Friday, August 31, 2007

As it goes on raining, you go on dreaming. What's worse, you are left stranded, not knowing how long you will stay there, waiting, just patiently waiting.

Yesterday, my mom, together with Daddy Carlo, Camille, Ej and Cha fetched my dad in the airport but before that, they first picked me up at Letran. We waited for about an hour in the airport because we arrived early. I was just sitting inside the car and had some sound tripping because of the beautiful songs played in the radio.

When I saw my dad, the smile on my face didn't seem to fade away and that's a proof how I miss my dad. I do miss my dad so much and after more than a year, we were able to see each other again and I am so happy. We had our dinner somewhere in Parañaque and the foods were yummy. Then, we headed home.

I received so many gifts from my dad's friends in Saudi and I am very touched with that. I really didn't expect anything from them but I was really surprised when I saw all the expensive gifts they gave. And even those friends of my dad that I don't know and I haven't met gave me gifts. Thank you so much!

This morning, I woke up early to accomplish the proposed case study in SQA and the powerpoint presentation for the report in SolArchi but sad to say, I haven't finished it. I have lots of things to do and I don't know how to balance my time with that. Tomorrow will be a busy day for all of us that I don't have time for anything related to school. Hopefully, I could do everything on Sunday but I guess, we will go to SM on that day.

I have my gown and dress already. We went to the dressmaker this afternoon and paid for the remaining amount. My mom's dress is really pretty. I haven't took pictures of it. I am so satisfied with how my gown and dress looks like. They are both beautiful and eye-catching.

Sadly, we were beaten by the Red Lions this afternoon. I wasn't able to watch the entire game because my mom and I went to the dressmaker and when we arrived, I switched the channel to HBO and watched Harry Potter 4. I almost forgot the game but my mom reminded me and I switched to Studio 23. That was a close game just like their first encounter this season wherein Letran prevailed. But this time, the luck was on the Lions as they had their sweet revenge against us. Not a big deal for me but for my friends, it was. Well, they watched the game at Araneta, though they were inviting me to join them, but still I can't because my dad is here. Good thing, I didn't watch because Letran lost. But still, I'm looking forward to a Final Showdown between the Lions and the Knights.

My friend, Kath, is celebrating her 19th Birthday today. We handed her the gift we bought last Wednesday. Actually, there is a celebration today at one of my friends' crib but since it will be an inuman session, I rejected the invitation.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you already have.

This is the second day of the moment of truth. haha =] This morning, I arrived at school earlier than usual and waited for Joanne for a couple of minutes in the library. Then, we passed the journal needed for our Lit and after that, we went directly to our room.

We already saw the results of our Midterm Exam in VB and I am very satisfied with the score I have got. I really can't believe that I could excel in that subject because I am not really good in Programming. Our professor let us see the midterm grade but I wasn't able to see mine because all my classmates went in front that I could stand in between them that's why, I left the room without knowing my grade.

We were not able to see our exam on SQA but he let us compute for our midterm grade wherein he called us one by one and dictated to us the scores in the quizzes, class standing and the midterm exam. I'm so much happy with my grade that's why I am too excited to tell it to my dad as he arrives. But he gave us another work to do. We need to do another case study and we will be having a defense before the Final exams. Oh yeah, we are loaded with so much school works to do. We haven't started the case study in Visual Basic plus the report in SolArchi will be on next week and this new case study that we need to accomplish. All of these are due before October.

We have a new professor on Client OS. I admit, I was super nervous when I knew that it was Sir Lazaga because the last time he played as a substitute professor to us, I find him very snobby, strict and terror. We already saw our grades and again, I am so satisfied. Thanks to him because he adjusted our grades. haha =] Anyway, he asked for some suggestions and discussed the house rules to us. I can now say that he isn't bad after all yet I am still feeling the nerves with the random recitation. And the bad thing is, he knows me already. waaaah!

We were all nervous before we stepped inside our room in DataComm because of the bloody and deadly exam that we had taken. But sad to know that the papers were not yet checked and thus, we were not able to see if we pass or not. He just discussed another chapter and promised to us that he will show our midterm grade next meeting. But too bad for me because my 2-day Recollection will be on Monday and Tuesday.

After class, Joanne, Eunice and I went to SM Manila to buy the gift that we saw for Kath. We only spent a little time and we decided to go home. I have the gift now and it will be given to Kath tomorrow because probably, we will not be able to see her on Friday.

