Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's better to be extremely happy for a short while, even if you lose it, than to be just okay for your whole life.

WARNING: if you are a fan of Wendy of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, you better leave my blog or else, you might not want what i'm going to write against her. on the other hand, you might as well thank me because i'm giving her publicity.

maybe, a lot of you know this girl named Wendy, the ex-beauty queen who entered PBB house two months ago. yeah, she's pretty and sexy or talented, perhaps. during her stay in the house, i found out that she's an airhead. yeah, she is a big airhead. with the way she talks, it seems that she's the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the world.

after how many weeks, Bruce-Wendy loveteam was made. at first, it was good but then, as time passed by, it became so sickening. it is like the entire show was just focused on them and not giving any attention to other housemates. it became a big deal. when Bruce was informed that he will go out of the PBB house, Wendy cried like there's no tomorrow. hello? is Bruce going to die and she cried like that? she was overreacting. she cried like a river. oh my. she's so arte.

when she was evicted, she learned that Bruce has a girlfriend outside the house which resulted to lots of controversies. WTH!!! everything's wrong. according to her, she was shocked when she knew that she was the one being evicted but me? i expected it because she really don't deserve any place in that house. the girls inside are way better than her and at least, most of them have breeding unlike her who acts like a tambay in the kanto.

then now, she's a Balik-Bayan housemate which i think a bad idea. we are such a copycat. so what if other Big Brothers did that before? are we required to do it too? if they only knew that many people was pissed when they knew about it. in my opinion, i think they are really pushing Wendy to win and that would be so unfair to other housemates.

i decided not to watch PBB because i'm so sick seeing Wendy's face crying and acting like she was the pitiful one, as if she haven't done something wrong. falling in love to someone who is already attached is such a bad move, to think that she, too, has a boyfriend outside the house. okay. let's consider their feelings because you cannot teach your heart on what they should do but then, if you really love your boyfriend/girlfriend, you'll consider their feelings too not just yours. i have sympathy on Bruce's girlfriend.

i don't hate Wendy but i'm just pissed with what she's doing. she should think a lot before making decision. and to ABS-CBN, don't make a big deal out of that f-ing loveteam because people are tired of it. we are not happy with how much attention you put to them. actually, i'm losing interest on PBB because of it.

Melinda was booted off which leaves Blake and Jordin on the Finale of American Idol.
San Antonio Spurs defeated the Phoenix Suns with no Stoudemire and Diaw.
Cleveland Cavaliers was also defeated by the New Jersey Nets which makes the series 3-2.