Friday, February 29, 2008

Fixing someone's broken heart is much more like treating a sickness. No matter how hard you try, if you are not the right medicine, you can never cure the pain.

I have to go to school today because we will be presenting the software for our QTB. I arrived at 11am and found the Chillax boys playing basketball while some were staying in the stonebench and the girls were also there watching and cheering.

By the way, I used the bag given by Rex and Kam during my debut plus I also wore the bracelet that Niko gave to me as his birthday gift. Well, I just have to since last Friday, they were teasing me, including JL that I'm not using the gifts that they had given to me during my 18th birthday. But I was not able to use JL's gift because it is a slipper and wearing slippers are not allowed in school.

When I arrived, I let Rex see that I used the bag slash pouch and at first, he was like "ano yan?" until he realized that it was the bag that he gave to me. Then, I let him see the bracelet, as well. Too bad for JL because I didn't wear the flip-flops he gave.

I sat there with my girl friends while watching the boys played basketball against their opponents whom I don't have the idea who they are. We chatted and talked about stuffs and all.

Mr. Buen, our QTB professor, passed by and we asked him about the demo. At first, he wanted us to present at 3pm after the faculty meeting but we said that we were ready and we were just waiting for the laptop. Cha and I guarded him while he was watching the boys together with Mr. Sianturi and Mr. Ritual. He was actually joking us that if we will buy an ice cream for him, we will be exempted in the presentation.

We presented there, in the stonebench, but we were standing. We were kinda confused because only Dyei knows how the software runs. But good thing, the two software worked well and our presentation was okay.

We took our lunch at Snack Time, as what they call the cafeteria in front of Letran. But since, no pasta was available, Eunice and I went to 7/11 to buy some foods. We stayed there. Laughtrip again. We went inside the get the documents of our thesis but too bad, there was a faculty meeting going on. So, we need to wait until 3pm.

I just stayed at the catwalk with Dyei, Juls, Kelvin, Paul and Rey while the rest of the Chillax went to Rex's crib. We decided to watch Lila. It was a good film. It just conveys the reality eh. It's about the three types of girls namely Femme, Bi-Femme and Butch(tomboy). It was good. Job well done! In this year's PelikuLetran, I only watched three films namely Press Play, Kamatis and Lila. I wanna watch New Arrival and Bangar but I wasn't able eh. Kamatis was good. It was so funny and comedic. I love it! haha ;D

When the meeting ended, I directly went to Ms. Isip to get the documents but unfortunately, she was not able to receive it. I don't know where did Ryan pass it and I was about to cry that time. I texted Ian and I was so worried then because you know how important that documents to us. Then he informed me afterwards that the documents have been found and we have to get it on Monday but I just don't know if it is sure or what. He hasn't texted me until now. And until this time, I'm so worried. I just wanna cry. Mock Defense is on Tuesday and we haven't get the layouts and all other things needed at PLM and we badly need those. Right now, Ian is on Rex's crib enjoying and having fun as if we don't have thesis problems.

Anyway, before we went home, we dropped by SM Manila to buy ink and to stroll for a little while. Then, we separated ways. This day is just so tiring. I need some rest.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Never say goodbye if you still want to try. Never give up if you still feel you can go on. Never say you don't love a person anymore if you can't let go.

Yesterday, I was out the whole day. Since the presentation of Chapters 1-3 of our thesis was cancelled last Tuesday, it was re-scheduled yesterday morning. So, I went to the Colegio earlier, as in. I left the house at 8:00am and arrived at around 8:30am because our presentation was scheduled at 8:30am. I saw the group who will be presenting before us and they haven't presented their thesis. Meaning, the time of presentation will be moved. I texted my thesismates on where they were. They were not late but if we followed the real time, they were super late.

It was successful, I might say. Our professor just corrected some mistakes and gave us tons of advices for the upcoming defense. I'm not ready yet. I haven't prepared and motivated myself regarding that thing. I'm afraid that we might screw up. But hopefully, we won't. Just pray for us, guys.

After the presentation, I decided not to go home since we will be watching Exalt at 7pm at the Letran grounds. I went to the library to chat with none other than, Eunice. She's the student assistant in the library. Good thing, there were no people there when I came that's why I was able to talk to her and update each other about what's happening. We seldom talk because we have different schedules. Her duty was until 12nn so after the Angelus, we went down and watched the Chillax boys played Basketball.