I'm just too excited with my Dad's arrival tomorrow. Yeah, as I arrive from school tomorrow, I'm gonna be seeing my dad already and I just can't help myself from smiling. I am a Daddy's Girl and I miss him so much. Now that we are complete again, I will make sure that I spend most of my time with my family that is, if I don't have some school works to do.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The love you can't have lasts the longest, feels the strongest and hurts the more.

Today is the moment of truth because we were able to see the results of our midterm examinations which we took last week. I admit, I was really nervous this morning because I know I didn't exert so much effort on the exams knowing that they were indeed difficult.

First was Literature and I am so satisfied with what I've got though I have some corrections that were not corrected. It was my fault and I hate myself for that. I lost 5 points because of my stupidity. I should have double checked and counted it all over again to make sure that the written score is the correct raw score of mine. Geez! It was a big mistake that I had committed for this day.

My professor in Theology was absent that's why we haven't seen the result of that bloody exam. But she gave us an effin' activity, instead. After we have accomplished that said activity, I asked Dyei and Joanne to accompany me as I give the invites to Lola Ina and Lolo Turing. Their place is just two blocks away from Letran. And since, they have a Carinderia there, we had our free lunch. hehe =]

I wasn't able to see my IT Elect exam but according to our professor, I passed it. At first, I thought I was one of those students who will re-take the last part of the exam but thank God, I was not. And since those students who passed the exams were allowed to leave already, I went to the catwalk and I saw the guys there. We had some sort of bonding with the boys of our block and my crush. wahaha =] I felt the uneasiness, of course and my red face was really obvious.

I am so happy with the result of my SolArchi exam. Everyone passed the exam and I am so glad about it. So, tomorrow is the most-awaited day of all. We will be seeing the results of the deadliest exams of all which is DataComm. Gosh, I am so nervous. I just hope that I got passing remarks in all the exams.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's hard to feel that you are beside of the one you love, but you know exactly that he/she doesn't love you anymore.

August 22, 2007

Today is the moment of truth. After being postponed, we finally took our midterm exams today. We had taken three midterm exams for three major subjects. I went to school early to review for my first exam which was Visual Basic. I went directly to the Library and borrowed Eunice’s VB book. I didn’t bring mine because I bought my Client OS book, another thick book of ours. Dyei came next.

I find the VB exam quite difficult. Though I studied a lot, still, I guessed on some items because I didn’t have any idea. I screwed up on the Matching Type part because some of the definitions used were rephrased. Even the small details were part of the exam and most of the things that we have studied were not included so, it wasn’t that easy. Our professor told us that we could finish it for just 15-20 minutes, however, 30 minutes had passed and yet, we weren’t done with the first part of the exam.

After the exam, we went to the Canteen wherein Dyei, Julius and Paul had saved seats for us. We ate for a while and decided to go to the Library so we could review for Client OS and the over deadly DataComm. But since all sections of the library were occupied by students and there were no vacant seats, we chose to stay outside the Reference Section which is on the 4th floor of the St. Thomas Building.

We took the Client OS exam with a different proctor because our professor was absent again. We still don’t know if he will be replaced or not. It wasn’t that hard but it wasn’t that easy either. I’m sure I will pass that exam but I don’t know if I could get high score on it but hopefully, I could. And because we finished early, we stayed on a vacant room and studied for the last exam which was DataComm, the much-awaited exam of all (in a sarcastic way).

We were able to see Kevin, a former blockmate, this afternoon together with his friend. He is now studying at PUP taking up Civil Engineering. He was a former athlete of Letran but because of some matters, he decided to transfer to another school.

We went inside room 204 with so much pressure and uneasiness within us after hearing all the comments and complaints of those who took the exams earlier than us. I, too, felt the nervousness and the tension. My heart was actually pounding very fast. When the test papers had been distributed and I checked the pages, I was like ‘what the hell’ because it was so difficult. The last part which is the essay part was the most difficult and complex of all because it was a 6-item part but it is worth 50 points. I was unsure with most of my answers and getting a passing remark on that will be a fulfillment on my part. Everyone was complaining about how hard the exam was and they were actually predicting that they will get a failing score on that exam. And I guess, I also screwed up on that.

