Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What makes life exciting? It is the fact that you are given the strength and courage to fight a losing battle. Although all you wanted to do is surrender.

Today is Kuya Niko's 19th Birthday. We are not related by blood and actually, we have been classmates for 2 years in a row. Of all the guy classmates I have since my first year in college, I can say that I am closest to this guy. I was really longing for a kuya and there was this time that I was able to tell him about it and so, I decided to call him Kuya. We have been very close ever since, actually, he knows a lot about me. There was a time that my family had experienced a problem and I was able to tell him about it. I could really trust him and that is why I am so thankful that I have found a brother in him. Thanks Kuya!

I was tagged by Dyei for this kind of activity.

RULES: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.

1. I hate cockroaches and once I see a cockroach, most especially, when it flies, I scream really hard and run away.

2. I get easily bored when it comes to texting. I mean, at first, I enjoy doing it but later on, I become sick of it.

3. I am afraid of crowds. I used to feel shy when there are so many people around me.

4. The back part of my head is flat. Some call it dapil.

5. I used to buy lots of clothes but I seldom wear some of it. And there were times that I only wore that certain cloth once and after that, I did not wear it again.

6. When the clock strikes at 9pm and I am still reviewing, I couldn't absorb anything. This means that I should study earlier than 9pm or else, I would remember nothing.

7. Though I am allergic to fancy jewelries, I still wear those.

8. I used to say that I prefer chinky-eyed guys but end up liking wide-eyed guys.

9. I blush easily.

10. When I am alone in my room, I usually talk to myself.

In return, I am tagging the first six people who will drop by my blog.

Monday, May 28, 2007

It is better to have nobody than somebody who is half yours, half there or doesn't want to be there, or is there then suddenly disappears.

As expected, Cleveland Cavaliers fought back as they overpowered my team, Detroit Pistons due to homecourt advantage. And now, the series is 2-1. The next game will be held in Cleveland again and I am expecting that Pistons will take their revenge but since, it is Cavaliers' homecourt again, they will surely use their advantage. As for San Antonio Spurs, they were defeated by the Utah Jazz which makes the series 2-1. Homecourt advantage again.

I have been into Photoshop these past few months. It becomes my own way to ease my boredom and thus, I had made a number of layouts. I just finished again another layout which I will be using if I am already tired of using my present layout. However, I will be lessening my time in doing layouts since school year will start in three weeks. I should concentrate and be more focus in my studies because this year would be tougher and more challenging for me. Actually, I am feeling the nerves now. I don't know, perhaps, this year will surely be nerve-wracking.

Time is flying really fast. I am still reminiscing my High School days because I really couldn't believe that after how many years, I finally graduated from High School. But now, I am on my way to my College Junior life which is, I can say, more unbelievable. I really couldn't believe that I could make it this far. And by this time, I will make it sure that I will give my best shot.

I have four consecutive cold evenings. Well, maybe its because the Summer Season is about to end. Rainy Season comes again and what I hate about it is that together with the start of the Rainy Season is the start of the school year. On my part, I always ride a jeep at Divi and as expected, especially if it rains, muds are all over the place and that is so disgusting. I already experienced that when I reached the school, I found my skirt with muds on it. And that was really a bad day.

I admit, I am not yet ready to face my professors and meet their never-ending requirements again. My vacation is not enough. I had experienced lots of pressures and stresses during my Second Semester. But we really couldn't stop the time. I am pretty nervous because I am afraid that I might not maintain the grades I had during the previous semesters. Of course, I don't want to disappoint my parents. They have been doing everything just to give us what we need. Hence, in return of those sacrifices, I really do study hard.

I still can't believe that I am going to take another step higher again. It is just that it is really unbelievable. I am still not ready for everything now. I am so preoccupied with so many things in mind. But I hope, I could manage to get through these challenges that life is giving me.

So far, I am enjoying the last days of vacation because our classes will start on the 13th of June but still, I haven't added my other subject yet. We are scheduled to add it on the 5th and 6th of June. Hopefully, Joanne and I would get a better, if not, good schedule for it. Actually, that is one of the reasons why I am not ready to go to school yet because I am afraid that we might not able to add it due to some conflicts. I don't want to leave any single subject behind because I want to graduate on time.

