Saturday, June 30, 2007

No one can resist love. In fact, the more you resist the feeling, the more it will persist and eventually, it will grow in your heart. Unknowingly, the very cave that you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you're looking for.

As what we have planned, Ate Alex and I, together with her very adorable daughter Zachee went to Recto to check for the invitations for my upcoming debut. They fetched me here in our house at around 12nn and we went directly to Recto. We were stuck in Tayuman for a while because it was traffic. We later arrived at Recto and took a sidecar going to our first stop which was the Quiapo Printing. According to Ate Alex, that was the place where Yipee's invites were made. I looked at the samples and I saw some which I can say pretty and eye-catching but the problem is that they are somehow expensive. We liked one but it was just so simple and so, we decided to check other stores in Recto. We went to the next store and found some nice yet cheap invites. When I heard the range of prices, I was surprised because they are way cheaper than those in the first store. Afterwards, we went again to another store and there I saw the invites that I can say the perfect one for my special event. And even the price is manageable. Ate Alex took a picture of it so my mom could see it. With that, I already decided that I want that as my invites for my 18th Birthday.

We went directly to Tutuban after that. We ate at Jollibee since Zachee was with us and she was the one who suggested to eat at every kid's favorite fast food chain. Then we went to Primeblock because Ate Alex bought fabrics there. After that, we went home. By the way, I will post the pics of the invites once I get a copy from Ate Alex's phone.

This day is really tiring for me and I was not able to study for my graded recitation and quizzes though I studied yesterday but I think, those were not enough. I decided to just study tomorrow. I have so many things to study.

Today is the big day because tonight, the Big Winner of the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 will be announced. And I am really looking forward for either Mickey or Gee-Ann's victory. And if ever Wendy wins (because I know it is really possible), I guess this would be PBB's worst, craziest and most disgusting season because the one who emerged as winner is the most undeserving of all. If PBB and ABS-CBN would not want their credibility to be destroyed, they should not let the Wendy-girl win the PBB. I know most people really hate her because of what she had shown and it is one of the reasons why we don't want her to win. I hope, the people behind PBB will hear our screams and won't let that crazy girl win.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Have you ever noticed that the more special you treat someone, the more that someone takes you for granted? It's like they think you won't ever change.

This day is actually my review day because I studied my DataComm notes for the upcoming quiz on Monday and at the same time, read the Module3 of my VB MOC for the graded recitation on that same day. By tomorrow, as I arrive home, I would study for my Networking quiz on Wednesday.

You know what, I saw my crush, the Starstruck avenger, Dex Quindoza near our place. Actually, my mom and I together with my auntie were walking on the street next to ours when suddenly, someone caught my attention. I told to myself: "ang gwapo ata" and so, I turned my head on the side and I ended up looking at him straight to the eyes. Meaning, we had some sort of eye to eye contact. As we walked, I was really thinking that he is familiar, that I somehow saw him but I really couldn't remember it. So, I turned my head again and I saw his uniform (Dex is studying at PMI), hence, I already remembered who he was. And I told my mom about him because she knew that I've got a huge crush on Dex. It didn't sink in right away and I was really quiet while walking until I finally remembered that he was Dex Quindoza, my crush. Kilig to the bones.

Actually, the first time I saw him at Starstruck, I was really tongue-tied and starstrucked on him. And then later on, I found out that he is from Tondo which is the same place where I live in and so, I asked where in Tondo. After knowing that he is from Peñalosa, I was like "really?" because that place is one ride away from ours and a friend of my uncle lives there. I really wanted to go there just to see him. But then, after Starstruck, my admiration for him started to fizzle out until I saw him again on Move (Billy Crawford's show). And because I saw him again and found out that he is more handsome in person, I think, I admire him more right now. I wanna see him again. haha =] Sorry but I really can't get over what happened this afternoon. Hopefully, I could see more of him and by this time, not in TV but in person. I like him because he is good-looking and a good dancer.

I watched Letran's game this afternoon against St. Benilde. Thanks to Eunice for reminding me about it. As what I have heard from the past few days, CSB is a tough team this season because they have lots of new players. But then, I know that Letran wouldn't allow their opponents to hinder them from achieving what they want to achieve. During the 3rd Quarter, the difference on their scores didn't go beyond 4 points in favor of Letran but with the Knights' awesome defense during the final quarter, they won the game with a big deficit. Seeing them play like that yet knowing that most of the players are just rookies makes me wanna cheer them more. Unlike before, I almost lost my interest on watching because of the way they played the game, but now, I really could sense that they are really eager in grabbing the 17th Championship title. Better Luck next time CSB!!!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

You will never realize how much you care about the person until the thought of him or her being with someone else is enough to break your heart.

Another week ends today. Yey! This is the my time to rest after four tiring school days. I always end the week with Thursday because I don't have any class during Friday. But before I went home this afternoon because originally, my dismissal is at 4.30pm but we went home at 6pm, I had some sort of bonding moments with Eunice, Joanne and Jhen. We stayed at 7/11 for a while and have some chit-chats.

This day started out good for me because I got a perfect score on my first quiz in Literature. Actually, four of us I guess, got the perfect score and I am so happy because I am one of them. Gian and Gizang reported about Dead Stars but we haven't finished it yet so we need to continue it on Tuesday. Then, three boring subjects came next. I don't need to elaborate what happened during those classes because they were really boring. As a matter of fact, my eyes wanted to close already because I was really sleepy but good thing, I controlled myself and I still learned from those subjects.

