i'm going to see my friends again, meet some new friends and of course, BAON. hehe =D

change topic. i thought they will be eliminated from the Amazing Race but i was wrong. Tyler and James are still alive and kicking. i hope they would do better. they've been actually the second to the last team to arrive wherein the last team got eliminated. so hopefully, they wouldn't be ousted from the race. i won't let it happen. haha =D Aubrey Miles is part of the Amazing Race Asia together with her friend. aside from them, there is another team from the Philippines. they're husband and wife. i hope they could make it to the Final 3 teams. that said race will be on aired on the 12th of November, i guess and it can be exclusively watched on AXN. so, watch out for it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

they did it again!!! =D i'm pertaining to my favorite tennis players, Roger Federer [1] and Maria Sharapova [3] as they defeated Fernando Gonzales and Daniela Hantuchova, respectively. Roger dominated the entire game to capture the Madrid Masters crown. he is the very first player in the open era to win 10 titles in a season for three consecutive years. how great, right?? i really love his playing style and the way he smashes the ball. he plays well and with full of confidence.

on the other hand, Maria Sharapova oulasted Daniela Hantuchova in three sets to capture the Zurich Open crown. this is Sharapova's fourth title of the year. with this, we can now prove that she's not just a pretty face but she really plays well in the court. everyone loves her playing style especially when she's shouting as she smashes the ball. because of her pretty face, many product endorsements are offered to her. not just that, we also know that she has this great taste in terms of fashion. for me, she's a goddess. =D

that's all for now.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

oh well!!! time passes by so quickly that i didn't seem to notice that two weeks from now will be the start of the Second Semester. i'm not prepared, i mean i'm not yet ready to face those professors again and do their never-ending requirements. at the same, there is the feeling of excitement coz i'll be meeting new friends again for the fact that Letran implemented the Free Sectioning. on the other hand, i still feel sad coz for sure, i'm going to miss my former blockmates and our closeness, of course.

anywei, i've been very busy creating my very first layout. hehe =D its theme, of course, It Started with a Kiss. yeah, i'm really into it. i'm so addicted to it. i'm going to use that layout by next month which is November. i hope you'll like it. =D

i really miss my friends especially right now that i can't text them coz i don't have load as of the moment. i don't have money. haha =D just wanna tell them that i really miss them and i'm looking forward to seeing them on the 6th of November.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

i woke up early for no reason. hehe =D as usual, after eating my breakfast, i turned on the television to watch. since, it was just 8am and Myx Daily Countdown will be on 9am, i switched the channel to Wrestling. hehe =D got some addiction to that though it is scripted. i am really an avid fan of Jeff Hardy. hehe =D well, watching the Myx Daily Countdown became a routine for me together with my cute cousin, Cha. he loves singing Spongecola's Bitiw, the theme song of Pedro Penduko. we used to sing it every morning. hehe =D duet. haha =p

today is our Enrollment and many students including me were shocked with the Tuition Fee. when we had our Online Enrollment, the Tuition there was just 36thou but when my friend texted me before i went to school, it became 44thou. i was like "what??!" it is because of the two books coming from Microsoft. it is worth 4500php per book. instead of paying in Cash, my mode of payment became Installment. haaaay = many students were not able to pay their tuition because their money was not sufficient enough and some didn't really expect our Tuition Fee. good thing, i didn't choose Bowling coz additional 2000php will be added if you tend to choose that.

Dyei, Eunice and i enrolled at the same time and since the line was too long, we just chat and chat. of course, asaran. hehe =D after that, we paid the Tuition and get our PE Uniform. after that, we went home. and by the way, i was with my mom and my cousin, Cha. we strolled at SM Manila for a while.

