Monday, March 31, 2008

The hardest person to get over is the one you learned to love but you never had.

Finally, I have changed my layout already. I have been using the "Fix Me, I'm Broken" layout for three months, I guess. Because as far as I can remember, I started using it last January. Well, now, I have a new one and its theme is "Gossip Girl."

Oh yeah! I'm just so hooked and addicted to this foreign show. Actually, even before, I was really eyeing for the book of the same title written by Cecily von Ziegesar. But since I don't have enough money to buy all eleven books, I just set aside my interest to it. But when I heard the news about the book being made into a TV show, I just got so excited.

The actors who played Blair, Serena, Nate, Dan, Chuck and Jenny really did a great job. They portrayed their respective characters really well. I just so love Blair Waldorf aka Leighton Meester and Nate Archibald aka Chace Crawford. They just look good together. They can be a great couple. And now that Chace and Carrie have broken up already, I guess, there would be a chance for Chace and Leighton to be romantically involved in real life. I'm going to watch for it.

Anyway, on the 21st of April, Gossip Girl will premiere again and I just can't wait for it. What will happen to Nate and Blair's relationship? Will Nate be able to forgive Blair for she has done to him? Will there still be a happy ending for the two of them? Or will Chuck enter the scene? How about Serena and Dan, would they be a happy couple until the end? Can Jenny be able to dethrone Blair as the queen bee? Questions will be answered soon.

This morning, I went to school early for the Thesis Evaluation. I thought it was so important but I was wrong. I hate it! Our professor told us that we are required to go to school. What we did was just we answered 5 sheets of bond paper wherein we have to evaluate our adviser and panelists. Oh well, if I only knew, I shouldn't come there, I should have asked two of my thesismates to come and do the thing. But then, we were fooled.

After answering that non-sense evaluation, we stayed there for a while and talked about the upcoming summer getaway in Batangas. Well, I'm unsure. Before, I was really excited but I don't know what happen because all of a sudden, I don't feel the excitement at all. Maybe because, only few will join and there are some who will come whom I'm not comfortable with. But I'm going to think about it first. And besides, I want to save the money.

The month of April is such a busy one because lots of people will be celebrating their birthdays and lots of events will happen. On Saturday, I'll be attending a debut of a cousin. Oh well, just check out the "April Events." Plus, two of cousins who are residing in the US will be coming over to have a vacation.

Friday, March 28, 2008

There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them up from your dreams and hug them real.

Finally, I'm back and now it's for good. haha :P Just today, our oh so bloody Final Examinations ended. And sad to say, the last exam that we have taken was super difficult knowing that it was just a minor subject only. But I know I don't need to worry because our professor is so considerate from the very beginning of this semester. I might expect that my grade in Theo will get lower but I know I will not fail the subject.

After how many months of pressure, stress, fun and never ending laughters, my Junior year is now over. How time flies. It was the first day of first semester when I felt nervous about the new chapter in my life - the junior year. I was so worried about how this semester will turn out after learning that Dyei and Eunice wouldn't be my classmates anymore. But then, the semester have become one of the best semesters in my college life. The turn of events were really different. I didn't expect that the first semester of my junior life would be that fun. Lots of things happened on me school and love related. haha :D But then, everything turned out to be just fine though at some point in time, there were problems just suddenly arose.

Then second semester came and I'm pretty sure that it has become the best semester ever. Why? Because during this semester, I have experienced a lot of new things. During this semester, my friendship with the Chillax Crew just became stronger. We became closer and I was able to understand the personalities of some of my friends whom I wasn't close with during the past semesters. And I'm so glad because I have built a strong bond with them.

I have enjoyed every moment I have with the Chillax and Thine Iced. The moments I have with them are memories to cherish and treasure forever. And now, I can say that college is indeed fun, much better than high school, for me. It created a different Cez. It brings out the real me, I'm able to get out of my shell and of my comfort zone and I learned a lot of things.

It is just so nice to reminisce all the moments of my Junior life. It is the best year ever. I have seen the transformation of myself from a shy girl into a person I have become now. I can now say that I don't really regret the fact that I chose MCSE as my track. I love it so much.

And now, I'm on my way to the last year of my college life - Senior Year. I'm not yet ready because I still don't want to end my student life. I know that after all of our hardworks have been paid off, we will seldom have the bonding which we used to have now. But then, I can't wait to see ourselves wearing corporate attires and working on big companies around the world. But still, at some point in time, it is so saddening especially when I start thinking of it. I'm just wishing that we will become successful professionals in the near future.

