Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's fatal to believe into something that for sure won't happen but it's pretty damn deadly not to hope a bit.

I just want to share this video to you. David Cook on Ellen.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For most people, friendship is the beginning of something -- a foundation for a much deeper relationship. Too bad for some, it's a borderline. (for me, it is a borderline)

I am sick right now, meaning, I'm not feeling well. From the moment I woke up this morning, I have felt the pain in my head, how hard it is for me to stand up, how my back aches and how my cough and flu driving me insane. I hate it whenever I have this kind of illness. Well, ever since, I'm very prone to these, cough and flu, and whenever I have these two, I felt a sudden change in my body condition. It is either I'm going to have a fever or I'm going to experience body pains. But this time, I felt both.

It is really uneasy and uncomfortable. I just stayed in my mom's room the whole day, sleeping and taking a deep rest hoping that I will feel better but unfortunately, I didn't feel better. But after I have taken my merienda, sitting in the sofa and watching my cousins and brother playing jackstone, I felt a lot better. I even joined them. Then, I took a bath then afterwards, I slept once more. And as I woke up, my fever was gone and I felt so much better. Thank God!

Anyway, last night, I was able to chat, through YM, with one of my best friends. She's actually my best friend since the 1st Grade and we've been friends for about thirteen years. She's now a Senior College student also at Adamson University taking up Mass Communication. Actually, it's her birthday today. Happy Birthday Mamita! :) I miss you and I love you.

She told me that she just finished her on the job training and how much she enjoyed it. She became a radio announcer at DZRH, wrote an article at Remate and became a production assistant at one of Carlo J. Caparas' film. I'm a very happy and proud best friend for what she has accomplished so far. Ever since elementary, I know how eager she is to become successful and to achieve her goals in life. Since then, she wants to become a News Anchor or a Radio Announcer, anything that has something to do with mass media. And now, she's slowly grasping the success that she's been yearning for a long time. And I know that there's a better future ahead of her. After all, the staff of DZRH asked her on when will she graduate because they are planning to hire her after she graduates from college.

She's willing to do everything, she strives hard for her to be able to become successful and I'm glad that she's finally earning her way through it. I do miss her company. Ever since we graduated from High School, we seldom see each other. And as a matter of fact, we never go out so I'm planning that before this year ends, we could bond as much as we could together with my other three best friends. I missed our bonding so much and our never ending laughters. How I wish I could spend a lot more time with them but sadly, I can't. We will become so busy this coming semester because all of us will be focusing more on our thesis.

By the way, it's time for Roland Garros and it's on going. How I wish Roger Federer will grab his very first French Open title and stop Rafael Nadal from earning the four-peat. Well, Rafa is the defending champion and the master of the clay courts. And Roger find it hard to beat the Spaniard but I hope, this time, Roger will finally go home with the French Open title in hand. As for the women's, Maria Sharapova is still there. Hoping for her continuous victory.

From Tennis to Basketball, Los Angeles Lakers defeated San Antonio Spurs making the series 3-1 in favor of Lakers. I wish that Spurs could still catch-up because they're the defending champs and they shouldn't let Lakers defeat them which will result to their elimination. On the Eastern Conference Finals, the series is tied to 2. Tomorrow's game will be at Boston and I'm wishing that Detroit Pistons will defeat them. I'm asking for a miracle now. Celtics is actually the best team in the league this season. But still, I'm rooting for the Pistons.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

If he's dumb enough to walk away. I'll be smart enough to let him go.

I am just in the mood for blogging. Ask me why, come on. I'm just so very happy when I heard Ryan Seacrest said this line: "and the American Idol is David... COOK" I jumped with joy and with a smile in my face, not just me, but with a cousin of mine who has been rooting for David Cook from the very beginning of the competition. The scruffy rocker of the season just did it. He deserves the title more than anyone else in the competition. It was unexpected, but hey, he's the new American Idol.

Cook was the underdog since he received a lot of bashing statements from Simon Cowell during the Performance Night held just last night. He did pick the right songs and gave justice to those songs. He even did an amazing job. All the songs that he had picked showcased the different sides of him and yet, Simon didn't appreciate it. After all, Simon praised the young kid from Utah, David Archuleta, and even said that Archuleta knocked Cook off. So, I wasn't really expecting that my bet would win the talent search. I really do believe that it was Cook who did a fantastic job last night and not Archuleta. And it hurts big time that it wasn't appreciated by Cowell.

