Friday, June 30, 2006

Busy Again?!

another busy week has ended and i really felt tired for those school works that i have accomplished and will finish. it is really not easy being a college student coz right now, i'm feeling the pressure. a lot of works to do plus the fact that i'm an officer of the organization of our course. gosh!!! i really don't know what to do. i think, i'm going crazy. haha. =D

last tuesday, our proposed title and statement were approved by my english prof. yeah and i can't believe that. our topic is about the DESKTOP and LAPTOP COMPUTERS. we still need to accomplish the survey thingy wherein we are required to seek for 50 respondets which are LETRAN IT STUDENTS. haha. =D not that hard.

i'm starting to love BOWLING. hehe. =D its fun to play talaga and knowing that i can hit several pins makes me glad. haha. =D i learned the foot works already and hopefully, i could be a better bowler in the future. damn that!!! BOWLING just replaced my interest in TENNIS. hehe. =p

SUPERMAN is now on theaters nationwide but i don't have any interest watching that. i still prefer THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS TOKYO DRIFT which you know, i haven't watched pa. hehe. =D i'm still finding time so i could watch. according to those people who watched SUPERMAN RETURNS, it was really disappointing. the scenes were really predictable and they were not satisfied. so, i guess, i will not watch it na lang. hehe. =D

i have so many things to accomplish pa for the next two days.
*THEO - quiz on notes 1
*HISTO - the activity
*PHILO - quiz on predicable, predicament and definition
*LOGIC - the flowchart
*ENG - quiz on research
*PHYSICS - worded problems
*RIZAL - the presentation

aside form that, we still need to watch the game on monday at 2:00pm. CSJL will be facing the SSC-R [ata] not yet sure pa about the opponent. so i think, i will be very busy for the next two days. haaaay.

i'll just end my post here. next time na lang uli. =D

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Let the Games begin!!!

00today, the NCAA short for NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION officially began. sadly, DYEI and i didn't got the chance to watch because we were scared that we might get wet if if we go. hehe. =D just last night, we were talking if we will watch or not but this morning, she decided not to go and i too. and because i have cough and cold pa. the 82nd season's motto is [edit] "PROUD AND TRUE AT 82: BLAZING BEYOND LIMITS" [/edit] but i'm not happy with the mascot. hehe. =D OCTO-ONE is still the BEST!!!

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i ended up watching the opening ceremony on television. =D i saw SAN BEDA's lineup and it is true that they have fil-am players. hehe. =p i hope those players are 'banban' haha. *peace out* but then, kinda nervous [??] because most of LETRAN's keyplayers graduated already and it is only BOYET BAUTISTA and AARON ABAN will be the KNIGHTS IN SHINING ARMOUR. but i hope, those new players will do their best to win again. =D again, everybody is still looking forward on LETRAN and PCU match-up and they believe that LETRAN will be the team to beat again this season. so, i'm expecting another wonderful and successful season of NCAA. i hope that LETRAN will capture again the crown.

after the opening ceremony, the games began right away. first game was between the host BENILDE and the champs LETRAN. well, who do you expect to win?? of course, LETRAN. we got the game one. the game ended with LETRAN's having a score of 65-44. look,, it was 'tambak'. they played really well though ABAN was in the bench because of injury. JAZUL was named the BEST PLAYER.

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yesterday, i found out that i was recommended by my second sem prof to be the ASSISTANT SECRETARY of LCS [LETRAN COMPUTER SOCIETY], the official org of the IT students. waaah!!! i didn't expect that. hehe. =D i hope that it will not affect my studies. i don't want to cut classes noh. =D after my class yesterday, i attended the meeting and they were really nice even our adviser. i just wish that un nga, it will not affect my academics coz you know, if it will affect, then i should back out na. sorry but my education is my first priority. =D

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i have so many things to do pa. waaah!!! i can't believe that it will be this hard to be a sophomore IT student. hehe. =D i'll end this up na. bye!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


this week is a very busy week for all of us. grabeeeee. cramming talaga. =/ i'm really tired na talaga and bagsak na ung katawan ko. i'll just summarize the things that happened from monday till now.

