Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i've been very busy this week because of the Final Exams. so, it started last Monday with two sets of exams namely PE and IRM. assessment? well, the exams were not that difficult. no problems at all on those two exams. last Tuesday was the most annoying exam day for us because we had 4 sets of exams, two are majors. arrrgh. first was English which was te easiest of the four. haha :D well, compare it to our Midterm Exam, it was good enough coz we knew most of the questions unlike before that we were really clueless. Physics was so tough especially the Multiple Choice part. i have no problem with the Protowiring and the Logic Gates eh. the hulaan part was the most difficult part of the exam. i have no idea about the terms. SAD was kinda okay. i had some problem with the first part but the rest were okay. and last was the ever difficult Visual Basic.NET. haha :D i had a problem with the last part but the rest were okay. and today, i only had one set of exam which was Client and OS which was good. just like the Midterm Exam, it wasn't hard enough for us. i'm just hoping and praying that i could pass all of my exams. *fingers-crossed*

tomorrow will be the last day of our Final Exams and i have two sets of exams. just finished reviewing. yey!!!

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