From the very moment I watched and heard David Cook's version of Always Be My Baby, I became a big fan of him and until now. He did a great job with the song Mariah has written. I have watched all his performances and I must say, he just keeps on improving every week making Randy Jackson confessed that since day one, he's a David Cook fan. He showed his unique and extraordinary singing prowess week by week. He always gives his best shot, showing his different sides and characters. His versatility is absolutely amazing which makes me love him even more.

But, on the other hand, I still admire David Archuleta's singing skills. At his very young age, he showed off his great talent to over millions of people throughout the world. He can pull it off but too bad, all he can sing are just ballads. When I heard his version of With You, I just can't help but laugh. I know he did his best but it wasn't enough. Those kinds of song don't go well with his very smooth and endearing voice.

Before the winner has been announced by Seacrest, I really didn't expect that Simon Cowell would apologize to Cook for saying harsh words about his performances last night. He also said that Cook didn't deserve that and it just made the crowd screamed a lot more. I saw how nervous Cook was before the announcement. I guess, he was more nervous than the other David.

After Seacrest announced that David Cook is the new American Idol, he was really emotional. It was the second time I saw those liquid crystals flowing from his eyes down to his cheeks. His eyes were filled with tears, tears of joys. His mom and brother came up to stage to hug him. His brother was actually the one who auditioned but unfortunately, he wasn't accepted. Andrew Cook has been the key to David Cook's triumph.

It was a very surprising landslide because everyone was expecting that it would be Archuleta who will emerge as the newest and supposed to be the youngest American Idol but too bad for him. Cook has beaten him with a margin of 12 million votes having the percentage of 56% and 44% for Cook and Archuleta, respectively. I must say that this is the best yet American Idol Finale in the top-rated talent search history.

And now, I'm predicting that David Cook will make it big to the music industry. He would be, so far, the most successful American Idol. After Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry, no one else make it. I'm wishing David Cook the best of luck as he starts his journey towards the fulfillment of his dream.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Everybody in this world is scared. And sometimes, it takes two scared persons to do one brave thing and that is to fall in love.

Today is really a tiring one. The annual celebration of Sto. Niño's anniversary is held today together with Kuya Roy's 27th Birthday. I wasn't part of the Santacruzan because I did join last year and I was the Reyna Elena. The celebration started with a mass which was celebrated by Brother Rolly then the Santacruzan.

We only had one participant aside from the Sto. Niño and she was Zachee, a niece of mine. She was really cute and adorable in her blue long gown. Beautiful was the word of the day since people kept on praising our little princess for being the stunning and mesmerizing little girl. She was actually prettier than those of the bigger sagalas which includes the Reyna Elena.

The celebration today was fun but many have told that last year's celebration was more enjoying. And aside from that, there were more sagalas last year than now. People from all over came to witness and that was good. It added more flavor to the event. Even the birthday celebrator enjoyed the day. He was actually the photographer. Lots and lots of pictures taken and I have to wait for those pictures to be uploaded in my cousin's multiply.

Anyway, today is also the Finale of American Idol though the winner will be announced tomorrow. I am and will always be a David Cook fan no matter what. David Archuleta can sing and there's no doubt about it but the songs that he can sing are just ballads. He lacks versatility. And whenever he sings, I just need a bed for me to lay down. It's like a lullaby. On the other hand, David Cook always gives justice to every song he used to sing. He puts a lot of flavor to it. He is versatile, a great performer and has a great vocals.

I love all the songs that David Cook sang most especially Dream Big. It is actually a new song but David Cook nailed it. He did an amazing job there. And regarding Simon's comments on Cook's songs, I guess he did it on purpose. He kept on dissing David Cook throughout the night while Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul just kept on praising Cook's performances. I don't know maybe Simon has something in mind why he did that. But for me, win or lose, David Cook is the real American Idol. And I bet, even if he loses, he'll make it to the limelight just like Chris Daughtry.

