Thursday, June 21, 2007

It is amazing how you continue to love someone you can't have. Maybe because trying to stay away would hurt, so you might as well take the risk because either way you'd get hurt.

Our classes was cut at 3:00pm for the preparation for the Pep Rally this 7pm which will be held at the Letran grounds. Bands will be performing this evening, I only remember MYMP and Orange 'n Lemons and I forgot the rest. But from the tarpaulin I have seen at school, there will be five bands who will be performing. I have no plan of watching because I really don't feel those bands and my friends won't come and so I won't come too.

My first two classes were vacant. Our professor were nowhere in sight. I don't know where the hell they go and they were absent. Out Theo prof was absent again for the third consecutive time and I really don't know why. Hopefully, by next meeting, we could finally meet him because I want to learn something from that subject and don't waste money for that minor subject.

I changed my layout once again and by this time, it is very simple. I hope you will like it. The theme has something to do with what I am feeling right now and about what I saw while I was browsing friendster. The theme really means a lot to me. Honestly, I really don't have any plan of changing my layout because I do love my former layout but just now, I decided to change it. You just have to figure out why.