Saturday, July 29, 2006

6-1 is nothing!!!

sadly, LETRAN KNIGHTS was defeated by the RED LIONS last night. it was actually a good game coz you know, they both find it hard to beat each other. but as always, in a game, one must lose and one must win. and unfortuantely, we were the one who lose the game but as CHAMPS, we accepted it. coz, a champion can lose in a game but will never let that happen again. on the next battle, we will surely win na. [yabang!!! hehe.] i saw in everyone's eyes the gloom but the fact that the KNIGHTS had shown the right attitude makes us feel glad. =D we really don't care if they have that EKWE coz he's not good, he's just big. the problem with us, is just that we don't have center that's why, they find it hard to stop that black, dark guy. hehe. =D i know that they learned something from that game and that is to improve everything they have. i was so annoyed with that KALBONG referee coz he didn't know hot to call a foul. hmmmf. = i hate him. he was also the referee on our battle against the DOLPHINS last year. i hope that NCAA committee will make a move on this or else, we're going to rally. haha. =D

before the game and our class, our group decided to go to school early to finish our assignment in DATABASE which will be submitted that same day. actually, it was funny coz cramming kami. haha. =D we were almost late in our class but luckily, we were not. =D we just hope that all our answers are right. and now, we are thinking for the solution for our LOGIC project. grrrr. = pasaway si SGEE. hmmmf. = we hope that we could pass it by tuesday so that we could get the 30% out of the 100%. then, there's still the project in DATABASE that should be submitted on friday. waaaah. = i'm stressed-out already and i wanted to end all of these. hehe. =D

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