During the break, instead of having our lunch, Dyei and I did our take home seatwork in Solutions Architecture and if you could see us, you would surely laugh at us because we were cramming and we really didn't know what and how to start. Good thing, Dyei already did some and our problems were only few but still it was really hard because we had only one hour to finish it. But I guess, we were really fortunate because we finished it on time.

Our last subject was boring yet I enjoyed the activity that our professor told us to do. We were asked to write the things we want to have and achieve and on the back of the paper, we were asked to sort it from our top priority up to the last. We were laughing because of those weird things that popped out our minds like supernatural powers, 10 boyfriends/girlfriends and those material things that we want to have. As for me, my top priority is lifetime happiness and next to it is to touch people's lives. I really want to be remembered as someone who contributed in making their life worth living. Next to it are of course, MCSE Certification which I anxiously want to have by October and Diploma. Other things are to have a successful career, to own a big company, to have a great job with high salary and house and lot. Actually, I had written so many things and I was really laughing with what I have wrote. I also wrote as my last priority is to have the latest Hello Kitty items. hehe =] But I forgot to write one thing that I really want to have ever since High School and that is my own condo unit.

Anyway, I will start reviewing by tomorrow because Ate Alex and I will go to Recto on Saturday for some canvassing and hopefully, we could find a very pretty yet not-so expensive invitations. And at the same time, I will buy the journal needed on my Lit class. Lots of quizzes will be done next week and I really need to study and add up to it is the graded recitation. Sigh. I thought I could take a rest but I was wrong because I have so many things to do this weekend.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Every guy thinks that catching the girl he loves is an amazing accomplishment. Actually, catching the girl is the easy part and keeping her is the real accomplishment.

I decided not to use my eyeglasses for now since whenever I wear those pair of glasses, I feel dizzy and headache strikes me. Perhaps because, I am not yet used to wearing those because this is the first time I will wear again eyeglasses for how many years. But I hope that I could really accustom myself in using those because I really need a good eyesight now.

I had so much fun with our Lit class because of our very jolly professor. She told us that we really need to speak in English because Letran is an English-speaking campus. She also checked our pronunciation and she used to correct us whenever we commit mistakes. But for me, that is a good way of practicing ourselves in speaking the universal language. It will be very helpful to us especially when we finally enter the real world and it is very obvious that most of us want to work abroad and thus, we really need to speak in English fluently. I guess, it is better to do it as early as now so it will not be hard for us to communicate with other people especially foreigners in the near future.

Finally, we already met our Theo prof but according to her, we will be meeting different Theo professors as we go along. Probably, we will have assorted professors but the main one would be Fr. Aceron and I am so excited to meet him. Moreover, our prof today gave us several things to do this morning. Though we need to incorporate our stock knowledges about our previous Theologies yet I enjoyed it especially when we were answering the questions made by our classmates. The questions were so funny and looking for the answers were really hard. As if we were human encyclopedia. It seems that Theo is our major subjects for giving us so many requirements that we need to bring by Thursday.

We were a bit unfortunate and at the same time fortunate this afternoon. Unfortunate for the fact that we didn't have a power supply and the generator only worked for the lights and electric fans. Meaning, the air-cons were not working and so were the PCs which led to early dismissal to one of our major subjects. Being confined to that room with many students and the air-cons were not working, you'd really feel bad and pissed. Instead of going to somewhere else, we just stayed on the catwalk and we talked and chatted. We had another bonding moments with my friends. I really miss our moments together because we seldom have bonding moments because we have different schedules.

Carefully read these two lines:

"Why would I still cling to my past when I am living my present with the best girl in the world which is you and I am looking forward to spending my forever with you."

"Alam mo ang arte-arte mo. Pero kahit maarte ka, I would still choose to be with you kasi mahal kita."

Well, last night, I was imagining some things when all of a sudden, these lines popped out on my mind. And I want these romantic lines to be heard from MY guy's mouth but unfortunately, I haven't found him yet. But don't get me wrong, I am not looking or searching. I am waiting because I know in the right time, I will meet the guy I really deserve.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I hate love for one simple reason, the more you deny it, the more it makes you fall.

We had some activity during the AppDev class and I have some sort of bonding with Niko since we are seatmates in that subject and I have no one to talk except for him. The SQA presentation is finally over. I think, my groupmates did a very good job and so did I. After that, we had a short weird quiz. I don't know why the questions were like that but it was no big deal for me. Our professor in my Networking class was absent for some important and urgent matters and so, we just signed the attendance. Lastly, we had some discussions during our DataComm class but I was really sleepy that time. Good thing, I still learned from it.

Before going home, my mom and I went to Tutuban to get the eyeglass that I will be temporary wearing. Maybe, for a change, I might wear eyeglasses. New Image, I guess. hehe =] Some sort of nerdy slash geeky image. haha :D Kidding aside, I will be wearing that for about a month because I still want to wear contact lenses over it. I am excited to see my friends' reactions about this. I'm expecting that they will not like it. Perhaps, they might say that it doesn't suits me well. I guess, I really need to accustom myself in wearing this gear because it is needed to.

I think I have to end this up. I still need to read a long short story. haha =] confusing, ayt? Well, I will be reading a short story which is very long. It is entitled Dead Stars.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

If people want to hate you for no reason, let them. Because obviously they are either insecure, jealous or simply a bitch. ~Paris Hilton

I wasn't able to watch the Opening Ceremony of the NCAA live at the Araneta Coliseum for some matter. Actually, I was really planning to watch because last year, I also failed but just yesterday, I decided not to. Well, first, I don't have someone to be with me as I watch the Opening and lastly, I really need to review and have some advance readings. But I watched it on TV but the reception wasn't good. By the way, the theme of this year's NCAA Season is Soaring High and Free at 83 with Rizo the Dragon as the mascot.

