Wednesday, October 11, 2006

tomorrow will be the Releasing of Online Grades and i'm nervous about it. i hope i have high grades. i'm really praying for that. =D on Saturday morning will be the start of the Online Enrollment but we still have confusion on wat schedule we have to choose. i hope that my friends would choose the sked B. i don't wanna go Bowling again. i'm sicked with that. i want to go for something new. no need for us to take an Advanced Bowling class coz we will surely not pursue that career in the future. "DYEI hope you'll choose the sked B. para we have the same sked. hehe =D"

i dunno what to post actually. i feel so bored today. nothing new. i just woke up at 9am, took my breakfast, switch on the television and watched. opened my laptop, took my lunch, watched tv, took a bath then opened again the laptop and surfed the net. my goodness!!! it is so boring. wanna go shopping. haha =D

today is Ahyan's Birthday but unfortunately, we can't greet her coz she's not allowed to use cellfone and she's not checking her Friendster Account.