Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The right and true person isn't the one that you liked and wished. Its the one that stands in the background and catches you when you fall, a person who once dream of you but decided to stay in silence.

My vacation is about to end. I am now counting the days and just a week away, the classes will again start. Of course, as what I have posted on some of my previous posts, I am not yet ready for anything related to school now, I mean, I still want to extend my vacation if possible but I know I couldn't. My brain cells are not yet ready for lessons and requirements. I think it will take some time before my brain cells start to function again. haha :P But kidding aside, I am still not ready knowing that this year would be tougher for me. Jeez! I am a College Junior already and it is not a joke. So, probably, everything will be harder now.

Anyway, I went to school early this morning because I need to add another major subject. I reached the Colegio at about 7:20am and I went directly to the catwalk waiting for Eunice. But she was nowhere to be found. I decided to go upstairs, 3rd floor to be exact because we need to get the Adjustment form from the Dean's office. I was surprised to see a number of students there falling in line already. Even I was that early, it seemed that I was still late. When the clock stroke at 8am, I fell in line also and the line was getting longer and longer.

Joanne and Gian then arrived and they fell in line too. Everyone was surprised with the immense number of students who went to the Colegio for some adjustments. Actually, when I was in the line, I wanna collapse and break down because it was hot and the line was getting longer without us, reaching the front. I was upset because most students cut into the line. Well, they were really getting into my nerves. To make it worst, it was really hot and we were really sweating. We were standing there and doing all the steps for about 5 hours and we only had a 30-minute break. It was so tiring. I felt so worn out and exhausted at the same time.

This was actually the first time I engaged to the Adjustment Period thingy. I failed to add one major subject of mine because of system malfunction during the On-Line Enrollment. Since, this was my first, hence, everything that we have done was just new to me. And I was not used to doing those stuffs. It was really hard because you need to fall in line and complete a number of steps before you can successfully adjust or add subject/s. To some, they are used to it because they had experienced it before.

From that, I realized how unsystematic and disorganized Letran is. I am not bashing Letran because it is my Alma Mater but from what I had experienced, I can say that they really need to improve on some things. I thought it would go smoothly because we had enrolled online but I was wrong. We really took a long time before we completed the set of steps. Students were complaining because of the slow service. Sweats were all over our body plus the fact that our legs and feet were aching because we stood for how many hours. Now that we have a new rector, I just hope that improvements will be done especially on the services and also, with the Adjustment System of Letran, I hope it will not be like that on the next semester. But nevertheless, I still love my Alma Mater despite of its imperfections.

After paying for the fees, we left Letran still filled with students. The line didn't get any shorter and as a matter of fact, it gets longer and longer. Joanne and I were so happy because after all, we survived. haha :P I mean, we were done with that ever exhausting adjustment. But still, she needs to go back tomorrow to pay because the money she brought was not enough. On the other hand, the rest of the boys will still go back tomorrow because they are not yet done with the process. By the way, they will watch Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End at Rob Place, I guess. Though they were inviting us, Joanne and I decided to go home since we were already tired.

I was super duper upset because the Detroit Pistons was not able to enter the Conference Finals and at the same time, they failed to get the Eastern Conference title. Meaning, Cavaliers need to exert a lot of effort to defeat the Spurs. I have no choice but to cheer for the Spurs because of Manu and Tony. Better luck next time Pistons.