But now, I want to seize and savor every moment I have with them. Just like this afternoon after we all have taken the last exam for this semester, we bonded. We stayed at Letran until 7:00pm. The boys played basketball and we, the girls, watched and cheered for them. We also planned about the upcoming outing of the Crew. I'm so excited and I just can't wait to hit the beach.

Oh, by the way, I have a big crush on the PBB teen housemate, Robi. He is super duper gorgeous. Everything in him seems so perfect. He has the looks and the brain, as well, just like Chris Tiu.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's so easy to lay down your heart to someone you feel you are falling with. What's hard is when they pick it up and give it back to you.

Oh well! Its been a while since I last posted. I'm just super busy with school. You know, the damn Final Examinations just started last Monday. I wasn't really prepared when I went to school that day because I attended a birthday party the day before. And besides, I didn't review that much.

First set of exams were QTB and World Literature. Supposedly, that would be three exams but all of a sudden, our professor just decided to reschedule it the day after. QTB is a math subject and I didn't find it that difficult. And as a matter of fact, World Lit was much more difficult than QTB. I never thought that our exam on Lit would be that hard. I hate is, as in. I didn't know what to write on my test paper because I was really clueless about it. The questions were far from what I have studied. All my answers were purely guesses so as to my friends. Well, all of us didn't have any idea on where our respective professors took those questions. We just hope to pass the subject, not the exam though.

Last night, I did our Flash project. Actually, we had one already but I decided to create a new one since we just downloaded the first one. And since I need a high grade on that subject, I created another one. It is a group project, by the way.

Yesterday, our supposed NOS exam was rescheduled once again. But some had taken their exams that day and they informed us that it was so difficult. I wasn't surprised. Knowing our professors, they are capable of doing exams as bloody as hell. I had some sort of kulitan with my friends before we had our first and last exam for that day. After taking the exams, we had picture taking using JL's Macbook. Lots of funny and weird poses. Just check my Multiply for the pictures. We went home at 7:30pm.

Today, my first exam was at 10:30am that's why I went to school early. We stayed at the catwalk for a little while then we decided to go to our rooms. Flash exam wasn't as difficult as my other exams since Monday. I was able to answer the questions. Maybe, because, I studied very well last night. I'm confident that I will pass it but I'm not sure if I can get high score. After the exam, the boys and the girls separated ways. The boys ate somewhere in Intramuros while us, girls, decided to stay at 7/11 because of the very smarting heat of the sun.

Afterwards, we stayed at the catwalk and talked non-stop. Since the boys are planning of a boys night out, we also want to have a girls night out. And we also talked about the upcoming Grad Ball where the IT staff decided to let the Juniors join that said event. That would be held in BagaBerde. I'm still unsure because the fee is more expensive than that of the IT Knights Out. I'm just waiting for my friends' decision regarding it.

We took our NOS exam which had been rescheduled twice and it was nosebleed. Just like the Lit exam, we just guessed. It was like a group exam eh because we were talking and asking questions to one another. And the answers will be passed to everyone in the room, just like chain reaction. It was so funny. Our professor knew it but he just smiled at the fact that we were like that. Maybe he also knows that we cannot answer those difficult questions. But we don't have to worry because we will pass the subject, for sure.

Tomorrow, I will be having one set of examination which is Discrete Math. I haven't studied and instead of studying, here I am, facing my laptop and browsing the internet. I'm kinda lazy now eh, maybe, later.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's so hard to be friends with someone special when everytime you look at that person, it just hurts even more knowing that all you see is ultimately everything that you want, but you cannot have.

I have been absent in the world of blog for the longest time as of the moment. I became so busy with school and until now, I'm still in the process of accomplishing some of my school stuffs.

For the past few days, my thesismates and I were really problematic with regards to our thesis after we have given the verdict of Major Revision during the final defense. The problem that we have encountered was so big and we really didn't have any idea on how to solve it. We haven't talked to our adviser and even to our professor. On the other hand, we are so happy after knowing that our individual grades are higher than what we have expected. We even got a grade higher than those students who had a verdict of Minor Revision.

Last Saturday, we went to PLM to talk about our thesis. As we went out of the university, I felt so worn out and hopeless. I told to myself "shoot! we're doomed." I was really thinking a lot on how we can survive this challenge. I hate the fact that I wasn't able to think of a good solution or alternative to it. I immediately texted Ian to inform him about it. Since he was busy that time, he replied that we will be going to talk about it on Monday.