By the way, pictures during the outing are already uploaded on my Multiply. Just check it out there.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love. ~Henry Miller

I was enjoying my sleep this morning when suddenly, my grandma woke me up. Surprisingly, we had an outing slash swimming party to celebrate the 7th Birthday of my niece, Bettina. Well, we didn't have any plan of attending because the venue was far from our place but just this morning, they decided to attend.

Laguna is the place. I have been there before and I can say that I had a boring trip. Well, it is too far from our place. It took us two and a half hours until we reached the destination which is a clubhouse. And in that two hours, we didn't have any stopover. My butt was aching because I was just sitting during the entire trip.

When we were there already, we took our lunch first because the children's party was supposed to start at 1pm but because some were late, it started at 2pm. We had lots of fun though we really didn't participate with the party. Me, together with my cousins had some picture-takings outside the venue. After that, merienda came next. Yummy foods again!

After eating, the kids readied themselves and jumped to the swimming pool. We thought that the pool was just good for the kids but we were wrong because the pool is so deep but there is a pool there intended for the kids. The kids really enjoyed it. We, on the other hand, just watched all of them. We were a bit lazy then.

But then, in the end, we decided to swim too because the rain poured down. Actually, it rained so hard that it was kinda painful. But I didn't stay there for a long time because I felt itchy. I don't know why. Maybe, the water was dirty because the kids were the first ones who used it and we really can't avoid if someone will pee there. But the water was really dirty, it was unclear already when we swam. And because of that itchiness that I felt, I decided to take a bath earlier than them.

Though I really didn't have the time to stay long in the water still, I enjoyed this day. This day was so tiring yet enjoying. I really had the time to bond with my other cousins because we seldom have events like this which is somewhat a get-together. Perhaps, this would be the last outing we will have for the year, since three weeks from now, the classes will start.

I will upload the pics tomorrow. I'm kinda lazy now.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Never ever take immaturity for granted. Instead, be thankful that it's there. Because immaturity allows us to love and love allows us to mature.

Detroit Pistons defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers two times in a row in Detroit, Michigan. I'm still not satisfied because the next two games will be held in Cleveland and so, Chauncey and the rest of the boys should really need to play hard because the advantage will be on the Cavaliers. I'm still looking forward for a sweep but then, I know it will be really hard because Cavaliers is a tough team.

On the other hand, San Antonio Spurs also defeated the Utah Jazz for two consecutive games in San Antonio. Way to go for Manu and Tony! I so love Manu Ginobili. hehe :P The Argentinian plays really good. But still, whatever team wins the Western Conference Final is cool with me as long as the Pistons will win the Eastern Conference Finals.

Anyway, I was a bit tired today. My mom and I went to Caloocan to drop off Camille and Cha-cha. While we were waiting for Daddy Cesar to arrive, we just had some videoke to avoid boredom. And then later on, the rain suddenly poured down. haha :P Was it because we sang? Since it was raining really hard and traffic was visible in the streets, Daddy Cesar arrived at around 6pm which was not the usual time. When he got home, my mom and I went off. I was super duper pissed off with the traffic. We arrived home around 7pm which was really irritating. At least, we arrived home safe.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. ~Oprah Winfrey

i decided to change my layout. the theme is Fashionista which is apparently one of my favorite songs. hehe :p what can you say guys? i'm still not good at designing and i really need a lot of practice.

anyway, the votes had been casted and Jordin Sparks was declared as the 6th American Idol following the footsteps of Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie and Taylor. she is record-breaking by being the youngest American Idol. she's just 17 years old. great, ayt? whatta great show for everybody! though my favorite and crush at the same time, Blake Lewis didn't win, still, i enjoyed the show. i know that Jordin is way deserving of the title over Blake based on their performaces during the Performance Night.

but i was a bit upset with the people behind American Idol regarding the last song wherein the two of them were required to sing it. when i first heard the song, i realized that the song was really intended to be sung by a girl and so, it was really unfair on the part of Blake. then, i jumped to the conclusion that maybe the producers and everyone behind the show wanted Jordin to win because if there is no bias, they will choose two songs for each finalist just like what they did to Taylor and Katharine.