We took our lunch in the cafeteria right in front of Letran and went back to the school. We stayed at the stonebench and of course, never-ending kulitan and tawanan. We talked about a lot of things, as well. We had picture-taking courtesy of Cha's cam and my cam. We did lots of weird and funny poses. Talking about being a camwhore. Chillax Crew = Camwhores. We even had pictures with a former professor and some friends.

Then, we fetched Kam at her crib in Blumentritt since Rex brought his car. I was with Rex, Niko, Gian, Ian and Cha. After that, we went back to the school and looked for chairs so we could vividly see the performers. Exalt is a dance concert by the three Dance Systems in Letran namely Letran Streetbeat, Letran Jazz Endanza and Letran Squires Dance Troupe organized by the Cultural Affairs.

It was really a fantastic night. The theme was of course, Streetdance so all the music played were all hip-hop. Dance groups from different schools such as La Salle, UP-Diliman, Letran-Calamba, St. Scholastica and Mapua also came to perform and show off their great dancing prowess. Too bad, three schools backed out such as UA&P, Ateneo and San Beda. And the most special guest of all was the Philippine AllStars who won the title in World Hip-Hop Championship 2006.

They showed off their amazing and breath-taking moves and styles. It was indeed a fun night. Knowing me, I'm attracted to guys with a good dancing skill. Dice is love. He is a member of Streetbeat. I first saw him during the Arriba Fest and from then, I used to look for him in school but unfortunately, I can't see him. haha :D But last night, he really showed off his talent in dancing. My gawd, words are not enough to describe how great he was.

After the show, we all went home. It was not as tiresome as the Arriba Fest. I did enjoy and I'm hoping to see more of them in the future.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I finally learned what life is all about. It is hanging on when your heart had enough and giving more when you wanna give up.

Happy Hearts Day to all! Well, to some this day is a very special but for me, this is just any ordinary day. We have classes, of course. And since it's Valentine's Day, flower vendors were scattered in front of our school. I just smiled on that idea because I know, no one's gonna buy there. For sure, they are going to buy the most special flowers that they could see for their special someone, right? 

I found my friends in the Stonebench this afternoon as I went to school. We had some sort of bonding there and never ending laugh trip. We stayed there for a little as my friends continued to arrive. We chatted about a lot of things and laughed as if there's no tomorrow. We also had some picture-taking courtesy of my batchmate's digital camera. It was somehow a reunion of my first year block which is IT1E. I have so many wonderful memories with them. Of all the IT blocks in our batch, I can say that we are the closest. And a friend of ours told us that our block is the most dominant now. We are indeed close because we really value the friendship that we have started during our first year in Letran. And it is good to know that until now, our friendship is still there and going strong.

I gave my Thine Iced friends gifts since today, we also celebrate our 31st month as sisters. My gift is actually a picture of us in one of the rooms in Letran. I just edited it using Photoshop. I'm very fortunate for having wonderful friends like them. They are like sisters to me. We shared a lot of things and I know that in a span of 2 years and 7 months of friendship, we have known each other very well. And I'm pretty sure that our friendship will last longer than forever. Kath, as well, gave us gifts which is a chocolate. I don't know how to call it but it's a chocolate. Take note, those were self-made, meaning, she did those all by herself. That's why it is greatly appreciated.

We have consulted our adviser this afternoon regarding that Chapter 3 that Ian and I did. Actually, we slept at around 2:30 in the morning just to accomplish that Chapter. We started at 9 in the evening and finished it at 2:30 in the morning. I was really sleepy but I know we have to finish that thing. She said okay but we have to add some more information and we have just encountered again another problem. But we're going to talk about it after we have finished doing the 3rd Chapter. We're going to have our presentation on Tuesday and I'm quite nervous. I'm not yet ready because my mind is still preoccupied with so many things. I don't know what to do. I have so many fears now. But I know God will help us all the way. He will never let us down and He will guide us all throughout. And I hope, everything will be fine. I'm trying to prepare and motivate myself but it is really hard to do especially when there are other things that make me confused. These things are school related too. 

