Saturday, July 29, 2006

6-1 is nothing!!!

sadly, LETRAN KNIGHTS was defeated by the RED LIONS last night. it was actually a good game coz you know, they both find it hard to beat each other. but as always, in a game, one must lose and one must win. and unfortuantely, we were the one who lose the game but as CHAMPS, we accepted it. coz, a champion can lose in a game but will never let that happen again. on the next battle, we will surely win na. [yabang!!! hehe.] i saw in everyone's eyes the gloom but the fact that the KNIGHTS had shown the right attitude makes us feel glad. =D we really don't care if they have that EKWE coz he's not good, he's just big. the problem with us, is just that we don't have center that's why, they find it hard to stop that black, dark guy. hehe. =D i know that they learned something from that game and that is to improve everything they have. i was so annoyed with that KALBONG referee coz he didn't know hot to call a foul. hmmmf. = i hate him. he was also the referee on our battle against the DOLPHINS last year. i hope that NCAA committee will make a move on this or else, we're going to rally. haha. =D

before the game and our class, our group decided to go to school early to finish our assignment in DATABASE which will be submitted that same day. actually, it was funny coz cramming kami. haha. =D we were almost late in our class but luckily, we were not. =D we just hope that all our answers are right. and now, we are thinking for the solution for our LOGIC project. grrrr. = pasaway si SGEE. hmmmf. = we hope that we could pass it by tuesday so that we could get the 30% out of the 100%. then, there's still the project in DATABASE that should be submitted on friday. waaaah. = i'm stressed-out already and i wanted to end all of these. hehe. =D

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Classes Resume!!!

last night, i thought that classes will be suspended again but [un]fortunately, it wasn't. =D after a 4-day vacation, here we are again in school. haha. =D anywei, the schedule of games are moved to friday. sayaaaang!!! i'm really excited pa naman to watch the game between LETRAN and BEDA. well, good for them so that they could have a long preparation for the most awaited duel. =p just like the games, our midterms are moved also. next week will not be our exam week but on the next week after next week. getz??? haha. =D from aug. 7-12 but we don't have classes on the 8th for unknown reason. i'm still trying to find it out. hehe. =D

reporting again on our THEO class then a quiz on HISTO. i got the perfect score. waaaah, tsamba!!! haha =D then, review on our PHILO class and of course, discussion again on our LOGIC. =D my blockmates didn't teach me bout that PSEUDOCODING [if-then-else] =/ but i asked EUNICE if i could borrow her notes tomorrow. it is not hard pala but quite complicated but it's much easier compared to flowcharting thingy. haha. =D

short post muna. i don't know how to tell to my dad how much i want a new cellfone. =D any suggestions guys???

Monday, July 24, 2006

Classes are Suspended!!!

so, because of that storm which i didn't know the name, the classes are suspended today. =D actually, i knew it last night pa lang because KATH texted us that no classes nga today. i asked her pa nga if it is true and who among the guards told her that then she said yes and it was announced in the intercom in the dorm, she was staying in the dorm xe because she's living in bataan. then, it was also in the news na so i really believed that there are no classes today. =D i texted, EUNICE and she told me again YES. i was just wondering last night that if there's any possibility that they will withdraw it but thank GOD, they didn't. this morning, i received again so many texts informing me that there's no classes. well, thanks. =D

i forgot that the passing of the hand-outs in PE will be tomorrow. again, special thanks to EUNICE for asking me about it. i just bought the clearbook just this afternoon. =D then, i reviewed for my long quiz in ENGLISH and finished the assignment there. i accomplished the 5 index cards with informations about our topic. i just need to print and photocopy our survey form so that we could start na. i also completed my assignment in PHYSICS and answered some of the problems after the chapter. haaaaaay. busy!!! =D

and before i forget, tomorrow will be our PRACTICAL TEST in PE [BOWLING] i'm so nervous coz i might get low grade in it. hope not. =/ i wish that i could perfect the four steps and everything. waaaaah!!! mixed emotions. =

last night, i read the module regarding PSEUDOCODING and i found out that it is a flowcharting put into phrases. so, i guess, i could understand it easily SANA. =D i understood some, all i need are examples. i need DYEI's help. she'll be the one who's gonna teach me about that. hehe. =D [tnx, 'TOL]

i'm stressed-out already coz of so many school stuffs to finish. we still need to finish the projects in our majors. next week will be our midterms and probably, i will be very busy this week till next week. maybe, this will be my last post for the month of JULY.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Busy Me!!!