Yesterday, our problem just got solved but I don't know if it is totally solved. Because the alternative that our adviser had chosen is so complicated to the point that we are so worried on what might happen as the RM2 starts. I know this will be very hard for us but we will try our best to make our thesis as one of the bests. Last night, we were all busy revising the thesis because it is due today. As usual, Ian and I stayed until 2am and 3am respectively. Yeah, he slept earlier than me because according to him, he was so sleepy. I let him while I was still in the process of editing our thesis.

We were able to pass the thesis today and I'm very much glad about it. At least, our burden has been lessened. We should now focus now on the upcoming Final Examinations and accomplishing some school works due next week.

This semester is about to end and I don't know what to feel. It's mixed emotions. I feel so happy because I know I have now time to relax and unwind. My mind will be free from any worries and all. I'm gonna be having the rest that I have been yearning for. But at the same time, I feel so sad because I know the bonding moments of Chillax and Thine Iced will be lessened. We will barely see each other because some are going to enroll this summer and some will be working.

Time flies really fast. I still remember when I posted to this blog how worried I was during the start of my junior life because it will more difficult than my sophomore year. I also posted here how happy I was to be able to know my friends more and how glad I was because I was able to bond with some of my classmates whom I never thought would be nice to me.

The memories of my junior year will forever be cherished. This year, in fact, is the best year for me because of so many reasons. This chapter of my life is something to be treasured because of all the happy memories and of course, experiences that I never thought that I could experience. I still don't want to end my junior life.

Anyway, Final exams is just a week away. I have a lot of time to review and study because of the Holy Week. Well, I have to give my best shot by this time because I know, during the Final term, I have been so lazy and all because my focus was on the thesis that we were working with. So, the only thing that I could do now is to study and prepare myself for the Final Examinations.

By the way, I'm looking forward to the Chillax Summer Getaway. Hopefully, it will push through. Wherever they want to go, I'm gonna be joining.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

One day, you'll be surprised to see yourself smiling at the thought of caring for someone so much, who used to be just an ordinary person.

Let's have a recap of my super duper busy week.

We just have received our documents that was misplaced by my professor. There are still a lot of revisions to do and it really sucks big time. After my last class, Ian and I went directly to IIT to ask our adviser, Ms. Felipe about the revisions and to explain to us what are the things that we still need to do for the completeness of our documents. So, she explained to us everything and it ended at around 7pm. So, Ian was not able to attend his last class because he was super late. And knowing his professor, hay. While we were waiting for his PSP, we saw Dyei, Paul and Julius and we asked them to wait for us since they will be going home too. After that, we went home already because we have a lot of things to accomplish knowing that the next day will be our Mock Defense. Puyatan mode. Ian and I slept at around 3pm.

It was our Mock Defense. I wasn't nervous at all. As what our professor have told us, I wore a corporate attire though it was allowed not to. Kuya Jie and I went to school at the same time because we will be meeting Cha. While we were walking towards the school, we saw them. Ian was late, as always. Good thing, the first group presented late. When our turn came, our presentation was okay. I wasn't nervous because our panelist was our adviser. We were so lucky then. After the presentation, she gave us advises on how to make our document a better one. In short, our mock defense was a success.

Jun Lozada came to school but I wasn't able to attend the seminar. Why? Because I was too stupid. Our Theo professor required us to attend the seminar which will also serve as our attendance for the subject. Since I didn't have any idea about the seminar thingy, I ask my friends not to attend and we will just reason out that we are busy doing our pain in the ass thesis. We stayed in the Catwalk with some of my friends who were also there. By the way, Niko and Ian will be having a play on their World Lit class and I envy them. I want to have a play as well. I want to act too. Anyways, a classmate of mine in Theo passed by and we asked them about the seminar. I was so surprised to know that it was Jun Lozada. Well, I should have attended. This day was another puyatan mode because our professor and adviser will be checking the softcopy of the document the next day.

We had our RM meeting for the final instructions. The day was like a no class day because I only attended one subject. I absent myself on the next one and we didn't have classes on Flash and IT Elect for the preparation for the defense on Saturday. I went home early and met my mom at SM San Lazaro to buy an outfit for the D-Day. We strolled for how many hours till I settled down for a top in Celine. I was undecided because there were a lot of corporate outfits to choose from. Anyway, Ian and I were cramming that night. You know, the documents will be passed the next day and take note, we should pass 3 copies of the documents. And that same night, we were still editing and revising. Plus, we had a problem about the bond paper. Actually, we were really hopeless but we finished it. I slept at 4am and it was a record.

