Saturday, September 29, 2007

Words don't have power over you unless the person who said them means a lot to you.

I really miss blogging. It has been how many days since I last posted. Well, I failed to share to all of you what happened on me these past few days because I am very busy dealing with my school works. Actually, until now, I’m still busy but I decided to have a post because I don’t want my blog to be obsolete.

This week, I can say, was one of the busiest weeks I have encountered as a college student. Last Monday was the deadline of our case study in VB and good thing; we were able to finish it the day before. We were actually cramming because the day before, the system was not yet done. Some codes were still missing plus I went out with my family that time that’s why I was not able to do it early in the morning. Niko tried his best but it didn’t work out. When I arrived home, I hurriedly did it and thank God, we accomplished it.

That same day, we were informed of another project to be submitted on the 3rd of October. See, we are now loaded with lots and lots of school works to think that the Final Examinations will be a week away. It is really difficult to do all of those school works all at the same time. It drives me crazy because I don’t know where and what to start, in the first place.

Right now, I’m working on with my SQA case study. The first two chapters will be submitted on Wednesday and the remaining chapters plus the working system will be submitted on Friday. The Defense will be on Friday, as well. I’m starting to feel the nerves because everything is a mess. The system is not yet done plus the first two chapters are not yet complete. I’m planning to pass it earlier than the deadline so that we could conduct the survey earlier too.

Add up to that are some things in minds that make me more confused. My mind is actually going crazy. Confusion takes me over. Can you just wish me luck about these things?


Monday, September 24, 2007

It's really hard to freeze in sweetness when someone has already melted you into something bitter.

That's the only thing I can say for now.
I'm just too tired already.
I'm so tired of waiting.
I'm tired of everything.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I don’t want the moon and the stars. I just want someone who will watch them with me.

I just got home from the much awaited match-up of the NCAA Season. Sadly, the San Beda Red Lions defeated the Letran Knights but I forgot the final score. Anyway, it was a great game, though. I enjoyed every minute of my stay there because of the thrill. Everyone was cheering for their respective school and that’s the spirit.

This morning, we were really undecided if we will be watching or not because of the rain. When I left the house, it was raining really hard that’s why I arrived at school dripping wet. We attended the first class and still, we were unsure though me, Joanne, Kath and Eunice were already sure. But then, we all decided to watch, of course, to give support to the Knights. Actually, before we left the school, we have this motto that whether we win or lose, it’s just okay. We just have to enjoy the game.

We accepted the defeat wholeheartedly knowing that our team is on their first year of re-empowerment because they lost all their key players. It is really a good game, no fights at all and that’s cool. Honestly, I was really afraid because before the game began, the two schools teased each other and so I was scared that the fight that had happened during their last encounter might happen again. But thank God, it didn’t. The game was smooth-sailing though we really can’t stop that most students would say something bad against the other. Well, it’s part of the game.

Some players were also there. To name some are Boyet Bautista, Mark Andaya, Kirby Raymundo, Alex Crisano and Kelvin dela Peña. Even though we lost, I still believe that a vengeance is yet to come. Haha :P Better watch out Lions for the revenge of the Knights.

Finally, I was able to meet Jam in person. She is a blogmate of mine and coincidentally, a schoolmate too. While I was waiting for my class, she and a friend of hers passed by and we smiled at each other. Actually, I’ve been seeing her for how many times but I was too shy to approach her because she is always with her group of friends. But then, it’s a good thing that we already met each other. Hope to see her more.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Find love when you have time and time when you already found love.

Finally, the Archers had beaten the Eagles for the first time this season. I failed to watch the game and my uncle just informed me about it. I am a fan of both teams that's why whenever there is a game between the two teams, I don't know what team to cheer. But congrats to the Archers for winning this time.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, will be the Game 1 of the Championship Game in NCAA. It will be between the Red Lions and the Knights. Just this morning, I was planning to watch the game between the two great teams in the NCAA but my mind suddenly changed because of the pending case studies that we need to work on. The classes will be cut on 12 tomorrow in preparation for the Game 1 and instead of watching, we will be doing the Case Study for VB. If there will be a game on Friday, I will watch and that's for sure.

Ever since this school year started, we were given pain in the ass school works and because of that, I'm getting used to this kind of life I am living now. Just now, we are informed with another case study that is due on or before the Final Exams. You know what, I really can't understand professors. They used to give us loads of works all at the same time as if we are as intelligent as Einstein who could accomplish those works in just a blink of an eye.