Hopefully, I could pass all the midterm exams I took today and those that I will take tomorrow. I don’t want to fail, as in. Tomorrow, we will be taking three exams, one of which is a major subject also.

August 23, 2007

My first exam was scheduled at 730 am that’s why I went to school early. I arrived at 7am and went directly to room302. The room was empty and I was the first one who arrived. But later on, my classmates came one by one. We first took the Lit exam which was an average type of exam. Though the one who made the exam was not our professor, but still, I find it pretty okay except for the Matching Type part again. Haha :D It was a bit confusing yet I know I did a good job on it.

We had an hour and a half break before the next exam and thus, we decided to stay in the Periodical Section of the Library to study. Instead of doing what my friends were doing which was talking and chatting, I and Dyei, on the other hand, reviewed for the exam because we were expecting a very difficult exam on Theo because several modules were included.

The next exam was Theology and as expected, it was as difficult as ever. Actually, it was much more difficult than my other major subjects. Even the True or False part was not easy and very puzzling. The worst part would be the Essay part. It was a 2-item exam type but the equivalent score is so huge because each item is worth 10 points. Promise, this exam was so annoying.

Since we had a 3-hour break before the last exam, my friends and I stayed in the Library again but by this time in the Reference Section. At first, we were reviewing knowing that the exam would be very hard but as time passed by, we got tired of studying and instead, we had some laugh trip. We were laughing out hard even though we were inside the Lib and good thing, the librarian didn’t get mad at us. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed that moment.

I was actually guilty because of the leakage thingy again. I promised not to get involve with that kind of thing but I can’t help it because of my friends. I mean, we were all in the library and someone told us about the questions that could possibly be included in the exam and I really can’t help but to listen because everyone was listening. Even though I tried really hard not to listen but still, I can’t. I know I have committed a sin and I am very much sorry about that. But hey, it will always be a part of student life, right? Even the most intelligent in the world also commits that kind of sin. Haha :D

The exam in SolArchi wasn’t that difficult and I am so thankful because the questions given in our seatwork were also the questions in our exam. It wasn’t that easy either because of the essay part but I’m confident that I could pass it.

Finally, the deadly exams were over and I can now have my rest from all the pressures that the midterm exams had brought to my life. So emotional. Hehe :D Anyway, after the exams, Eunice, Joanne and I went to SM Manila to look for a gift for Kath. She will be turning 19 on the 31st. We already found one and we are planning to buy it on Tuesday (hopefully). We just strolled and checked for cellphones because Eunice is planning to buy a new unit. When we felt that our legs were already aching and our tummy just produced unwanted sounds, we decided to eat at McDonald’s. We stayed there for a couple of minutes and decided to go home.

Well, I missed those kinds of bonding moments with my girl friends and it was so gladdening because we were able to bond even for a short period of time. Before, we often do these kinds of things but because we chose different tracks, we seldom do it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A sweet quote from a guy: Love is when I can't pay attention in class because I'm too busy writing her first name with my last.

This day is such a boring and not-so productive day for me and for the rest of my blockmates. We went to school earlier than usual because after almost a week of no classes, here we are again, going to school and meeting each other whom we have missed a lot. As I reached the arc near Letran, I heard someone calling my name. I didn't bother to look back because I was thinking, maybe it wasn't me. But when I passed by the stairs which they usually call 'stairway to heaven', I felt that it was me whom the voice was referring to and thus, I looked back and saw my guy friends. I just stayed there with them as they were waiting for rest of my friends.

I was thinking of our postponed Lit play because for sure, it will be performed today but lucky for us, the professor wasn't around. And since that was our first class and we didn't know where to stay, we decided to just stay in our room and had some chit-chatting. Everyone was noisy, actually. After the bell had rung, Joanne and I decided to go to our next class while the others went to their respective classes, as well. Being handled by a very diligent professor, I, together with my fellow Theo classmates expected that we would really have a discussion and we were right. And after the discussion, an essay type quiz was given.

We took our lunch break. And as we went to our next class, we found out that our professor in SolArchi wasn't around and so, we were happy because we could go home early. We were waiting for our IT Elect professor when suddenly, Eunice came and informed us that our professor in that subject was also absent. While waiting for Dyei, Joanne, Eunice and I stayed in the catwalk and talked about everything that had happened to us these past few days. We talked, chatted and laughed. We also planned about Kath's upcoming birthday on the 31st and the movie watching that we could possibly have on that same day. I hope that everything we have planned will all push through. After that, Joanne, Dyei and I went home already because Eunice needs to attend another class.

