Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A sweet quote from a guy: Love is when I can't pay attention in class because I'm too busy writing her first name with my last.

This day is such a boring and not-so productive day for me and for the rest of my blockmates. We went to school earlier than usual because after almost a week of no classes, here we are again, going to school and meeting each other whom we have missed a lot. As I reached the arc near Letran, I heard someone calling my name. I didn't bother to look back because I was thinking, maybe it wasn't me. But when I passed by the stairs which they usually call 'stairway to heaven', I felt that it was me whom the voice was referring to and thus, I looked back and saw my guy friends. I just stayed there with them as they were waiting for rest of my friends.

I was thinking of our postponed Lit play because for sure, it will be performed today but lucky for us, the professor wasn't around. And since that was our first class and we didn't know where to stay, we decided to just stay in our room and had some chit-chatting. Everyone was noisy, actually. After the bell had rung, Joanne and I decided to go to our next class while the others went to their respective classes, as well. Being handled by a very diligent professor, I, together with my fellow Theo classmates expected that we would really have a discussion and we were right. And after the discussion, an essay type quiz was given.

We took our lunch break. And as we went to our next class, we found out that our professor in SolArchi wasn't around and so, we were happy because we could go home early. We were waiting for our IT Elect professor when suddenly, Eunice came and informed us that our professor in that subject was also absent. While waiting for Dyei, Joanne, Eunice and I stayed in the catwalk and talked about everything that had happened to us these past few days. We talked, chatted and laughed. We also planned about Kath's upcoming birthday on the 31st and the movie watching that we could possibly have on that same day. I hope that everything we have planned will all push through. After that, Joanne, Dyei and I went home already because Eunice needs to attend another class.

I haven't read my notes and I admit, I am too lazy to do that. Well, I have been reading those for how many times and I am sicked already. I decided to just study it tomorrow so that all the things that I have studied will be refreshed. Just wish us luck on our exams tomorrow and on Thursday. I know I don't have to worry much because for sure, God will be there, guiding me and will never let me down.