Friday, March 23, 2007

this day is so tiring for me. i wasn't in the house the entire afternoon. Ninang Chie, my mom and i went to UST Hospital to visit my Tita Estella coz she was confined there yesterday night due to a virus. yesterday afternoon, she decided to visit the doctor coz tears are falling from her eyes without any reason and there's another symptom that i forgot eh. *kamot-ulo* when we saw her, her mouth is kinda distorted or twisted out. it seems that she had a mild stroke. the doctor said that it was a Cerebral Palsy. the sad part is that she can't attend to her daughter's graduation on Sunday because the doctor won't allow her to go out of the hospital because she's still under observation.

just after that, my mom and i accompanied Camille and Cha to their house in Caloocan. actually, every Friday, my mom used to accompany them. we waited for how many hours till their parents came. of course, we couldn't leave them as long as their parents are there already.

tomorrow, Zachee and Yipee will be having a Party and we have to attend. good thing, it will be held at Storyland in SM San Lazaro. it's just one ride away from our house.