Friday, March 30, 2007

i don't have any plans of changing my layout but since, i really don't know what to do, i decided to use my own layout. i made this layout three weeks ago. i was just practicing that time in using the Adobe Photoshop CS2. and as for trial, i created a layout which is originally made by me. it is very obvious you can see there my face. haha :D but then, i find it very simple and basic. i know i need a lot more time to master the Software and i'm looking forward to that.

anyway, its getting hot in here so take off all your clothes. haha :D no, its just that it is so HOT here in the Philippines. how i wish we have an aircon. haha :P because as you all know, electric fan is not enough. i feel like i'm gaining weight again that's why i used to play Badminton with my brother every afternoon.

i'm just praying and hoping that everything about my special event will be finalized. i want it to become possible. hopefully, everything will be okay before this week ends. as long as the downpayment isn't paid yet, i still worry about it.

watch out for Princess Hours's Monday episode. the KISS. haha :P

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

so, this day isn't productive for me. i'm just here in the house and doing the usual things. but anyway, have you heard the news about the Hostage Taking in Bonifacio Shrine this morning which is until now is on going. about 30 students have been hostaged including 2 teachers. what the hell is on the mind of that Ducat guy of doing such crime? i mean, all the people inside that damn bus are all innocent. the mastermind is really insane. he doesn't know what he's doing. whatever his motive is, doing that thing is not right and will never be right. Senator Bong Revilla serves as the negotiator but until now, there's no progress. Ducat is known as a nice guy but what the heck?! if his motive is also for the youth, to give them right education, why did he use the children to get what he wants? i pity the children inside and their parents as well.

right now, i'm watching the news and Bong Revilla has been interviewed and according to him, Ducat is indeed a nice guy. actually, that guy is the godfather of one of his children. he is asking for pabahay for the youth of Musmos DayCare. he's doing that thing for the sake of the children.

but as what everyone are hoping for, i'm really looking forward that everything will be settled down before this day ends. and i'm also hoping that all the children could get out of that bus safely.

Monday, March 26, 2007

i was so glad last night that Mart Escudero was named as one of the four winners of Starstruck the Next Level. though Dex Quindoza didn't make it, i'm still happy knowing that his close friend did make it. Dream. Believe. Survive.

and speaking of dream, eversince i was a little girl, i dreamt of becoming a Princess. yeah, i really wanted to be a Princess someday. i would love to wear elegant gowns and tiaras. but as i grew up, i realized that it won't be possible. even if i turn the world upside down, that dream will only be a dream and will never be real.

as i turned thirteen, i realized that i want to be the richest person in the world, if not, one of richest. and until now, i'm still dreaming of becoming rich. i grew up as an ordinary girl, though most of the times, i used to get what i want. i used to live an average life, i wasn't born with golden spoon and fork on my mouth.

my dad's been working abroad for quite a long time and i really miss his presence. my mom's the one taking good care of me and my brother. in return, we study hard for us to be successful in the near future. i want to give them the life that they've been yearning for a long time. and i hope that God and Destiny will help me fulfill that dream.

i only have one Goal in life as of the moment that is to REACH FOR MY DREAMS.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

we attended a children's party this afternoon at Storyland in SM San Lazaro. it was Zachee's and Yipee's Birthday. i was with my mom and bro. before we went to the venue, we bought first a gift and when we were about to go down to the Ground Floor, i saw Wek who is now working at Tomato. i pointed her to my mom and she said that we have to go inside and say hi to her and so, we did. but we didn't buy anything there, okay. we just came to see her.

while the party was going on, we, teens and adults stayed outside of the party area. and because i was bored and no one was in the Face Painting area, i decided to have a face paint. but not on the face, just on my hand. i had a Butterfly paint on my hand. it is color Red and Lavender. haha :D i acted like a kid. hehe :D here's a pic:

is it cute?

after that, we already ate courtesy of Chef D'Angelo and Jollibee for the kids. when we were already done, Reina and i decided to play. we actually spent more or less 200php just for playing. we were addicted to Cats and Mice wherein you have to hit the mice with the soft hammer. i hope you're figuring it out. we had lots of tickets because of that. all in all, we collected 78 tickets and we divided it into two. in exchange, we had 2 fishes, 2 pencils and 2 pens.

i enjoyed this day. we had lots of picture-takings again but since i didn't bring my digicam, i don't have a copy of it. i'll upload it once i get a copy from my cousins.

