Sunday, October 29, 2006

though, i already watched it, i still felt kilig when i watched ISWAK's episodes a while ago. hehe =D i really love that episode.

anywei, we attended a party at Congo Grille, SM San Lazaro branch. though the party was dry, i mean, i really didn't like the programme and everything except the food. haha =D the foods were really yummy. super duper delicious. =D i really love the Frozen Maki especially when i put Choco Fudge on it. waaaah = i'm getting hungry again. haha =D i had forgotten diet when i saw the foods being brought to our table. hehe =D

when i was there and since i was really bored, i was texting Dyei and Eunice using my brother's celfone. remember, i don't have a load. hehe =p i really miss them. they've been my companions.

by the way, i have my Multiply account already. i haven't link it to my blog coz it is still underconstruction.