We did nothing today. I just attended only one class. Dyei and I were supposed to absent ourselves in our Lit class just to watch the Debate at the SC Audi but to our surprise, our prof was really requiring us to watch it. Actually, he entitled the two of us to hold the attendance sheet. So, we watched the debate between HS and CA wherein the latter won. But in my opinion, the topic is kinda biased because it is literally in favor of the CA students since it is more on freedom of press plus they are on the Opposition side. Too bad for the IT students because they were beaten.

I attended my Comp108 class and finished the activity there. I find it really hard to compile all the pictures because it makes the computer unit slow. It took me a long time before I finished it. During our last class, we just signed the attendance and we were free to go. Perhaps, our professor has a date that's why. After that, Joanne and I went home since we don't have any respective dates for today. And besides, I still don't have any plans on anything related to love for now because I'm too busy with school. I just leave it all to Him because I know in the right time, He will give to me the person whom I truly deserve. But for now, I might stay this way because being single is fun. But whatever happens, I'm sure, I'm ready for it.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

You shouldn't be stupid enough to fall in love with someone who is stupid enough not to fall in love with you.

Yesterday, we had a double celebration as we celebrate the birthday of Mommy Jovie and her son, Cha-cha. It was Mommy Jovie's real birthday and Cha-cha's birthday was last Wednesday. Since it was Ash Wednesday and we were not allowed to eat anything meaty, we decided to celebrate it yesterday. We had the usual foods cooked by my grandma. Also, he also celebrated in school. We had Spaghetti and Chicken in our dining table. Plus my mom bought cake for him. There was no grand celebration, just a simple get together.

This morning, I did nothing but to edit pictures using Photoshop. I was so lazy, really. I didn't even think of my school works that I need to accomplish. Oh well, as the end of the semester is keeps on coming, I'm getting lazier and lazier. I don't know why. I have been thinking a lot of our thesis. Our thesismates and I have this plan of completing the Chapter 3 and pass it on Monday to our adviser for revisions. At least, the only thing that we should do would be to edit whatever mistakes in that Chapter.

This afternoon, we went again to PLM because we have an appointment with Mr. Ines, director of URC. We have talked about a lot of things and he even gave us some advices in order for us to have a good Chapter 3. Actually, we are thankful because he is so nice and you know, he is really willing to help us. And he even told us that he's trying to push our study and let it be reviewed by the university's president so that we could implement it to their school if the president would approve.

And now, we are trying to work out on our 3rd Chapter plus the two sets of questionnaires for the interview and survey. We should also pass those things to Mr. Ines so that we will be given the permission that we need and for us to be able to get the things needed for the Appendices.

Before we went home, we stayed first at 7/11 near Letran to discuss the things needed for the Chapter 3 so we could start doing it. We have a goal of passing that said chapter on Monday and be checked by our adviser. And the questionnaires should also be checked, as well. We have lots of things to do. Hopefully, we could finish that chapter by tomorrow.

Well, aside from the thesis, we still have loads of school works to finish belonging to other subjects, both major and minor. I'm feeling the pressure. Starting next week, presentation for the first three chapters will start. After that week would be Mock Defense then on the second Saturday of March would be the Final Defense. I will be busy starting today. I'm gonna finish the first part of our thesis eh and I don't want to cram.

I'm just so thankful that we chose PLM because the administrator and staff there are just so nice. We didn't experience problems talking to any of them most especially to Mr. Ines. Though we had a problem in our letter, still, he let us continue the study. And once we have already passed all the requirements, he will permit us to conduct interview and survey there. Plus, he is really willing to help us because he wants us to finish even the 4th Chapter. I guess, we're just so fortunate.

We are really hoping that everything will be fine and that we will become successful on this thesis that we are working with.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

At some point in your life, you'll meet wonderful people, so wonderful that you'd fall for them and think that they feel the same way too but the truth is they are just nice, too damn nice.

For the past few days, I have been stressed out, drained and pressured. Our thesis really makes me insane. Just an update of our thesis. Our Chapter 2 has now been approved by our professor that's why this afternoon, we gave it to our adviser for some revisions. The format for Chapters 1-3 and Appendices have been given to us. We only have one week to finalize everything because the submission of the revised Chapters 1-3 is on the 18th of February. Then, our group is scheduled to present those chapters on the 19th in front of our professor. Last week of February would be our Mock Defense but it is graded. And finally, the Final Defense will be on the 8th of March. You see, we really have to finish the first part of our thesis because judgment day is just a month away.

