Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For most people, friendship is the beginning of something -- a foundation for a much deeper relationship. Too bad for some, it's a borderline. (for me, it is a borderline)

I am sick right now, meaning, I'm not feeling well. From the moment I woke up this morning, I have felt the pain in my head, how hard it is for me to stand up, how my back aches and how my cough and flu driving me insane. I hate it whenever I have this kind of illness. Well, ever since, I'm very prone to these, cough and flu, and whenever I have these two, I felt a sudden change in my body condition. It is either I'm going to have a fever or I'm going to experience body pains. But this time, I felt both.

It is really uneasy and uncomfortable. I just stayed in my mom's room the whole day, sleeping and taking a deep rest hoping that I will feel better but unfortunately, I didn't feel better. But after I have taken my merienda, sitting in the sofa and watching my cousins and brother playing jackstone, I felt a lot better. I even joined them. Then, I took a bath then afterwards, I slept once more. And as I woke up, my fever was gone and I felt so much better. Thank God!

Anyway, last night, I was able to chat, through YM, with one of my best friends. She's actually my best friend since the 1st Grade and we've been friends for about thirteen years. She's now a Senior College student also at Adamson University taking up Mass Communication. Actually, it's her birthday today. Happy Birthday Mamita! :) I miss you and I love you.

She told me that she just finished her on the job training and how much she enjoyed it. She became a radio announcer at DZRH, wrote an article at Remate and became a production assistant at one of Carlo J. Caparas' film. I'm a very happy and proud best friend for what she has accomplished so far. Ever since elementary, I know how eager she is to become successful and to achieve her goals in life. Since then, she wants to become a News Anchor or a Radio Announcer, anything that has something to do with mass media. And now, she's slowly grasping the success that she's been yearning for a long time. And I know that there's a better future ahead of her. After all, the staff of DZRH asked her on when will she graduate because they are planning to hire her after she graduates from college.

She's willing to do everything, she strives hard for her to be able to become successful and I'm glad that she's finally earning her way through it. I do miss her company. Ever since we graduated from High School, we seldom see each other. And as a matter of fact, we never go out so I'm planning that before this year ends, we could bond as much as we could together with my other three best friends. I missed our bonding so much and our never ending laughters. How I wish I could spend a lot more time with them but sadly, I can't. We will become so busy this coming semester because all of us will be focusing more on our thesis.

By the way, it's time for Roland Garros and it's on going. How I wish Roger Federer will grab his very first French Open title and stop Rafael Nadal from earning the four-peat. Well, Rafa is the defending champion and the master of the clay courts. And Roger find it hard to beat the Spaniard but I hope, this time, Roger will finally go home with the French Open title in hand. As for the women's, Maria Sharapova is still there. Hoping for her continuous victory.

From Tennis to Basketball, Los Angeles Lakers defeated San Antonio Spurs making the series 3-1 in favor of Lakers. I wish that Spurs could still catch-up because they're the defending champs and they shouldn't let Lakers defeat them which will result to their elimination. On the Eastern Conference Finals, the series is tied to 2. Tomorrow's game will be at Boston and I'm wishing that Detroit Pistons will defeat them. I'm asking for a miracle now. Celtics is actually the best team in the league this season. But still, I'm rooting for the Pistons.