I can say that the Ceremony was a blast even without the presence of the PCU Dolphins since they were suspended because of identity-switching. Still, the defending champion, San Beda have the complete roster making them the team to beat for this year of NCAA. Mapua, also, is another tough team with Kelvin dela Peña and the rest of the guys. Aside from them is my Alma Mater, Letran which I really don't know if tough or not. But I know they can handle the pressure knowing that the star players had already graduated.

I like the production number prepared by the students of the different schools. It was very entertaining. It was a job well done for all the schools. And one more thing, I noticed that the crowd is not as big as last year's opening. I really can see lots of vacant seats and I seldom see Letran students. Actually, I only saw two students who were wearing an NSTP uniform. But anyway, only few students bothered to watch the opening and that was so saddening. Because if you are going to compare it to the previous openings, it was nothing. Before, students were really excited to watch the opening and you could really see that it was jampacked and also, you could immediately notice that the rivalries between different schools were rising.

First game was between the host school, JRU and defending champs, San Beda. As expected, the Lions defeated the Heavy Bombers with the final score of 91-64 with a new coach. Sam Ekwe just improved. He is now making shots particularly field goal unlike before, he was more on dunks and rebounds. Another victory, Letran Knights just overpowered one of my favorite teams, Mapua Cardinals with a final score of 84-80. At least I know that they are really anxious in grabbing the title. Look, Mapua is such a tough team because before, Letran really find it hard to defeat the Cardinals and as a matter of fact, they were the ones who gave dirt to the clean record of Letran during the 81st Season and everyone find Mapua as a team to beat. Moreover, I love the new uniform of the Knights. I like it more than their previous uniform.

Whatever happens, I am still cheering for the Letran Knights. Well, you can't blame me, I just love my school. That's the spirit. lol. L-E-T-RAN, Letran, Letran, ARRIBA LETRAN!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It is amazing how you continue to love someone you can't have. Maybe because trying to stay away would hurt, so you might as well take the risk because either way you'd get hurt.

Our classes was cut at 3:00pm for the preparation for the Pep Rally this 7pm which will be held at the Letran grounds. Bands will be performing this evening, I only remember MYMP and Orange 'n Lemons and I forgot the rest. But from the tarpaulin I have seen at school, there will be five bands who will be performing. I have no plan of watching because I really don't feel those bands and my friends won't come and so I won't come too.

My first two classes were vacant. Our professor were nowhere in sight. I don't know where the hell they go and they were absent. Out Theo prof was absent again for the third consecutive time and I really don't know why. Hopefully, by next meeting, we could finally meet him because I want to learn something from that subject and don't waste money for that minor subject.

I changed my layout once again and by this time, it is very simple. I hope you will like it. The theme has something to do with what I am feeling right now and about what I saw while I was browsing friendster. The theme really means a lot to me. Honestly, I really don't have any plan of changing my layout because I do love my former layout but just now, I decided to change it. You just have to figure out why.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but cannot be taken away unless it is surrendered. ~Micheal J. Fox

I felt so worn out these past two days. I had accomplished a number of assignments and had done a couple of advance readings and reviews. I am happy for the fact that I am starting to cope up with what is happening in my life right now. I mean, I am starting to feel that I am already third year and no wonder we have much more difficult lessons.

And I am actually proud of myself because I know how to focus myself to what the professor is saying and try to understand it. Unlike before, instead of listening to the discussion, my mind was being preoccupied with so many things in mind which were not connected to what the professor was discussing. But now, I know how to motivate myself to focus and listen and I am so happy about it. I feel very glad because I learned so many things during the first three days of this week.

Hopefully, I could maintain this kind of attitude. I know now how to concentrate on the things that are more important and at the same time, motivate myself and give my attention and focus on the discussion proper. As much as possible, I won’t let myself be disturbed with those non-sense things. And with how I acted on the first three days, I can say that I am proud of myself. Moreover, I know by now how to manage my time appropriately. Just hoping and wishing that this kind of attitude will last until I reach my fourth year.

Pep Rally will be tomorrow and I have no plan of attending. I am just so lazy eh. MYMP, Orange ‘n Lemons and another band will be there. I know my friends won’t come and so am I. On the other hand, opening of NCAA will be on Saturday and I am still unsure if I am going to be there. I am still waiting for Eunice and Dyei’s approval since I won’t come if they will not come.

I am so pissed off with Wendy’s kaartehan. She is so irritating and annoying. She is such a plastik. How dare her?! With the way she acts, you can really see that she grew up without any breeding at all and as a matter of fact, she seems uneducated. She is giving FEU a bad image. I just hoping and praying that she will be booted out this Saturday. But if not, I will not wonder either because I know she has some sort of backer in ABS-CBN. This network should stop this non-sense show. It doesn’t give any sense at all. MAARTE + PLASTIK = WENDY. Don’t get mad at me if I am bashing Wendy because she deserves it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Its not how much you rock a person's world when you come into one's life nor how you keep your image. What's far better is not being liked when you came in but being missed when you leave.

This day is quite tiring for me. We did a lot of things already – name it, discussion, seatwork, short quiz and assignments. Probably, I will be busy starting today since the discussion just started.