Happy 76th Birthday to my Grandpa!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

just greeting Eminem a Happy 34th Birthday!!! though he is 34 year old, he still looks young. actually, when i let my auntie see his pic, i asked her to guess Eminem's age and i was surprised when i heard her answer. she said that he's 17 years old. haha =D how young!!! well, God was just kind to him for blessing him such nice talent and of course, good looks. hehe =D


The Real Slim Shady

Monday, October 16, 2006

last night was the biggest upset for Reymond Sajor as he was ousted in the Philippine Idol. know what, many people, including me, were also disappointed with the results. seeing someone with a nice voice going out of the competition really sucks. i just can't understand why the people vote for someone blessed with good looks but doesn't have a great voice?? its just that it is not fair to those contestants of PI who did an awesome performance but turned out to have the least number of votes. last week, Drae Ybanez was also voted off knowing that his performance that week was his best according to the judges. and also, Gian Magdangal was one part of the bottom two last week. last night, Gian received again a least number of votes. one of the judges commented that Gian and Reymond were part of his Top 4 best performances for the night and how come, they became the bottom two. how disappointing the viewers are?? Mr. C also commented that he was shocked, really shocked. he didn't expect the outcome. as for me, i was very disappointed and sad seeing Reymond voted out of the competition. well, i hope by this time viewers will learn their lesson. they should vote for someone who really deserves that vote not just because, that someone is pretty or handsome, or because that someone has the same school with them. non-sense contestants should be ousted in the competition. i don't wanna see someone who has the great voice and shown great performance be voted out of the competition. its harsh.

i'm too affected by that. hehe =D i'm just protecting the country's reputation. maybe, the first Philippine Idol will battle it out for the title World Idol. what will happen if someone who is not great won the PI?? nakakahiya. = people should know how to vote wisely, just like in politics.

anywei, tomorrow will be Eminem's 33rd Birthday. hehe =D

Sunday, October 15, 2006

having enough rest, well of course, is pretty wonderful. that's why i love Sembreak. hehe =D but on the other side of this, i really feel bored. everyday, i just do the same thing. special thanks to the Taiwanese series It Started with a Kiss coz whenever i feel bored, i just open my laptop or my PC and go directly to Youtube to watch for it. actually, the series is usually shown every Saturday and Sunday at ABS-CBN but since, i'm too excited on what will be happening next, i used to watch it through Youtube. hehe =D well, i finished the series already and i'm so happy with it. nice story and the lead characters acted great. i can't help myself from watching the last two episodes again and again because of the "kilig" it brought me. haha =D it is actually a romantic comedy series but most of the scenes were funny. hehe =D it was shown in Taiwan early this year, around January i guess and it will be having its Season two as part of the sequel early next year and i can't wait for it. i'm super duper excited for the 2nd Season. waaaah = it was a big hit in Taiwan and i didn't notice that even here in the Pinas. my bro informed me that most of his classmates and even schoolmates watch the said series. and also, my cousin which is a boy also watches it. haha =D can't blame them coz it is really captivating. hope to see more series like this. for additional information, in terms of ratings, ISWAK ranked 2nd as the most watched TV series in Taiwan next to Meteor Garden. i got a big crush on the lead actor who is Joe Cheng aka Michael Jiang aka Zhi Shu. hehe =D he's perfect. got the height, the body and the looks plus his chinito, tantalizing eyes. he is every woman's dreamboy. hehe =D it is fun to know that he laughs so hard. yeah, its true, he actually laugh loudly, it seems that there's no tomorrow. haha =D he's a good actor coz in real life, he's so talkative and friendly unlike in the series that he is so quiet, distant and cold. his tandem with Ariel Lin is very cute, they're bagay. i recommend this series to all of you. hehe =D its cute and you will surely love it.