Just now, I just find out that Maria Sharapova is the world's number one in the women's division of tennis replacing Justine Henin. Everyone was surprised with the sudden retirement of the former world's number one. Even me, I was also surprised. She is a great tennis player, she plays well and is deserving of her ranking. But she just retired. One of the reasons she mentioned is her family. I don't know, maybe, it really is. But nevertheless, I'm still happy. I love Maria. She's the best tennis player for me.

I have to end this post now. I feel so worn out after the long walk a while ago. I'm just too excited with Gossip Girl's Finale. Actually, I'm downloading it now. Plus, I just can't wait about the American Idol Finale. Cook for the win!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The stolen glance is the oldest trick we know, yet the most obvious sign of hidden admiration.

Last night, I find it really hard to sleep. I don't know why. I was feeling nervous that time and I must say that it was the first time I felt that kind of weird feeling. My heart kept on beating really fast and I really didn't have any idea why. It was really annoying but at the same time, I was scared to death. The fact that I was nervous for no reason really gave me goosebumps. Then, several thoughts, bad thoughts in particular, just kept on popping in my mind. I hate the feeling. I didn't know what to do. I tried to sleep and imagine myself in a beautiful situation but it really didn't work out. It was really hard.

Since I couldn't sleep, I just woke up and turned the television on. I watched whatever shows I find interesting just to keep my mind away from those bad thoughts and to stop myself from feeling that way. I switched the television from one channel to another. I continued watching until I felt sleepy. I went to bed and slept. But still, every hour, I just woke up all of a sudden.

That's why when my mom woke me up this morning, I felt the pain in my head. It was 9am, I guess. I took my breakfast and took a bath. We went to Letran to pay for my tuition fee. I have a very huge tuition fee just to let you know. As soon as we arrived, we went directly to the comfort room to fix the money. Bringing 54 thousand is really scary. Because we may never know what might happen.

Good thing, only few were there to pay and as a matter of fact, the line was really short. I was able to see Eunice at the Cashier's Office. She was assigned there. Good for her. I know how much she hates being assigned in the Bookstore. Going back, after paying, we decided to drop by SM Manila. Then, I was able to see Rex who didn't inform us that he is now here in Pinas. He had a 2-month vacation in US and no one knows in the barkada that he came back. So, I'm just keeping my mouth shut this time.

We ate at SM Manila. Then, we tried to look for a pair of school shoes that I will be using this coming semester. But too bad, I didn't find anything that suits my interest. We just strolled for a little while until we decided to just go to SM San Lazaro which is apparently near to our house.

Finally, I settled down to a lovely pair of shoes at So! Fab. Actually, I've seen it yesterday when we dropped by SMSL. I so love it, as in. Then, my mom and I went inside the department store to buy a polo for my brother. After buying all we need, we decided to go home. But not really go home because we still went to my former school which is MCS to buy books for Camille but unfortunately, it was lunch break then. So we went home first.

It was kinda tiring that's why when I arrived home, I fell into a deep sleep right away. By the way, I'm currently working on a new layout for my blog and friendster layouts of my brother and two cousins. Lots and lots of layouts to do. Photoshop time!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I may see all people falling in love right now. But I do believe that it's gonna be my turn tomorrow.

Today's post will be full of random thoughts. This has nothing to do with my everyday activities, or let's just say, has nothing to do with me at all. As an opinionated person, this will be dealing more with my reviews or thoughts regarding some things.

You know how hooked and addicted I am about CW's Gossip Girl. Well, the show is indeed lovable and I find the plot or the story really cute. The first time I heard about the book being made into a tv series, I have become really excited.

And from the very first time I watched the show, I started loving Blair's bitchy and maldita character. Another factor is the girl who played the role as Blair. Leighton Meester indeed gives justice to the role and it really suits her. She is absolutely beautiful and her sense of style is totally amazing. She looks like a doll especially when she wears her signature headband. Then here comes the oh so gorgeous and good looking Chace Crawford who plays the role of Nate Archibald. By the way, he is Carrie Underwood's ex-boyfriend. Well, I love the Blair-Nate tandem from the very beginning.