but i believe that the two of them will make it big in the industry. the one with the great vocals and the one who is a great performer. way to go for Blake and Jordin!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A vision without action is a daydream and an action without vision is a nightmare.

the celebration of Sto. Niño and Kuya Roy's Birthday was a blast. everyone really enjoyed it. that was actually the 24th year of Niño and 26th year of Kuya Roy.

to give you a brief background on how this started, well, it all started when Mama Lolly and Tito Paeng, Kuya Roy's parents bought this Sto. Niño for Kuya Roy's 2nd Birthday. he was too young, ayt?! and then, every year, they used to celebrate it but what my lola told me was that before it was just a simple celebration but then, as the years passed by, they adapted the Santacruzan. the first ever Reyna Elena was my cousin, Ate PJ.

i was really tired yesterday, from the preparations up to the said Santacruzan. it was around 9am when we started preparing for the stuffs needed. that was really tiring especially on my mom's part because she was the one responsible for everything and at the same time, she used to go to Inang's house which is apparently, few steps away from ours to help them in preparing other things.

i really wanna thank those people who helped us in preparing my kubol, those who helped in designing and doing it though it rained too hard. i know how much they love me and my mom. i really do appreciate all the things they've done. to Tito Luis, Daddy Cesar, Daddy Carlo, Tito Efren, Tito Pax, Kuya Erwin, Tito Boying, and Kuya Magno thanks a lot.

by the way, Cha-cha was my escort, no, Constantino and he really looked good on his costumes. hehe :P special thanks to my ever loyal brother, EJ. he helped from the designing of the kubol and he was my photographer during the Santacruzan. thanks bro.

actually, i was a bit nervous because it rained too hard and i thought it will not stop but God is still good because He didn't let the rain ruin the celebration. around 4pm when my mom and i went to Kuya Mandy's Parlor for my hair and make-up. as i arrived here in our house, i already saw Charlene since there were two Reyna Elenas. Charlene is the daughter of my dad's twin brother who is now residing in the States.

around 5.30pm when the Santacruzan started. it was so tiring. my feet were aching because i wore a high-heeled step-in. bad move. i should have worn my Havaianas since my gown is long enough and if ever i wear slippers, people won't see it. but my mom didn't want me to wear slippers and so, i really need to wear the step-in. it was tiring that i really felt that i was already sweating, yet it was enjoying. you know, hearing the peoples' compliments on me made me smile because i know that they appreciated everything in me. i received heart-warming compliments from people around and so, i felt glad about it.

i don't know how long we walked but it took us two hours. wow! when i reached the house, i felt so worn-out. perhaps, this would be my last because as what i promised to my mom that i would never engage to stuffs like this once i turned 18y/o.

pics are uploaded on my Multiply. go and check it.

San Antonio Spurs defeated Utah Jazz on Game One of the Western Conference Finals.
Detroit Pistons overpowered Cleveland Cavaliers which makes the series 1-0.
Jeffrey Sebelia won the Project Runway driving off Laura, Michael and Uli.
American Idol Finale on Wednesday. watch out for it. Go Blake!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Its weird how you go from being strangers to being friends to being more than friends then suddenly, back to being practically strangers again.

everyone's so busy right now. we're busy preparing for the celebration tomorrow. but, we're still experiencing some problems. but we are working on it already. its just that it is so tiring. i know my mom's already tired because she's the one taking care of the things needed plus she's the one responsible for the expenses. a part of me regrets the fact that i joined.

anyway, i want a SE K800i phone. i know its a bit old-fashioned because it was out in the market sometime last year but then, i really love it. supposed to be, my dad would be buying me that phone as a gift on my 18th birthday but then the condition is that i'm not going to celebrate my debut and so, i disapproved. but now, i really wanna have that one. but i don't think i made a wrong decision because maybe, some other time, i could really buy that or perhaps, better than that.

i hate those people bashing Blake Colin Lewis. they're telling that he is not deserving to be part of the Finale. they're telling bad things against him. but hey, if he is part of the Finale, it is not his fault because you, people voted for him. American Idol is about hearing the screams of the people, hearing what they want. if you really want Melinda to be included in the Finale, then you should have voted for her and not Blake. so, don't bash him because it isn't his fault in the first place.

