Friday, June 15, 2007

Never dream of something you can never live in reality. Set aside optimism and destiny. Dreaming is not bad at all but being real is just better.

One of the much-awaited event this year is the NBA Finals. Everyone is just so curious on who will be crowned as this year's Finals after the elimination of the defending champs, Miami Heat during the playoffs. Many unbelievable teams entered the playoffs such as the Utah Jazz, Golden State Warriors and the like besting some other tougher teams. But this year isn't bad after all though the Detroit Pistons failed to grab the ticket to the Finals and they even failed to bag the Eastern Conference Finals crown.

And after how many games and in fact by sweeping the series, San Antonio Spurs were crowned as the champions of this season as their fourth title in nine seasons after overpowering the Rookies in the Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs did play great but their efforts weren't enough for them to be crowned as champs. They failed to beat the Spurs who has been named as champs for how many years. Nevertheless, entering the NBA Finals is such a fulfillment on the part of the Cavs.

Two of my favorite players, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker went hand in hand together with Tim Duncan for them to be able to grab the crown. They did play well from the very start of the playoffs and it is good to know that all of their hard works had been answered. But all the players in the team contributed a lot in their victory. Congrats to the Spurs and better luck next time to the Cavs. There are still a lot more of chances waiting for them.

Tony Parker was named as the Finals MVP and considered as the first European to be named as the Finals MVP in the history of NBA. Way to go for Tony! He is indeed a great player. He can handle the ball well and a shooter as well. He is one of the most promising and sought-after guards in the NBA. Present during the Finals was Eva Longoria, fiance of Tony.

Enough of the NBA Finals. Since some of our professors gave us assignments already, I started doing it last night and I was not able to finish it and hence, I will try my best to finish it right now. I have only one assignment left and it is really hard to find the answers for the questions. I really don't know where the hell in the internet could I find the right answers. The books that were given as references were not available in the Library. But hopefully, before the night comes, I could finish it already.

The first week of classes is finally over and that means, no more time for games, jokes and the like and we should now concentrate on our lessons. We all know that during the first week of classes, teachers and professors don't usually give anything and just use their time for introduction and some other chitchats. Moreover, they don't usually use the entire one and a half hour and instead, they dismiss the students earlier. But now the first week had passed, students should put in mind that the lesson proper will finally start. We now need to focus on what is being discussed and not give attention on some other things that are not related to it. My co-students, our nightmares will start next week so we better ready ourselves. hehe =]