our classes were full of discussion. i really felt bored especially on my HISTO. i really don't now why i feel boring during that subject. =/ full of laughters naman ung PHILO namin. SIR HARLEM was really funny. hehe. =D we studied ADDITION and SUBTRACTION of NUMBER SYSTEM during our LOGIC. it was kinda hard but i do understood the topic naman eh.

waaaah!!! i was really tired talaga on this day. first, ENGLISH. since, our prof was 'malat' that time, she asked me if i could be the prof for the day. before we went to the library, i explained to them what my prof had told me. first subject pa lang, we felt tired na. because we have to search 50 books, 10 each topic and write its author and title on yellow paper. well, sadly, we didn't finished it. during break, we didn't eat, instead we accomplished our lab report in PHYSICS. hassle talaga. =/ then, we have to pass it before our time. we saw our prof going to the library and we were still doubting if we should follow her or just wait for her. but we ended up following her to the lib and searched for her. fortunately, we find her and then we passed the lab report. then, we just watched the film JOSE RIZAL during our RIZAL class but we haven't finished it pa and we have to continue it next meeting. then, we attended our PE/BOWLING session at AMF PUYAT. a lot of fun but kinda annoying because instead of riding a LRT, we just rode a jeepney. i was with DYEI, EUNICE, IAN, JL, REX, JULIUS, ARNIE, PAUL [sorry for those people i didn't mention, i forgot xe eh.] too bad, i didn't enjoy the ride because of something that had happened. it was kinda personal eh. i'm sorry if couldn't mention it here. but i was glad because i got a STRIKE. haha. =D it was a fulfillment on my part. haha. =D

i really enjoy this day. i just laugh and laugh all day. hehe. =D they were funny xe eh. we had a convocation and we just stood for about an hour and a half. though, it was really hot, i enjoyed it naman bcoz of those funny things that had happened. =D

i'll just share to you the kiligness i felt because of JASMINE's line in MY GIRL last monday. JASMINE said to JULIAN, "di ka dapat maging mabait sa akin, naisip mo ba, panu kung ma-in love ako sa'yo." waaaah. kakakilig talaga. =D

i'll end up my post na. i have so many things to accomplish pa eh.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!!!

today is FATHER'S DAY and i am not that happy knowing that my dad wasn't here right now. he's working abroad and he will be going here again next year, on my debut na. so, it will take a lot of time before we could see him again. but i texted him na and he called already. for me, HE IS THE BEST DAD!!! and i will never ever search for another dad bcoz no one can take his place here in my heart.

nywei, i just finished reviewing my PHILOSOPHY lessons and i'm done with my assignments in PHILO and HISTO. =D gosh!!! i find it really difficult to answer my assignment in PHILO because it is really hard talaga. the terms used in PHILO was very comlicated that's why it took me long hours studying but sad to say, i didn't understand it fully. hehe. =D

i've been addicted to HANGAROO these past few days. hehe. =D the game is so cute eh. =p it is really entertaining and it exercises my mind. haha. =D

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you know what guys, i got a big crush on PBBTE's ALDRED GATCHALIAN. =D he is super duper cute. actually, from the very start of PBBTE, he was my bet na that's why i felt sad when i knew that he will be going out of the house. but he is really lucky coz among the teen housemates, he is the most famous because of his looks, charm and talent. i am always tongue-tied with his dimples. waaaah!!! =D

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Muling Ibalik??

so, i got a computer class today. i woke up at 8:30am and left the house at 11:00am. DYEI was an early bird talaga. i texted her at around 11:30am and she was there at the campus already. that's why, when i arrived at school, i saw her right away with, you know, GIAN and ARNIE. hehe. =D then, my other blockmates started to arrive one by one. we were talking then, when suddenly, DYEI interrupted telling me: "si EYESIE oh?!" well, EYESIE was my ex-crush, take note, EX-CRUSH. i don't have any crush on him anymore. actually, my crushness [??] on him just lasted for two weeks or less. and he is our classmate in our computer class every friday.