yesterday muna... hehe. =D
yesterday, EUNICE and DYEI went to our humble palace [accdg to DYEI. haha. =D] we made our LOGIC project xe eh. after the class and since, the meeting was cancelled, we went straightly to our house. i let them used my laptop while i was preparing merienda for them. well, i cooked for them and it was sprinkled with love. haha. =D so, before we started the project-making, we ate first. then, un na, we started making our project with laughters. haha. =D we just laughed and laughed. plus we used to teased one another. hehe. =D and we almost forgot that there was a game between LETRAN and MAPUA. good thing, we remembered. hehe. =D on the first half, we saw how good the KNIGHTS were bcoz of the scores but on second half, the CARDINALS started to make points and they tied the game. i can say that the game was really unpredictable. we thought that the CARDINALS will win bcoz they were 'lamang' but then, the KNIGHTS showed the eagerness to win. and the three of us were like cheering and cheering, shouting and shouting. haha. =D para kaming sira. haha. =p and we were all happy when the LETRAN KNIGHTS won. wooohoooo. 6-0. hehe. =D and we are all excited for the duel between LETRAN and SAN BEDA. =D

we went to my cousin's new house for their house blessing. i can say that their house is good. bagay sa kanila. its cute actually. but the best part there were the foods. they were all great and yummy. haha. =D i love the spaghetti made by my tita and the cake. hehe. =D of course, picture taking kami. super dami pics na naman. but i forgot to bring my digicam, good thing, they all brought their digicams. it was fun.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

pics.. pics..

as i promised to all of you, here are the pics during ERIKA'S 7TH BDAE held at the CAMELOT HOTEL. =D

i was one of the 7 wishes =D

picture, picture

we are certified CAMWHORE

another shot

group shot with my family & relatives

with my cousins

ayan, lots of pics for you. =D actually, those are just some of the pics taken during the party. i just didn't post the others bcoz it was so dami. hehe. =D

nywei, i'm so glad that my THEO report was finished already though i was really disappointed with my groupmates. they didn't report that good. i should have master their reports too so that i could help them. well, i'm happy pa din coz it was done already. =D

yesterday, i attended the RSO MASS INDUCTION bcoz i'm one of the officers of our org LITS. =D and bcoz of that, i wasn't able to attend my LOGIC class and i'm so sad about it coz they had a new lesson which was PSEUDO-CODING and they told me they it was not that easy. hmmmmf. =/ i should have attended the class bcoz it is more important than the induction. i'm still thinking if i would make an appointment to my prof so he could personally teach me that lesson. i wish i could understand it easily. how i wish talaga.

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hopefully, we could finish those school stuffs that are still on process. hehe. =D i know that we will be very busy in the next days coz we have to accomplish those projects and assignments. and one more thing, i have to prepare myself for the BOWLING practical test on tuesday. i'm nervous na. =/

need to end this up. bye. =D

Monday, July 17, 2006

oh my!!!

you know what, i got a crush on this korean guy whom i relly don't know talaga. =D the first time i saw him because we both rode on the same jeep, i got tongue-tied with his cuteness. i knew that he is a korean bcoz it is very obvious. i like everything about him, his looks, his hair, his eyes, the way he acts and his porma. waaaaah. hehe. =D and just this morning, i saw him again. we both rode AGAIN on the same jeep but i don't know where he studies eh. and i am so eager to know his name but as a girl, i should not do that. hehe. =D i hope to see more of him. CRUSH KO XA TALAGA. i wish to see him again. i don't know talaga but i really like him. hehe. =D

anywei, i was just dizzy with lots of school stuffs plus the fact that our lesson in LOGIC was very magulo. =D gosh, sakit sa ulo. hmmmf. =/ anywei, supposedly, we are going to watch a game between LETRAN and UPHS but unfortuantely, our prof didn't allow us to so we ended up discussing those sh*tness lessons. hehe. =D tomorrow, will be another set of magugulong lessons. i wish i could survive. hehe. =D and BOWLING again. hope to get 80+ points on it coz i failed the last two practical. sh*tness talaga. =/ and we should ready ourselves for a war tomorrow. haha. =D

basta, wish us luck. got to go. wish to see the korean guy again. =D
next time, i will be posting the pics. i'm just a little lazy right now coz i have lots of things to do pa eh.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


i think, this will be a long post coz i'll be posting today the things that happened yesterday and today. =D so, you better ready your eyes. haha. =D

yesterday was THINE ICED 1ST ANNIVERSARY. we were, you know, kinda sad because we were not complete on our special day. no AHYAN and DYAN. =/ we just missed them so much. i wish to see them soon.

