Friday, March 16, 2007

i cleaned my room today as in general cleaning. hehe :D well, its been a year since i last cleaned it. haha XD how lazy i am? anyway, i've seen lots of trashes on my room and i decided to dispatch some stuffs i don't need. that thing was really tiring and at the same time, it made my head ache.

just this afternoon, my Tito and Tita from States particularly New York dropped by our house. they're here for a two-week vacation. of course, i received pasalubong. hehe :D actually, all of us.

while i was surfing the net a while ago, i passed by Letran's site and then i found out that the On-Line Enrollement for the next Semester would be on the 21st-23rd of April. and at the same time, i read there that the Claiming of RAF-slash-Enrollement will be on the 26th of April. argggg. its too early. they're so corrupt. they really want our money. i hate them. they've been increasing every year and then now, they scheduled the Enrollement early. coz as far as i remember, last year's Enrollement was in May.

bye for now. drop by my Multiply. i have lots of pictures uploaded there.