I find my first subject an interesting one and hopefully, I could learn so many things on her since the subject is in connection with Programming. I admit I am not good at it even if they used to tell me that I do. I find it very confusing that’s why I chose MCSE over it though before I was really puzzled on what track to choose. But eventually, I ended up taking MCSE which I think, some sort of a mistake. But don’t get me wrong, I do love MCSE but it is just that, a part of me tells me that I should have taken MCSD. Sorry because I am so mixed up already.

Second subject was full of boring things. I don’t like the professor because I find him boring. I really didn’t expect that the class will be that way. Despite the fact that the subject is interesting, I am starting to lose interest on it because of our professor.

I would love my third subject if our professor would be Sir Allan. Our original prof was absent and so, he substituted and I do love the way he handles the class. I mean, he is not boring and as a matter of fact, he is indeed funny. There is a comedian side on him.

I think I would love my last subject. Though it is very fast-pacing but still, I really could understand every detail of what he is saying. Yeah, he is not like any other professor who easily gets mad when noise strikes. How I wish that he will be like that until the semester ends.

Anyway, this day is just okay for me. I really don’t know why I couldn’t enjoy every subject that I am into. Yeah, I don’t really and as a matter of fact, I would love to transfer to another class. Optimistically, I could somehow accustom myself to such things. It is just not easy right now because this is just a start but I know I could start to love my class in the right time.

Also, today we already got our MOCs (Microsoft Official Course). We have four sets of books, two of which are so thick. Gosh! Those books were so hard to carry because they are too heavy for all of us. Thanks to my friends who voluntarily carried my books until we already found a jeep to ride.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

It would take a thousand workers to build a castle, a million soldiers to protect a country but it only takes one man to build a happy family. Happy Father’s Day!

What is the event today? Well, today is Dad’s Day! Have you already greeted your dads a Happy Father’s Day and at the same time, thanked them for all the things they have done for you? A family without a father cannot be called a family because without him, there is no family. Of course, the main foundation of a family is a father and a mother.

We seldom celebrate Father’s Day with my dad on our side for the fact that he is working abroad. And it is sad to know that we can’t be with him on this special day. It makes me wanna cry because as far as I can remember, we only celebrated Father’s Day with my dad’s presence once. He is all alone there and instead of celebrating this wonderful event with us, he is working.

I am very much thankful and proud because I have the greatest dad in the whole wide universe. He is actually the best dad for me. A family man who first thinks about his family especially his wife and children, my dad indeed deserves to be called a father. He sacrificed a lot for us. Every father doesn’t want to be far from his family but my dad did work abroad just to give us the things we need and even our luxuries. It is just so hard because of the distance we have though he often calls and texts us but still, the physical presence is different. I really do miss him so much. He has been there for more than ten years and just goes back here once a year. I will not dare to look for another dad to replace my dad because he is incomparable and irreplaceable.

Ever since I was just a little girl, I am really a Daddy’s Girl. The first word that came out from my mouth was daddy. He is actually my Superman, my idol and my ideal man. He is a Superman in a sense that for me he is a superhero. He did a lot of things for us just to see us happy. He is a proud father of two who prioritizes his family over other things. He is my idol and I look up to him that despite of the challenges and problems that we had before, he never gave up. He is a strong man and I can really sense how brave he is. He is my ideal man because he has the characters and personalities that I want my future husband should have. You know in this world, it is really difficult to find a man like my dad because it is rare, nowadays. I want my future husband to showcase the characters that my dad have. My dad is a family man, responsible, God-fearing, understanding, patient, not too mention, good-looking. Haha =] But seriously, words are not enough to express how great my dad is.

Even though I want to hug him real tight and kiss him, I really couldn’t because of the distance but I hope I could do that the next time. He just called this afternoon and I was able to talk to him and greet him. But for me, it is more meaningful if it is in person. But I guess I should not be sad because in more or less three months, he will be having his vacation again here in the Philippines and I really can’t wait.

And by the way, please greet your dad Happy Father’s Day for me. Thanks!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Never dream of something you can never live in reality. Set aside optimism and destiny. Dreaming is not bad at all but being real is just better.

One of the much-awaited event this year is the NBA Finals. Everyone is just so curious on who will be crowned as this year's Finals after the elimination of the defending champs, Miami Heat during the playoffs. Many unbelievable teams entered the playoffs such as the Utah Jazz, Golden State Warriors and the like besting some other tougher teams. But this year isn't bad after all though the Detroit Pistons failed to grab the ticket to the Finals and they even failed to bag the Eastern Conference Finals crown.

And after how many games and in fact by sweeping the series, San Antonio Spurs were crowned as the champions of this season as their fourth title in nine seasons after overpowering the Rookies in the Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs did play great but their efforts weren't enough for them to be crowned as champs. They failed to beat the Spurs who has been named as champs for how many years. Nevertheless, entering the NBA Finals is such a fulfillment on the part of the Cavs.

Two of my favorite players, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker went hand in hand together with Tim Duncan for them to be able to grab the crown. They did play well from the very start of the playoffs and it is good to know that all of their hard works had been answered. But all the players in the team contributed a lot in their victory. Congrats to the Spurs and better luck next time to the Cavs. There are still a lot more of chances waiting for them.

Tony Parker was named as the Finals MVP and considered as the first European to be named as the Finals MVP in the history of NBA. Way to go for Tony! He is indeed a great player. He can handle the ball well and a shooter as well. He is one of the most promising and sought-after guards in the NBA. Present during the Finals was Eva Longoria, fiance of Tony.

