Friday, June 16, 2006

Muling Ibalik??

so, i got a computer class today. i woke up at 8:30am and left the house at 11:00am. DYEI was an early bird talaga. i texted her at around 11:30am and she was there at the campus already. that's why, when i arrived at school, i saw her right away with, you know, GIAN and ARNIE. hehe. =D then, my other blockmates started to arrive one by one. we were talking then, when suddenly, DYEI interrupted telling me: "si EYESIE oh?!" well, EYESIE was my ex-crush, take note, EX-CRUSH. i don't have any crush on him anymore. actually, my crushness [??] on him just lasted for two weeks or less. and he is our classmate in our computer class every friday.

we went upstairs and waited for a while. then, our professor came and we entered the room. gosh, we had a quiz!!! good thing, he reviewed us on what he had discussed last meeting. it was his fault not to invite us to that d*mn yahoo group. =D i hope to receive his invitation before friday comes. i was kinda confused with some of the questions but i wish to pass it. yeah, i really want to pass the first quiz so i could make an impression. haha. =D

after the quiz, we had a break. we went to the canteen and saw our guy blockmates there chatting. =D they were inviting us, girls to join them coz they were planning to stroll around SM MALL OF ASIA. but we turned them down. hehe. =D after 15 minutes, we started to walk towards the room and the boys saw GICO, GIAN's younger bro. and they ended up, teasing DYEI to GICO. hehe. =D *peace*

after a long discussion, the class was dismissed. yey!!! i was waiting for that to happen. hehe. =D DYEI and i went to SM SAN LAZARO to check for the history book that our professor told us to buy but unfortunately, we didn't find the book. :c i just decided to buy tomorrow.

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS TOKYO DRIFT is now showing and i've been yearning for it for so long. i wish i could watch the film in theater but if i could'nt make it, i will surely buy a DVD of that. waaaah!! i really love those cars there. they are really great and ASTIG!!!

i've been terribly addicted to the anime SUPER GALS! haha. =D AYA's character is really cute and i love the story between her and REI. =p kakakilig. hehe. =D

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