Saturday, May 1, 2010

I seriously missed this. I haven’t been updating for more than a month now. My last update was about my dad being here, having his one month vacation. And just yesterday, he flew back to Saudi Arabia. Oh, I was so sad because I am used to seeing him everyday once I arrive from office. I still remember he woke me up and cooked breakfast for me the day after he arrived. My dad is so sweet, it’s just that he is not showy. I’m going to miss him big time. We, (dad, mom, Ej and I) have been together most of the time. Our weekends were always busy because we used to go out and unwind. Now, my weekends won’t be busy anymore, not unless, my friends would ask me to hang out with them.

Right now, I am having a hard time coping up with the changes. I am planning to resign on my current job. I am not happy anymore. They can’t give me the things I know I deserve. And besides, I’ve sacrificed and stayed for almost seven months and I guess, it’s time for us to part our ways. I have goals in life and I can’t achieve those if I choose to stay with them. I have a family to support, I have needs and wants, and I want my career to blossom. I’m still looking for a new job though. Hopefully, luck won’t turn its back against me. I wish to find a very good job very soon where I can say I’m happy and satisfied.

To give you a hint, opportunity knocked on my doors and I won’t let this pass by. I have wanted to be part of them ever since and this time, there’s no turning back. Please pray for me. I really need that. This is a one of a kind opportunity I can’t miss. I really don’t know what to do if it slips from my hand.

But then, I know God won’t let me down. He will guide me and my friend as well, to the right path. He’ll be with us all the way.