Enough of the NBA Finals. Since some of our professors gave us assignments already, I started doing it last night and I was not able to finish it and hence, I will try my best to finish it right now. I have only one assignment left and it is really hard to find the answers for the questions. I really don't know where the hell in the internet could I find the right answers. The books that were given as references were not available in the Library. But hopefully, before the night comes, I could finish it already.

The first week of classes is finally over and that means, no more time for games, jokes and the like and we should now concentrate on our lessons. We all know that during the first week of classes, teachers and professors don't usually give anything and just use their time for introduction and some other chitchats. Moreover, they don't usually use the entire one and a half hour and instead, they dismiss the students earlier. But now the first week had passed, students should put in mind that the lesson proper will finally start. We now need to focus on what is being discussed and not give attention on some other things that are not related to it. My co-students, our nightmares will start next week so we better ready ourselves. hehe =]

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Love isn't about being with someone now. Love is having someone and finding in that someone your forever.

The first two days of class were pretty much okay though I didn't enjoy it the way I enjoyed the first days of the previous semester and of the last school year. However, I was so happy to see my friends once again. It was something that I am most happy about. Seeing them after more or less three months made me wanna hug them oh-so tight. I really missed them so much.

I will surely miss Dyei and Eunice since from the very beginning they were the ones whom I used to go with. By this time, our paths are now different. We took different specializations and so, we are not classmates though Dyei and I are classmates on two subjects. But thanks to our vacant periods because with that, we could bond and chat a lot.

I have already met all my professors except on Theology. They seem so nice and not so strict but there is one whom I find snub. Well, he hates noise and once you speak even in low tone, he will speak up and say something that will embarrass you. I love my Literature prof. I guess, we will going to have a great time with her. She is cool and not boring. Everyone hates boring classes and hopefully, as soon as the lesson proper starts, we will neither get bored nor sleepy. Of course, I want to learn a lot and having a boring class will just make me sleepy which I really don't want to happen. I just wish that our Theo prof would not be as boring as my 1st year-2nd sem prof or as strict as our supposed to be prof during the 1st sem of our 1st year.

Anyhow, I promised myself that I would really study hard by now because this year would be more difficult than before. If possible, everyday, I will allot time for studying just to refresh my mind about the topics discussed and an advance reading for the next topic. I will be more active now and as much as possible, I will recite often. I will try to boost more confidence now and avoid being shy and quiet. I have so many promises and I do hope I could fulfill all of those.

By the way, I noticed that there are many freshmen this year compared to the last school year. I really don't know what they see in Letran and they chose to study there. hehe :P I'm just kidding. Actually, Letran has a very high tuition fee most especially in BS IT but I saw lots of freshies who enrolled and actually, most of them are IT-slash-ACT students. But then, I have nothing against them because I am too nice to bully those in lower years. haha :P They are very much welcome, as a matter of fact.

My brain cells are now going back to work. They are somehow ready for some actions after our professors gave us assignments and introduce us the projects that we will be making for this semester or should I say, for this term. Definitely, the pressures and stresses will be there again and add up to that is the cram. I know lots of students used to cram because instead of doing the project earlier than the deadline, they tend to do it a day or two days before the submission.

I really need to work hard this semester after knowing all the consequences that we might suffer if we fail a single major subject. But I will not be afraid because I know God will always be with me, guiding me in whatever I and will do.

Just one month away and Thine Iced will be celebrating our 2nd Anniversary and I can't wait. I am so happy for meeting such girls whom I know I really can turn on to and will never leave me no matter what happen. I am so thankful because our paths crossed and I am looking forward that this friendship will last long.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There is no privacy that cannot be penetrated. No secret can be kept in the civilized world. Society is a masked ball where everyone hides his real character. And reveals it by hiding.

I am enjoying the last day of my vacation, Officially, tomorrow will be the start of my nightmare. haha :P Kidding aside, tomorrow will be the opening of classes in Letran. As for my schedule, I do love it so much. My first class tomorrow will be at 10:30am and will end at 6:00pm. Good for me because I don't need to wake up so early in the morning. I am excited and at the same time, nervous. This year would be as difficult as ever and I really need to focus on my studies by now. To be honest, I don't like my classmates except for my friends and former blockmates. Its just that I don't like the feeling when I am with them. I don't have a good vibes on them. So, probably, this year would be another exciting yet challenging for me. Challenging in a sense that we are about to meet more difficult and harder lessons, projects, requirements, quizzes, major exams and also, with those classmates I am not close with. And hopefully, I could build a good relationship with them. Not the literal one, I am talking about friendship, you know. haha :P

My shoes, bag, uniform and other school stuffs are all ready but physically and mentally are not yet. Well, I really can't help but feel scared of what might happen this school year. I have so many fears with regards to the new school year. I am afraid that I might not be as good as before and to make it worse, not to maintain the good grades I had on the previous semesters. But I do hope that everything will be okay. Well, I promised to myself that I will do better now. As much as possible, I will be more active and give more time in studying rather than in watching tv and net surfing. Definitely, I will study hard and give my best shot. Another tougher school year is about to come and I know I should ready myself for challenges.

I am just hoping for a good start tomorrow. I just wish that the opening of class will be as successful as before. I am excited to meet my new classmates in my minor subjects but on the major ones, nuh! haha =] I will be riding again jeep in Divi which I somehow missed. Good Luck to us, Letranites!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Love should never be a secret. If you keep something as complicated as love stored up inside, it's gonna make you sick.