Being a college student is tough yet enjoying. You may encounter along the way a lot of projects, tasks, requirements, case studies and thesis but in one way or another, you will start loving it. This life is way different from High School. You can’t just sit back and relax and let your groupmates do the thing. You are required to cooperate. But then, after all has been passed and everything has been settled down, you will feel the fulfillment. That’s why I love my collegiate life.

Looking back, I have never been this busy. I was studying and yet I still find time watching television and of course, texting. But now, it is far different. I could not do some of the things that I used to do before. I couldn’t allot more time for TV unlike before, I was really a couched potato. All I am facing now is my laptop and doing all those research works, case studies, assignments, projects and the like. It is difficult and no doubt about it but living this different kind of life is somehow a memorable experience for someone like me.

Anyways, I’m still not through with the case study due on Monday. The code behind file is still left blank. We have no idea at all. But we will start working it tomorrow and hopefully, we could do something sensible. Knowing my blockmates, I don’t think we could finish it. Haha =]

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It hurts to see someone you love ignore you. It also hurts to see if he doesn't feel the same way, but would it hurt you more if he loves you and you never knew?

After attending the mass this morning, Dad, Mom, Ej and I went to Mall of Asia to unwind. Ever since my dad came, we haven't have any family date because most of the time, there were some extras and I'm talking about my uncle and some cousins.

We arrived there at around 11am and thus, we decided to stroll first before having our lunch. Actually, that was my dad's first time at MOA because when he had his last vacation here, the mall was still under construction.

We went inside every stall that we passed by because it was SALE. haha =] I was really confused with what to buy because there were so many things that I wanted to buy but of course, I have to choose one. Since, I was really undecided, we went first to Nike to look for a bag for my brother. He settled for a navy blue body bag. My dad asked me what I want and I told him that I have nothing to buy at Nike but all of a sudden, a khaki bermuda shorts caught my attention and it was really irresistible. So, I ended up buying that shorts. hehe =D

We had our lunch at Mandarin Wok. They've got yummy foods. It was our first time to eat there and we are satisfied with the foods but not in the slow service. Anyway, after that, we strolled again.

And when we felt that we were tired already, we decided to go home. Oh yeah! It is such a good feeling to unwind with your family and nothing beats that. We seldom do this kind of thing because my dad is working abroad and whenever we go out now, I appreciate it more.

I just really need to relax and have fun for a moment because I'm still busy and pressured with the two case studies that I'm working with right now.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Being hurt is something we can't stop from happening but being miserable is always our choice.

I am so busy accomplishing the two case studies in two different subjects. Those two are scheduled to be passed on the 24th and on the 1st week of October. So, expect me to be on my worst attitude because of the pressures that these case studies will give me.

I don't think its a good idea for giving us these kind of tasks knowing that the submission will be less than a month from now. What do you expect? Perhaps after this, we are all wearing our haggard and wasted faces. Please wish us luck. I don't know if I can do all of those but please do pray for us.

Anyway, the LITS General Assembly was a blast. We all had fun because of the games. All the third years were hyper and that made the event even more enjoying. I congratulate everyone for the success of it because I know we all contributed for it. Without us, IT and ACT students, no general assembly for LITS. haha :D

I am also busy uploading picture on my multiply. These pictures were taken from my debut party last Saturday. I just can't help but smile whenever I take a glimpse on each picture because of the fun it brought me.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

We at times sit at one corner alone, appreciating life as we see it through our eyes. Then suddenly, someone surprises us, shares that corner until it becomes the world.

After five long months of preparations, my 18th Birthday celebration is now over. It was so successful. It was indeed a blast. I really can’t believe that it will be like that. I am so happy with how everything went through though some of my guests were not able to come and there were some glitches, of course.

I was so touched with my college friends because they went to the venue earlier than the time, considering the fact that they are late comers in class. Haha =] And to my surprised, all my guy friends were wearing coat because as far as I know, they were kinda problematic because they don’t know where to borrow or buy a coat. But according to them, they will do everything just for me. How touching, ayt? My girlfriends were really beautiful in their respective dresses. They were astonishing and stunning.

I know everyone enjoyed the party as much as I enjoyed it. They made me happy with their presence. I am not after the gifts or the money but their presence means a lot to me. Seeing all my friends there made me smile and all my relatives as well.

My party was full of fun and enjoyment. And my favorite part was the party time because everyone’s been dancing and dancing unaware of the people around them. We were all hyper most especially my college friends. We were dancing all night enjoying every beat of the music being played.

