Monday, October 16, 2006

last night was the biggest upset for Reymond Sajor as he was ousted in the Philippine Idol. know what, many people, including me, were also disappointed with the results. seeing someone with a nice voice going out of the competition really sucks. i just can't understand why the people vote for someone blessed with good looks but doesn't have a great voice?? its just that it is not fair to those contestants of PI who did an awesome performance but turned out to have the least number of votes. last week, Drae Ybanez was also voted off knowing that his performance that week was his best according to the judges. and also, Gian Magdangal was one part of the bottom two last week. last night, Gian received again a least number of votes. one of the judges commented that Gian and Reymond were part of his Top 4 best performances for the night and how come, they became the bottom two. how disappointing the viewers are?? Mr. C also commented that he was shocked, really shocked. he didn't expect the outcome. as for me, i was very disappointed and sad seeing Reymond voted out of the competition. well, i hope by this time viewers will learn their lesson. they should vote for someone who really deserves that vote not just because, that someone is pretty or handsome, or because that someone has the same school with them. non-sense contestants should be ousted in the competition. i don't wanna see someone who has the great voice and shown great performance be voted out of the competition. its harsh.

i'm too affected by that. hehe =D i'm just protecting the country's reputation. maybe, the first Philippine Idol will battle it out for the title World Idol. what will happen if someone who is not great won the PI?? nakakahiya. = people should know how to vote wisely, just like in politics.

anywei, tomorrow will be Eminem's 33rd Birthday. hehe =D