Unfortunately, Rafael Nadal defeated the World's no. 1, Roger Federer in four sets. It was actually one of the biggest upsets I had early this year after the lost of Blake Lewis in the American Idol. Yet, I really did enjoy the game. It was actually one of the greatest and most tremendous games I had ever watched. Competing for almost 4 hours yet giving entertainment to people, Roger and Rafa gave their very best just for the title. Though Roger lost the game, still, I was very impressed with his performance. You can really see in his actions how anxious he was in bagging the title because on the history of his career, he never won a French Open title. He is now 25 and indeed young, but on the history of the French Open, only 6(?) players won that said title at the age of 26 and above. But he can set another record, next year perhaps. I do believe that Rafa is the only player who can convincingly defeat the world's no. 1. He did beat him many times but still, he couldn't dethroned Roger. Rafa is the master of the clay courts but Roger is the master of the grass and hard courts. However, despite of his great performance, I still don't like Rafa. Well, I just find him a bit of airhead. haha :P I am and will forever be a Roger fan.

From men's to women's, Justin Henin-Hardine, the world's no. 1 captured the French Open title by defeating Ana Ivanovic. During the semi-finals, Justin and Ana defeated Jankovic and Sharapova, respectively. Just like Nadal, she is just the second player in the open era to win the title 3 years in a row. However, I am a big fan of the world's no. 2 and the trendiest and the fashionista of Tennis, Maria Sharapova.

After the French Open, I am excited with the Wimbledon. For sure, that would be another great event to watch out for.

In San Antonio, Duncan and Parker of Spurs combined for 53 points as they overpowered the Cavaliers twice in a row. Two great teams are battling it out for the NBA Title. As you all know, Spurs are not new to this kind of pressure that the Finals are giving them but on the Cavaliers part, this is such a new kind of thing for them. This is the first time they entered the Finals with LeBron on their team. Meaning, they are just rookie especially LeBron. Although they are giving their best and really exert so much effort, still, those are not enough for them to beat Spurs. But I know, LeBron can work it our for them to be able to fight back. But then, on this year's Finals, I will cheer for the Spurs.

Enough of sports thingy now, just two days from now and the classes in Letran will start again. Tss. Time flies really fast. I still remember when my blockmates asked me out for the outing slash swimming last March and they were really anxious that they even talked to my mom just to let me go with them. I really do remember how we enjoyed our overnight outing though we experienced a bit of problem. That was actually my first time to join an outing with no mom or adult on my side. That first time was really unforgettable and memorable. How I wish the next time we have such kind of activity, we are complete already. But look at now, the classes will start again and we are about to face those professors who used to give us never-ending projects and requirements which lead to cramming. Yet, we still enjoy those moments when we are just starting to make the project knowing that the submission will be on the next day. How I miss those kulitan and tawanan session during vacant periods and dismissal times.

Leaping a step higher, especially now that I am a college junior already, is one of the things that students are most afraid of. Because once you step up, that means, you have to ready yourself for more challenging and difficult stuffs. However, I am really glad knowing that I reached this level without failing any single subject and having good grades.

With that, just wish me luck as I face the next chapter in my life, being a College Junior.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

To wear your heart on your sleeve isn't a very good plan. You should wear it inside, where it functions best. ~Margaret Thatcher

Today is Eunice's 19th Birthday. She is now a more mature lady but I know she is still child at heart. haha. =] It is her last year of being a teenager. hehe :P Well, she already watched the video I made and fortunately, she liked it. According to her, she watched it 3 times because she felt glad when she watched it the first time. I, on the other hand, felt glad also because she appreciated all the efforts we had exerted just for that video to be successful.

Anyway, it is time for a Rematch! Roger Federer will be battling it out as he faces Rafael Nadal for the Finals of Roland Garros. Rafa is the two-time defending champ of the French Open and he is looking forward for his third. But I'm still rooting for Roger to win and if ever he wins on that said match, it will be his first ever Roland Garros title. I'm just hoping and praying for Roger to give his best shot on that match and beat Rafa. Rafa is indeed an awesome player and it will not be easy for Roger to beat him especially that they will be playing in the clay court where Rafa plays really well. But since I'm a big Roger fan, I hope he will get the title from Rafa. *fingers-crossed*

Friday, June 8, 2007

No matter how many coins you throw into a fountain or the number of fingers you cross, if it is not meant to be, it simply won't happen.

Last night, I asked Eunice to call me and so she did. I told her that I am going to go to the Colegio today for some matters. haha :P What she did not know was that I am going to give her the gift I made for her which is a compilation of pictures and letters from our blockmates which I edited using Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker. I was doing that entire video for about one week and good thing, I finished doing it yesterday. As usual, the telephone did burn again. haha :P We have talked about a lot of things. Asaran and kulitan were present again.

Just like what I have planned, I went to the Colegio before lunch and I forgot that today is the last day of Binyag Arriba that is why when I was walking towards the Colegio, I met along the way a number of people wearing red shirt and I was wearing a red shirt too. As if I was about to attend the Binyag Arriba which I attended two years ago. haha :P Today is actually the second day.

Binyag Arriba is an event slash program organized by the Letran Community to welcome those Freshmen and new students. It is a two-day event which allows the new students to have a brief background and know the Rules and Regulations, the history, signs and symbols, the cheers and yells and the Letran Hymn. I attended this kind of event two years ago when I was just a freshman.

