Saturday, June 23, 2007

If people want to hate you for no reason, let them. Because obviously they are either insecure, jealous or simply a bitch. ~Paris Hilton

I wasn't able to watch the Opening Ceremony of the NCAA live at the Araneta Coliseum for some matter. Actually, I was really planning to watch because last year, I also failed but just yesterday, I decided not to. Well, first, I don't have someone to be with me as I watch the Opening and lastly, I really need to review and have some advance readings. But I watched it on TV but the reception wasn't good. By the way, the theme of this year's NCAA Season is Soaring High and Free at 83 with Rizo the Dragon as the mascot.

I can say that the Ceremony was a blast even without the presence of the PCU Dolphins since they were suspended because of identity-switching. Still, the defending champion, San Beda have the complete roster making them the team to beat for this year of NCAA. Mapua, also, is another tough team with Kelvin dela Peña and the rest of the guys. Aside from them is my Alma Mater, Letran which I really don't know if tough or not. But I know they can handle the pressure knowing that the star players had already graduated.

I like the production number prepared by the students of the different schools. It was very entertaining. It was a job well done for all the schools. And one more thing, I noticed that the crowd is not as big as last year's opening. I really can see lots of vacant seats and I seldom see Letran students. Actually, I only saw two students who were wearing an NSTP uniform. But anyway, only few students bothered to watch the opening and that was so saddening. Because if you are going to compare it to the previous openings, it was nothing. Before, students were really excited to watch the opening and you could really see that it was jampacked and also, you could immediately notice that the rivalries between different schools were rising.

First game was between the host school, JRU and defending champs, San Beda. As expected, the Lions defeated the Heavy Bombers with the final score of 91-64 with a new coach. Sam Ekwe just improved. He is now making shots particularly field goal unlike before, he was more on dunks and rebounds. Another victory, Letran Knights just overpowered one of my favorite teams, Mapua Cardinals with a final score of 84-80. At least I know that they are really anxious in grabbing the title. Look, Mapua is such a tough team because before, Letran really find it hard to defeat the Cardinals and as a matter of fact, they were the ones who gave dirt to the clean record of Letran during the 81st Season and everyone find Mapua as a team to beat. Moreover, I love the new uniform of the Knights. I like it more than their previous uniform.

Whatever happens, I am still cheering for the Letran Knights. Well, you can't blame me, I just love my school. That's the spirit. lol. L-E-T-RAN, Letran, Letran, ARRIBA LETRAN!