Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him.

This morning when I, together with my classmates were waiting for my professor to arrive, something came to my mind that I really wanna post here. I know it seems so funny but I do wanna post it here. It is about the things I love and learned in Letran. Though at times, I felt so bad because of the school works that my Alma Mater continues to give me, still, there are these things (weird at times) that I learned from my beloved school and those things are the reasons why I chose to remain loyal to my dear Alma Mater. Those things that will always be part of me no matter what. Those things that will forever be in my heart because it brought out the real me yet never changed who I really am.

I love Colegio de San Juan de Letran because that is the place where...
1. I met this troop of genuine and wonderful friends.
2. I learned to love Basketaball much more.
3. I learned how to stand on my beliefs.
4. I enjoyed every minute that I am in school.
5. I felt that I am more loved and cared by those people around me.
6. I discovered that going out with my genuine friends is much more enjoying and blissful.
7. I learned to be on my own.
8. I became much more responsible.
9. I discovered that Letranites are fun to be with.
10. I became more faithful to God Almighty
11. I became more friendly and started to gain several friends and acquaintances.
12. I was able to overcome my fear in speaking in front of so many people.
13. I was able to improve my English skills.
14. I learned that school is not just about studying but enjoying the things you do in that special place.
15. I learned how to manage my valuable time correctly.
16. I learned to take good care of myself more.
17. I became vain and conscious with how I look.
18. I learned how to laugh in the midst of problems school is giving.
19. I discovered that making a project to be submitted the next day is such an enjoying thing to do (though most of the times, it is so annoying).
20. I learned that in whatever aspect of school, Friendship is the first thing that matters.
21. I discovered that you could only meet a number of true friends, those who will continue to be with you no matter what and someone who will never ever take advantage of your skills and intelligence.
22. I discovered that not all boys are rude and mean.
23. I became more serious in achieving my goals and dreams in life.
24. I became closer to my family.
25. I learned how to deal with my emotions correctly without hurting other person.
26. I learned that being close to someone who is already taken can cause a very serious problem.
27. I discovered that having a Boyfriend should be my last priority.
28. I learned how to become mean.
29. I became more mature yet being a child-like still remains in me.

Still not enough. There are a lot more things that I couldn't remember as of the moment. Letran has been the threshold of everything why I became who I am now.

Anyway, I just want you to know that this day is such a fulfillment for me. At last, this day ended the way I want it.