Friday, March 23, 2007

this day is so tiring for me. i wasn't in the house the entire afternoon. Ninang Chie, my mom and i went to UST Hospital to visit my Tita Estella coz she was confined there yesterday night due to a virus. yesterday afternoon, she decided to visit the doctor coz tears are falling from her eyes without any reason and there's another symptom that i forgot eh. *kamot-ulo* when we saw her, her mouth is kinda distorted or twisted out. it seems that she had a mild stroke. the doctor said that it was a Cerebral Palsy. the sad part is that she can't attend to her daughter's graduation on Sunday because the doctor won't allow her to go out of the hospital because she's still under observation.

just after that, my mom and i accompanied Camille and Cha to their house in Caloocan. actually, every Friday, my mom used to accompany them. we waited for how many hours till their parents came. of course, we couldn't leave them as long as their parents are there already.

tomorrow, Zachee and Yipee will be having a Party and we have to attend. good thing, it will be held at Storyland in SM San Lazaro. it's just one ride away from our house.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

just a short post for today. XD
i woke up around 9am and received a text message from my tito. i need to see him at SM San Lazaro at 11am. and so, i went out of my bed and ate my breakfast. at around 11.30am, Camille and i went to SMSL and since my tito wasn't there pa, we decided to walk a little while and when we came back, he was already there. we had Lunch at Chef Wong's and bought a Sansrival for my Lola who turns 76 today.

i saw my Grades already and i'm pretty much happy about it. i'm still waiting for my Physics grade since it isn't posted yet. but nevertheless, i'm so glad with how my Second Semester ended. Third Year, hear i come. hehe :D and i know, this coming school year will be more difficult to us to take since we're going up to another level. i just wish that we could overcome that.

that's all for now. i'm working with a new layout for my blog and at the same time, for my friendster and multiply. by the way, pics during the Batangas trip are already uploaded on my Multiply.

Sponge Cola bagged four trophies in the 2nd Myx Music Awards. they bested four other bands such as Kamikazee, Sandwich, Hale and Imago for the Favorite Artist Category. in addition, they also won the Favorite Group, Favorite Rock Video and Favorite Song for Bitiw. what Rivermaya had said "Pinakyaw nyo na lahat." well, i also love the performance of some of the artists as they pay tribute to APO Hiking Society. Yael Yuzon sang Yakap sa Dilim with a great rendition. the song suits him.

here's the link to the video: Video.


Monday, March 19, 2007

i came from a two-day outing with my former blockmates. i was fetched by Rex and Ian yesterday morning at around 5am here in my crib. we used three cars, an Innova, a Galant and an Adventure. i rode in the Adventure drove by JL with my girlfriends Eunice, Kath and Joanne. we had a very enjoying trip. we were sound tripping and laugh tripping at the same time. our 'drivers' were having a race while we were on our way. haha :D by the way, JL was driving the Adventure, Rex was driving the Innova and Niko was driving the Galant. we had a number of Stop-overs. the resort is owned by Marco's father. and if you wanna see how it looks like, just visit El-Madero.

i really enjoyed the outing. it was fun. :D it was my first time to join an outing and i really had fun, so much fun. they were really fun to be with and i love their company. we had lots of fun in the water. haha :D i never thought that i would enjoy that trip. we were helping each other in terms of works like in cooking, broiling, washing of chores and the like. i learned some card games like 123 Pass and the Bullshit. hehe :P

the resort is so beautiful. it is so big and nice. i really love the place. if you're planning for a family outing, El-Madero is the place to go. it is such a great place. the air is very refreshing the water is so cold. haha :D we've been freezng every time we're going out of the pool. we have lots of picture-takings. Cha brought her videocam. we have tons of funny moments there.

