Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Perfect Guy for Me.

The Perfect Guy (For Girls)

1. his hair color? black/brown, highlights will do.
2. his eye color? brown.
3. his height? basta taller than me. =D
4. does he have a six pack? kahit wala, okei lang.
5. is his hair long or short? of course, short.
6. does he wear glasses? nope, shades will do. haha. =p
7. does he have piercings? only earrings only but as much as possible, wala.
8. does he have scars? nope.
9. would he stay on the phone with you until 2 a.m.? yup.
10. is his butt big or little? kahit ano. i got big butt naman eh. haha. =D
11. does he have chest hair? nope.
12. is he buff or skinny? whatever. yoko ng super skinny.
13. straight teeth a must? yup.
14. is he funny or serious? funny, of course.
15. does he like to party or stay at home? both. hehe. =D
16. should he cook? definitely, yes.
17. should he have a best friend? guy best friend. haha. =p
18. should he have alot of female friends? nope, onti lang.
19. is he outgoing or shy? outgoing just like me.
20. is he sarcastic or sincere? sincere, of course.
21. should he love his mother? yeah.
22. should he watch chick flicks? not really.
23. would he be a smoker? a big NO.
24. would he drink? sort of.
25. would he swear? its okei, kahit hindi.
26. would he play with your hair? yeah.
27. is his clothes style important? yup.
28. would he pay for somes dates? of course. haha. =D
29. does he kiss on the first date? nope.
30. would he call you everyday? kahit hindi.
31. would he bring you flowers? of course. hehe. =D
32. would he lay under the stars with you? yeah. [how sweet!!!]
33. would he write poetry about you? yeah. =D
34. would he call you baby? not necessarily.
35. would he hang out with you and your friends? yeah.
36. would you hang out with him and his friends? yeah.
37. would he walk you to the door at the end? of course, yes.
38. holding hands? yeahh.
39. does he play soccer? kahit hindi.
40. does he play baseball? nope.
41. does he play basketball? a big YES. =D
42. does he play football? nope.
43. would he have alot of things in common with you? yeah. =p
44. would he be the type to always tell you his feelings? yeah.
45. would he three-way you with his best guy friend? nope.
46. would he three-way you with his last girlfriend? NOPE. =D
47. would he sing for you? definitely, yes. haha. =D
48. is he musical? yeah.
49. would he introduce you to his parents? certainly, YES.
50. would he leave you messages for you to wake up to? yeah. hehe. =p
51. is it important to have him in check? yeah.
52. is he artistic? not necessarily.
53. if he calls five times a day, do you tell you friends he's sprung? nope.
54. would he talk alot about his ex-girlfriends? NO.
55. would he give you any reason to think he was cheating? nope.
56. would he watch the sun rise with you? yeah.
57. would he take you for walks in the park? yup.
58. how old is he? older than me, of course.
59. is he very smart or average? average will do. =D
60. what is the most important thing in a relationship? trust, sincerity, honesty, understanding, loyalty and of course, LOVE.

i'm in the lazy mood right now that's why, i just decided to answer this survey from x_surveys. well, DYEI had answered this already as far as i can remember.

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