Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You get in the biggest fights with the people you love the most, because those are the relationships you are willing to fight for.

After two days of no classes, here we are again, going back to school and attending classes like we always do. We had a 5-day break and I actually hate it for the mere fact that I still want to stay in school rather than here in the house. Maybe, because I'm so fed up with doing all the same stuffs everyday. And when I'm school, I feel happier because of my friends who never fail to make me laugh. They are the number one reason why I want to be in school, well, aside from allowance, of course. No dull moments when I am with them. I just love their company.

This day is not as sensible as you could imagine. The only thing I can remember today was our quiz in Comp303 which was partly difficult. Good thing, I was able to study and answer the questions correctly. Though I wasn't sure with some of my answers. Plus the fun discussion we had during our PolSci class. Too bad, I wasn't called for the recitation because I was really prepared. I memorized Preamble and I was really ready to recite but unlucky for me, I wasn't called though some were. Good for them.

A close friend of mine found out about this blog of mine. I wasn't really expecting that he'll found this out because I didn't give any clues about this. But, he searched through Google a keyword and my blog came out. Yeah, Niko, I'm pertaining to you. If you're reading this, oh well, welcome to my blog. Haha :) You see David Cook everywhere? Just to let you know, he is my obsession. And I know, you have read something about him (you know who I'm talking about), please, just keep your mouth shut. Haha :) That is a must, please keep in mind. Now, you have something to blackmail me. And one more thing, stop teasing me to him because I know I will blush. Hahaha :D You are my Kuya so just be nice to your little sister, okay?

Niko is one of the closest guy friends I have and I'm very thankful I have found a brother in him. I could say anything to him without any hesitations. He is actually one of the few people whom I told about the family problem we had a couple of years ago. And I'm so happy because he supported me all the way.

Anyway, a lot of tasks to do and accomplish and good thing, we have taken the first step and we're doing well. I won't give so much details regarding the Thesis and Seminar Workshop but I tell you now, it is getting better. Hopefully, everything will be fine.

And one more thing, I want to watch the Pep Rally tomorrow because Chicosci and Calla Lily will be there to perform. But I have a problem. My mom doesn't allow me to sleep overnight into another's house and with that, I don't know how will I go home. Probably, the event will end late, around 12am or 1am and I'm so scared to commute. We can't say eh, I'm really scared to ride jeepney because it is really late already. Oh well, I hope I could decide by tomorrow. I really want to watch, promise. Please help me decide.

Opening of NCAA on Saturday and I'm so anxious to watch. But I'm still undecided because I'm waiting for my friends' decision. I hope they'll come.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Why don’t I want to be with someone else? Simple and obvious. There’s only one him.

School is like hell. There's no doubt about it. I've been really thinking a lot about the tasks that we need to accomplish this semester. I can clearly imagine how difficult it would be. Thesis, Seminar Workshop, Quizzes, Assignments and Projects are being given all at the same time. As my group decided to look for a new school to be used in our thesis, several problems started to arise. Well, we really need to do that or else, we're doomed. It is a risky move that we need to take. And hopefully, everything will be fine. I admit, I'm so worried about everything, most especially, our thesis. I just can't afford to fail it or what. I just want to finish that effin' thesis and pass the subject. That's what I really want.

Aside from my thesis, we have this subject called Seminar Workshop wherein we will be planning, organizing and conducting an IT-related seminar. It isn't easy, I tell you now. It is like planning a party. Actually, I feel like I'm throwing another debut celebration. Everything must be well-planned. Unfortunately, I was chosen to be the leader of the group and I have no choice. This is actually one of the things that makes me go crazy. Planning for it has never been an easy task and I badly need the help of my groupmates and luckily, they are more than willing to do so. I'm hoping and praying that we can pull off a very successful seminar on the 26th of September. We are actually the last group to be conducting the seminar and the the pressure's on us. Why? Because I know other groups will surely set the bar high and we should make sure that the best seminar will be ours.

I'm gonna stop blabbing about the pain in the ass school works given on us but instead, join me as I celebrate the latest victory of the Boston Celtics as they grabbed their 17th NBA Championship Title by defeating their rival, Los Angeles Lakers. I'm not a big fan of the Celtics because I'm a Detroit girl from the very beginning but Ray Allen is just one of my favorite NBA players of all time. He is actually one of the best shooters in the league. Aside from him, I'm a huge fan of Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups and Tony Parker. It was actually the sweetest victory ever. If I'm not mistaken, their last championship was on season '86-'87.