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actually, yesterday, we thought that there were no classes bcoz of the heavy rain but unfortunately, we have. it was so traffic in DIVI that i thought, i was going to be late but luckily, i was not. when i arrived, only few were there and i was so glad knowing that i wasn't late. hehe. =D then, my blockmates started to arrive one by one. but when our professor came, the door on our room was locked and the key was nowhere to find. hehe. =D so, my prof just decided to give us a 15 minute break and then after that, we will have a quiz. after 15 minutes, we went inside na and took the quiz. then, he made some discussions about the project he had given which will be submitted on midterms. then, we have a group assignment which will be passed on next next friday. waaaaah. lots of school stuffs to accomplish plus we have a project pa in LOGIC which is very difficult pa. hmmmmf. =/ anywei, after that, we had a break AGAIN. hehe. =D then, he finished the last module and we had an activity which i find it hard to answer. hehe. =D good thing, i understood some. hehe. =D

we were all excited bcoz we will be going to watch a game between the LETRAN and PCU. some said that it was a preview of the finals. hehe. =D but before we went there, DYEI, EUNICE, JOANNE, CHA and i went to SM MANILA to meet DYEI's textmate, KEVIN. hehe. =D he was EUNICE's former classmate. at first, i thought, he was gay, but in the end, i found out that he was not. then, we went directly to NINOY AQUINO STADIUM via LRT. i was really excited with the duel talaga and of course, BOYET BAUTISTA. hehe. =D after a long walk from LRT to stadium, we reached our destination. then, we saw our guy blockmates [maybe i don't need to mention names bcoz i might forget some]. we just let them buy the tickets for us. they were on the GENERAL ADMISSION [poor??? hehe =D] and we were on the LOWERBOX. hehe. =D i was cheering and cheering for the team and especially for BOYET. i was really surprised with the way he played. he played good talaga. =D i thought, we were going to lose the game bcoz on the final quarter, the DOLPHINS really did great by making great shots but, you know, KNIGHTS didn't want that to happen so they did their best to win. and they won the game. BOYET BAUTISTA was named the PLAYER OF THE GAME having 30 points including 7 triples. =D

today is ERIKA's 7th birthday. =D it was held on CAMELOT HOTEL near ABS-CBN. it was like a debut i might say bcoz of the venue and the program. there were 7 roses, 7 wishes and cotillion. the venue was great and i love it. its shape is like a castle and you feel like a princess when you celebrate your bdae there. =D it was fun and enjoy. the foods were great. haha. =D the celebrator was really pretty in her gowns and casual attires. i guess, one of the best parties i ever attended. and bcoz of that, i am now excited to have my debut next year. hehe. =D hopefully, i could have a party. i will just post some of the pics next time bcoz i need to finish my powerpoint in THEO.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

I need VISIO!!!

bcoz i have no classes today, i woke up kinda late. hehe. =D i started my day by you know, combing my hair, making hilamos, have my breakfast and of course, opening my PC. hehe. =D it's been a week since i last opened my PC bcoz, i usually use my laptop xe eh rather than my PC. =p nywei, i was kinda annoyed by that d*amn cd [installer] i couldn't install MS OFFICE VISIO PRO 2003 on my PC even on my laptop. i don't know why. maybe there's a problem on the installer. grrrr. =/ that software pa naman is required on our LOGIC bcoz we will be using that to accomplish our project on that subject. so, i have no choice but to buy a fake one. hehe. =D bui i don't know where to buy eh. "if someone outta here, knows where to buy a cd on VISIO 2003, please tell me. =D"

my mom and i went to TUTUBAN CENTERMALL coz i have to buy the cleaner/solution for my contact lenses. and finally, i also grabbed a copy of FINAL DESTINATION 3. at last, i could watch that film na. yehey!!! hehe. =D then, i searched for a new bag coz i want lang. haha. =D i want a new HELLO KITTY bag. and i found one but i didn't buy bcoz it was quite expensive but its cute. i so love it. then, we ate at MCDO. i love MCNUGGETS AND MCFLOAT. yummy!!=D

EUNICE and i were texting each other kanina. she was just, you know, teasing me to our guy blockmate which had been involved to me before. she said that we had an issue before. hehe. =D she kept on teasing me to that guy. haha. =D i no need to mention name.

and today is the opening of the UAAP. =D my bets are UE and ATENEO. =D i only watched some parts of the program. i was glad to see MARCY ARELLANO of UE RED WARRIORS again. i missed him. haha. =D aside from BOYET BAUTISTA of LETRAN KNIGHTS, MARCY is my crush too. they are great players xe and CUTE. =D

then, i visited TICKLE a while ago. i took a test about "WHO IS YOUR HIP-HOP HEARTTHROB?" and i was surprised with the result. "Cez, your hip hop heartthrob is Eminem" waaaah. =D i got a big crush on this man. i'm in love with him. haha. =D well, ever since i saw this man, my heart fell for him na. =D i love his songs too though most of his songs contain lots of bad words and he used to piss people in his songs.