I haven't read my notes and I admit, I am too lazy to do that. Well, I have been reading those for how many times and I am sicked already. I decided to just study it tomorrow so that all the things that I have studied will be refreshed. Just wish us luck on our exams tomorrow and on Thursday. I know I don't have to worry much because for sure, God will be there, guiding me and will never let me down.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile. ~Franklin P. Jones

Just a short update now. I'm just too lazy to post. haha =] I'm done studying my notes for the exams on Wednesday and Thursday. I just hope that on that two days, I could remember everything that I have studied. I don't want to fail any single subject now knowing how difficult this stage of my student life is.

Greetings Galore

and lastly,

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sometimes you meet someone and before you know their name, before you know where they're from, you know that sometime in the future this person is going to mean something to you.

I changed my layout once again. I've been sicked seeing that bloody strawberry everytime I drop and visit my blog. Yeah, I know that the strawberry still looks good but it keeps on reminding me of something that I don't want to think of because it just makes me feel sad. I started using that layout during the time I have this pain in my heart and we all know that this blog has been my confidant ever since. It has been the mirror of myself, of who I am and of what I feel. Even though I still have the same feeling, I guess, I have to stop using the strawberry layout because if I continue using it, it will just make me feel sadder and sadder everyday.

Five days (Wednesday till Monday) of no classes and that s*cks big time. I just want the Midterm Exam to end this week but it didn't and instead, 6 sets of exams were moved to next week. I'm afraid that I might forgot all the things that I have studied during the weekends. I have to study and review all over again on Sunday because on Monday, there will be some sort of practice for my debut. So, Sunday would be my review day for all the subjects that I will about to take on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No matter how many coins you throw into a fountain or the number of fingers you cross, if it is not meant to be, it simply won't happen.

I’ve been very busy these past few days because of our midterm examination. Different feelings and emotions ran over me during those days, happy, sad, annoyance and irritation, name it, all the feelings that someone like me could feel during major exams plus the fact that before I took the exams, something happened unexpectedly which made me feel inspired.

August 13, 2007

I went to school early because of the supposed Visual Basic class however it didn’t went through. My first exam would be at 12nn but I went to school at 10am. I directly went to the Library because Joanne and I would meet there. While I was walking, someone approached me and it was Julius who was going to the library also. Surprisingly, when we opened the door of the library, I already saw JL sitting and leaning his head on the table. He seemed so sleepy and tired after paying the tuition fee.

Anyway, since Eunice is always in the library (Filipiniana Section), we had some chit-chatting. I went back to my seat and studied for my SQA exam which was the first exam that we will be taking. And then, my friends started coming one by one. And to my surprise, someone came and he was none other than my crush.

I was really surprised that I couldn’t look at him knowing that he and my guy friends are friends. Of course, my guy friends greeted him and said hi while me, though I wanted to look at him but I really can’t. It was really hard, you know. I thought he will be sharing the table with us but he didn’t and instead, he sat on the table next to us. He went solo, in short. And since, Joanne was near him, actually, there was only a little space between them, there were times that I looked at him accidentally. What I didn’t know that he was looking at me too. I really can’t explain the feeling whenever our eyes met. It was something different. I can’t understand why whenever I looked at him he was looking at me too. I just don’t know how many times that happened during our stay in the library. Our eyes met for how many times and I can’t explain the feeling.

My friends decided to go out of the library and go to our room. We left him there. We waited for how many minutes for Niko to arrive before we decided to go down using the elevator. When Niko came and we were waiting for the elevator, he went out of the library and of course, he was going down too. When the elevator opened, my guy friends were not gentlemen because they didn’t let us girls to enter the elevator first but instead, they went in first. I thought the he will go in also but to my startle, he didn’t and he let us girls to enter first. When we were inside, I was like frozen delight there because the awkwardness was there. I really don’t know why.

We took the first exam which was SQA and we were classmates in that subject. I felt so inspired while taking the exam because of everything that happened. I know I promised to myself not to fall deeply for him because I don’t have any idea if he has a girlfriend or what. And as a matter of fact, we never talk even once. We’ve been classmates since last semester but we never talked even school-related. And it is so saddening that I don’t have the chance and guts as well to talk or approach him.