we went upstairs and waited for a while. then, our professor came and we entered the room. gosh, we had a quiz!!! good thing, he reviewed us on what he had discussed last meeting. it was his fault not to invite us to that d*mn yahoo group. =D i hope to receive his invitation before friday comes. i was kinda confused with some of the questions but i wish to pass it. yeah, i really want to pass the first quiz so i could make an impression. haha. =D

after the quiz, we had a break. we went to the canteen and saw our guy blockmates there chatting. =D they were inviting us, girls to join them coz they were planning to stroll around SM MALL OF ASIA. but we turned them down. hehe. =D after 15 minutes, we started to walk towards the room and the boys saw GICO, GIAN's younger bro. and they ended up, teasing DYEI to GICO. hehe. =D *peace*

after a long discussion, the class was dismissed. yey!!! i was waiting for that to happen. hehe. =D DYEI and i went to SM SAN LAZARO to check for the history book that our professor told us to buy but unfortunately, we didn't find the book. :c i just decided to buy tomorrow.

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS TOKYO DRIFT is now showing and i've been yearning for it for so long. i wish i could watch the film in theater but if i could'nt make it, i will surely buy a DVD of that. waaaah!! i really love those cars there. they are really great and ASTIG!!!

i've been terribly addicted to the anime SUPER GALS! haha. =D AYA's character is really cute and i love the story between her and REI. =p kakakilig. hehe. =D

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy 11th Monthsary!!!

a month to go and THINE ICED will going to celebrate our 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY. i know i should be glad because we will be going to turn one but the sad part is that, AHYAN and DYAN are not here. and actually, we don't have any constant communication with them. DYAN left us when we were just 1st year. thanks to friendster, the only communication we have as of now. though, there's this cellfone, but still, we can't contact her. :c we don't have any news about her. we thought that she would be studying again at LETRAN this semester but sad to know, she didn't. then, we just got this news that AHYAN transferred to a new school but we don't know where. though, there's no confirmation at all, but still we are sure because she was not enrolled this semester at the colegio. we haven't seen her since the first day of class. during vacation, i used to text her but there was no reply. we don't have any news about her and thats make us feel sad knowing that we are 'kulang na'. but i hope, as we turn one, AHYAN and DYAN will surprise us by their presence. i'm looking forward to that.

yesterday was a tiring day for all of us. after our 1:30pm class, we went straightly to AMF PUYAT BOWLING AND BILLIARDS to attend our PE class. it was a hassle actually. we have to ride a train [LRT] from CENTRAL to QUIRINO then we have to walk a few meters [??] just to reach our destination. but gladly, we really enjoyed BOWLING. we just threw the ball to the lane so that we could experience playing then on the next meetings, they will going to teach us the footworks and some techniques. hehe. =D i was happy to meet BONG COO, one of the finest bowling superstars of our country. in fact, i told my mom that if i could really learn this sport, i will pursue. i mean, i would do a lot of practices and hopefully, to compete with other professional bowlers. that is if i could learn. haha. =D

so, i'll just end my post here. i have so many things to do. we have quizzes, assignment and recitation tomorrow eh.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Independence Day!!!

i woke up early coz i had so many things to accomplish, my assignments of course. i ate my breakfast first so i could have lots of energy. hehe. =p then, i opened my pc when suddenly, KUYA NIKO texted me. special thanks to him for helping me in my LOGIC's assignment.

since i finished my assignment in PHYSICS, i started looking for my LOGIC's. and it was kinda annoying because i find it hard to search for that topic [ARITHMETIC OPERATION ON NUMBER SYSTEM].

i'm currently drinking COKE FLOAT of MCDO. its been a long time since i last drunk FLOAT eh. hehe. =D it is YUMMY as ever.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Its Bowling Time

just last night, i asked DADDY CARLO about BOWLING, anything and everything about that sport because as you know, BOWLING is my PE this semester. and because i was so eager to know, he decided to bring us to AMF PUYAT BOWLING AND BILLIARDS, which will be the venue of our PE every tuesday afternoon.

after attending 9:30 mass at IMMACULATE CONCEPTION PARISH and eating lunch at my grandma's house, DADDY CARLO brought me, EJ and CAMILLE to that place nga. i knew already how to get there na. haha. =D anywei, as we entered, we haven't seen people playing.

