Monday, July 24, 2006

Classes are Suspended!!!

so, because of that storm which i didn't know the name, the classes are suspended today. =D actually, i knew it last night pa lang because KATH texted us that no classes nga today. i asked her pa nga if it is true and who among the guards told her that then she said yes and it was announced in the intercom in the dorm, she was staying in the dorm xe because she's living in bataan. then, it was also in the news na so i really believed that there are no classes today. =D i texted, EUNICE and she told me again YES. i was just wondering last night that if there's any possibility that they will withdraw it but thank GOD, they didn't. this morning, i received again so many texts informing me that there's no classes. well, thanks. =D

i forgot that the passing of the hand-outs in PE will be tomorrow. again, special thanks to EUNICE for asking me about it. i just bought the clearbook just this afternoon. =D then, i reviewed for my long quiz in ENGLISH and finished the assignment there. i accomplished the 5 index cards with informations about our topic. i just need to print and photocopy our survey form so that we could start na. i also completed my assignment in PHYSICS and answered some of the problems after the chapter. haaaaaay. busy!!! =D

and before i forget, tomorrow will be our PRACTICAL TEST in PE [BOWLING] i'm so nervous coz i might get low grade in it. hope not. =/ i wish that i could perfect the four steps and everything. waaaaah!!! mixed emotions. =

last night, i read the module regarding PSEUDOCODING and i found out that it is a flowcharting put into phrases. so, i guess, i could understand it easily SANA. =D i understood some, all i need are examples. i need DYEI's help. she'll be the one who's gonna teach me about that. hehe. =D [tnx, 'TOL]

i'm stressed-out already coz of so many school stuffs to finish. we still need to finish the projects in our majors. next week will be our midterms and probably, i will be very busy this week till next week. maybe, this will be my last post for the month of JULY.

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