Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Every guy thinks that catching the girl he loves is an amazing accomplishment. Actually, catching the girl is the easy part and keeping her is the real accomplishment.

I decided not to use my eyeglasses for now since whenever I wear those pair of glasses, I feel dizzy and headache strikes me. Perhaps because, I am not yet used to wearing those because this is the first time I will wear again eyeglasses for how many years. But I hope that I could really accustom myself in using those because I really need a good eyesight now.

I had so much fun with our Lit class because of our very jolly professor. She told us that we really need to speak in English because Letran is an English-speaking campus. She also checked our pronunciation and she used to correct us whenever we commit mistakes. But for me, that is a good way of practicing ourselves in speaking the universal language. It will be very helpful to us especially when we finally enter the real world and it is very obvious that most of us want to work abroad and thus, we really need to speak in English fluently. I guess, it is better to do it as early as now so it will not be hard for us to communicate with other people especially foreigners in the near future.

Finally, we already met our Theo prof but according to her, we will be meeting different Theo professors as we go along. Probably, we will have assorted professors but the main one would be Fr. Aceron and I am so excited to meet him. Moreover, our prof today gave us several things to do this morning. Though we need to incorporate our stock knowledges about our previous Theologies yet I enjoyed it especially when we were answering the questions made by our classmates. The questions were so funny and looking for the answers were really hard. As if we were human encyclopedia. It seems that Theo is our major subjects for giving us so many requirements that we need to bring by Thursday.

We were a bit unfortunate and at the same time fortunate this afternoon. Unfortunate for the fact that we didn't have a power supply and the generator only worked for the lights and electric fans. Meaning, the air-cons were not working and so were the PCs which led to early dismissal to one of our major subjects. Being confined to that room with many students and the air-cons were not working, you'd really feel bad and pissed. Instead of going to somewhere else, we just stayed on the catwalk and we talked and chatted. We had another bonding moments with my friends. I really miss our moments together because we seldom have bonding moments because we have different schedules.

Carefully read these two lines:

"Why would I still cling to my past when I am living my present with the best girl in the world which is you and I am looking forward to spending my forever with you."

"Alam mo ang arte-arte mo. Pero kahit maarte ka, I would still choose to be with you kasi mahal kita."

Well, last night, I was imagining some things when all of a sudden, these lines popped out on my mind. And I want these romantic lines to be heard from MY guy's mouth but unfortunately, I haven't found him yet. But don't get me wrong, I am not looking or searching. I am waiting because I know in the right time, I will meet the guy I really deserve.