Detroit Pistons versus Cleveland Cavaliers on the Eastern Conference Finals and Utah Jazz versus San Antonio Spurs for the Western Conference Finals. sadly, Phoenix Suns was defeated by the Spurs ending the series with 4-2. i was cheering and screaming like hell but in the end, i found myself a bit upset. well, better luck next time for the Suns. congrats to Dirk Nowitzki for earning the MVP title. still, Detroit all the way!!!

i was really disappointed with the results of the PBB last night. i decided to watch last night because of the Balik-Bahay thingy. what does Kuya trying to convey with that overwhelming result? Wendy got half of the votes and that was so surprising. because if people really like her to stay, they should have voted for her when she was nominated for Eviction. but then, she was eliminated because people didn't want her to stay. but what the hell had happened last night? when can ABS-CBN hear the wants of their audience? when can they realize that people are so sicked of that Bruce-Wendy pair-up? tss. enough of this.

have you heard of the show The Search for the Next Doll? did you know that a Filipina won the said show and she is now an instant member of PCD. her name is Asia and a 1/4 Filipina. but the runner-up is a full-blooded Filipina and her name is Melissa. well, for me, Melissa is way deserving over Asia because she's the total package. she has the looks, the body and the talent, as well. but then, the decision had been made and she's just a runner-up. we should be proud of them because they are both Filipinas. watch out for the Finale on Tuesday 10pm at ETC.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's better to be extremely happy for a short while, even if you lose it, than to be just okay for your whole life.

WARNING: if you are a fan of Wendy of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, you better leave my blog or else, you might not want what i'm going to write against her. on the other hand, you might as well thank me because i'm giving her publicity.

maybe, a lot of you know this girl named Wendy, the ex-beauty queen who entered PBB house two months ago. yeah, she's pretty and sexy or talented, perhaps. during her stay in the house, i found out that she's an airhead. yeah, she is a big airhead. with the way she talks, it seems that she's the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the world.

after how many weeks, Bruce-Wendy loveteam was made. at first, it was good but then, as time passed by, it became so sickening. it is like the entire show was just focused on them and not giving any attention to other housemates. it became a big deal. when Bruce was informed that he will go out of the PBB house, Wendy cried like there's no tomorrow. hello? is Bruce going to die and she cried like that? she was overreacting. she cried like a river. oh my. she's so arte.

when she was evicted, she learned that Bruce has a girlfriend outside the house which resulted to lots of controversies. WTH!!! everything's wrong. according to her, she was shocked when she knew that she was the one being evicted but me? i expected it because she really don't deserve any place in that house. the girls inside are way better than her and at least, most of them have breeding unlike her who acts like a tambay in the kanto.

then now, she's a Balik-Bayan housemate which i think a bad idea. we are such a copycat. so what if other Big Brothers did that before? are we required to do it too? if they only knew that many people was pissed when they knew about it. in my opinion, i think they are really pushing Wendy to win and that would be so unfair to other housemates.

i decided not to watch PBB because i'm so sick seeing Wendy's face crying and acting like she was the pitiful one, as if she haven't done something wrong. falling in love to someone who is already attached is such a bad move, to think that she, too, has a boyfriend outside the house. okay. let's consider their feelings because you cannot teach your heart on what they should do but then, if you really love your boyfriend/girlfriend, you'll consider their feelings too not just yours. i have sympathy on Bruce's girlfriend.

i don't hate Wendy but i'm just pissed with what she's doing. she should think a lot before making decision. and to ABS-CBN, don't make a big deal out of that f-ing loveteam because people are tired of it. we are not happy with how much attention you put to them. actually, i'm losing interest on PBB because of it.

