Friday, March 2, 2007

i slept late last night coz i was busy doing our Thesis stuffs. and at the same time, i was busy watching Princess Hours. haha ;P

anyway, i woke up at 9am and took my breakfast coz i have lots of things to do. after resting for a bit, i decided to start my chores. since our system proposal is about the Library system, we need to get several books as samples for that said system. what i did was i looked for my former books way back High School and also, some of my cousin's books before. haaay. that was really tiring.

this afternoon, i started doing AGAIN the Thesis by making the 6th Chapter and the Screen Designs of the proposed system. it wasn't finished. i'm still waiting for Eunice's works before finalizing it.

no Defense in VB. yes. :P
we're exempted to one of the Practical Tests in PE. yehey!!!

but we'll have one PT on Tuesday.
Quizzes on Hum and Theo since it was cancelled last Wednesday.
a Programming Quiz on VB this coming Tuesday.
and the worst of all, Thesis Defense on Thursday and Friday. :'c