Wednesday, March 28, 2007

so, this day isn't productive for me. i'm just here in the house and doing the usual things. but anyway, have you heard the news about the Hostage Taking in Bonifacio Shrine this morning which is until now is on going. about 30 students have been hostaged including 2 teachers. what the hell is on the mind of that Ducat guy of doing such crime? i mean, all the people inside that damn bus are all innocent. the mastermind is really insane. he doesn't know what he's doing. whatever his motive is, doing that thing is not right and will never be right. Senator Bong Revilla serves as the negotiator but until now, there's no progress. Ducat is known as a nice guy but what the heck?! if his motive is also for the youth, to give them right education, why did he use the children to get what he wants? i pity the children inside and their parents as well.

right now, i'm watching the news and Bong Revilla has been interviewed and according to him, Ducat is indeed a nice guy. actually, that guy is the godfather of one of his children. he is asking for pabahay for the youth of Musmos DayCare. he's doing that thing for the sake of the children.

but as what everyone are hoping for, i'm really looking forward that everything will be settled down before this day ends. and i'm also hoping that all the children could get out of that bus safely.