at first, we borrowed bowling shoes there. i was surprised to find out that the shoes that fits me is size 4. so now, i know, what size to borrow on tuesday. hehe. =p then, after a lot of changing of shoes that happened, we chose bowling balls. i chose the one that was not so heavy and its color was orange. hehe. =D

you won't believe me but at first, i was nervous because i might not hit any pin. haha. =D but fortunately, when i released the ball, i hit pins, take note PINS with S and i was so glad that i hit not only one. hehe. =D then, there were times that i haven't hit any pin. haha. =D it was so funny.

then, there were people kept on coming na and they were playing too. and i envy them because they were so great. they actually got a SPARE and even a STRIKE. waaaaa. kainggit!!! but i know someday, i could do that too. hehe. =D

i thought, playing bowling was difficult and hard to learn but when you are on the lane already and you start playing, you will realize it's not. actually, it is very enjoying and fun to play. i'm planning to have a bowling lesson on summer vacation. hehe. =D i'm starting to love bowling na. i might consider it as one of my favorite sports. =p

and because of that, i'm excited to play bowling again on tuesday.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Perfect Guy for Me.

The Perfect Guy (For Girls)

1. his hair color? black/brown, highlights will do.
2. his eye color? brown.
3. his height? basta taller than me. =D
4. does he have a six pack? kahit wala, okei lang.
5. is his hair long or short? of course, short.
6. does he wear glasses? nope, shades will do. haha. =p
7. does he have piercings? only earrings only but as much as possible, wala.
8. does he have scars? nope.
9. would he stay on the phone with you until 2 a.m.? yup.
10. is his butt big or little? kahit ano. i got big butt naman eh. haha. =D
11. does he have chest hair? nope.
12. is he buff or skinny? whatever. yoko ng super skinny.
13. straight teeth a must? yup.
14. is he funny or serious? funny, of course.
15. does he like to party or stay at home? both. hehe. =D
16. should he cook? definitely, yes.
17. should he have a best friend? guy best friend. haha. =p
18. should he have alot of female friends? nope, onti lang.
19. is he outgoing or shy? outgoing just like me.
20. is he sarcastic or sincere? sincere, of course.
21. should he love his mother? yeah.
22. should he watch chick flicks? not really.
23. would he be a smoker? a big NO.
24. would he drink? sort of.
25. would he swear? its okei, kahit hindi.
26. would he play with your hair? yeah.
27. is his clothes style important? yup.
28. would he pay for somes dates? of course. haha. =D
29. does he kiss on the first date? nope.
30. would he call you everyday? kahit hindi.
31. would he bring you flowers? of course. hehe. =D
32. would he lay under the stars with you? yeah. [how sweet!!!]
33. would he write poetry about you? yeah. =D
34. would he call you baby? not necessarily.
35. would he hang out with you and your friends? yeah.
36. would you hang out with him and his friends? yeah.
37. would he walk you to the door at the end? of course, yes.
38. holding hands? yeahh.
39. does he play soccer? kahit hindi.
40. does he play baseball? nope.
41. does he play basketball? a big YES. =D
42. does he play football? nope.
43. would he have alot of things in common with you? yeah. =p
44. would he be the type to always tell you his feelings? yeah.
45. would he three-way you with his best guy friend? nope.
46. would he three-way you with his last girlfriend? NOPE. =D
47. would he sing for you? definitely, yes. haha. =D
48. is he musical? yeah.
49. would he introduce you to his parents? certainly, YES.
50. would he leave you messages for you to wake up to? yeah. hehe. =p
51. is it important to have him in check? yeah.
52. is he artistic? not necessarily.
53. if he calls five times a day, do you tell you friends he's sprung? nope.
54. would he talk alot about his ex-girlfriends? NO.
55. would he give you any reason to think he was cheating? nope.
56. would he watch the sun rise with you? yeah.
57. would he take you for walks in the park? yup.
58. how old is he? older than me, of course.
59. is he very smart or average? average will do. =D
60. what is the most important thing in a relationship? trust, sincerity, honesty, understanding, loyalty and of course, LOVE.

i'm in the lazy mood right now that's why, i just decided to answer this survey from x_surveys. well, DYEI had answered this already as far as i can remember.

