Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No matter how many coins you throw into a fountain or the number of fingers you cross, if it is not meant to be, it simply won't happen.

I’ve been very busy these past few days because of our midterm examination. Different feelings and emotions ran over me during those days, happy, sad, annoyance and irritation, name it, all the feelings that someone like me could feel during major exams plus the fact that before I took the exams, something happened unexpectedly which made me feel inspired.

August 13, 2007

I went to school early because of the supposed Visual Basic class however it didn’t went through. My first exam would be at 12nn but I went to school at 10am. I directly went to the Library because Joanne and I would meet there. While I was walking, someone approached me and it was Julius who was going to the library also. Surprisingly, when we opened the door of the library, I already saw JL sitting and leaning his head on the table. He seemed so sleepy and tired after paying the tuition fee.

Anyway, since Eunice is always in the library (Filipiniana Section), we had some chit-chatting. I went back to my seat and studied for my SQA exam which was the first exam that we will be taking. And then, my friends started coming one by one. And to my surprise, someone came and he was none other than my crush.

I was really surprised that I couldn’t look at him knowing that he and my guy friends are friends. Of course, my guy friends greeted him and said hi while me, though I wanted to look at him but I really can’t. It was really hard, you know. I thought he will be sharing the table with us but he didn’t and instead, he sat on the table next to us. He went solo, in short. And since, Joanne was near him, actually, there was only a little space between them, there were times that I looked at him accidentally. What I didn’t know that he was looking at me too. I really can’t explain the feeling whenever our eyes met. It was something different. I can’t understand why whenever I looked at him he was looking at me too. I just don’t know how many times that happened during our stay in the library. Our eyes met for how many times and I can’t explain the feeling.

My friends decided to go out of the library and go to our room. We left him there. We waited for how many minutes for Niko to arrive before we decided to go down using the elevator. When Niko came and we were waiting for the elevator, he went out of the library and of course, he was going down too. When the elevator opened, my guy friends were not gentlemen because they didn’t let us girls to enter the elevator first but instead, they went in first. I thought the he will go in also but to my startle, he didn’t and he let us girls to enter first. When we were inside, I was like frozen delight there because the awkwardness was there. I really don’t know why.

We took the first exam which was SQA and we were classmates in that subject. I felt so inspired while taking the exam because of everything that happened. I know I promised to myself not to fall deeply for him because I don’t have any idea if he has a girlfriend or what. And as a matter of fact, we never talk even once. We’ve been classmates since last semester but we never talked even school-related. And it is so saddening that I don’t have the chance and guts as well to talk or approach him.

August 14, 2007

We only had one set of exam and that was IT Elective. I went to school early for the second time because I will be teaching Kath, my friend, about Subnetting. When I reached the library, I already saw Joanne and Kath and I started teaching her right away. She was able to learn it easily and then, I studied for the exam.

We proceeded to the room and took the exam. Good thing, I studied this morning about the TCP/IP Protocol Suite or else, the essay part would be blanked. Actually, I was guilty about the leakage thingy. I shouldn’t have listened to them. But I promise I won’t listen to any leakage anymore. It will be so unfair to my classmates.

After the exams, we went home right away because we will be having three sets of exams for Wednesday and all requires memorization.

Happy 25th Monthsary THINE ICED!

August 15, 2007

This is one of the most annoying days of the week. I went to school earlier than the usual time for some review but to my dismay, it was announced that classes are suspended. To make it worst, I just arrived and swiped my ID and then announcement was made that there will be no classes.

I went to the library because Eunice and JL were there. I just waited for the library to close then we went down. We waited for Joanne because she was in the LRT when the announcement was made. We talked for a while and decided to go home. After all, Kuya Ojie saw me and asked me to go with him since he will be going home too.

Joanne decided to ride an LRT while Kuya Ojie and I rode a jeep. It was a bit traffic on our place and as we went home, the sun showed already. They shouldn’t have cut the classes because the sun shined already. The exams for today were moved to Wednesday next week and I really don’t like the idea. They should have moved it on Friday so we will not bother much about it next week and we could focus already on other requirements and projects. Tomorrow will be another no class day. The exams for tomorrow will be moved next week and we are still waiting for any announcements.