Monday, June 18, 2007

Its not how much you rock a person's world when you come into one's life nor how you keep your image. What's far better is not being liked when you came in but being missed when you leave.

This day is quite tiring for me. We did a lot of things already – name it, discussion, seatwork, short quiz and assignments. Probably, I will be busy starting today since the discussion just started.

I find my first subject an interesting one and hopefully, I could learn so many things on her since the subject is in connection with Programming. I admit I am not good at it even if they used to tell me that I do. I find it very confusing that’s why I chose MCSE over it though before I was really puzzled on what track to choose. But eventually, I ended up taking MCSE which I think, some sort of a mistake. But don’t get me wrong, I do love MCSE but it is just that, a part of me tells me that I should have taken MCSD. Sorry because I am so mixed up already.

Second subject was full of boring things. I don’t like the professor because I find him boring. I really didn’t expect that the class will be that way. Despite the fact that the subject is interesting, I am starting to lose interest on it because of our professor.

I would love my third subject if our professor would be Sir Allan. Our original prof was absent and so, he substituted and I do love the way he handles the class. I mean, he is not boring and as a matter of fact, he is indeed funny. There is a comedian side on him.

I think I would love my last subject. Though it is very fast-pacing but still, I really could understand every detail of what he is saying. Yeah, he is not like any other professor who easily gets mad when noise strikes. How I wish that he will be like that until the semester ends.

Anyway, this day is just okay for me. I really don’t know why I couldn’t enjoy every subject that I am into. Yeah, I don’t really and as a matter of fact, I would love to transfer to another class. Optimistically, I could somehow accustom myself to such things. It is just not easy right now because this is just a start but I know I could start to love my class in the right time.

Also, today we already got our MOCs (Microsoft Official Course). We have four sets of books, two of which are so thick. Gosh! Those books were so hard to carry because they are too heavy for all of us. Thanks to my friends who voluntarily carried my books until we already found a jeep to ride.