Now, the new episodes are being aired every Monday nights. I love the show as much as I love the characters and the people behind the characters. It's just so saddening that Jenny Humphrey turned out to be a bad girl, trying to dethrone Blair as the Queen Bee. And here comes Vanessa hooking up with my Nate. It is really annoying. And I just admit that I'm totally pissed off with Jenny played by Taylor Momsen and Vanessa played by Jessica Szohr. I hate them, as in. (okay, I know I'm so carried away with the show)

Another thing, American Idol Finale is scheduled next week and it is very good to know that it will be between the two Davids. Who do you want to win, Archuleta or Cook? They are both talented, good looking and the crowd just loves them but who's going home with the title? I'm pretty sure that it will be a tough Idol night for everyone as the two Davids will show their extraordinary singing prowess. But you know, ever since, I'm a big fan of David Cook and I'm really hoping and praying that he'll win. Archuleta is also good, he's young and young teenagers would really spend a lot of money voting for him, but I guess, he's too young.

But they're both good singers. So, whoever wins really deserve the title. But Cook deserves it more. haha :D Okay, I'm being bias now. But, win or lose, David Cook is my American Idol.

By the way, I was able to watch Step Up 2 two days ago. I know it's really late but I bought the DVD just recently. Before, I was really trying to look or search on the cyberworld so I would just download it but too bad, I can't find. I have tried a lot of torrents but I just failed. And finally, I was able to see how great the movie is. And all I can say now is two thumbs up. It is really cool and I was just really amazed by the moves especially of Robert Hoffman playing Chase in the film. I so love it. But we just have to admit it, You Got Served is just the best hip-hop dance movie of all.

Just watch our for Miami Ink. New season, new episodes to watch our for. The original five guys (Ami James, Chris Nuñez, Chris Garver, Darren Brass and Yoji Harada) are still there plus a new one in the person of Tim Hendricks. A lot of new and amazing designs, heartwarming stories and many more.

I was just bored and I have really got nothing to blog about that's why I came up with those topics. I guess, I make a sense, ayt?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's hard to wait around for something that's not likely to happen, but it's even harder to stop when you know that it's everything you've always wanted.

This post is dedicated to the number one mom in the world, Celia G. Medina, who happens to be my oh so beloved mother.

Dear Mommy,

First and Foremost, I want to greet you a Happy Mother's Day. This is your day together with the other moms out there. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being the best mom in the world. You just don't know how grateful and thankful I am for having you as my mom. I want to express to God my sincere appreciation because He has given me a one of a kind mom. You are truly Wonder Woman in the making, undeniably and certainly exceptional.

I know how you sacrificed a lot just to see me and my brother happy. At times, you almost forgot to take good care of yourself and even set aside your wants just to see our beautiful and genuine smiles. It's truly an honor for me to have you as my mom, the one who endured all the pain that my nine-month stay in your womb had brought you and all the sacrifices you had made since 18 years.

I would also like to express my utmost appreciation for the unfailing love and care you continue bestowing on me. I owe to you everything I have become now. I would never ever look or search for another mother other than you. You are absolutely the greatest and the best mom in the whole wide world.

I know how bad I am through the years and I would like to take this moment to ask for your forgiveness for all the wrong doings I have done in the past and for the misunderstandings. I just then realized that you just want the best for me and I was too blinded to see that. Sorry mom for every pain I have caused you. Please do understand that I didn't mean to.

I will try to be the very best daughter for you, someone you could be proud of. I may not be the best daughter in the entire world but at least, someone who deserves all the love and affection you continue to give. I love you mom. No one can ever replace you here in my heart. Happy Mother's Day!

Much Love,

PS. Please do greet your mom a Happy Mother's Day for me. Tell her that I thank her a lot for without her, I will not be able to meet such a great friend like you.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sometimes no matter how much you miss someone, it is still wiser not to have that person back again.

Today is the Enrollment of all Letran's IT and ACT students. And since yesterday, I was expecting a huge number of students who will come to enroll for this coming semester knowing that there are a lot of IT and ACT students in Letran. As I woke up, I received a lot of text messages about how many students were there already waiting for the offices to open. I hurriedly went to the bathroom, took a bath, dressed myself and left the house.