Melinda was booted off which leaves Blake and Jordin on the Finale of American Idol.
San Antonio Spurs defeated the Phoenix Suns with no Stoudemire and Diaw.
Cleveland Cavaliers was also defeated by the New Jersey Nets which makes the series 3-2.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have to cease to live. ~Mark Twain

we attended the civil wedding of my cousin this morning. it was just held in their house which is apparently few steps away from ours. we had our lunch there, of course. in our family, my cousin is the third who took wedding in civil. the first one was my auntie who is currently residing in US, then the second was my other cousin who had their wedding in Intramuros and the third was with my cousin who just married now. well, if my turn comes, i would probably choose to do it the legal way, i mean, wedding in church because i believe that a marriage is more powerful and long-lasting if it is blessed by God. but i guess, i don't have to think about marrying this early because i'm too young. few months from now, i'll be turning 18 and everyone's excited about it which makes me feel it too.

speaking of turning 18, i've talked to some of my aunties earlier and they want to have a Cotillion de Honor on my debut. on my part, i really don't want to have because i think it would be hassle on my guests who will be part of it since we need to attend practices. in addition, it would be an additional expense on our part because we need to hire choreographer who will choreograph the steps and prepare foods for them. a cousin of mine who will help me in the preparations suggested than instead of cotillion because cotillion nowadays are modernized, some of my family members should prepare an intermission number. it will be up to them what would it be but its cooler if it would be a dance number. on Saturday, we'll be checking or canvassing invites at Recto. invites will be done by someone because i think, it will be more expensive if i'll do it and it will be an additional work for me. instead of wasting my time in doing the invites, i should use it in making the Programme, finalizing my guests and arranging their seat numbers. by now, i know the design of my gown, in fact, i have a copy of it already plus the party dress and the cake. and guys, if you know a band whom we can hire, please tell me. thanks.

this afternoon, we visited an Ophthalmologist because i had an eye check-up. you'll be surprised when you knew the grade of my eyes. i, too, was surprised that both of my eyes have a grade of 400. i have an astigmatism. so probably, by next week, we'll be visiting an optical shop and buy eyeglasses and contact lenses too. i badly need new pair of contacts because i'll use it in school and the eyeglasses? i'll use it here in our house. at the same time, my mom had a check-up with her doctor in Goiter because my mom once detected of a goiter. i bet that was 4 years from now and she underwent Radioactive iodine to melt the excess thyroid cells. but now, she is definitely okay and i'm so happy about it. good thing, the Radiation was successful.

Monday, May 14, 2007

We always have a choice. Its the choices that make us who we are and we can always choose to do what is right. ~Peter Parker (Spiderman)

today isn't any ordinary day for every Filipino because today we were voting and electing new leaders that we believe will play a good role in the government and are deserving of the positions they are running. as a young citizen of this country, i believe that every vote is powerful. people vote because they want changes in this country. they vote because they believe that the person/s they're voting can play a big role in the government. i just hope that people vote the right persons, those who are deserving and willing to serve the country without expecting anything in return. people should stand on their principles and on what they believe is right.

with the span of 2-3 months of campaign period, i heard lots of platforms and agendas from those candidates who are running for Senator, Mayor, Congressman and the like. campaign jingles were heard everywhere and ads were seen on tv screens. forms of cheating were being made most especially vote buying. i was a witness of vote buying here in our place though i didn't see it personally but a loved one of mine experienced it. one of the candidates for Mayor, i think i should name him, Ali Atienza gave money (150php) to some of the tambays here in our street. and most of the people that i was able to talk to proved to me that Ali was really giving money during the campaign period.

PEOPLE, DID YOU VOTE WISELY??? i hope you did. let them hear your screams, your wants and needs. i've been very vocal ever since that i'm really routing for Chiz Escudero because i really do believe on what he can do. i know he will be great leader in this country. i'm hoping that he'll win. actually, if i'm really allowed to vote, i'll only vote for Chiz and nothing more. but unfortunately, i'm still not allowed because i'm only 17 years old. but hey, on the next election, i will not let my first ever experience to vote be taken away from me because i believe on what my vote can do.

from politics to sports. i'm so disappointed because of the defeat of Detroit Pistons against Chicago Bulls. when i saw the scores in NBA, i was like 'what happened?'. my hope for a sweep will never come true because the series is now 3-1. i'm hoping and wishing that since the next game will be held in Detroit, they will do their very best to win the series. on the other side, Utah Jazz won against Golden State Warriors which makes the series 3-1.