i miss my blockmates a lot. the sad thing is, we are not classmates anymore. but i think, i shouldn't be that sad coz Letran is too small for all of us. hehe =D we will often see each other and that's for sure. but the fact that the gimmicks will be lessened makes me feel quite sad. i used to go out with them and now that we have different schedule, i feel that we can rarely go out. i surely miss the bonding. it's Letran's fault. haha =D they implemented Free Sectioning instead of Blocker. haaaay = i shouldn't be sad coz i will be with Dyei, Eunice and Joanne. no reason to be sad of. and i feel like we are all independent then coz we now chose what we really want and we didn't let others decided for us despite of the parinig through text. this just shows that we have to stand on our own already coz we're old enough to decide for ourselves. but as always, i'll surely miss them for we've shared good and bad memories together.

again, i'm getting so emotional. well, i just can't believe that after a year and a half that we've been together, we are not about to take everything separately except to some. but i'm also excited to meet those new classmates that eventually, will become our newlyfound friends. on the 19th will be the Enrollment and my grandpa's birthday. the IT and ACT students are scheduled to enroll in the afternoon. "guys, see you on Thursday."

Friday, October 13, 2006

i will make this post a very short one coz i'm in the lazy mode right now and actually sleepy but because i need to undergo Online Enrollment, i should stay awake. today will be the last episode of Love Story in Harvard. = though, i wasn't able to watch most of its episodes, but still, i love it. it is very touching. anywei, when the clock strikes at 12am, it will be the start of our Online Enrollment. we are all decided on what schedule we are about to take and unfortunately, we have different schedules. Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and i agree that we will be taking the first schedule that was made. though, the dismissal will be at 6pm, we still chose it. most of my former blockmates chose the sked C which was made by Julius. they will be taking Bowling as their PE while ours will be Team Sports. it was quite annoying that some of my former blockmates used to force us to change our minds. i hope friendship will not be ruined because of this.

good night to all!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

well, i've seen my grades already and all i can say is "what?!" i don't know how to feel coz i really didn't expect such remarks. i don't wanna tell you what my grades are but i wanna tell you that i'm happy and satisified with what i've got. i already sent to my dad my grades and hopefully, he would buy me a new cellfone na. haha =D i'm just kidding. of course, enrollment first before everything. i guess, the tuition fee will surely increase. = i asked my blockmates about their grades and i'm really happy that like me they got passing remarks. yey!! it is time for us to move up to the next level. i can't believe, actually. =D i know that i'm too young to think that i will be graduating in two years [i really hope] but time passes by so quickly that i don't seem to notice that i'm already Second Year College. i'm still reminiscin' my High School Graduation memories. i should make every days of my college life meaningful and memorable. but right now, i should live my present. i shouldn't be thinking of the future yet but i hope to see myself a successful woman soon. i want to reach my goals, my plans for my family. i want to give them the life they want and deserve and so, i'm pushing myself to study hard. well, i'm getting so emotional huh?! i should cheer up. hehe =D

i would like to give my cousin Kuya Ojie a big hand for passing Logic Formulation [at last]. haha =D well, good for him. after taking it for the second time, finally he passed. i'm so happy for him. i just wish all of us the Best of Luck for the next semester. we can do this. by the way, lot of us are rooting for Team Sports over Advanced Bowling.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

tomorrow will be the Releasing of Online Grades and i'm nervous about it. i hope i have high grades. i'm really praying for that. =D on Saturday morning will be the start of the Online Enrollment but we still have confusion on wat schedule we have to choose. i hope that my friends would choose the sked B. i don't wanna go Bowling again. i'm sicked with that. i want to go for something new. no need for us to take an Advanced Bowling class coz we will surely not pursue that career in the future. "DYEI hope you'll choose the sked B. para we have the same sked. hehe =D"

i dunno what to post actually. i feel so bored today. nothing new. i just woke up at 9am, took my breakfast, switch on the television and watched. opened my laptop, took my lunch, watched tv, took a bath then opened again the laptop and surfed the net. my goodness!!! it is so boring. wanna go shopping. haha =D

today is Ahyan's Birthday but unfortunately, we can't greet her coz she's not allowed to use cellfone and she's not checking her Friendster Account.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

finally, my DSL connection is now working. yehey!!! the PLDT man came over at around 9am and fixed our telephone line. i'm so happy that after how many days, it is now working well. =D yesterday was the start of our Semestral Break. i have no classes and it will resume on the 6th of November. haaaay. how long?! =D on the 12th of October will be the releasing of On-line Grades. i think, we will not be getting any class card anymore, we just have to see it on our Dot Letran account. oh well. =D on the 14th will be the Online Enrollment and on the 19th will be the Enrollment period.

