Thursday, February 7, 2008

At some point in your life, you'll meet wonderful people, so wonderful that you'd fall for them and think that they feel the same way too but the truth is they are just nice, too damn nice.

For the past few days, I have been stressed out, drained and pressured. Our thesis really makes me insane. Just an update of our thesis. Our Chapter 2 has now been approved by our professor that's why this afternoon, we gave it to our adviser for some revisions. The format for Chapters 1-3 and Appendices have been given to us. We only have one week to finalize everything because the submission of the revised Chapters 1-3 is on the 18th of February. Then, our group is scheduled to present those chapters on the 19th in front of our professor. Last week of February would be our Mock Defense but it is graded. And finally, the Final Defense will be on the 8th of March. You see, we really have to finish the first part of our thesis because judgment day is just a month away.

And I admit, I'm kinda nervous but I know I shouldn't be. I'm quite confident with our thesis eh. And besides, our adviser told us that defending our thesis is not that difficult. But of course, we really have to prepare for it.

Anyway, this week is really stressing. We just have finished taking quizzes and answering loads of assignments and research works. And several tasks have also been scheduled for the next weeks. We haven't passed the software needed for our QTB and we badly need it. Plus, I have a report in World Lit with Dyei and Gisang. We will have a graded recitation in Discrete Math and the continuation of our 3rd activity in Flash. I really have lots of things to accomplish this weekends.

On Saturday, my thesismates and I will be going again to PLM to talk to the URC head personally. We have so many things to talk about and hopefully, we could settle all the problems. A lot of explanations should be made. We really need their approval. And we can't start doing the 3rd Chapter unless we have already seen the current set-up of their internet laboratory.

Aside from that, a lot of things also had happened on me which were not school related. It seemed that everyday, my mood just changed from good to bad because of the scenes I always encounter. I hate the feeling that I'm always affected with what's going on around me. The fact that I'm with them all the time makes it harder for me. But everytime I go out of school feeling bad, there is someone out there who would make me smile at the end of the day. It happened twice and I really can't help but smile. He eases the pain inside me.

Just like this afternoon, as I went out of the Colegio feeling bad again for the nth time, I met him along the way. He smiled at me and asked me "uwi ka na?" Then, I replied yes to him and we both said bye. We barely see each other in school but everytime he sees me, he always approaches me and says hi.

To clear things out, he is not my crush and I don't admire him or what. It's just that he is so nice and friendly. He has never been an airhead. All I know is that I'm happy that I have met somebody like him.

6 - Belated Happy Birthday Cha-cha!