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Friday, July 7, 2006

I'm okay na!!!

this day is another typical day for me. i woke up at around 9:30am to prepare myself coz i have classes at 12nn. after having my breakfast, i took a bath na and fixed everything. i thought, it will not rain but when it was my time to leave the house, the rain just poured down. gosh!!! no choice but to leave but it was not that raining hard but the wind blew so hard.

then, i arrived at school na. and i was entering, the guard asked me if i have classes today. [whaaaat?? is it 'bawal' to enter the school ba??] then i said yes, then he asked me again if what time, then i said 12nn and he let me in. hmmmmmf. then, i went to DYEI which you know was in the catwalk. i asked her if she could accompany me to the lib. so we went to the lib to photocopy the notes 4 of our THEO but sadly, i forgot to get it from her so i asked her if could text me the important words there. =D then, we went to the room na.

again, lots of discussions and i listened at times, then we had a break. we took pictures using EUNICE's fone. she got a new one, a gift from his uncle. then, we had an activity that seem to be difficult but was not. grrrrr. gulo. hehe. =D gladly, we were dismissed early. the boys [NIKO, JL, REX, GIAN, IAN, MARCO, ARNIE] were forcing us to join them bcoz they will going to SM MALL OF ASIA AGAIN [ata] hehe. =D but then, we just went home na lang and i only got 300php then bcoz i left my ipon here in the house.

i was browsing site when i found CLAUDIA's

Virgo - the Virgin
Virgo the Virgin, an earth sign, is the sixth sign of the tropical zodiac. The Sun on his annual journey shines in Virgo between Aug 22 and Sep 21, though it can vary depending on the year. The Sun in astrology stands for our inner nature, the stamp of our true character.

A mutable (fluid and changeable) sign, Virgo governs critical analysis, intellectual subtlety and service. Virgo people are inclined to be practical and industrious, yet adaptable, with a remarkable eye for detail. Virgo is an intellectual and discriminating feminine sign ruled by the magical trickster Mercury, the messenger of the gods.

The emblem of Virgo, a virgin holding sheaves of wheat in her hands, symbolises wisdom, garnered in the fields of experience. Like the true virgin, most Virgos are shy and, like a virgin waiting to give herself to the perfect lover, Virgo is also idealistic.
Disappointment, however, can harden you into a cynic and a skeptic. Virgo consequently becomes quite critical with self as well as circumstances, due to the effect of such disappointments on a sensitive and discriminating nature.

The planet Mercury, governing our intellect and communicative faculties, rules Virgo, where tradition also places the house of its exaltation, so Virgins have a truly intellectual, critical and analytical approach to life. Communication is important and you love books, magazines, and writing.

A Critical Eye
A critical eye for detail, combined with your ceaseless pursuit of perfection, endows you with an irresistible urge to improve everything and everyone (whether they need it or not!). Service-oriented Virgo seeks to improve the environment, by pursuing careers in health-related fields, or in other structured areas such as teaching, labour relations, or counselling. Intensely personal situations can be somewhat inhibiting, but other circumstances can produce a very dynamic Virgo indeed. Hmmm.

Although you often have altruistic motives in helping others, you do have a teensy tendency to act the martyr when your offerings are ignored. It is not unheard of for you to use guilt as a weapon. Helping others to improve is one thing, my dears, but pushing them toward goals of perfection they cannot hope to accomplish is quite destructive, as well as impossible.

Health Conscious
Health-conscious Virgo makes an effort to stay physically fit
and you don't mind repetitive exercise routines, if you can see achievable outcomes. You enjoy tennis, racquetball, swimming, sailing, fishing, and biking, even though athletically you are not overly competitive. It's just that you always seek to perfect whatever skills you may have, primarily for the sake of doing a thing well. Talented in various crafts, dressmaking and designing, you may also take a particular interest in such things as cartography, travel, and philately.