August 14, 2007

We only had one set of exam and that was IT Elective. I went to school early for the second time because I will be teaching Kath, my friend, about Subnetting. When I reached the library, I already saw Joanne and Kath and I started teaching her right away. She was able to learn it easily and then, I studied for the exam.

We proceeded to the room and took the exam. Good thing, I studied this morning about the TCP/IP Protocol Suite or else, the essay part would be blanked. Actually, I was guilty about the leakage thingy. I shouldn’t have listened to them. But I promise I won’t listen to any leakage anymore. It will be so unfair to my classmates.

After the exams, we went home right away because we will be having three sets of exams for Wednesday and all requires memorization.

Happy 25th Monthsary THINE ICED!

August 15, 2007

This is one of the most annoying days of the week. I went to school earlier than the usual time for some review but to my dismay, it was announced that classes are suspended. To make it worst, I just arrived and swiped my ID and then announcement was made that there will be no classes.

I went to the library because Eunice and JL were there. I just waited for the library to close then we went down. We waited for Joanne because she was in the LRT when the announcement was made. We talked for a while and decided to go home. After all, Kuya Ojie saw me and asked me to go with him since he will be going home too.

Joanne decided to ride an LRT while Kuya Ojie and I rode a jeep. It was a bit traffic on our place and as we went home, the sun showed already. They shouldn’t have cut the classes because the sun shined already. The exams for today were moved to Wednesday next week and I really don’t like the idea. They should have moved it on Friday so we will not bother much about it next week and we could focus already on other requirements and projects. Tomorrow will be another no class day. The exams for tomorrow will be moved next week and we are still waiting for any announcements.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The hardest person to get over is the one you never had.

I woke up early this morning to study for the exams tomorrow. I did review it yesterday but to make sure that I remember everything, I studied this morning. After that, I went online to send an e-card for Tito Rey, who is residing in US right now with his family, because today is his birthday. My cousins then came when I was just surfing the net and invited me to come with them at SM San Lazaro for some picture-taking, you know, in the studio.

I never had any bonding moments with Celine when she stepped here in the Philippines and they will be going back to Abu Dhabi on Tuesday and I guess, going out with them is the only time I could bond with her after how many years of staying in UAE. We are really close, actually. When they lived here for how many years, we used to go out together with Reina, another cousin of ours. We three are indeed close that's why when she left, I felt quite sad because I knew I will miss her. Then, last month, she, together with her sister Claudine, went here for a vacation. At first, there was a feeling of hesitation because, of course, we haven't seen each other for quite a long time. Every Sunday, they used to go here in Manila (because they are staying in Las Piñas) to visit my grandma. I couldn't bond with them because I am too busy with school.

So I spent the rest of this day with Reina and Celine at SM San Lazaro. We had some picture-taking courtesy of Fuji Film for some remembrance and while waiting for the pictures to be developed, we went strolling. We entered every stall that we passed by and looked for something nice and pretty but we ended up buying nothing because our money was just enough for the studio photoshoot. Since there were lots of customers, it took us a long time before we finally got the pictures. While waiting, we walked and walked until our legs ached. We were kinda pissed with the Fuji Film because we went back there for about three times yet the pictures were not yet in process. But then, after two hours, we had it already and went home.

It was a fun moment with them. Nothing beats a short yet wonderful moments with the persons you really love. Going out with your naughty cousins is such a chaos. haha =] We were scandalous, you know. We were walking all along and we were laughing out hard because of their out of this world actions, stories and words. But it was really a blissful moment with them. I will surely miss Celine, her crazy ideas and actions.

Tomorrow will be the start of the midterms in Letran and I'm pretty nervous. Just wish us luck, especially me. With that, I won't be posting for 4 straight days but I will surely visit my blog to read your comments.

Friday, August 10, 2007

And this is the price that you pay for being smart in a stupid way. You stand there staring while you watch your lover go away. ~Steven Strait

This day is such a boring day for me. I just stayed here in the house doing my usual stuffs. I woke up early in the morning, around 8am I guess and had my breakfast. After resting for a while, I went back to my room and studied three subjects, all are majors. Actually, I was really lazy but I tried to control myself from feeling that and I did it successfully. I started at 8:30am and ended up at around 2:00pm. I only had 45 minutes break. Tomorrow, I will review for another three subjects. I just hope that I could remember anything that I have been studied.

