Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sometimes you can't stop yourself from hoping for yesterday to come back especially when yesterday was the only future you ever wanted and needed from the start.

Today was declared as No Class Day for the Elementary, High School and some Collegiate students. As for Letran, we really don't have classes today in celebration for the feast day of St. Dominic, the founder of the Dominican Order and knowing Letran as a Dominican School, this day is somehow a holiday for us.

Unfortunately, Knights were defeated by the Cardinals this afternoon. Actually, I expected it already because I know how the Knights find it hard to beat the Cardinals. But for me, it is no big deal knowing that Mapua ranks second to the last in the standing. It was an unlucky game for the Knights because they were overpowered for the second time. Better Luck next time for the Knights. There are still next times and they should not disappoint us by that time.

Just a short post for now. I am really not in the mood for posting. I just want you to ask one question: IS IT OKAY TO YOU THAT A GUY FRIEND OF YOURS WILL FALL IN LOVE ON A GIRL FRIEND OF YOURS KNOWING THAT YOU THREE BELONG TO ONE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS WHICH CONSISTS OF MORE THAN 10 AND LESS THAN 20 TEENAGERS? Additional Fact: Almost all the guys on your group had fallen for that one girl plus there is one who courted her just recently yet she didn't give him any chances. And the two guys are really close. What do you think? What are your opinions? No naming names for now. According to the people involve, this should be kept as secret for now (they don't want us to know about this) but I know that everyone in the group deserves to know about this.