Monday, June 11, 2007

Love should never be a secret. If you keep something as complicated as love stored up inside, it's gonna make you sick.

Unfortunately, Rafael Nadal defeated the World's no. 1, Roger Federer in four sets. It was actually one of the biggest upsets I had early this year after the lost of Blake Lewis in the American Idol. Yet, I really did enjoy the game. It was actually one of the greatest and most tremendous games I had ever watched. Competing for almost 4 hours yet giving entertainment to people, Roger and Rafa gave their very best just for the title. Though Roger lost the game, still, I was very impressed with his performance. You can really see in his actions how anxious he was in bagging the title because on the history of his career, he never won a French Open title. He is now 25 and indeed young, but on the history of the French Open, only 6(?) players won that said title at the age of 26 and above. But he can set another record, next year perhaps. I do believe that Rafa is the only player who can convincingly defeat the world's no. 1. He did beat him many times but still, he couldn't dethroned Roger. Rafa is the master of the clay courts but Roger is the master of the grass and hard courts. However, despite of his great performance, I still don't like Rafa. Well, I just find him a bit of airhead. haha :P I am and will forever be a Roger fan.

From men's to women's, Justin Henin-Hardine, the world's no. 1 captured the French Open title by defeating Ana Ivanovic. During the semi-finals, Justin and Ana defeated Jankovic and Sharapova, respectively. Just like Nadal, she is just the second player in the open era to win the title 3 years in a row. However, I am a big fan of the world's no. 2 and the trendiest and the fashionista of Tennis, Maria Sharapova.

After the French Open, I am excited with the Wimbledon. For sure, that would be another great event to watch out for.

In San Antonio, Duncan and Parker of Spurs combined for 53 points as they overpowered the Cavaliers twice in a row. Two great teams are battling it out for the NBA Title. As you all know, Spurs are not new to this kind of pressure that the Finals are giving them but on the Cavaliers part, this is such a new kind of thing for them. This is the first time they entered the Finals with LeBron on their team. Meaning, they are just rookie especially LeBron. Although they are giving their best and really exert so much effort, still, those are not enough for them to beat Spurs. But I know, LeBron can work it our for them to be able to fight back. But then, on this year's Finals, I will cheer for the Spurs.

Enough of sports thingy now, just two days from now and the classes in Letran will start again. Tss. Time flies really fast. I still remember when my blockmates asked me out for the outing slash swimming last March and they were really anxious that they even talked to my mom just to let me go with them. I really do remember how we enjoyed our overnight outing though we experienced a bit of problem. That was actually my first time to join an outing with no mom or adult on my side. That first time was really unforgettable and memorable. How I wish the next time we have such kind of activity, we are complete already. But look at now, the classes will start again and we are about to face those professors who used to give us never-ending projects and requirements which lead to cramming. Yet, we still enjoy those moments when we are just starting to make the project knowing that the submission will be on the next day. How I miss those kulitan and tawanan session during vacant periods and dismissal times.

Leaping a step higher, especially now that I am a college junior already, is one of the things that students are most afraid of. Because once you step up, that means, you have to ready yourself for more challenging and difficult stuffs. However, I am really glad knowing that I reached this level without failing any single subject and having good grades.

With that, just wish me luck as I face the next chapter in my life, being a College Junior.