Saturday, March 24, 2007

we attended a children's party this afternoon at Storyland in SM San Lazaro. it was Zachee's and Yipee's Birthday. i was with my mom and bro. before we went to the venue, we bought first a gift and when we were about to go down to the Ground Floor, i saw Wek who is now working at Tomato. i pointed her to my mom and she said that we have to go inside and say hi to her and so, we did. but we didn't buy anything there, okay. we just came to see her.

while the party was going on, we, teens and adults stayed outside of the party area. and because i was bored and no one was in the Face Painting area, i decided to have a face paint. but not on the face, just on my hand. i had a Butterfly paint on my hand. it is color Red and Lavender. haha :D i acted like a kid. hehe :D here's a pic:

is it cute?

after that, we already ate courtesy of Chef D'Angelo and Jollibee for the kids. when we were already done, Reina and i decided to play. we actually spent more or less 200php just for playing. we were addicted to Cats and Mice wherein you have to hit the mice with the soft hammer. i hope you're figuring it out. we had lots of tickets because of that. all in all, we collected 78 tickets and we divided it into two. in exchange, we had 2 fishes, 2 pencils and 2 pens.

i enjoyed this day. we had lots of picture-takings again but since i didn't bring my digicam, i don't have a copy of it. i'll upload it once i get a copy from my cousins.