Sunday, June 17, 2007

It would take a thousand workers to build a castle, a million soldiers to protect a country but it only takes one man to build a happy family. Happy Father’s Day!

What is the event today? Well, today is Dad’s Day! Have you already greeted your dads a Happy Father’s Day and at the same time, thanked them for all the things they have done for you? A family without a father cannot be called a family because without him, there is no family. Of course, the main foundation of a family is a father and a mother.

We seldom celebrate Father’s Day with my dad on our side for the fact that he is working abroad. And it is sad to know that we can’t be with him on this special day. It makes me wanna cry because as far as I can remember, we only celebrated Father’s Day with my dad’s presence once. He is all alone there and instead of celebrating this wonderful event with us, he is working.

I am very much thankful and proud because I have the greatest dad in the whole wide universe. He is actually the best dad for me. A family man who first thinks about his family especially his wife and children, my dad indeed deserves to be called a father. He sacrificed a lot for us. Every father doesn’t want to be far from his family but my dad did work abroad just to give us the things we need and even our luxuries. It is just so hard because of the distance we have though he often calls and texts us but still, the physical presence is different. I really do miss him so much. He has been there for more than ten years and just goes back here once a year. I will not dare to look for another dad to replace my dad because he is incomparable and irreplaceable.

Ever since I was just a little girl, I am really a Daddy’s Girl. The first word that came out from my mouth was daddy. He is actually my Superman, my idol and my ideal man. He is a Superman in a sense that for me he is a superhero. He did a lot of things for us just to see us happy. He is a proud father of two who prioritizes his family over other things. He is my idol and I look up to him that despite of the challenges and problems that we had before, he never gave up. He is a strong man and I can really sense how brave he is. He is my ideal man because he has the characters and personalities that I want my future husband should have. You know in this world, it is really difficult to find a man like my dad because it is rare, nowadays. I want my future husband to showcase the characters that my dad have. My dad is a family man, responsible, God-fearing, understanding, patient, not too mention, good-looking. Haha =] But seriously, words are not enough to express how great my dad is.

Even though I want to hug him real tight and kiss him, I really couldn’t because of the distance but I hope I could do that the next time. He just called this afternoon and I was able to talk to him and greet him. But for me, it is more meaningful if it is in person. But I guess I should not be sad because in more or less three months, he will be having his vacation again here in the Philippines and I really can’t wait.

And by the way, please greet your dad Happy Father’s Day for me. Thanks!