And I admit, I'm kinda nervous but I know I shouldn't be. I'm quite confident with our thesis eh. And besides, our adviser told us that defending our thesis is not that difficult. But of course, we really have to prepare for it.

Anyway, this week is really stressing. We just have finished taking quizzes and answering loads of assignments and research works. And several tasks have also been scheduled for the next weeks. We haven't passed the software needed for our QTB and we badly need it. Plus, I have a report in World Lit with Dyei and Gisang. We will have a graded recitation in Discrete Math and the continuation of our 3rd activity in Flash. I really have lots of things to accomplish this weekends.

On Saturday, my thesismates and I will be going again to PLM to talk to the URC head personally. We have so many things to talk about and hopefully, we could settle all the problems. A lot of explanations should be made. We really need their approval. And we can't start doing the 3rd Chapter unless we have already seen the current set-up of their internet laboratory.

Aside from that, a lot of things also had happened on me which were not school related. It seemed that everyday, my mood just changed from good to bad because of the scenes I always encounter. I hate the feeling that I'm always affected with what's going on around me. The fact that I'm with them all the time makes it harder for me. But everytime I go out of school feeling bad, there is someone out there who would make me smile at the end of the day. It happened twice and I really can't help but smile. He eases the pain inside me.

Just like this afternoon, as I went out of the Colegio feeling bad again for the nth time, I met him along the way. He smiled at me and asked me "uwi ka na?" Then, I replied yes to him and we both said bye. We barely see each other in school but everytime he sees me, he always approaches me and says hi.

To clear things out, he is not my crush and I don't admire him or what. It's just that he is so nice and friendly. He has never been an airhead. All I know is that I'm happy that I have met somebody like him.

6 - Belated Happy Birthday Cha-cha!

Friday, February 1, 2008

What makes us foolish? It’s when it hurts seeing the one you love with somebody yet you keep on staring.

Love Month begins today. How I wish I have someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with but unfortunately, I don’t have. But I know there’s nothing to be sad for since I have a lot of friends out there who are willing to be my dates on that special day. Maybe, we’ll just have a group date. But I guess I will be busy on that day because of my thesis.

Anyway, the plan pushed through and it went well. I was with Jeff and Ryan since Ian has an out of town trip today. The person whom we were supposed to talk to was not around so, we just talked to the other person and he asked us to leave the Chapters 1 and 2 there. He just took my landline number, in case. By the way, I saw a friend there. Her name is Lacewan. The last time I saw her was on my debut so it was really a long time. I missed her. She was alone in the library studying something. Her course is BS Nursing. She is such an intelligent and pretty lady just like me. Haha :D

After that, we decided to go home. I was planning of dropping by SM San Lazaro but I didn’t pursue it. I just went home directly. When I arrived, Cha told me that a package was sent to me and from then, I guessed that it is the Welcome Kit that I have been waiting for how many months now. And I wasn’t wrong. The proof that I have passed 70-290 and that I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional has arrived. Included in that package are the certificate and the MCP ID. I gladly took the package and opened it right away. I can’t believe it. It’s been how many months since I took the exams and finally, the ID and certificate are now in my hands.

This afternoon, I called the URC head as instructed by Ian since the person texted him to call back. And because Ian was very busy in Bataan today, I called back. I was not able to meet him when we went there because he was not around that’s why he told me that if ever we will be going there again, we’ll make sure that it’s in the afternoon so we could surely meet him personally. Okay, there are some problems regarding the thesis because the content of the letter is somehow far from our real purpose. I knew it. The first time I read the letter, I knew that we will be encountering problems with it. He also told me to pass the 3rd Chapter next week and the survey questionnaires. And we have to personally meet him next week because we have lots of things to talk about. But he is very nice. As a matter of fact, he is so concern that we might cram in doing Chapter 3 and so, we have to ask our professor about the format and all. I’m just crossing my fingers that once we meet him next week, everything will be settled down. I hope they will really allow us to enhance the network of their internet laboratory. *fingers crossed*

Well, tomorrow, I’m gonna start revising the 2nd Chapter and do some school stuffs. School works are all piled up and it continues to grow. Hate it!

P.S. Can you please pray for the immediate recovery of Tito Lando? He is a family friend. He had a mild stroke just recently and until now, he's confined in the hospital. Your prayer means a lot to us. Thanks!