Thanks to all people who came. It really means a lot to me. You just don’t know how much you made me happy. I am really fortunate for having loving family and friends. Not all girls are given a chance to celebrate their 18th Birthday but me; I was able to celebrate it. I am super thankful to God for all the blessings He continues to give. Special thanks to Ate Alexis for all the help she rendered during the planning and preparation course. I owe to her the success of my party.

Some of the pics are now uploaded on my Multiply.

Friday, September 7, 2007

The person who can make you the happiest person in the world has the best capacity to give you the worst heartache you can never imagine.

I wasn’t able to post these past few days because I am too busy with so many things. When I came back from our 2-day recollection, I faced my laptop and did the proposed case study for SQA. It was due the next day that’s why I really need to finish it. I’ve made a draft already but that time, my mind was blanked and I couldn’t think for something sensible. But good thing, I was able to finish it and I passed it the next day.

We were taught of Java by my professor in SQA and we all don’t know why there is a need for him to teach that I mean, it is not part of our curriculum. Yeah, it is already given that we need to learn some other things besides what Microsoft has to offer but Java is not our forte. We are all taking Systems Engineering and not Software Developing. I thought I am already done with Logic Formulation but I was totally wrong. Java is way difficult than Flowcharting and Pseudocoding.

I had a reporting last Thursday and the night before, I was really in a cramming mode because I was doing the powerpoint presentation and the hard copy of the report all at the same time. Plus, I haven’t mastered my report by that time. It was really hard for me to do all those things at the same time. And then, the next day, we had our reporting and good thing, it was successful. We asked our professor to guide us and she did.

Aside from the school works that I am so busy with, my birthday will be tomorrow and all of us here in the house are busy preparing for all the stuffs needed for my big night. I was preparing the programme, guest lists and souvenirs. And my mom and dad, as well, were so busy. Actually, until now, we are doing so many things for tomorrow’s event. I just wish that God will bless me a good weather tomorrow and make my event a successful one and a blast. Hopefully, all the people invited will come. I can sense now the excitement and my friends feel it too.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It is wiser to be alone and happy than with somebody who does nothing but to make you feel stupid.

I just came from an overnight Recollection which started yesterday afternoon until this morning. Yesterday, we left the school at around 12:30pm and arrived at St. Michael Retreat House which is located in Antipolo, Rizal at around 3:00pm. Our facilitators were Mr. Ensinas and Ms. Abardo. They first oriented us about the house rules and gave us the keys to our respective rooms. My roommates were Dyei, Joanne, Aleina, Diana and Cent and we occupied Room 10 of the St. Gabriel Building. Afterwards, our snacks were served.

Our speaker was Fr. Encarnacion and I do love his sense of humor. He is indeed witty and intelligent and can surely make everyone laugh with the way he delivers his speech. He knows how to keep us awake despite the tiring trip we had. Actually, my eyes were already closing because I was sleepy but then, because of his humor, I was able to keep myself calm and awake for about 3 hours.

Of all the batches of third years that Letran had in the past, we are the first ones who had an overnight recollection because normally, only Senior students are required to engage on Retreats wherein they have to stay in a retreat house for 3 days and 2 nights. We actually had recollections before but they were only held on the school and so, this is the first time in our college life to have a Recollection outside the school and far from the busy Manila.

I enjoyed the retreat that much and as a matter of fact, I wanted to extend my stay there but I really can’t. When we were there, we just relaxed and have fun and we set aside all the school works, problems and other things that we have in mind. But the sad part is that once we arrived in Manila, all those things that we had set aside just all came back and we couldn’t stop it from coming back.

Thanks to all the staffs of St. Michael retreat house for their warm welcome and for being so accommodating to everybody and most especially for all the yummy and delicious foods that they had served during our stay.

I’m looking forward to another memorable and unforgettable retreat and how I wish that by that time, the Thine Iced is complete. By the way, we were able to see Kath and Eunice there but we were not able to talk to them but instead, we just waved our hands with each other.

Tomorrow will be another busy day for us. I have so many things to accomplish and I really don’t know how to start. A quiz is waiting for us and I haven’t studied the lesson for that. Hopefully, she would allow us to take the quiz next meeting together with those students who have their recollection today and tomorrow.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

We don't choose the person we fall for or get attracted with. It just hits us like a speeding bullet and bang, we couldn't feel it at first unless we see ourselves bleeding.