Monday, May 19, 2008

The stolen glance is the oldest trick we know, yet the most obvious sign of hidden admiration.

Last night, I find it really hard to sleep. I don't know why. I was feeling nervous that time and I must say that it was the first time I felt that kind of weird feeling. My heart kept on beating really fast and I really didn't have any idea why. It was really annoying but at the same time, I was scared to death. The fact that I was nervous for no reason really gave me goosebumps. Then, several thoughts, bad thoughts in particular, just kept on popping in my mind. I hate the feeling. I didn't know what to do. I tried to sleep and imagine myself in a beautiful situation but it really didn't work out. It was really hard.

Since I couldn't sleep, I just woke up and turned the television on. I watched whatever shows I find interesting just to keep my mind away from those bad thoughts and to stop myself from feeling that way. I switched the television from one channel to another. I continued watching until I felt sleepy. I went to bed and slept. But still, every hour, I just woke up all of a sudden.

That's why when my mom woke me up this morning, I felt the pain in my head. It was 9am, I guess. I took my breakfast and took a bath. We went to Letran to pay for my tuition fee. I have a very huge tuition fee just to let you know. As soon as we arrived, we went directly to the comfort room to fix the money. Bringing 54 thousand is really scary. Because we may never know what might happen.

Good thing, only few were there to pay and as a matter of fact, the line was really short. I was able to see Eunice at the Cashier's Office. She was assigned there. Good for her. I know how much she hates being assigned in the Bookstore. Going back, after paying, we decided to drop by SM Manila. Then, I was able to see Rex who didn't inform us that he is now here in Pinas. He had a 2-month vacation in US and no one knows in the barkada that he came back. So, I'm just keeping my mouth shut this time.

We ate at SM Manila. Then, we tried to look for a pair of school shoes that I will be using this coming semester. But too bad, I didn't find anything that suits my interest. We just strolled for a little while until we decided to just go to SM San Lazaro which is apparently near to our house.

Finally, I settled down to a lovely pair of shoes at So! Fab. Actually, I've seen it yesterday when we dropped by SMSL. I so love it, as in. Then, my mom and I went inside the department store to buy a polo for my brother. After buying all we need, we decided to go home. But not really go home because we still went to my former school which is MCS to buy books for Camille but unfortunately, it was lunch break then. So we went home first.

It was kinda tiring that's why when I arrived home, I fell into a deep sleep right away. By the way, I'm currently working on a new layout for my blog and friendster layouts of my brother and two cousins. Lots and lots of layouts to do. Photoshop time!