Saturday, March 17, 2007

i need to wake up early tomorrow morning because of the Outing. yes, you heard it right, my parents allowed me to go the Swimming with my Blockmates. yey!!! :D its because Eunice will go too. hehe :P most of them are excited, i guess because when i woke up this morning, i received bunch of text messages with regards of the swimming. hehe :P they're really excited and at the same time, happy. i'm not excited at all because Dyei won't be there. arg. we'll miss you, Dyei. how i wish you'll be with us tomorrow. don't worry, i'll organize another one so you can come. haha XD

anyway, i already submitted the form for the specialization this coming Third Year. i chose MCSE and MCSD as my first choice and second choice, respectively. i don't know if i made the right decision. but how i wish, i really did the right thing.

i'll be back on Monday afternoon. so, see yah. hehe :P bye for now.