i arrived here at around 6.30pm and i was accompanied by Rex and the rest who were riding the Innova. i'll be uploading the pictures tomorrow on my Multiply. i also need a copy of the pictures in JL's digicam.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

i need to wake up early tomorrow morning because of the Outing. yes, you heard it right, my parents allowed me to go the Swimming with my Blockmates. yey!!! :D its because Eunice will go too. hehe :P most of them are excited, i guess because when i woke up this morning, i received bunch of text messages with regards of the swimming. hehe :P they're really excited and at the same time, happy. i'm not excited at all because Dyei won't be there. arg. we'll miss you, Dyei. how i wish you'll be with us tomorrow. don't worry, i'll organize another one so you can come. haha XD

anyway, i already submitted the form for the specialization this coming Third Year. i chose MCSE and MCSD as my first choice and second choice, respectively. i don't know if i made the right decision. but how i wish, i really did the right thing.

i'll be back on Monday afternoon. so, see yah. hehe :P bye for now.

Friday, March 16, 2007

i cleaned my room today as in general cleaning. hehe :D well, its been a year since i last cleaned it. haha XD how lazy i am? anyway, i've seen lots of trashes on my room and i decided to dispatch some stuffs i don't need. that thing was really tiring and at the same time, it made my head ache.

just this afternoon, my Tito and Tita from States particularly New York dropped by our house. they're here for a two-week vacation. of course, i received pasalubong. hehe :D actually, all of us.

while i was surfing the net a while ago, i passed by Letran's site and then i found out that the On-Line Enrollement for the next Semester would be on the 21st-23rd of April. and at the same time, i read there that the Claiming of RAF-slash-Enrollement will be on the 26th of April. argggg. its too early. they're so corrupt. they really want our money. i hate them. they've been increasing every year and then now, they scheduled the Enrollement early. coz as far as i remember, last year's Enrollement was in May.

bye for now. drop by my Multiply. i have lots of pictures uploaded there.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

i'm soooooooooooo happy now. :D because finals is over. haha ;D its vacation yey. XD we had 2 sets of exams this morning so i went to school early for me to be able to review. Humanities was the first one and i can say that it was okay, i mean super duper okay. in short, it was easy. thanks Sir Jomar. we had an hour and a half break before the next exam and so, we reviewed. lots of funny moments happened especially on Eunice's part. 'come to ate.' haha :P we were just laughing and laughing.

Theo was next, rather last exam. the most difficult of all. haha :D it was harder than our exams in major subjects. arggg. we thought it will be easy coz the one who made the exam was our professor but to our surprise, it was super duper difficult. i mean, everything was really hard. as if its our Major. amf!!! anyway, i'm just hoping that i could pass all of my exams especially my major subjects.

our Second Semester ended up good, for me, i guess. coz for the last time, i saw HIM. haha :D i know that after two months, it will vanish again because its vacation, i won't be seeing him. i just hope that on the next semester, every feeling i have for him would fizzle out.

my mom didn't allow me to go with my friends-slash-former blockmates on their outing-slash-swimming this coming Sunday. i informed her about it this afternoon and i told her that Eunice can possibly join if her brother will be there. but then when i told her that it would be an overnight, she immediately said NO. arggg. meaning, i won't be there. haaaay. i really want to be there coz i miss my friends' company because of the Free Sectioning. my mom said that she will only allow me to have an overnight or sleepover when i turned 18 which will be on September. i'll miss a wonderful opportunity. sayang. how i wish i'll be there.

since its vacation, i'm looking for a Summer Job and at the same time, i'm going to learn how to cook with the help of my Lola. i just hope that in two months, i could learn to cook na. coz i'm turning 18 but still, i don't how to cook a simple meal. how ridiculous?! as the saying goes, 'the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.' haha :D

two months and a half of no classes so i won't be seeing my classmates and friends. i just want to thank them for the company and the wonderful friendship especially those people whom we've only known just this semester. i'll be missing my GirlFriends. Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and Kath. i'll miss our kulitan and tawanan. and even our camwhoring. time's really running so fast. College Junior Life would be more complicated and harder.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i've been very busy this week because of the Final Exams. so, it started last Monday with two sets of exams namely PE and IRM. assessment? well, the exams were not that difficult. no problems at all on those two exams. last Tuesday was the most annoying exam day for us because we had 4 sets of exams, two are majors. arrrgh. first was English which was te easiest of the four. haha :D well, compare it to our Midterm Exam, it was good enough coz we knew most of the questions unlike before that we were really clueless. Physics was so tough especially the Multiple Choice part. i have no problem with the Protowiring and the Logic Gates eh. the hulaan part was the most difficult part of the exam. i have no idea about the terms. SAD was kinda okay. i had some problem with the first part but the rest were okay. and last was the ever difficult Visual Basic.NET. haha :D i had a problem with the last part but the rest were okay. and today, i only had one set of exam which was Client and OS which was good. just like the Midterm Exam, it wasn't hard enough for us. i'm just hoping and praying that i could pass all of my exams. *fingers-crossed*