Eunice and I talked last night about the problem that our barkada is currently encountering. And good thing, it is not a problem at all. Well, to some, I guess, it is not a problem but for us who have been seeing the real color of that girl are not okay with the idea of the courtship thingy. He doesn't deserve someone like her. Perhaps, he is really blinded because he, or rather say, they never notice the real persona of the girl. We, as girls, noticed it already the first time she joined our group. But we can't stop her from joining the group because she is an original blockmate of ours.

But as what Joanne had said before, "Hayaan na natin sila. Malaki na sila. Alam na nila ginagawa nila." Yeah, she's right. They are grown-ups already and I suppose, they know what they are doing. I just hope that whatever happens, the friendship would still remain.

We also planned to watch Rush Hour 3 after Midterm Exams and that would be on Friday at Greenbelt 3. And we decided that it would only be our group's date. I mean, the Thine Iced only which consists of me, Eunice, Dyei, Joanne and Kath. Since we haven't celebrated our 2nd year Anniversary which was last July 14, maybe that would be the right time. Hopefully, Dyei and I could come since Eunice, Joanne and I are always on the go.

I hope that the plan for tomorrow will push through.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they are alive. ~Optimus Prime

Today is another no class day in some parts of the country due to the continuous rain. Floods are all over the town and some properties were distracted and ruined by the rain or rather say, of the storm. I pity those people who lost their properties, mostly, their houses and even lost their loved ones.

But tomorrow, all classes will resume except for those places that have been declared as no class day. As for me, I really don't have classes during Friday and so, I will just stay in the house and review for my upcoming Midterm Examination on Monday. And hopefully, our exams will not be moved because it will cause a great problem to our schedule. Please don't make our schedule such a chaos. I am still not ready for the exams because I really can feel the laziness deep down me but I am trying to control it as much as possible. Want to know what my motivation is? Well, it is my upcoming debut. haha =]

And speaking of Debut, my mom and I went to Recto to check for the layout of the invitation and I am satisfied with it. Though there are some mistakes on the names of the 'eighteens' still I do love the Butterfly thingy. I just hope that when I see the final invitation, there are no errors on the spelling of the names.

There are still a lot of things needed to be done for my much-awaited event and I really can't find time to accomplish it. Why? School's been giving us a lot of tasks and it is really hard to do those things all at the same time. Hopefully, after midterms, I could finish all those tasks which are in connection to my party and thus, I could start doing the stuffs needed for school.

I will be start reviewing tomorrow and I should not waste my time. I have lots of things to study because lots of modules are included in the exams. By the way, I already studied two major subjects this morning and during the next three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), I will be studying the major subjects. I have six major subjects and four of them have books exclusively from Microsoft. I'm hoping and praying that I won't screw up during the exams.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sometimes you can't stop yourself from hoping for yesterday to come back especially when yesterday was the only future you ever wanted and needed from the start.

Today was declared as No Class Day for the Elementary, High School and some Collegiate students. As for Letran, we really don't have classes today in celebration for the feast day of St. Dominic, the founder of the Dominican Order and knowing Letran as a Dominican School, this day is somehow a holiday for us.

Unfortunately, Knights were defeated by the Cardinals this afternoon. Actually, I expected it already because I know how the Knights find it hard to beat the Cardinals. But for me, it is no big deal knowing that Mapua ranks second to the last in the standing. It was an unlucky game for the Knights because they were overpowered for the second time. Better Luck next time for the Knights. There are still next times and they should not disappoint us by that time.

Just a short post for now. I am really not in the mood for posting. I just want you to ask one question: IS IT OKAY TO YOU THAT A GUY FRIEND OF YOURS WILL FALL IN LOVE ON A GIRL FRIEND OF YOURS KNOWING THAT YOU THREE BELONG TO ONE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS WHICH CONSISTS OF MORE THAN 10 AND LESS THAN 20 TEENAGERS? Additional Fact: Almost all the guys on your group had fallen for that one girl plus there is one who courted her just recently yet she didn't give him any chances. And the two guys are really close. What do you think? What are your opinions? No naming names for now. According to the people involve, this should be kept as secret for now (they don't want us to know about this) but I know that everyone in the group deserves to know about this.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

The one who is good in taking care of other people is the same person who needs someone to take care of them.