When I reached the Colegio, I went directly to the powder room and asked Eunice to drop by there. Nice meeting place for us. haha :P After that, we went out the school and went directly to McDo near Mapua. What I didn't know was that she is going to treat me because tomorrow is her 19th Birthday. Since there were lots of people inside McDo and we can't find any vacant seats, we just decided to eat inside. Surprisingly, only few freshmen were there and as a matter of fact, you can count the number of people who were using the Canteen. I was surprised because yesterday, according to Eunice, the 1st and 2nd floors of the Canteen were overcrowded.

We only had one hour to eat and chat at the same time because her duty resumes at 1pm. Remember, she is an SA now. From what she had told me, she is busy today because she needs to finish a lot of works. We just chatted about different things, mostly about her and her experiences. haha :P After that, I decided to go home.

I hope she will like our gift for her. We really couldn't think of a nice gift because we lack money now. This time, I want to thank those people who cooperated and those who sent their letters. Thanks a lot for cooperating. I really do appreciate your efforts.

Just this afternoon, I was able to exchange text messages with Dyei. I really do miss her so much and I really can't wait to see her again. She is my best friend and we are friends ever since 1st year High School. Actually, she is indeed a great friend. She knows me a lot. Miss You Dyei!!!

Anyway, Game 1 of NBA Finals just started today and I am happy with the victory of the San Antonio Spurs against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The series is now 1-0. The Game 2 will be held in San Antonio again. I am expecting a great game between the two teams. Both of them really deserve to be in the Finals.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

We are all looking for that special someone. If only love can be customized as easily as your favorite drink. We will easily find our match. ~Starbucks Coffee

This day is another boring day for me. Well, after waking up at 9.30am and taking my breakfast, i just sat down in front of the television and watched. I really enjoyed watching the National Cheerdancing Competition (I am not sure about the title). I loved their stunts, pyramids and tumblings as well which are rarely done by the cheerdancers of most colleges here in the Philippines. While I was watching those remarkable steps and stunts, I was like 'Wow!'. They were really great and the synchronization was so incredible. I just wish that one day I could have the chance to watch such events in person.

I also watched the game between England and Slovenia on the UEFA European U-21 C'ship. I really do admire England. And even in the World Cup, I used to cheer for England and Brazil. The final score was 5-0 in favor of England. No wonder they are well-known, it is because they play amazingly.

The NBA Finals is fast approaching though until now, I really can't believe that Detroit Pistons was not able to make it to the Finals because they were defeated by the Cavaliers. I know there will be next time but I was disappointed because I did cheer for them during the games. I admit, I seldom watch NBA games and just this vacation I had the interest of watching it so, it is really disappointing knowing that my favorite team was ousted.

From Basketball to Tennis, Rafael Nadal earned the first ticket to the Finals of Roland Garros (French Open) by defeating Moya 6-4, 6-3, 6-0. Rafa is the defending champion of the said event and as a matter of fact, he won 77 consecutive clay court matches. He is indeed great, however, he is not my favorite. On the other hand, my favorite player and number 1 Roger Federer will be battling it out to earn the other ticket to the Finals. He will be playing in the clay court against Davydenko. I am hoping and praying for him to win it. It will be a good game if Roger will win, so that, it will be a re-match between him and Rafa.

Well, it is very obvious that I am a sports-minded person. Yeah, I really do love sports though I don't know how to play some of it. As a matter of fact, I don't know how to play Tennis but I love watching it and the sports itself. Perhaps, it is really fun watching it especially when your favorite player is playing. I love Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova. Being a sporty runs in the family. My mom was an MVP in Volleyball way back High School and College, my tito is a good Basketball player as for my other tito who is a volleyball coach and at the same time, knows a lot of sports. No wonder, I love sports too.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The right and true person isn't the one that you liked and wished. Its the one that stands in the background and catches you when you fall, a person who once dream of you but decided to stay in silence.

My vacation is about to end. I am now counting the days and just a week away, the classes will again start. Of course, as what I have posted on some of my previous posts, I am not yet ready for anything related to school now, I mean, I still want to extend my vacation if possible but I know I couldn't. My brain cells are not yet ready for lessons and requirements. I think it will take some time before my brain cells start to function again. haha :P But kidding aside, I am still not ready knowing that this year would be tougher for me. Jeez! I am a College Junior already and it is not a joke. So, probably, everything will be harder now.

Anyway, I went to school early this morning because I need to add another major subject. I reached the Colegio at about 7:20am and I went directly to the catwalk waiting for Eunice. But she was nowhere to be found. I decided to go upstairs, 3rd floor to be exact because we need to get the Adjustment form from the Dean's office. I was surprised to see a number of students there falling in line already. Even I was that early, it seemed that I was still late. When the clock stroke at 8am, I fell in line also and the line was getting longer and longer.

Joanne and Gian then arrived and they fell in line too. Everyone was surprised with the immense number of students who went to the Colegio for some adjustments. Actually, when I was in the line, I wanna collapse and break down because it was hot and the line was getting longer without us, reaching the front. I was upset because most students cut into the line. Well, they were really getting into my nerves. To make it worst, it was really hot and we were really sweating. We were standing there and doing all the steps for about 5 hours and we only had a 30-minute break. It was so tiring. I felt so worn out and exhausted at the same time.