tomorrow will be the last day of our Final Exams and i have two sets of exams. just finished reviewing. yey!!!

"ThineIced will always be ThineIced: no more, no less."

Saturday, March 10, 2007

this day is soooooooooo tiring. i started reviewing just yesterday. i started with the minor subjects then today, the major ones. well, i haven't finished revieng IRM, meaning, that's the only subject left. amfff. so many things to review and memorize there so i decided to make it last though the exam for that subject will be on Monday.

today's my grandma's 82nd birthday that's why for the whole night, i was there. i'm really tired. arggg. i have to take a lot of rest coz tomorrow, i still need to study for the exams on Monday.

that's all for now. Good Evening!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

i've been very busy these past few days and i can say that right now, i'm breathing a lot better. hehe :D we're done with our Thesis and i can proudly say that I'M VERY MUCH HAPPY ABOUT IT. its been more or less three weeks when we started cramming because of that Thesis but now, we already finished it. how good is that?! but the nervousness was still there this morning because of that ever horrifying Defense. though it will not be the first, but still, i can't help myself from feeling nervous.

but the very GOOD NEWS of all was that the Defense was cancelled. yehey!!! we will not be undergoing any Defense anymore for this semester. though it will be unfair to some students who had their Defense yesterday. we're just too Lucky. haha :D i can't explain how happy i am right now.

actually, during our SAD time, i together with my classmates on that subject stayed in our room and waited for our prof to arrive. some were cramming and some were really feeling the nerves but when we heard the Good News, we were like 'yehey!!!' and everyone's been jumping and shouting at the top of their lungs. hehe :D we were so glad. and some of my classmates were joking their friend that there's still a defense and so, he changed from uniform to a business attire and when he was done, they started revealing the truth. haha :D they're quite mean. haha :P

but still, we stayed in the room for a couple of minutes with my former blockmates while viewing some pictures using our friend's laptop. we were laughing then since the poses are really funny.

tomorrow, i'm going to start reviewing my minor subjects. yup, next week will be our Final Exams and so, i have to give my best on it. i don't want to fail. and also, i need to be part of the Dean's Lister since our tutition fee next semester will be around 60,000 to 70,000php. i don't know where in this world my parents would get such amount. arrrggg. that's why i have to study really hard.

i just miss blogging that's why i have long post today. next week would be another busy week.

Monday, March 5, 2007

just updating.
can't post that long.
i'm still BUSY.

Friday, March 2, 2007

i slept late last night coz i was busy doing our Thesis stuffs. and at the same time, i was busy watching Princess Hours. haha ;P

anyway, i woke up at 9am and took my breakfast coz i have lots of things to do. after resting for a bit, i decided to start my chores. since our system proposal is about the Library system, we need to get several books as samples for that said system. what i did was i looked for my former books way back High School and also, some of my cousin's books before. haaay. that was really tiring.

this afternoon, i started doing AGAIN the Thesis by making the 6th Chapter and the Screen Designs of the proposed system. it wasn't finished. i'm still waiting for Eunice's works before finalizing it.

no Defense in VB. yes. :P
we're exempted to one of the Practical Tests in PE. yehey!!!

but we'll have one PT on Tuesday.
Quizzes on Hum and Theo since it was cancelled last Wednesday.
a Programming Quiz on VB this coming Tuesday.
and the worst of all, Thesis Defense on Thursday and Friday. :'c

Thursday, March 1, 2007

well, new layout. :P
still BUSY.
the Defense is fast approaching
and the Final Exams too. ;D
just wish me luck.
that's all for now.