I had to ride an LRT going to my school because I know it will take me a lot of time if I'll be riding a jeepney. It was kinda disappointing because when I arrived at the LRT station, I was stupefied with the immense number of people waiting for the train to arrive. Well, rush hour eh. I kept on waiting until a skip train arrived. I maybe lucky.

Finally, I arrived at Letran and saw two of my friends falling in line. So, I fell in line too. Before I left the house, I kept on telling myself that, perhaps, I won't be seeing him (my crush) because I will go to school early and he isn't an early bird. But I was totally wrong. He was already there and in fact, he was in front of the line. I was really surprised because I really didn't expect that I'll be seeing him today. But I was happy, indeed. It's good to see him once again. I know it's coming back but it's better than to like someone whom I know I shouldn't be liking.

At times, I glanced at him not knowing that he was glancing at me too for no reason at all. It was quite uneasy for my part. Too bad, we will not be classmates in all subjects except for one. My section is MCSE-4A and his section is MCSE-4B. When I found out about it, I was disappointed because I won't be seeing him everyday since I'll be having no breaks from Monday to Thursday. But you know, maybe, that's meant to happen. I just hope that in this year, which is actually our last year in our Alma Mater, we will be able to bond and become close like I've always wanted.

It's good to reunite with my friends again. Though the whole process was really tiring and energy-consuming, still, I had fun because I was able to see and bond with my dear friends once again. Well, the last time I saw them was during the last day of Second Semester and I missed them so much.

Okay, I cut the line together with my two friends for us to be able to finish the entire enrollment process early. After I finished, I just waited for my other friends to finish. I had some chit-chatting with my friends which I really missed a lot. We shared a lot of stories, about what happened to us this vacation and alike.

I saw a lot of familiar faces including Jam who arrived late. (Peace Jam!) I also saw my former classmates and my soon to be blockmates. I've seen my professors, as well, who were also busy.

So, I haven't paid my tuition fee because I can't bring a big amount of money all alone. My gosh, our tuition fee is really huge. I don't know what comprises that 54K-tuition eh. I don't know where my dad would get such huge amount. Every year, tuition fee is increasing and I hate it. Good thing, this would be (hoping and wishing with fingers crossed) my last year in Letran.

Opening of classes is on June 10 and I can say, I'm not yet ready. Nervousness fills me and I don't know why. On the other hand, it is somehow exciting because a lot of good and memorable things will surely happen to everyone of us.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Too bad, love doesn't have a "best before" seal. I would have loved to know when it would expire.

Last night, we really had a fun night. A week ago, we received an invitation from Tito Boy for a dinner on May 2 which was yesterday. Tito Boy is a friend of my dad. Both of them are working in Saudi and they first met there. Eventually, they became good friends together with Tito Bobby.

We traveled from Manila to SM Megamall because according to Tito Boy, he will meet us up there. There were a lot of people in Megamall because of the three-day sale which started yesterday. It was really jampacked that we even joked on them while we were inside the car. We tried to look for a parking space but we really couldn't find one. Until Tito Boy called us up that we have to go to Metrowalk.

We drove again from Megamall to Metrowalk and we parked the car. Then we received another call that the place would be at Seaside, near Pier One. So, Daddy Carlo started the engine once more and we drove from Metrowalk to Pier One. And finally, we have seen Tito Boy together with his son, Edwin, wife and children.

We had a little chit-chatting while the foods were being cooked. They have bought the foods in the market there then let it be cooked on the restaurant there. We talked, joked and laughed. Until the foods were served.

We were actually a bit startled because the foods were really too much. I mean, too much for us because we were just few, specifically, less than 10. There were lots of yummy and delicious foods to choose from. It really ruined my diet. I felt that my tummy becomes bigger. Just kidding. But the foods were really great and all of us were indeed satisfied.

We took a rest after. Then Tito Boy gave us the things that my dad bought for us which consist of two pair of shoes for my brother (one rubber shoes and the other is leather shoes), a pair of sandals for me, a (super) big bottle of Mayonnaise and lots of medicines. After that, we went home.

It was really tiring but fun. We went home at 11.30pm because the area was too far from our place.