This was actually the first time I engaged to the Adjustment Period thingy. I failed to add one major subject of mine because of system malfunction during the On-Line Enrollment. Since, this was my first, hence, everything that we have done was just new to me. And I was not used to doing those stuffs. It was really hard because you need to fall in line and complete a number of steps before you can successfully adjust or add subject/s. To some, they are used to it because they had experienced it before.

From that, I realized how unsystematic and disorganized Letran is. I am not bashing Letran because it is my Alma Mater but from what I had experienced, I can say that they really need to improve on some things. I thought it would go smoothly because we had enrolled online but I was wrong. We really took a long time before we completed the set of steps. Students were complaining because of the slow service. Sweats were all over our body plus the fact that our legs and feet were aching because we stood for how many hours. Now that we have a new rector, I just hope that improvements will be done especially on the services and also, with the Adjustment System of Letran, I hope it will not be like that on the next semester. But nevertheless, I still love my Alma Mater despite of its imperfections.

After paying for the fees, we left Letran still filled with students. The line didn't get any shorter and as a matter of fact, it gets longer and longer. Joanne and I were so happy because after all, we survived. haha :P I mean, we were done with that ever exhausting adjustment. But still, she needs to go back tomorrow to pay because the money she brought was not enough. On the other hand, the rest of the boys will still go back tomorrow because they are not yet done with the process. By the way, they will watch Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End at Rob Place, I guess. Though they were inviting us, Joanne and I decided to go home since we were already tired.

I was super duper upset because the Detroit Pistons was not able to enter the Conference Finals and at the same time, they failed to get the Eastern Conference title. Meaning, Cavaliers need to exert a lot of effort to defeat the Spurs. I have no choice but to cheer for the Spurs because of Manu and Tony. Better luck next time Pistons.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

It is better to cry than to be angry; because anger hurts others while tears flow silently thru the soul and cleanses the heart. ~Pope John Paul II

This morning, Tito Boy went here together with his new girlfriend and the son of his new girlfriend. You must be wondering why new girlfriend, I tell you now, it is a long story and even me is confused about it. He came from Saudi and actually, my dad, him and Tito Bobby live in the same house there. He went here to give us the things that my dad bought there for us. I received a new pair of Havaianas which is Havaianas High, my third pair. Kuya Jie have his own pair of Havs too and a pair of shoes for my brother. There are a lot of more things that my dad bought for us which I think, I don't need to mention.

I want to share you something which is really inspiring. We attended an anticipated mass and I really loved the Homily of Msgr. Claro Garcia. It is about a guy who was caught by the authority for using a deck of cards inside a worship place. While they were on the session, the guy told them that he misplaced or rather say, lost his Bible and instead, used the deck of cards in preaching the Word of God. As far as I can remember, the guy was explaining his side and handed the Ace card which means there is only one God, number Two means there are two divisions of Bible (the Old and New), Three means the Holy Trinity, Four refers to the four evangelists who wrote the Gospel, Five refers to the five virgins who attended the Wedding at Cana, Six refers to God six-day work, Seven refers to the rest day of God which in present, became the Sabbath Day, Eight refers to the eight people God saved from the flood, Nine, I actually forgot it *scratches the head*, Ten refers to the Ten Commandments, King refers to Jesus Christ, Queen refers to the Virgin Mary and Jack refers to the demons. The guy then got the 12 cards excluding the Jack because it means demons and it refers to the 12 months of the year, the four signs or symbols (spade, heart, diamond and clubs) refers to the four weeks in a month and when you count all the cards, its total will be 52 which refers to the total number of weeks in a year and when you count all the symbols in the entire deck, the total will be 356 which is the total number of days in a year. Great, ayt?

With what I have heard, I realized that a deck of cards is not just any non-sense things which we used forgambling but it is somehow important and relevant to us. It symbolizes something and so, we should give credit to it even just a bit.

I just want to share to all of you one of the most fantastic things I ever heard in my entire life.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. ~Lanston Hughes

Last night, I was able to talk to one of my girl friends, Eunice. I miss her so much. I miss our kulitan, asaran, her laughters. tss. I can't wait to see not just her but all of them again. It was not record-breaking, though. Our telephone was burning because we were on the line for about 2 hours. But the record is 2 and a half hours, too close. We have talked about a lot of things. We started with asaran. Haha :P Well, she used to tease me and pair me up to one of my guy classmate slash friend but I just used to laugh at it. For me, it is just nothing. I mean, he is just a friend to me and you know, there is no assurance about the issue. It is not yet proven. And I guess, it is just some sort of asaran and so, it is really not a big deal on my part.

We also reminisced the times we were together. Since we chose different specializations to pursue, surely, our bonding moments will be lessened. I will surely miss Dyei and Eunice. You know, they have been my companions ever since First Year and thus, it will be really hard for me to adjust because I used to live my college life with them. Well, new life for me with Joanne, Kath and the rest of the boys. I have no problems with them, either. It is just that I am more at ease with Eunice and Dyei's company.

This day is just another one of my oh so boring days. This morning after I woke up and took my breakfast, I just stayed in my room and fixed some of the things which are in connection with my upcoming Debut. While this afternoon, we went to Caloocan to drop the two kids off. We just stayed there and watched TV and I was really bored. For me, it is better to get online than watch TV.

And by the way, I was really upset with the defeat of the Detroit Pistons. To make it even worse, they were defeated in the homecourt at The Palace. How disappointing?! What's happening on Detroit? Hence, I am not expecting that Detroit will enter the Finals but I hope they will. The next game will be held in Cleveland so probably, the Cavaliers have the advantage. Just hoping and wishing for the Detroit's comeback.