Virgo rules the the sinuses, respiratory system, and bowels. Colds, flu, allergies, problems with intestines and constipation are common Virgo complaints. You are also subject to black moods and despondency from time to time, which can adversely affect others in your vicinity.

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Your Birthstone
Sign - Virgo August 23-September 22
Month - September
Modern - Sapphire
Traditional - Zircon
Mystical - Agate Signs

Your compatible to..


Thursday, July 6, 2006


the day started out good but it ended bad. hmmmmf. =/ i went to school early. then, we had a discussion on our ENGLISH class and a seatork. i was kinda surprised with the result of my quiz last meeting. i got 47 out of 50. wow!!! then, during our breaks, DYEI, EUNICE and i went to the library to search for our PHYSICS. =D and gladly, we found not just one but two. of all the group that presented kanina, we were the ones different. haha. =D because all of them made their presentation in the room while us, on the grounds. hehe. =D it was a field experiment. i can say that it was fun and enjoying. =D but then, during our RIZAL class, everything changed. grrrr. =/ at first, it was good coz i've been enjoying chatting with EUNICE and listening to the reports but when it was DYEI's turn to report, i found out that my flash disk has a virus and it made me sicked. i don't know how that stupid virus came to my flash disk, just last night, i opened all the files there three times to make sure that everythings run well. well, i knew that it was HIS fault talaga because he borrowed it from me after our first class. and because i have so much trust on HIM, i let him borrow bcoz i thought HE will be doing his RIZAL presentation but no, he downloaded a video from the net for THEIR PHYSICS. i was waiting for HIM to ask for forgiveness but i didn't hear any word. and worst part there was i just knew that my flash disk has a virus during our RIZAL knowing that HE knew it already during our PHYSICS. but i'm not mad at HIM or anything. i was also disappointed with my professor for not giving any considerations. DYEI don't know if she is allowed to report next meeting but we are all hoping that she still could.

anywei, i deleted the files that contain virus but you know what, nahawa lahat ng files ko. waaaah. good thing, i have a great anti-virus and all the viruses were deleted and my flash disk is clean again. yey! =D

i think by tomorrow, i will be okay na and ala na rin init ng ulo ko. i was kinda nahihiya nga sa kanila kanina bcoz HE [different person] was calling me at the top of his voice but instead of turning my head, i just didn't mind him.

basta un. at last, i can have my rest na bcoz no assignments or quiz for tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Diet, stop or not??

just last night, i felt unseasy talaga and uncomfortable and i didn't know why. i couldn't concentrate on what i was doing. i couldn't absorb all the things that i've been memorizing. gosh!!! what was happening on me?? then, when i was about to take a shower, i threw up in the CR. waaah!!! yuckness. =/ then, i still felt uneasy and i didn't know what to do na talaga. i took a rest for a while and watched MY GIRL coz i thought i was okay already but unfortunately, i was not. i was about to go to my room to sleep when suddenly, i threw up again and this time, it was all liquid. and it was so 'dami'. hmmmf. then, i realized that i was experiencing all of those because of diet. actually, i used to eat nothing. a full meal on breakfast, no rice on lunch and nothing on dinner. our schedule pa was always 'maghapon' and very exhausting. so, my mom scolded me, of course and asked me to eat lunch. right now, i'm still doubting if i should stop reducing or not.

it was raining hard when i woke up kanina but when i was about to leave the house, it just stopped. hehe. =D i was surprised to know that there was a convocation. kainis!!! it was so hot kanina and i really felt the heat touching my skin. grrrr. =/ then, a successful HISTO class. haha. =D no dramas or anything and the discussion was good. yeah, thanks to my blockmates who cooperated. haha. =D then, another discussion on my PHILO class and a seatwork [ata]. LOGIC was about that flowcharting AGAIN. then, we were dismissed. yey. =D

i just finished my presentation in RIZAL [MI ULTIMO ADIOS]. i made another one coz i was not satisfied with the first. it was so funny coz i have lots of slides. hehe. =D hopefully, she won't be disappointed. =p just wish me luck on my report tomorrow. =D

Monday, July 3, 2006

Letran, 2-0

i'm in the mood right now to update this one. hehe. =D i've been very tired ever since this day started. another boring session on our THEOLOGY class. hehe. =D lots of reporting and on the next meeting, we will going to have our quiz. waaah!!! then, another set of reports on our HISTORY and our prof was really dramatic huh?! hehe. =D the reports was funny bcoz we ought to use that mic similar to those promo agents in SM. haha. =D funny!!! then, a set of quiz on our PHILO. good thing, i passed it though i didn't got the perfect score. =D

during the breaks, we were still thinking if we will going to watch the games of CSJL against SSC-R bcoz we didn't know if MR. GEE, our LOGIC prof knows that. after a lots of talks and brainstorming [hehe] we decided to just go to the venue and just pass the ticket and after that, we will go home. we tried to buy tickets at LETRAN but sadly, it was closed.