Boston's big three has become the thorns on the part of the Lakers, particularly Kobe Bryant. They really find it hard to beat the best team of the season. Lakers haven't beaten the Celtics during the elimination round and during the playoffs, they just beaten them twice. Because of the recently concluded NBA finals, my love for basketball has been revived. It was one of the best playoff series ever in the history. Two great teams battled it out for the championship crown.

I just enjoyed watching it. Actually, most of my classmates used to came late in class because they have to finish the game first before leaving the house. Good thing, our house is just near the school where I go to, that's why I can still finish the entire game before leaving. Game 6 was the much awaited game of the series because everyone was expecting for the Celtics' triumph and the team didn't disappoint them rather us. Well, most of the students and even professors are Boston fans. When I arrived in school last Wednesday, loud noises were heard everywhere as if they were part of the victory. But all in all, it was really fun watching Boston Celtics won over Los Angeles Lakers. I was the only one in the house who was happy for the victory because all of them were in favor of the Lakers. Too bad for them. Congrats Boston Celtics!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It is better if someone doesn't recognize you existence rather than a person that knows you exist yet gives you no worth.

OMG! I have experienced the worst first week ever. Having the worst schedule and working with professors you do not like, is there any reason to feel happy? Well, except for friends, of course. That's the only reason why I want to go to Letran and attend classes. If only we have the best schedule and professors, perhaps, I'll be happier.

The classes in Letran started last Tuesday and my first class was at 2:30pm. As I arrived in school, I already saw some of my friends in the persons of Cha, Kelvin, Rey and Gian. We stayed in the canteen for a while until we decided to check our room if our classmates and professor were there already. They weren't there and still, we waited for a couple of minutes. But too bad, we had no professor for that subject and we just stayed in the stonebench together with the rest of my Chillax friends. Since we missed each other so much, we talked a lot. They actually focused on the Lakers-Celtics match-up since most of the Chillax Crew are Boston fans.

By the way, I saw him with his hair long. He never had any haircut ever since the 2nd semester of our Junior year ended. I don't know what's in his mind. I don't know if he's trying to imitate Miggy of Chicosci because they look so much alike now because of the long hair. Though ever since, they really look alike. Oh well, we are not classmates anymore except for one subject. I admit, I'm kinda disappointed but you know, I have to accept it. We may never know. Well, I just wanna be close to him, like a friend but close friend is better.

We attended our last class and unfortunately, I don't like our professor. He was actually the professor I used to hate last semester because I didn't learn anything from him and he gave us low grades. And what's make it a worst day, oh well, he gave us an assignment already and take note, it was a 16-question assignment. That was just our first day and yet, we were already given a task to do.

After our class, I, together with some of my friends, went to SM Manila to eat. We stayed at KFC until 7:30pm. It was tons of fun. Laughtrip as ever. Boys were hyper and girls as well. I just love being with them. As soon as I arrived home, I started doing my effin' assignment.

My second day, I must say, was another worst day. It started with our RM2 wherein all of the third year IT students, not really all because most were absent, attended the class in one small hall in Letran. I don't like our professor because I prefer my professor in RM1 during the last semester. And the schedule of meeting on that subject, I hate it even more. Though a part of me is quite glad because we are classmates on that subject. The class was dismissed early so we just stayed in the hall together with some of our classmates. Fun moment with friends but awkward moment with him. Oh yeah! I don't want to elaborate more.

My professor in Theology is a new one. He is a priest, by the way. He is quite okay though I find him strict. He is not cool, for sure. But hopefully, our personalities will eventually jive. We are required to buy a book written by our beloved Rector. The idea isn't great since we are spending a big amount of money for our MOCs then they still add up to it. Another minor subject was next and I was quite disappointed to know that our professor is Mr. Guab. I prefer Mr. Mendoza over him for many reasons. And another thing, he asked us to buy a book.

I was overly surprised and shocked when I knew that Mr. NataƱo would be our professor for the second time for this semester. We are just so unlucky when it comes to professors. I'm just hoping that this semester would be better as the past semesters. And I want to learn, okay?

Today, I only had one class because of the change of schedules. There were some changes which made me hate my schedule a lot more. But I can't do anything about it. I just have to deal with it. But I'm looking forward to a very enjoying and fun semester ahead of us.

Anyway, I was able to avail the free ride of LRT this afternoon. The boys were inviting us for a round trip but we declined because I want to go home early.

This has been the worst first week ever.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am just like one great movie. The problem is no matter how great a movie I may be, after the show, everyone leaves.

Last night, I really tried to watch Pinoy Idol from the moment I read from a forum that one of the Idol contestants will be singing a David Cook song. Billie Jean is the title of the song, originally sang by Michael Jackson and was given a great rendition by Chris Cornell. DC gave justice to the song when he sang it on American Idol and it became one of my favorite David Cook songs.