This has been a very tiring day for me. I, together with my mom, Ate Alex and Zachee went to different parts of Metro Manila to fix the things which regards to my debut. Since last Thursday, my mom had given the design of the gown and dress already to the dressmaker, I didn’t bother much about it.

We first went to Recto for the invitations. We dropped by several stalls before we finally settled down. The first stall that we went it was the same stall that Ate Alex and I went the last time we canvassed for invites. But since they are not that accommodating to their customers, we decided to look for another one. Unfortunately, the other stalls that we went in didn’t have the design that I want and also, they couldn’t figure out how it looks like. We dropped in another store and lucky for us, we find one. Though they don't have the design I want but they told us that they will try their best to make invites just like what I want it to be. I just hope they could produce good results.

After that, we rode an FX Taxi going to Mandaluyong for the canvassing of cakes. I really don’t have any idea where my cake should be done. Red Ribbon came first into my mind but the problem is that they can’t accept customized cakes. I mean, they just stick on their designs plus their cakes are overused already. Then, Vienna Cakes came second but their cakes are too expensive. Good thing, Ate Alexis knows a shop that could offer cakes with cheaper prices. The name of the shop is Kitchen Krafts and I already saw some samples and I was amazed with how beautiful their cakes are. They are all well-made and mouth watering yet they suit your budget. I looked on some of the cakes and I saw one that really suits my interest but I made some customization on it. It is a 3-layered cake, by the way.

Our last stop is my venue, Patio Ibarra at Quezon Avenue. We rode a cab going there. We talked to Ate Rovie and we paid for the half of the entire amount. While the three of them (Mom, Ate Alex & Ate Rovie) were talking about the Food Tasting event, Zachee and I went to the third floor to check the other function room. When everything had been settled down, we went home.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the venue because there was an on-going event during the time that we went there. But I promise, on the Food Tasting event, I will take pictures of it.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him.

This morning when I, together with my classmates were waiting for my professor to arrive, something came to my mind that I really wanna post here. I know it seems so funny but I do wanna post it here. It is about the things I love and learned in Letran. Though at times, I felt so bad because of the school works that my Alma Mater continues to give me, still, there are these things (weird at times) that I learned from my beloved school and those things are the reasons why I chose to remain loyal to my dear Alma Mater. Those things that will always be part of me no matter what. Those things that will forever be in my heart because it brought out the real me yet never changed who I really am.

I love Colegio de San Juan de Letran because that is the place where...
1. I met this troop of genuine and wonderful friends.
2. I learned to love Basketaball much more.
3. I learned how to stand on my beliefs.
4. I enjoyed every minute that I am in school.
5. I felt that I am more loved and cared by those people around me.
6. I discovered that going out with my genuine friends is much more enjoying and blissful.
7. I learned to be on my own.
8. I became much more responsible.
9. I discovered that Letranites are fun to be with.
10. I became more faithful to God Almighty
11. I became more friendly and started to gain several friends and acquaintances.
12. I was able to overcome my fear in speaking in front of so many people.
13. I was able to improve my English skills.
14. I learned that school is not just about studying but enjoying the things you do in that special place.
15. I learned how to manage my valuable time correctly.
16. I learned to take good care of myself more.
17. I became vain and conscious with how I look.
18. I learned how to laugh in the midst of problems school is giving.
19. I discovered that making a project to be submitted the next day is such an enjoying thing to do (though most of the times, it is so annoying).
20. I learned that in whatever aspect of school, Friendship is the first thing that matters.
21. I discovered that you could only meet a number of true friends, those who will continue to be with you no matter what and someone who will never ever take advantage of your skills and intelligence.
22. I discovered that not all boys are rude and mean.
23. I became more serious in achieving my goals and dreams in life.
24. I became closer to my family.
25. I learned how to deal with my emotions correctly without hurting other person.
26. I learned that being close to someone who is already taken can cause a very serious problem.
27. I discovered that having a Boyfriend should be my last priority.
28. I learned how to become mean.
29. I became more mature yet being a child-like still remains in me.

Still not enough. There are a lot more things that I couldn't remember as of the moment. Letran has been the threshold of everything why I became who I am now.

Anyway, I just want you to know that this day is such a fulfillment for me. At last, this day ended the way I want it.