Thursday, July 20, 2006

pics.. pics..

as i promised to all of you, here are the pics during ERIKA'S 7TH BDAE held at the CAMELOT HOTEL. =D

i was one of the 7 wishes =D

picture, picture

we are certified CAMWHORE

another shot

group shot with my family & relatives

with my cousins

ayan, lots of pics for you. =D actually, those are just some of the pics taken during the party. i just didn't post the others bcoz it was so dami. hehe. =D

nywei, i'm so glad that my THEO report was finished already though i was really disappointed with my groupmates. they didn't report that good. i should have master their reports too so that i could help them. well, i'm happy pa din coz it was done already. =D

yesterday, i attended the RSO MASS INDUCTION bcoz i'm one of the officers of our org LITS. =D and bcoz of that, i wasn't able to attend my LOGIC class and i'm so sad about it coz they had a new lesson which was PSEUDO-CODING and they told me they it was not that easy. hmmmmf. =/ i should have attended the class bcoz it is more important than the induction. i'm still thinking if i would make an appointment to my prof so he could personally teach me that lesson. i wish i could understand it easily. how i wish talaga.

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hopefully, we could finish those school stuffs that are still on process. hehe. =D i know that we will be very busy in the next days coz we have to accomplish those projects and assignments. and one more thing, i have to prepare myself for the BOWLING practical test on tuesday. i'm nervous na. =/

need to end this up. bye. =D

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