this afternoon, i, together with my mom, tita and cousins went to Tutuban to look for a Constantino attire for my cousin, Cha-cha. he will be my escort on the 21st. he'll play the role of Constantino. at the same time, we also bought a sword for him as part of his costume. i'm still undecided if i'm going to wear a crown or flower. because i want to put a little bit of twist to it. instead of wearing the traditional crown, i want to wear a crown of flowers like what Princess Janelle wore during their wedding with Prince Gian. how about you? what do you think?

last night, i was able to talk to Camille, a friend way back High School. she confessed to me her problems regarding her complicated lovelife. how i pity her?! if i'm on her place, maybe i'll just give up because everything's complicated. its like you feel that everything's right but the truth, it's totally wrong. i just hope that she can surpass all the challenges she have right now. i know she can do it. i know she's strong. i just told her that i'll be on her back all the time and i'll support her on whatever decision she'll make. honestly, i am really against the relationship she has right now but i can't stop her because i know that she's happy.

Thine Iced is now celebrating our 22nd Monthsary. i miss my girl friends a lot. 22 months of true friendship. i'm really happy for meeting all of you. you know who you are.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

The art of being happy lies in the power of finding happiness in ordinary things. Life does not force us to be the best, it only asks that we try.

first of all, Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there. :D we should give thanks to our moms because they are the number one reason why we are now present in this world. we should honor them for they have shown so many sacrifices since we were just in their wombs. come to think of it, bearing us in their wombs for nine months is such a big sacrifice and add up to it, the pain brought to them when we were born. while we were growing up, they sacrificed a lot for our sake. i remember what my mom used to say that it is better to buy something for me and my bro rather than buying something for herself. its just that they sacrificed so many things just to see us happy. and isn't it we need to thank them for all the hardships we've brought to them? there were times that they got mad at us because we did something wrong but after a while, where are we? in front of them asking for forgiveness while them? they couldn't resist it. as the saying goes: "Di kayang tiisin ng ina ang sarili nyang anak." and so, this is the best day to thank them for everything they have done for us. and at the same time, say sorry for all the wrong doings we've done in the past.

change topic. San Antonio Spurs defeated the Phoenix Suns which makes the series 2-1. i am a Suns fan and i want the Suns to play in the Finals. on the other side, Cleveland was defeated by the New Jersey which makes the series 2-1. i thought the Cavaliers will again go for a sweep but the Nets didn't allow it. Detroit is the only team now with a clean record. Pistons all the way!!!

by the way, Letran-Manila now has new Rector in the person of Fr. Tamerlane Lana. this is according to Eunice since she is now an SA so she knows a lot of gossips. hehe :P anyway, he is the former rector of UST and our former rector will now be the rector of Letran-Bataan. with the new President, i'll be expecting changes, most especially with the Rules and Regulations. but one thing that i would like to happen is: NO CORRUPTION. with accordance to that, the opening of classes was moved to June 13 and the Adjustment Period was moved to May 31-June 1 but needs confirmation.

and don't forget, VOTE WISELY!!!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life has taught of that love does not consist of gazing at each other but looking together in the same direction. ~Antoine de Saint Exupery

i don't know what to post right now coz nothing productive happened today. i miss my friends a lot. sadly, i couldn't text them because i don't have any load at all. in short, i'm broke. because it's summer vacation, i am not entitled to receive any allowance and that is the sad part of having a vacation. last month, i used all the money i have for my luxuries. hehe :P shopping galore and so, by now, i only have a little and i'm keeping that money because i need to buy something by tomorrow.

Detroit Pistons carries a 3-0 record by now. yey! they just need one game for them to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. i'm still looking forward to a sweep. they had beaten Chicago Bulls thrice in a row and hopefully, on their next game in Chicago, Pistons will get the ticket to the Eastern Finals.