Friday, June 9, 2006

sad to say but we do had our class today on DATABASE, a major subject. since today is friday, i decided to wear civilian because from what we asked to one of the guards, it is allowed to wear civilian during friday.

anywei, i arrived at LETRAN around 11:40am and i saw lots of freshmen there who just finished their NSTP class. some of them wore NSTP uniform and most of them wore civilian. hehe. =D as i went inside, i saw lots of people in the CATWALK. i started looking for DYEI because i know she will arrive early but unfortunately, i didn't see her. and because of that, i started texting her, even EUNICE and JOANNE. hehe. =D and finally, JOANNE came. then, DYEI arrived together with JEQ, GIAN and ARNIE.

we went up and attended our COMP CLASS. MR. DE LEON is our prof and though he doesn't looks like a professor, but still, he's a good professor. i really do understand the lesson a while ago because he explained it well. actually, he's young pa because he just graduated last 2001 and finished his masteral last year. CONGRATZ to him!!! haha. =D

our section have lots of new classmates and i feel that it will be a crowded room if all of us are present. another 'nakakahiyang' experience was happened to me. when DYEI saw JOSHUA and she approached me while saying: "cez, ayan na ung hinahanap mo" and as i turned my head to see who that one was, i saw JOSHUA and take note, he did the same thing. then i turned to EUNICE and we both laughed. it was 'nakakahiya' talaga because JOSHUA thought that we were laughing at him. and JOSHUA is our classmate in our major subject but he was absent kanina. but i don't have any crush nor admiration to that guy.

after the class, EUNICE, the debutant, treated me and DYEI to PIZZA HUT at SM MANILA. "thanks for that!!!" we just laughed and laughed there. hehe. =D their CHEEZY VOLCANO was really yummy. hehe. =D it was my first time to taste that eh. hehe. =D after eating, we went home already and there my day was.

"thanks for the treat"

Thursday, June 8, 2006

First Day High

i can say that my first four days as COLLEGE SOPHOMORE were quite good and very tiring. my PROFESSORS were really diligent because last monday, the first day, some of them made a discussion already and that made them annoying for me. hehe. =D but then, i was glad when i saw again my friends and blockmates. =D

i've been very busy these past few days accomplishing assignments, take note, ASSIGNMENTS with S. hehe. =D oh my, those professors gave us lots of stuffs to do at home and it made me brainsick. haha. =p i used to face my pc to research for the things about that assigments and it took me long hours to search. that's why, i haven't been posting for the last four days.

anywei, i just share to you my assessment and evaluation about my professors. hehe. =D

MR. ZAMORA [theo] ~ my theo prof AGAIN. he's been our prof when we were 1st year during 1st sem. so, we didn't adjust anymore since we knew him already and he knew us too. as usual, he's so nice and very friendly.
MR. AGNES [histo] ~ new prof in the colegio but it was not his first time to teach. he is also a histo prof in FEU i supposed. honestly, i don't like him but who knows, i might like his way of teaching soon. but right now, he has to prove something. haha. =D
MR. GUAB [philo] ~ i so love his way of teaching. he's great and explains everything well. i guess he's just young but he's perception about things were really deep and influencing. he often uses words with deeper meaning, i mean, those words which are new to us.
MR. EISMA [logic] ~ my prof in one of my majors. hehe. =d he's good and nice too. i hope, he will not change. a good prof i guess. he tends to explain each lesson well. and he used to entertain our questions without hesitation. but what i really love about him is his LAPTOP. haha. =D
MS. RIVERA [eng] ~ another second timer prof. haha. =D she was our english prof when we were in 1st year, 2nd sem.
ENGR. SANCHEZ [physics] ~ one of the nicest prof i ever met. a good professor too. i think, her subject would be an interesting one because of her and i might love physics too with the way she teaches. hehe. =D
MS. TENDA [rizal] ~ her voice is like ISABEL OLI's. hehe. =D very feminine. but i was not impressed with the way she explains.
MS. DAVID [pe] ~ a terror prof i guess. hehe. =D she's the head of the PE DEPT. that's why we are really scared of her. hehe. =d but i hope, she would be nice too. and i wish i would really learn a lot about bowling.