I woke up at 7am to find out that my Ian was online also. He was printing our documents already. It was 11am already but I haven't taken my breakfast. So, I took a bath and off I went. I didn't take my lunch and decided to take it at school. When I arrived there, everyone was so busy accomplishing the documents. Laptops were all over and most students were in some computer shops. As for my group, we were not that problematic since our documents were okay already and we just need the signature of our adviser.

I also helped my friends who were still in the process of finishing their documents. It was 6pm and I haven't eaten anything. I, together with Cha, Marco, Ian, Rex and Gian ate somewhere in Maceda St. using Rex's car. That was my first and last meal of the day. It was Rex's mom treat though she wasn't there. After that, we bought ice cream at 7/11 courtesy of Rex again. Then, he dropped us at Tayuman Station. Ian, Gian and Marco rode an LRT while I and Cha rode a jeep. It was another tiring day.

It was the Judgment Day. Oh my! Final Defense. I can't believe that this day came really fast. I woke up early because our scheduled defense was at 11am. I brought my laptop that's why I went there wearing a corporate attire. I looked like a business girl. Some of my friends were there also. And since the defense of the groups prior to us finished late, we expected that we will be having ours late also. We just have some picture taking and laugh trip. I wasn't nervous and I don't know why.

Then the time came. I presented well so as to my thesismates. We did a good job but it wasn't enough. The panelist liked everything except for the subject itself. And it was a major problem. Deliberation came and we felt like it will going to be a Total Revision. Our adviser came out and talked to us, saying kind words to console us because we were hopeless. I was about to cry but I tried not to. We went back inside CL5 and they gave advises and suggestions. They weren't bad after all. They were nice, in fact. But the verdict: Major Revision. It hurts to hear those words but what can I do. Maybe, if they weren't making me laugh, I'm gonna breakdown. We have a lot of things to do. But the concept and idea is the same, we just have to change the subject and the title. But you know, that would be a great problem because we are asked to pass the revised one a week after Tuesday. I think, I will still be having busy days and sleepless nights. I just can't accept the fact that the verdict of the panelists is like that. Hay. Hope everything will be okay.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Never ever reach a point where you regret something just because you thought it was a mistake. Remember, once upon a time, it made you smile.

Since Friday, I am so worried about our thesis because there are so many problems arose. Yeah, even though the Defense is just 5 days away, we still encounter a lot of problems. First, our documents are missing and I don't know if my professor was able to find it or not. Second, our Mock Defense is on Tuesday and we haven't revised the first three chapters because we haven't received our documents from our professor. Third, I have happy go lucky thesismates. I don't know how to handle them. There are times that they are very much concern about the thesis but there are also times that they don't even reply to any of my text messages. Fourth, we still need to add more information and figures on the thesis but I don't know how to start because I haven't talked to any of my thesismates. And last, I am just so nervous with the upcoming Final Defense. I don't want this kind of feeling. And knowing me, I'm so pessimistic eh. I'm just hoping and praying that everything will be okay as soon as possible.

Yesterday, I started editing the thesis but you know, it was really hard especially if there were so many things occupying my mind. Imagine, I opened my laptop at 9:30 in the morning yet my mind started working at 10:30am. It was just so difficult because nothing was coming out from my mind. Maybe because, I was thinking about our lost documents and all the revisions that we should do. Plus, that time, my thesismates were not replying to me. They were so busy doing their own business, having fun and enjoying their gimmick.

But I have accomplished some things yesterday. Two of my thesismates replied to me and I gave them things that they should do. I, as well, updated them about the things that we still need to do and finish.

And then, this morning, I continued doing thesis stuffs. It was really brain-draining. By the way, doing the Gantt Chart and the work breakdown structure is so confusing. I tried my best to do those two and I'm still not sure if I did the right thing. If I could still remember, Gantt Chart and WBS were discussed to us during our 2nd year-2nd sem days and I admit, i forgot everything. I was not aware that we will be dealing with it again.

Anyway, we attended a party this afternoon. For me, it was some sort of a brain-break. It was the 3rd Birthday celebration of my inaanak, Josh though his real birthday will be tomorrow. It was another bonding moments with my cousins and some relatives. It was super fun. I enjoyed a lot. I joined a game and we didn't win. Too bad. Well, I was there to enjoy and to have a 2-hour break. Yeah, two hours because after the party, I went back to what I was doing this morning.

Probably, this would be my last post until Saturday because I will be very busy about the thesis and for the preparation on our upcoming Final Defense. Please pray for all of us that we may pass. Thanks!

Pics in my Multiply.