i don't have load right now and it really sucks. = yesterday, my mom and i together with my cousin went to SM San Lazaro for window shopping. haha =D no, i'm just kidding. we went to the Supermarket for grocery. but before that, my mom bought my cousin a Super Inggo stick. hehe =D he is an avid fan of that show. haha =D

last night, i watched Amazing Race 10 and my bet is still there. hehe =D i love the tandem of Tyler and James and hopefully, they would get the First Place. =D plus, they are so cute. haha =D and speaking of cute, there was this guy whom i saw in the GMA 7's show SIS a while ago. he is a commercial model and his name is Mico. he's so cute, chinito and maputi. waaaah =D and he is a Mapuan, meaning, he is currently studying at Mapua Institute of Technology which you know, our neighbor school. he's in his third year but i dunno his course. he is a former Mr. Cardinal. =D my goodness, he is really damn cute. hope to see him in Intramuros. haha =D

i'm excited with the opening of the NBA. Allen Iverson will be staying for the Philadelpia 76ers and that's good. and i'm also excited with the upcoming show The Amazing Race Asia. i'm looking forward to see Filipinos there.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

finally, the deadly exams are over. yehey!!! i can now have a break. =D nothing new. the exams were very difficult and i can't believe that even our PE exam was hard. i was disappointed on my Philo exams. i didn't expect that it will be that hard compared to our very easy midterm exam. i wish i could pass. with regards to Logic, still the same, still difficult. haha =D i'm just praying that i could pass all of my Final Exams.

got a new layout. its Pride and Prejudice. i just love this film that't why i chose this layout. i was hooked with the story. i'm still in the process of fixing it coz i thought its too messy.

i got two sets of schedule for the Second Semester and it is for my classmates to choose which of the two schedules they would like to have. our sked is PATAYAN. haha =D full load again. i can't find a better sched. we have to accept the fact that our dismissal will be at 6pm. waaaah =

before we went home, i together with my friends, Dyei, Eunice, Joanne, Kath and Cha went to Mcdo near Mapua for some snacks. as usual, lots of kulitan and asaran and of course, picture-taking but we couldn't get the perfect shot. we made lots of poses there but still, not perfect. we'll just reserve that for tomorrow. hehe =D

tomorrow, we will be going to have a procession at Sto. Domingo Church. long walk. haaay. = it will be at 4pm but we will be at SM Manila at 2pm. maybe, we will just stroll there for a while.

i gotta end this up na. i will watch Philippine Idol pa. haha =D i love Gian Magdangal's voice eh. hehe =D

Friday, October 6, 2006

i didn't notice that i missed out blogging for a number of days. well, i was just too preoccupied with my studies. i'm too busy with my final exams. tomorrow will be the last day of the finals and i'm so happy that i can now have a break from lots of school stuffs. i need to relax and ready myself for the next semester. i miss blogging. hehe =D right now, i'm using my cousin's PC coz my DSL connection is not working that well. it is needed to be fixed before the 13th coz we will be having our online enrollment on the 14th. yeah, we are not blocker anymore. they changed it to free sectioning and that really sucks. = still ain't sure if they will be my classmates again on the second sem coz it will be a first come, first serve basis. on sunday, we will be going to Sto. Domingo Church for a procession. then after that, SEMBREAK na. yehey!!! hehe =D we have already chosen the schedule for the next sem and hopefully, we could fill that entire section so that it will not be dissolved.

just a shor post for today coz i need to study pa. i still have exams tomorrow, remember??