And when I found out that it was Warren who will be singing the song, I was pissed off because I really don't like him from the very start of the competition. He is a poser and a feeler. I just don't like him. And when he sang Billie Jean, he murdered it. My golly. He didn't gave justice to the song since he originally copied David Cook's version. He's such a copycat. He didn't even bother singing it in his own way. As in, he copied everything from David Cook. That time, I was hoping that the judges would be giving that Warren guy such horrible comments because it was totally obvious that he murdered it. And I was so happy with how the judges responded to the song especially when they said that they already heard it from David Cook. And when Ogie Alcasid asked Wyngard if he sees David Cook in him. Wyngard confidently replied: "No. Definitely not." I jumped with joy. Oh well, I'm just so hooked with David Cook and it hurts to know that everyone's into him already and all of his songs are being heard everywhere. Call me selfish but it's me eh.

Anyway, Ejay is the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus and I honestly hate the fact that he won. Robi should have won. He is way too deserving of the title Big Winner over that Promdi Guy who, from the very start, tried to believe us that he's innocent and that he doesn't know how to use cellphone. Oh, come on. Even young children knows how to use such gadget. But, votes have been casted and Ejay won though I really can't accept it. The only Big Winner I can whole-heartedly accept is Robi and him only. He is the true role model of the Filipino youth with how he behaves inside the house. And take note, he is not playing safe because a person with breeding behaves like he did inside the house. Beauty is the 4th Big Placer and Nicole was the 3rd Big Placer. I just hate the result of the show. It should have been Robi not Ejay. But I know, Robi will be successful in which field he chooses and that is being a Doctor. Way to go Robi! You are my Big Winner. And many people believe that it is you who truly exemplifies the character of a real Role Model for the youth.

Time for Rematch now as Roger Federer faces the defending champion Rafael Nadal in the much-awaited Championship game of Roland Garros. If Roger wins, it would be his first but if Rafa wins, it would be his fourth. So, I'm really looking forward to a great match and hopefully, this time, Roger will bring home the title. This is actually the only Grand Slam that he hasn't won yet and I do believe that now is the time for him to grab it. In the women's tennis, on the other hand, Anna Ivanovic is the new number one after dethroning Maria Sharapova. And Anna even won the French Open title.

Watch out for Lakers-Celtics match-up tomorrow.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sometimes I wish he'd be like my dad, always scared to lose me even though he knows I belong to him from the very start.

June 04, 2008

We were invited to a dinner party to celebrate Tita Amelia’s birthday. Her husband, Tito Mario, is actually a friend of my dad. They met each other in Saudi Arabia. Eventually, our families became great friends, as well. I thought that would just be a simple gathering and actually, I thought that it was just a simple dinner like the ones that we have attended last May. But I was totally wrong. When we arrived at their house which is located in Pavia (apparently, the place is near ours), I was truly stupefied with the number of people there. I mean, there were an immense number of people who attended the party. Some were staying outside enjoying the videoke machine. So, imagine, it was really noisy that time.

The house is too small to accommodate all the guests, that’s what I thought. We ate, of course. We went there to eat, right? Haha ;D We stayed outside because it was really hot inside the house. Tito Mario stayed in our table because he was the only person we knew that time aside from the birthday celebrator and their son. Mom and he talked while I and my brother just listened. Afterwards, we already went home since my grandparents were left all alone in our house together with the two kids, Camille and Cha-cha.

June 05, 2008

I spent the entire day in the salon to rejuvenate myself since classes will officially begin on Tuesday. I was with my mom and I had my hair rebonded. The process, I can say, was really long. It took us 9 hours to finish. We went there at 1 pm and we went home at 10pm. I never thought that it would be that long. But according to some who tried rebonding, it really takes hours for the entire process to finish. Just imagine me, sitting there for a very long time. It wasn’t tiring but my butt ached. But all in all, I was really satisfied and hopefully, it will last longer.

By the way, I find Jesse McCartney hot. Actually, when his song, Beautiful Soul, was released before, I wasn’t really attracted to the guy but I was totally hooked to the music itself. But after watching his music video, Leavin’, I just can’t get enough of him. His haircut, well, it suits him. Is it always the haircut that makes a person likeable? Take the case of David Cook. Look what it has done to the newest American Idol. He wasn’t really a heartthrob when he joined the contest but after his haircut, he suddenly became a hot item. Oh well, I just love David Cook and Jesse McCartney. They are so gorgeous.