Blake Lewis was almost gone again. i admit, he deserved it. why? coz his performances last performance night weren't good enough. i, too, was very much disappointed. yeah, Blake's good. there is something in him that makes him unique but his performances were just horrible. and hopefully, he will give his best shot this week. i want him to be the American Idol and so, he needs to give his very best.

hey! Elections will be two days for now. always remember, VOTE WISELY! don't let them deprive us the freedom to vote what we want though i'm not yet allowed to vote. use your mind and heart in voting. don't let them dictate on who you should vote. your vote is important because through that, changes will be made (hopefully). just don't forget CHIZ ESCUDERO on your ballots. as a young individual, i believe that he will be a good Senator. he has what it takes to be a good Senator. so please, voters, VOTE WISELY.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Pretending I don't feel anything for him is like convincing myself that I could probably deny the only one thing I can be sure of.

this day is like just any typical day of mine. i woke up at 9am, ate my breakfast, and watched tv. well, i'm sicked of doing the same stuffs everyday. actually, i'm looking forward to the opening of classes this June. but i still have one problem and that is i need to add another major subject on June 5 because i failed to add it during the On-Line Enrollment. hence, i need to go to school early on June 5. Joanne and i will be taking the same schedule and hopefully, everything will be successful by then. i'm a bit nervous because i know all the lessons and modules that we will be taking will be a lot harder than before since we're college Juniors already. i'm expecting more challenging and tougher lessons and of course, projects. and by this time, i'll try to be as independent as i can. i don't want to be dependent with my classmates and friends in terms of assignment, projects and the like. if it is needed that i should work all alone, i'll do it so i can prove to myself that i can do a lot better when i'm trying my very best and not by seeking so much help from my friends. but of course, at times, i should ask for their help but not most of the time.

and i'm taking this opportunity to thank those people who had helped me on my first two years in college. Dyei, Eunice, Julius, Paul, Niko, Marco, Ian, Joanne, Kath. to those people i haven't mentioned, i'm sorry but thank you.

actually, before, i was really afraid to be alone. i wanted to have someone to accompany me all the time because i'm shy. honestly, i'm afraid of people, of new faces, of crowd and i don't know why. perhaps, i lack confidence which i'm trying to work on ever since. i'm afraid to try new things because i'm scared to be humiliated in the end. people really freaked me out. maybe now is the right time for me to gain a lot of confidence and be proud of who i am. i should be as active person as i can be. i shouldn't be afraid of trying new things. just wish me luck as i step towards another level in my college life.

American Idol performance night. watch out for Blake! i hope he'll give his 100%. remember, he is the only guy now in the competition now.
Suns won against Spurs which makes the series tied at 1-1.
a 2-0 record for Cavaliers for defeating the Nets.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Its weird that it happens isn't it? You still love the person, but you stop needing them like you used to. ~Dawson's Creek

our celebration of Fiesta yesterday was so successful. i woke a little bit late but still managed to help my mom, grandma and tita in preparation of the things needed especially the foods. at 12nn, people started to come. and as early as 12nn, people started to drink alcoholic drinks. nothing new. just like last year, only few people came, mostly, family members. i was so disappointed because Isko Moreno wasn't able to come because of their motorcade problems but his wife came. that was 10pm when his wife and two friends, i guess came here in our house. she's pretty and a black-belter in Taekwando. plus she's really nice. this is the very first Fiesta that i was so worned-out. promise! coz before, i wasn't used to doing stuffs like preparation of foods and walking here and there. that day was so tiring for me. pics are uploaded on my Multiply. so, go and check it.

my mom and i went to Divisoria again to get the gown we requested for the Santacruzan. it is color Orange. Divi is overcrowded already. hehe :P i felt a bit dizzy because all i can see were just people and people. because we went out this afternoon, we failed to see the motorcade of Danny Lacuna and Isko Moreno with the rest of the candidates for councilor in District 1. too bad.

