Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Classes Resume!!!

last night, i thought that classes will be suspended again but [un]fortunately, it wasn't. =D after a 4-day vacation, here we are again in school. haha. =D anywei, the schedule of games are moved to friday. sayaaaang!!! i'm really excited pa naman to watch the game between LETRAN and BEDA. well, good for them so that they could have a long preparation for the most awaited duel. =p just like the games, our midterms are moved also. next week will not be our exam week but on the next week after next week. getz??? haha. =D from aug. 7-12 but we don't have classes on the 8th for unknown reason. i'm still trying to find it out. hehe. =D

reporting again on our THEO class then a quiz on HISTO. i got the perfect score. waaaah, tsamba!!! haha =D then, review on our PHILO class and of course, discussion again on our LOGIC. =D my blockmates didn't teach me bout that PSEUDOCODING [if-then-else] =/ but i asked EUNICE if i could borrow her notes tomorrow. it is not hard pala but quite complicated but it's much easier compared to flowcharting thingy. haha. =D

short post muna. i don't know how to tell to my dad how much i want a new cellfone. =D any suggestions guys???

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