i still have another professor to meet by tomorrow. it will be our first time to attend our subject about database, another major subject.

and before i forgot, EUNICE's 18th birthday tomorrow. =D she's of legal age already and i envy her for that. haha. i'm just kidding. actually, DYEI and i bought presents for her. i hope she like it. =D

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Bye, Bye Vacation!!!

well, for me, VACATION is finally OVER!!! waaaah. i'm not yet ready to study again. haha. =D tomorrow will be my first day as a COLLEGE SOPHOMORE. it seems that time moved so fast on me. it was just our SENIOR GRADUATION then, when suddenly here i am, a college sophomore already. oh my, i can't believe that i'm almost grown up na. just a year to go and i will be finally a LADY. i will be turning 18 on 2007 and i can't wait. hehe. =D

right now, i'm nervous already. i'm not ready to face those professors again. i just wish they will be as nice as my professors before. but then, aside from nervousness, there is also the feeling of excitement. of course, i'm going to see my friends and blockmates again. but for sure, we will going to have new classmates because according to the news that my KUYA NIKO told me last week, there will only be 5 sections unlike before which was 6. so, hopefully, they will be nice and very friendly. and also, i hope that they could ride on to our 'kalokohans'. hehe. =D

my uniforms are all ready but the one who will going to wear it is not. hehe. =D i wish that the opening of classes tomorrow will be successful.

Friday, June 2, 2006

my post is about what happened yesterday. okay?? this day is very boring for me eh.

i want to thank those people for their compliments on me. hehe. =D i just want to tell those people that i'm really grateful that they appreciated me, my BEAUTY. haha. =D 'coz there were those people who vocally told me that i'm BEAUTIFUL. thanks again for that. am i beautiful?? i don't think so. haha. =D

anywei, my mom and i just strolled around TUTUBAN CENTERMALL yesterday. she bought me a cute top. i don't know how to call it but it is really cute. i so love it. =D actually, that top has a touch of blue. it is see through but you still have to wear a spaghetti top inside.

as we were riding a jeepney coz we were heading home already, we were both surprised to see my former classmate MAMAY and her mom, TITA MARITA riding the same jeep with us. my mom was the one who did the talking. hehe. =D actually, i got quite disappointed 'coz i didn't have the time to mingle and chat with MAMAY bcoz they were going to SM eh. i wish i could have time to visit her one day. she was still the same MAMAY i've known before. nothing has changed. i miss her so much. she's been my best friend since elementary and we don't have any communication right now except text. though, their house is just walking distance from ours, still, i can't find time visiting her. but i'm so glad that i saw her again after how many months or years, i guess. she's still my best friend and DYEI of course, is my best friend too.

[edit] and by the way, my former classmates JOSHUA and SERJ came to our house to visit me and of course, to get their cds. yehey!!! i have money again. haha. =D they stayed here for a couple of hours [ain't sure]. we just talked and talked. hehe. =p and then, i cooked merienda for them. then, we surfed the net, watched videos using YOU TUBE. when the rain stopped, they went home already. haaaaay. i miss them too. i wish CAMILLE, NINIA, JOSI, MEAN and VHAN were here too. well, it's been a long time since i last saw them and i can't wait to see them again. and VHAN is now here in the PHILIPPINES with her baby. [/edit]

so, that's the end of my post. i can't find pics to post in here eh. just visit my picturetrail account. the link can be find on my CONTACTS section of this blog.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

New Layout

it is pretty obvious that i got a new layout and i so love it. =D it is really cute and the words on top really have deeper meaning for me. haha. =D

anywei, i'm still downloading songs just what i was doing these past few days. i have to finish those cds before the classes begin. i hope to finish those by tomorrow.

my stomach is aching right now and i don't know why. maybe because i just started doing sit-ups every morning and before i go to bed. well, i have to do that. hehe. =D i gained weight and i need to take diet seriously.

by the way, i watched this koreanovela in ABS-CBN entitled MY GIRL. i got hooked with it. the story is really cute as well as the characters there. i so love the character of JASMINE and the cuteness of JULIAN. haha. =D actually, they're BAGAY. haha. =D the chemistry is good plus it is really funny. =p just try watching it and i'm pretty sure, you'll love it.

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