Having never won a leg the entire Race, surviving two Yields, being "marked for elimination", and even being removed from a plane, the comeback kids Eric & Danielle finished in grand fashion by winning THE AMAZING RACE: ALL-STARS. Beauty queens Dustin & Kandice settled for second place while cousins Charla & Mirna took third. --excerpt from Amazing Race.

the spoilers are right. i'm so happy because Eric won but kinda pissed because Danielle is part of the victory. i admit, i hate her because i have this huge crush on Eric. haha :P ever since the 9th season of the Amazing Race, i was really eyeing on this guy that's why when i learned that on this present season of TAR, they will be in one team and the term "Dating" was used, i was kinda disappointed. laugh at me because this is too shallow but yeah, i felt disappointment when i knew that they are already dating. too bad for me. hehe :P but hey, i still have Tyler Denk from Season 10. Tyler is way better than Eric in terms of body. wahaha :P

Saturday, May 5, 2007

It is possible to cross an ocean without wetting the feet. But it is impossible to cross life without wetting the eyes.

okay. this day is sooooooo tiring for me. i woke up early to help my grandma in preparing the foods needed for tomorrow. what's with tomorrow? well, it's the Feast Day of Sta. Monica which in turn our Parish Church. we need to celebrate. why? our relatives from different side of the Philippines will be coming here and of course, some family friends. i hope that Isko Moreno will come. haha :P such a cutie. actually, he is a family friend. my tito once introduced him to us and that time he was running for councilor. he was so nice and friendly. i remember how he calls my lola Nanay. he's sweet. one time, he brought his wife and son here. he also attended my grandpa's 75th Birthday. yeah, that's how close he is to our family. so, i'm hoping to see him tomorrow for some picture-taking. haha :P he's not my crush but he is really cute in person.

last night, i was informed that i'll be going to be the Reyna Elena on my Tita's Santacruzan. every May 21, a Santacruzan is being held here in our place as celebration for my cousin's birthday. a year ago, Reina, my cousin promised that she'll play the part of Reyna Elena but just this week, she backed-out. why? she said the right now, she gained a lot of weight. she's in the States right now for a vacation and will be back on 8th. everyone's problematic coz they don't know who will be the RE and so, they had an idea of having me as the RE. oh crap! i like the idea though but we are on expense right now. but hello? i really can't turn down my Tita's invitation because we're so close. of all the titas i have in my dad's side, i can say that she's the closest to me. no choice but i really have to play that part on the 21st. diet mode. hehe :P

Blake's almost gone but good thing, he survived. he's the only guy now.
Chris was voted off and i was sad.
New Jersey will advance to the second round of the Playoffs
Amazing Race Finale on Monday. I so love Eric. hehe :P

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

When someone really loves you, they will never hurt you and if they do, you'll see that in their eyes, they are hurting too. ~Haley J. Scott, One Tree Hill

our supposed check-up today was again moved to Friday because the doctor is still not around. according to my mom, the doctor used to travel out of the country to study. so, hopefully, by Friday, we could have our check-up na coz i want a new pair of contact lenses. my eyes need to undergo check-up so i could have a new pair of contacts and a new pair of eyeglasses.

this day is my rest day coz i didn't go out. yey!!! my back is aching right now coz of so much typing, i guess. well, i used to go online minimum of twice a day. so i guess, my back pain is caused by being an internet freak of mine.

two days ago, there was an error message that popped out on my laptop whenever i clicked the IE icon. i asked for some help and they told me that maybe it was because of my IE. they adviced me to switch to Mozilla. to search for it, i decided to use WinEx but then, the same error message popped out. yesterday, i can't decide if i'm going to reformat my laptop or not. i was afraid to lose some of the software applications i have in my laptop. in the end, i decided to reformat it and i was happy because my laptop's now working properly. but the sad thing is i lost my Visio and VB.Net. tsk. tsk. i don't have any copy of Visio but my PC has a copy of VB.Net.

right now, i have IE and Mozilla on my laptop. and instead of XP Professional, i used XP Home Edition. i just finished reinstalling the software applications i had before and downloading some other stuffs.

have you watched news last night and heard PGMA's speech in front of the laborers? i do hate her so much. she made promises on her speech and it will only be possible if the Team Unity Senatoriable candidates will win the election. that's so UNFAIR. it is another form of VOTE BUYING. actually, we really don't need her promises, what we need now is for her to work by heart and not because of publicity. what should we do with those promises if in the end, they won't keep it. laborers are right, PAKITANG TAO lang ang lahat.

BLAKE LEWIS did great on American Idol by singing his own rendition of Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name. Go Blake!!!