a funny adventure had happened as we were going to NINOY AQUINO STADIUM. hehe. =D we didn't know xe how to get there eh. haha. =D EUNICE just asked the driver kung dadaan dun and since, the driver told us YES, we rode the jeep. =D we just laughed and laughed though we were scared knowing that we might get lost. hehe. =p and fortunately, after a long journey, we reached our destination. we bought tickets and entered. we saw two of our guy classmates there so all in all, we were just five. hehe. =D then, the plan was ruined by our prof bcoz she didn't let us to pass the tickets earlier. and, she kept on looking at us that's why we couldn't make 'takas'. hehe. =D and, we ended up watching the entire game. but you know, we just enjoyed it coz LETRAN won again. haha. =D TAMBAK AGAIN!!! =D

after the game, we went starightly home bcoz we have lots of works to do. we have a quiz on ENGLISH and PHYSICS tomorrow and a report on RIZAL. another BOWLING session on my PE class. i still need to improve my bowling skills.

good night guys!!!


Sunday, July 2, 2006

Survey muna!!!

since, i don't know what to post today, i just answer this survey. actually, it is KHITEE's and i just asked her if i could copy this survey. and a big tenkyu for letting me. hehe. =D

~ 4050680 [we are required to memorize this eh. hehe. =D]

~ yeah, and i'm very thankful. =D

~ after the exam. hehe. =D mabilis lang ung process eh kaya after the exam, i got to know the results.


~ BS psychology

~ i'm just a sophomore noh. =D

~ no and i don't have any plans of shifting

~ dunno. maybe no but some say kinda. =D

~ no but i love to. hehe. =D

~ our grading is different from others eh. our's is like high school. haha. =D

11. NAGKA-3?
~ i don't think so

~ of course, sipag toh eh. =D

~ nope but i'm looking forward to that. =D

~ dunno. haha. =D basta i passed lahat nung first year ako. =D

~ of coure, everyone dreamt of that

~ tagal pa. =D maybe 2009. ain't sure

~ ala eh. =D

~ si MR. anu... hehe. =D basta, xa na un

~ vacant. haha. =D

~ TRIGO. haha. =D i really hate that!!!

~ student center [SC]

~ before, MCDO but since ala na, canteen na lang. =p

~ 6php, student eh. =D

~ not really. =D

~ once.

~ of course. haha. =D lots of cute people can be found there eh. =D

~ 1st year, 1st sem - physical fitness, 1st year, 2nd sem - dance and now bowling. =D

~ cool and nice. =D over sa saya!!!

~ yup, though spanish. hehe. =D

~ nope but i want to. ;p

~ major exam?? not yet but quizzes, yeah.

~ nope.

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Your Princess || Walking Doll

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i got a new layout guys =D and you know what, i really love this one especially the picture and the color. hehe. =D i so love PINK!!! well, from punk to something girly. hehe. =p when i first saw this layout xe on BLOGSKIN, i got tongue-tied right away. hehe. =D but i edited the font colors because originally, the color was white. and bcoz it can't be seen by anyone, i decided to change it. =D

anywei, just this morning, i finished my assignment [??] in HISTORY. though, i was lazy, i really tried to finish it coz you know, tomorrow will be my review day. the answers were on the scratch pa and i will be transferring those answers mamaya. =D i don't know who will be my speakers for monday. so, i hope, my groupmates will cooperate and as usual, i'm the only girl in the group and i should be the one responsible. hehe. =D

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yesterday, i have accomplished my RIZAL presentation for tuesday. i just need to study it so i could explain it. it is about RIZAL's last poem which is MI ULTIMO ADIOS. it was quite annoying because the words used were really deep so i have to choose stanzas which are easy for me to interpret. and then, i also finished my PHYSICS assignment, the word problems regarding VECTORS. =D so, i just need to review for my THEO and PHILO quizzes on moday. waaaah!!! then, we will not be having a LOGIC class on moday for we are required to watch CSJL's game nga. =D still, i haven't finished my LOGIC assignment, really hard huh?! he told us that we have to use 11 decision boxes but me, i just used eight so i have to do it all over again. stressful huh?!

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till here muna. i guess, i have a long post today. =D